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  2. Great piece on glove care by the Oneglove Co which can be seen HERE GOALKEEPER GLOVE CARE 1) CARING FOR YOUR GOALKEEPER GLOVES To get the maximum grip and life from your goalkeeper gloves you should take the following steps: Before using your new gloves for the first time pre-wash them and dry naturally in accordance with the washing instructions below. This will ensure you get the maximum grip when in use. During use damp the palms of the gloves with water in order to get the best possible grip and durability from the latex palm. After use, before doing anything ensure you wash them and leave to dry naturally - leaving latex to dry out will make it brittle, affecting durability and grip. 2) WASHING INSTRUCTIONS To get the most from your goalkeeper gloves wash immediately after use in warm water (maximum of 30 degrees C) before allowing to dry naturally, do not use a washing machine. We would advise simply washing them by hand and not using any form of "scrubber". Do not dry the gloves... on a radiator in front of a fire in a tumble dryer using a hair dryer using an iron using an airing cupboard in direct sunlight by "wringing" them out All of the above can cause the gloves to lose natural moisture turning them dry and brittle. 3) GLOVE CARE TIPS When picking yourself up from the ground in training or non-competitive environments, try not to use your palms. Instead use your fists to push yourself back up, this ensures minimal palm/latex contact with the ground and helps avoid any unnecessary abrasion - particularly on dry or 3G turf. Using your palm will help you spring back up quicker, but you can minimise wear during non-game situations using the fist method above. Wash your gloves after every game as soon as you can. When drying try rolling up a newspaper and placing this inside the glove. This will help keep the glove "open" and absorb any excess water. You could also help dry them by applying pressure with a towel before leaving to air naturally. Pick the right latex for your requirements: if you are playing on artificial or very dry surface then you may want to opt for a glove that uses a latex with more durability such as "Giga Grip" or "Quartz" latex. If you are playing in wet conditions then you may prefer a latex that is specifically made for such weather such as our "Aqua" latex. Do not leave the palms touching each other when stored away. Store your gloves properly; store them in a cool and reasonably moist environment. You do not want the area or your gloves to be wet however as this can cause bacteria and mold to grow which can damage the gloves. Allowing a glove to completely dry out and be left for long periods will cause latex to become dry and brittle. We recommend allowing them to dry overnight naturally before being placed in a glove wallet. Do not store your gloves for any length of time without having washed them first. 4) LATEX DEGRADATION The One Glove Company only use high quality latex sourced from Germany in the manufacture of our goalkeeper gloves to provide the best possible grip in all conditions. Latex is a very soft natural product and as such is subject to wear and abrasion over time which we cannot be held accountable for. Any latex can begin to show forms of wear from the first use with many variables at play (age of keeper, technique, playing surface, how they were prepared, were the care instructions followed). As with all latex and gloves the better you care for them the more life you will get - sometimes it really can be as simple as taking an unlucky knick off the playing surface. If your latex starts to show signs of wear, don't panic! Glove wear is normal, that's just what latex does due to it's natural properties which provide the grip we keepers are so grateful for - however all our gloves come with 4mm of material and will perform until there is physically no latex left on the palm. Negative Cut Gloves Due to the type of fit and stitching method used please note that gloves featuring a "Negative Cut" palm will show wear on the fingers and thumbs quicker than others. This type of cut provides a much tighter and more natural feel on your fingers, but as a result comes under more stress. Playing Surface Goalkeeper gloves are predominantly designed for use on natural surfaces like grass unless specified (e.g. a specialist 3G/astro turf latex which sacrifices grip for durability). Please note that if using a goalkeeper glove on an artificial surface such as 3G or astro turf you will be placing a higher level of stress on the latex, therefore it will wear much quicker. How Many Pairs a Season? Typically your average goalkeeper can see themselves go through 5-15 pairs of gloves a season, depending on the many variables at play. How many times do they train a week? How many games do they play? How old is the keeper? What is the quality of the surface and/or the keeper's technique? Have they been properly cared for? Higher levels of goalkeepers such as those within the professional bracket can see themselves using anywhere between 20-40 pairs a season due to the increased level and regularity of training, games and overall requirements.
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  4. Preston North End have re-signed goalkeeper Declan Rudd from Norwich City for an undisclosed fee. The 26-year-old, who had two previous loan spells at Deepdale, has agreed a three-year contract. Rudd, who made 34 appearances for Norwich after his debut in 2009, played 40 times on loan at League One side Charlton Athletic last season. "It should be an easy process for him to settle in," Preston boss Simon Grayson told the club website. "He knows how we all work and it could be as if he has not been away. We are looking forward to working with him and looking forward to challenge he will provide."
  5. Scunthorpe United have signed Wigan goalkeeper Matt Gilks on a free transfer. The 35-year-old has signed a two-year deal with the League One side. The Scotland international joined the Latics from Rangers in January 2017 and made 14 appearances as they were relegated from the Championship. Gilks told the club website: "The interest came and we got the deal done quickly. I'm delighted to be part of this football club." Gilks is the Iron's second summer signing after the arrival of defender Cameron Burgess from Fulham.
  6. Glove Make & Model : IIleven Hulk Cut : Hybrid Latex : 4mm Contact Foam Internal Latex : no Wrist Strap : Double wrap stretch strap Wrist Entry : Neoprene Glove Body : Neoprene Finger Protection : None Price : €59.90 Where from : First Impressions Well what can you say about the first impressions of these gloves apart from : bold, striking and unique. I have to be honest when I saw them for the very first time I wasn’t that taken with them but the more I saw them the more I liked them and was very lucky to be given the chance to try them by Federico the brand owner. Trying them on the first thing you notice is how high up the wrist / fore arm they sit, almost gauntlet like. The double wrap stretch strap is a little on the short side for my fat wrists but truth be told not that big a deal. That aside they are true to size.They feel extremely comfortable when on and the latex once the film was peeled was really really tacky. The rubber punch zone on the back hand is another good feature on these, it is substantial yet doesn’t make the backhand overly bulky. The Hulk inspired colour scheme really works well on these I feel. Use These have been used around 6 times now in mainly training sessions although I did use them last weekend in a 7 a side tournament in which they say 3 hours use in one go (6 s 30 min matches). Use has been on a mixture of grass and astro. The grip on these is really confidence inspiring in the dry, unfortunately due to this freakish weather we are having here in Scotland I haven’t been able to try them in the wet yet, I will update when I do. The 4mm palm gives good shock absorption without sacrificing feel coupled with the hybrid cut which gives a good secure fit to the hand with maximum latex to ball contact. Durability wise has been good with some cracking to the negative cut finger tips and some rubber crumb rash from the astro. Overall I have been extremely happy with these. Ratings (out of 10) Looks 7 (they are certainly unique and perhaps a bit marmite, you’ll either love em or hate em) Fit 8 due to the slightly short wrist strap Build Quality 9 Dry Grip 9 Wet Grip (unable to try in wet so far) Durability 7.5 Overall 8.1 Conclusion Really really good offering from Federico, this is one brand that have been unique from the off and some of the other designs he is set to release are stunning. The gloves are great quality and I highly recommend these. Get on these guys. Pictures Link to my photobucket album of these Hulk
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  8. Tryouts wrapped up this week, always a drama filled time of the year. About have of Wyatt's group advanced to the next year of the Academy program. The new headcoach made a few waves as well with the team. He started off by only signing about a 1/3 of the players and waiting on the rest to see how they did versus the new talent coming into the club for tryouts. Several boys who thought they had a lock on spots were moved to the next lower divison team and several who thought they were going to that team found themselves still in the Academy. We picked up 3 really good forwards which are really needed and a good mid to replace the one we lost to the younger Academy squad. Wyatt had fun helping sort out the keepers. The third team keeper basically swapped sport with the lower divison keeper. The coach had a long talk with thekeeper and his mom about pecking order and expectations, then had them talk directly to Wyatt about his training regime so they understood what the coach was expecting if the new keeper wanted to ever challenge for the starter spot. Overall the new keeper isn't as good technically as the old third keeper, but he is much more active and aggressive. The club trainer that Wyatt works with has already given Wyatt the warning not to rest on his laurals and that he needs to keep pushing to keep the gap growing and hold the starter spot. Tryout wise the coach was already starting to form the roster spots. To keep Wyatt sharp he was always facing what looks like the starters squad of the field players, with the potentials and reserve players to make his life intereting. He did fairly good, and is picking up the change in play style the coach wants. He likes the ball played out of the back on the ground as the first option, then throws, and final punts or kicks down field. Wyatt is getting the hand of it, but also needing to learn not to hold the ball as long on backpasses. He skilled and out dribbled several of the forwards and mids, which the coach likes the skill that takes, but the coach doesn't want him going to that as his first option and would rahter he clear it out under pressure. He did a good job of communicating that to Wyatt, but buffered the remark with the comment that he doesn't want wyatt crushing the fragile strikers egos by getting out skilled by the keeper. Wyatt also continued his daily morning skills and conditioning trainings sessions as well. Those will run through this week, then its him and his mom working out on them until he leaves for Europe. He also will continue with his keeper training. This week he is also supposed to help out with the junior academy summer camp in the evenings to get more time on the ball, but also to help build his leadership skills. WE got the group assignments for the Gothia Cup tournament in Sweden, don't know to much about the eruopean teams but they got placed with European Football Academy (ENG-London), Upsala IF (SWE) and Staffanstorps GIF (SWE). Looks like a total of 212 teams registered in Wyatt's age group ith a good mix of clubs from around the world.
  9. Hi parents and keepers. Please see below flyer for my UK & Spain tour departing Adelaide South Australia September 28th. For the first time we travel to Spain to visit Valencias amazingfacility for a day or two and then depart for the north west of England for 2-3 days before possibly 2 days in London followed by 2-3 days on the south coast. Planned sessions at the moment although always subject to change are Valencia, Everton, Accrington Stanley, Fleetwood Town, Crystal Palace,Bournemouth, Brighton and Southampton. We are always welcome at other clubs especially as well as St Georges Park and sessions with scouts The tour is usually 11 days on the ground and we usually have around 9 training sessions of a high intensity and it is a fast paced tour. Please contact me for further information Kind regards, Chris Higgins l Owner Chris Higgins Goalkeeping Academy/HGK gloves/CHGK UK talent tour's 0419 809 255
  10. Manchester United and Liverpool have reportedly been told it will cost them a world-record transfer fee for a goalkeeper to sign Kasper Schmeichel from Leicester City this summer. The Denmark international has impressed over the last couple of seasons with the Foxes, and is said to be valued at a staggering £50million by his manager Craig Shakespeare.
  11. After 16 long years, the world record fee for a goalkeeper has finally been broken with Ederson's £34.7m move from Benfica to Manchester City. The 23-year-old will officially move to the Etihad on July 1 having agreed a five-year deal, with his fee eclipsing the £32.6m it cost Juventus to buy Gianluigi Buffon from Parma in 2001. But who else features among the most expensive keepers of all time? And can we expect to see that list change again this summer?'s Andrew Dickson takes a look…
  12. Cardiff City have made goalkeeper Lee Camp their fourth summer signing on a two-year deal from Rotherham United. The 32-year old former Nottingham Forest goalkeeper previously played for boss Neil Warnock at the Millers. "I'm really pleased to have signed for Cardiff City. The manager has always been fantastic with me and I'm delighted to work with him again," the Northern Ireland international said. "I'm looking forward to playing in front of the Cardiff City supporters." "Lee is what I call a 'Steady Eddie'," Warnock said. "Lee has always done well for me. "We've now got a really good trio of goalkeepers. Neil Etheridge - a big lad with plenty to prove, Brian Murphy - who did well for me last season, and Lee, who offers experience, reliability and good decision making. "It is down to the goalkeepers now to see who can cement their place in the team, and keep that number one jersey."
  13. Brighton and Hove Albion have signed Australia goalkeeper Mathew Ryan from Valencia for an undisclosed club-record fee. The 25-year-old will join the newly promoted Premier League club on 1 July. Albion's first-choice keeper, David Stockdale, turned down a new contract and is set to join Championship side Birmingham City. Ryan, who has won 32 caps, is in the Australia squad for the Confederations Cup in Russia starting on Saturday. He joined Valencia on a six-year deal from Belgian side Club Brugge in 2015, but made only 10 appearances for the Spanish side, spending last season back in Belgium on loan at Genk. "I'm delighted that we've been able to attract Mathew to the club, and he will certainly be an excellent addition to the squad in time for our first season in the Premier League," said Brighton manager Chris Hughton. "We're very much looking forward to working with him for the season ahead." Ryan made his international debut in 2012 and played all three matches as Australia were knocked out of the group stages of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.
  14. My experience of profi is it is a type of supersoft, that would be good, even better if you could write a review mate.
  15. Oh I completely agree with you, profi is usually a type of supersoft, no? Anyway, I ordered the gloves so they should be coming soon and I'll let you know how they are.
  16. I'm always very sceptical when brands start labelling their latex "Profi", I'm not saying it isn't but in my experience any gloves I have used with a true profi latex don't have the protective film on the palms. That said Glovex do get a good name with their gloves
  17. Updated that's us at 100, can you find anymore?
  18. Hey guys, does anyone have any experience with Glovex, or more specifically the latex they label "contact profi"?
  19. Glovex is one, T1tan is another and Noetz should get you to 100.
  20. And that's a wrap for the season. They played their last game yesterday and par for the course it was really competative. The third keeper kept restraining his pulled muscle at tryouts and practice, so he was on the bench for the game. Two other B squad players were having travel plans before the game had been rescheduled. So the coach asked the other keeper to play the last game and offered him the first team slot to entice him. Wyatt was a little put out, but in the end was happy that he was there with his B squad team mates for the end of the season game. The coach for next year was there to observe the boys some more to continue sorting out players, so Wyatt was happy he could help the boys on the bubble in the second squad have a chance to show well. The first team had a rather un-inspired game, and the new coach wasn't to happy with the way they played. The two best performers were both 05 boys who are playing up this year, but going back to the 05 team next year. One in the midfield pretty much controlled the midfield and kept the other team out of the defensive third most the game, while the other a forward scored a brace to secure the 2-1. The single goal against was scored off a shot from about 20+ yards out that the keeper got caught ball watching all the way into the back of the net for the only chance he had to make a save all game. Wyatt's game was pretty back and forth. At first his squad controlled possession. Then they started playing the long ball up the side and the and cutting back into to runners up the center relying on their size and speed. Wyatt and the center back got really busy after that. They had the big kid from the fight last time cut in and take a shot across the goal low with another one running in on the back post. Wyatt made a nice dive to his right to collect it at the feet of the other other player. Then popped up and rolled it out before they could react to get a counter started. A little while later he passed a goalkick out to his left back who held it and sucked in two players before backpassing it back to wyatt who drew in the left forward and attacking mid while he passed it out to his left wing who took it up the outside in the opened up space. He came out and collected a long throwing to the box, then followed it up with a nice aggressive collection of a long cross into the box to see the half out 0-0. Second half the Dynamo started puttingthe pressure on really hard and our boys started feeling the efffects of the physical game and heat. The forwards were having a hard time getting past the back line and they were countering more with the boot and run attack that got them more shots on frame. Wyatt faced a 1v1 and the shot went low and to his right, he dove and got a hand behind it to flick it out of bounds. He set a nice wall that did its job to see off another free-kick when his defense had to make the professional foul to stop a break-away. Wyatt spent alot of time coming out and getting big and seeing shots go wide because of it, so he had like 10 goal kicks in the second half. He made two excellent blocks back to back during a frantic effort to clear a ball from the box off a short corner. He made the first one point blank and then popped up to make the second with his centerback collecting it and clearing it out. Final save of the game was a free kick that dipped over the wall and saw wyatt get airborn to deflect it out and off a opposing player for the final goal kick of the game. End of game the coach started gving the boys his end of the year speech, then stopped and said but first, and walked over and shook Wyatt's hand and told him great game. The coach for next year told him that he played excellent, but that he expected nothing less from Wyatt. Even the other team gave him kudos when we bumped into them after game getting a drink, with their coach telling him he was the only reason that his team didn't lose the game. For the rest of the week Wyatt continued with his morning conditioning and skill training. During the week he had one tryout session, he got a little time on the field for that, but the coach said he already knew what he was getting with Wyatt and he needed to look at the other keepers to find one good enough to be Wyatt's backup. The third keeper got some time in the net too, because the lower divison coach wanted to look at him to see if he wanted him for that team. That is when he got hurt again. Had another boy taking a bad fall from a tackle as well and get a compound fracture in his lower arm, so I got to spend the session talking to the paramedics and helping them in and out of the facility. Coach called a practice Thursday to get them ready for the last game and Wyatt spent the whole time playing solo in the goal through out the striking and finishing drills, and the scrimmages while they learned a new formation for the weekend. So now we have one more week of tryouts with Wyatt helping choose his back-up, then training training training to get ready for Europe.
  21. Everton transfer news: Toffees eye move for Saint Etienne goalkeeper Stephane Ruffier Everton could make their move for Arsenal target Stephane Ruffier after tracking the Saint Etienne goalkeeper throughout the season. According to reports in France, the Goodison Park club have been keeping tabs on the 30-year-old, who played 31 times in Ligue 1 last term. Ruffier has been suggested as a potential signing for Arsenal, who could look to bring in a back-up for Petr Cech with David Ospina set for Fenerbahce. But it appears that Everton may bring him in as a contender for their No.1 spot with neither Joel Robles or Maarten Stekelenburg established as first choice. However, France international Ruffier will not come cheap as he is under contract until 2021.
  22. Chelsea target Willy Caballero as back-up goalkeeper to Thibaut Courtois Chelsea a step closer to finding a new back-up goalkeeper, with Manchester City's Willy Caballero in line to replace the departed Asmir Begovic. Newcastle are also keen on Caballero, but they have made former Liverpool No.1 Pepe Reina - currently at Napoli - their first choice. Caballero, who is a free agent this summer after being released by City, made 27 appearances for Pep Guardiola's side last season. But displacing Claudio Bravo was not enough to convince Guardiola, with City making Ederson their second signing of the summer on Thursday in a £35million deal with Benfica. The 23-year-old signing said: "I like everything about Manchester City. I have always had the dream to play in English football and now I'm going to make it true." Conte is searching for a back-up to Courtois after Begovic left Stamford Bridge in a deal worth close to £10million, with the former Blues keeper searching for regular football despite a Premier League title-winning campaign.
  23. Gianluigi Buffon appears to confirm Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesnsy will be his Juventus replacement The Italy goalkeeper is already publicly discussing how he feels about the Poland international coming to Juve In a pre-match press conference ahead of Italy's World Cup qualifier against Liechtenstein, the 39 year-old hinted that he might be ready to finally hang up his gloves. Looking ahead to the future, the Juve keeper mentioned teenage wonderkid Gianluigi Donnarumma as his replacement for the national team and specifically referenced Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesnsy' imminent arrival at Juventus. "This could be the last year and I would like to be a protagonist, as I have always dreamed of being," Buffon told reporters. "A year in which we see the Buffon that pays attention to detail and is eager to make his mark. "To do that, I have to be important. I will work for this next year. "The team goals are a consequence of what you have given and taken throughout the year. "I've always been a rational person and I've always looked for the meaning of things. It's right that Juve want Szczesny and that there is a good player like Donnarumma at the national team," he said. "For me, it will be a great motivation twice because, although I am 39-40 years, I have to maintain my place. If I no longer want to play, I'll stay at home because Donnarumma and Szczesny are good goalkeepers by merit, not because someone gave them something." Szczesnsy has been on loan at Roma for the last two seasons, but is still technically an Arsenal player. He has been linked with a move to Juve for some time, and Buffon's comments seem to suggest it is all but a done deal.
  24. Luke O’Reilly will be an unfamiliar name to many - he does not even own a Wikipedia page - but perhaps not for too much longer. The young goalkeeper has enjoyed a whirlwind week, training with Gareth Southgate’s England just a matter of days after being delivered the crushing blow of being released by his club. Cardiff City decided to let the 20-year-old go at the end of the season, with O’Reilly now on the hunt for new employers. Some surprise performances alongside the England stoppers at St George’s Park have done his chances no harm. At least two Premier League clubs are thought to have made checks, one of which is understood to be Crystal Palace. O’Reilly ended the week with a collection of signed gloves from Joe Hart, Tom Heaton, Jack Butland and Fraser Forster having impressed the country’s elite. He tweeted: 'Loved this week training with England. Great experience Thanks for everything @FraserForster @TomHeatonGK @JackButland_One'. The former Peterborough and Nike Academy man was called up by England goalkeeping coach Martyn Margetson to train for a day, but that ended up being extended to the whole week. Margetson kept a close eye on O’Reilly while coach at Cardiff before he left Wales to take a role with the national team under Sam Allardyce last summer. He will watch Saturday’s match against Scotland at home, thinking of the doors his productive week could now open in a short career which had only previously taken him to Redditch United on loan Read more:
  25. Update, 97 now. Can anyone help us reach 100?
  26. So after watching the Scotland v England game yesterday I don't think either keeper covered themselves in glory and IMO should be changed. For Scotland i'd promote McGregor back to the starting GK, he's back playing regularly after a bad time with injury and IMO would have prevented both England goals. For England I'd promote Heaton to the starting keeper, he's had an excellent season compared to Hart and from I've seen he'd be my choice. Sure a lot will say Forster but for me Heaton is ahead of him. A lot will shout for Butland but for me it's too soon for him, he is Englands future, to throw him in now would be a mistake IMO. One bad game and the English press will slaughter him. What's your thoughts?
  27. Great stuff Wyatt
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