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  4. T1tan GK Gloves

    I was looking at some of their newer range having seen Florian Müller has switched to them from Adidas. The Beast gloves really intrigue me, basically like the Adidas Predator Pros but negative with fingertips.
  5. New Website

    We have to display the full price. But offer discount codes to lower the price from the RRP.
  6. New Website

    Prices I’ve seen are not cheaper mate, like I say not something I will ever buy through when I can go direct
  7. New Website

    Fair point, we are usually cheaper than going direct to the brand too. We stock the bigger brands ourselves tho.
  8. ProGK Revolution Pro Contact

    Keep meaning to try the new range.
  9. Nova Type 2: Spectre Goalkeeper Gloves

    Great review as normal mate
  10. New Website

    No offence but I’d far rather buy directly from the brands as more goes to them directly that way rather than feed a 3rd party especially if they are the ones posting them.
  11. New Website

    Some gloves I stock, some are drop shipped from the brands directly.
  12. New Website

    Hi, do you stock the gloves or drop ship?
  13. New Website

    Hi All, I'm John and new to this forum. I run and own GKGloves4u and have many known brands offering GK Gloves, Kit and Training Equipment at affordable prices. I am on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Give me a like or follow. Just search GKGloves4u Please feel free to browse the website. Any questions, just ask!! John
  14. Nova Type 2: Spectre Goalkeeper Gloves

    I had the Nova Type 1. I really wanted to like them but they just seem like they were jinxed gloves for me. I also wanted to like the cut but something just didn't feel right about it for me. Same with a similar pair of KAs I got recently.
  15. Glove Make & Model : ProGK Revolution Pro Contact (I think? Not in production anymore but updated model now available) Cut : Traditional Roll Finger with wrap over thumb. No bells or whistles. Latex : 4mm Contact Latex Wrist Strap : Standard latex strap Wrist Entry : Traditional bandadge style wrist entry Glove Body : Mesh body for ventilation with a mostly latex backhand Finger Protection : Removable via velcro opening in backhand Price : e.g N/A anymore. Latest update of glove is £39.50 Where from : Available at https://www.pro-gk.com/product/revolution-tekta-contact/ First Impressions The gloves come with a plastic film on the palm, obviously this needs to be removed. The fit was incredibly tight with the spines in, I could not wear the gloves with the spines in for a long time without being worried for the stitching in the glove so I removed all of the spines straight away. Important to note, if you prefer spines, consider going half a size up, thankfully ProGK are one of the brands who offer this option. Use I had been almost exclusively wearing negative cut gloves for a long period before I bought these. They were on sale on the website for a silly price and I think I paid less than £30 in total including p&p which is a bargain! I felt like it was a great decision to come back to a roll finger for these gloves. The fit is a perfect fit for a roll finger, nice and snug but not too tight where they dig in at the base of my fingers which I have had happen with previous roll finger gloves. The contact latex did feel very tacky right after I peeled the palms but as always, I gave them a pre wash and they really came alive. Across a range of conditions ranging from very hot & dry to wet weather, these gloves held up very very well. In the dry and damp I did not notice much difference in terms of grip but as usual with a contact latex, grip decreased but, only ever so slightly, in the wet. The foam backing and internal materials in the glove give a very nice cushioned feel when catching the ball. If I had gone up a size and worn the spines in, I don’t imagine that I’d have had any problems with the spines digging into my backhand when making saves. The latex backhand has a level of embossing that adds some nice detail and character to the glove and the black logo adds a nice classy contrast to the white backhand. Due to it being a predominantly latex backhand the gloves do keep your hands warm so in exceedingly hot conditions this could be an issue. The wrist strap and bandage entry were fairly standard but worked very well and gave me no issues when it came to relying on them to stay tight and strapped up during games. The font used on the personalisation is one of the best that I’ve seen on gloves and really adds a classy professional look to the strap. Ratings (out of 10) Looks – 7/10 – Very classy glove, not trying to be anything that they aren’y. I’ll always have time for a traditional looking glove like these. Fit – 9/10 – near perfect fit. Very comfortable gloves that true to size in my usual size 10 Build Quality – 9.5/10 – one or two threads have come loose around the wrist bandage but nothing has come undone and no wholes have appeared despite very rigorous use. Dry Grip – 9/10 – can’t fault them too much. Quite a thirsty latex so keep a bottle of water handy but when kept damp, fantastic gripping gloves. Wet Grip – 8/10 Durability – very good so far, 9/10 for abrasion. Grip has lost it’s tackiness but still easily comparable to a good giga latex at the moment Overall 8.5/10 (ish) Conclusion Very solid pair of gloves. Happily wore these in several matches and training sessions and will continue to wear them for training. This specific model is not available anymore but the latest range of ProGK gloves features an updated range with great new features and has carried across a few of the best bits from these so I’m sure they will be even better again. Pictures of the gloves available at - https://photos.app.goo.gl/gKyLqqVdcXTpt3pg6
  16. Pope's Captor Pure

    I should probably add that I like the snugger fit the only issue with the 7 is the fingers are a bit short so they feel quite stubby.
  17. Pope's Captor Pure

    As you lot can tell down the years I have often opted for the big brands more than the smaller / independent ones. I do have to say though I waited patiently for months to see what Pope's came out with. Initially I admit I was a bit underwhelmed by the one Colourway option (still not changed there!), however I've got to be honest the grip on these is bloody excellent, I can't knock it, in fact I think I prefer it to any of Adidas, Nike or Uhlsport. The shock absorption and durability too is top notch, and I'm hoping my new pair in a 7.5 will solve the slightly tight fit as I want them to be my match gloves. Even the cut... I love flat palm but find with most they flap about a bit, these feel like a flat palm to wear. They look like a negative but they feel more like a flat and I like that, they offer the feel I like in a glove with a snugger fit so win win for me. I don't like how most true negatives tend to puff out at the sides. Hoping the new pair arrive before the weekend although I am tempted to go with the 7s anyway in the match.
  18. Glove Make & Model : OneGlove Nova Type 2 Cut : Hybrid Cut – a rolled fingertip with gussets where the palm becomes a traditional flat palm at the base of the fingers Latex : 4mm Pro Contact Latex Wrist Strap : Mid-Split strap Wrist Entry : Traditional bandadge style wrist strap Glove Body : Hex mesh body for ventilation Finger Protection : Nope Price : e.g £38.99 plus p&p Where from : Available at a few places including www.great-save.comand www.theoneglove.com- I purchased mine from the latter First Impressions The gloves come with a plastic film on the palm, obviously this needs to be removed. The fit is very snug when first placed on the hand but you straight away notice the quality of the materials used within the glove. The cut creates a very snug feel and takes some getting used to so would recommend wearing these in a good warm up or two or even a couple training sessions before wearing them in a game. Use I have got two pairs of these gloves. The first pair has been worn approx 8-10 times on both grass and 4g surfaces. I wore them for a couple of pre season training sessions before I wore them in a game. Due to it being pre season and the ridiculously hot summer we had in England, these were worn in very warm conditions. The latex performed very well as you’d kind of at least expect for a contact latex in dry weather but what impressed me most was the durability and resistance to abrasion that the contact latex demonstrated. The second pair have been worn through the beginning of the season in a few training sessions and games and have held up well in damp conditions. I haven’t been able to use these in really wet conditions yet but due to them being a contact foam, I suspect the grip will decrease as it slightly did when they were used in light rain. The foam backing and internal materials in the glove give a very nice cushioned feel when catching the ball. As mentioned before, the cut gives an unusual feel if you’re not used to it but after a few uses it feels very nice around the ball. The tips of the fingers roll around the fingers and are stitched onto the backhand as per a roll traditional roll finger cut glove but the hybrid element of these gloves is that the base of the fingers is a more traditional flat palm with a mesh gusset. The thumb wrap adds a nice fit and feel to the thumb. The gloves feature a rubber punch zone across the backhand that add a small amount of protection and extra feel for the ball when punching away crosses or shots. The punch zone is not restrictive at all and still allows full flexibility throughout the backhand. The mid-split stretch strap is a nice touch. It has held up well to my persistent strapping and unstrapping of my gloves and gives a nice supportive feel around my wrist. Ratings (out of 10) Looks – 7/10 – Very nice looking glove and the constellation camo adds a detail not seen in other gloves at a similar price point Fit – 9/10 – near perfect fit. Very comfortable gloves that true to size in my usual size 10 Build Quality – 10/10 – no stitching or faults at all so far so can not fault them. Dry Grip – 9/10 – can’t fault them too much. Quite a thirsty latex so keep a bottle of water handy but otherwise very very good. Wet Grip – cant comment entirely, in the damp grip dropped slightly to 7/10 Durability – very good so far, 9/10 for abrasion. Grip has faded somewhat but abrasion resistance is still good. Overall 8.5/10 – Very good gloves. The price isn’t included within the ratings but I suspect that these will rate highly compared to gloves from the bigger brands available. A very solid glove. Conclusion Would happily recommend these to people as a very good match glove. Worn across many leagues and standards of football and they hold their own in a very competitive market. One of the most progressive brands out there at the moment. For Images of the gloves - https://photos.app.goo.gl/JcmDZ1kZDoWC61F79. - The gloves that have a more grey looking palm are the pair that have been worn numerous times. The other pair still have flecks of grass on them and have been worn 2-3 times
  19. Pope's Captor Pure

    Glad that someone has taken a punt on these. Very interested in getting a pair myself but may give them a little more time to release other gloves before I take a punt. Great review Bucks
  20. Strange Issue with kicking

    Sometimes I have a similar issue. This past weekend, my kicking out of my hands was awful compared to my usual standard, I lumped the ball straight down the middle for their centre halves to gobble up. This happened three times in the first half but didn't happen at all in the second. With age, I've been able to reflect and learn and minimise the amount of times that it happens as its pretty much a mental thing for me. When I think negatively or try to overthink any action then I tend to mess it up. Take two deep breaths before any kick, slow down your action and relax the whole process. with time and practice it will become second nature and you'll be able to perform the kick without thinking.
  21. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    So no games this last weekend, and a modified practice schedule for the team with some tweeks for Wyatt to make sure he didn't do to much to fast. Monday they got a rest day, and Tuesday weather forced them to the community college for conditioning. Rained the eniter time, and they worked on agility and footskills for about half the season. Coach spent the first half lecturing the boys about some team building issues as well as the behavior and attitude of several of the boys during the trip and since the season began. Wyatt didn't catch anything in the talks and turned in a pretty good session otherwise. Wednesday was agility, strength and conditioning with the club trainer. The coach came out to watch and hand Wyatt sit out the distance running. He landed a little funny in some jumping drills, so just spent the majority of the practice stretchign and talking with the trainer and the coach. The coach was again not to happy with the effort of the team and had another talk with them as a whole and individually as needed. Not sure where it's going but the trainer said the coach is talking with the director about benching some boys to get them back on track with what they should be doing. The reserve keeper came up lame during the training, saying his he had hurt his hip in Colorado, and that it felt like two bones rubbing together which didn't sound like a very good thing. He was supposed to get it looked at Thursday afternoon. Thursday was regular team practice, the reserve keeper wasn't there and no-one, even the coach knew where he was at. Wyatt was feeling good again and a call to the ortho cleared him for full practice. Since the other keeper wasn't there he got to work with the field players on passing and movement until he had to glove up for striking and finishing and then scrimmage. He didn't seem to have any issues and put on a pretty good show running through his range of saves and movement. He did catch one spot of trouble in the scrimmage when he held a ball at his feet and dribbled it into spave, megging the attacking mid in the process. Coach wasn't upset with the skills, but said he didn't want to see that on the field come game day. Friday and Sunday he did private keeper training. Friday night after a brief lightening delay, they trained in a monson like downpour. Coach worked on securing balls in muddy conditions as well as taking advantage of the sloppy fields to throw in some skipping balls. Sunday was closign the angle and clearing the corners, with some 1v1 thrown in. At one point Wyatt freaked everyone out when he caught a cleat and twisted his knee and went down hard. He said it popped, but felt really good afterwards. We kept an eye on him for the rest of the day and didn't have anything else happen. Sunday he also went for skills with the club trainer. This time there were some older boys therer as well so Wyatt was pushing himself to work harder. One of them was a U18 keeper who comes sporadically. Wyatt was pleasantly surprised to be able to out work and perform him in the drills. The trainer also looked him over again before starting to make sure nothing seemed out of place. Afterwards the trainer talked with Wyatt for a bit about how things were going and let him know that the director has been keeping tabs on his development. Talked about some changes they want to see from Wyatt (things he is already working on) and some changes they are going to discuss with his coach. For Wyatt it's mostly about getting more of his sweeper on, and continuing to push with his foot skills. For the coach it is more about working on the buildign from the back and workign to get Wyatt more involved with the overall flow of the game. So we will see how that goes. This week looks to be back to the regular schedule with a game this weekend versus Lonestar who they defeated the last time them met in a 5-1 beat down, bothe teams have picked up a few players, but the cores are still pretty much the same, so expecting it to be a rather energetic game.
  22. Bucks Returns

    No game this week due to a fuck up by the league and we don't have access to our home pitch until the 30th. Had s bit of a kick about for an hour then an hour of attack vs defence. The kick about I couldn'tbe arsed to be honest, it was on Goals 4G and it justfelt like a waste of time. The drills after though we're good and I found myself making save after save and only got beaten once in that time. Ended up saving a shot with my head which some how bounced off and caught me right on the end of my thumb. I carried on a bit longer but the last 10 minutes I sat out as my thumb was starting to ache and I didn't want to cause any more damage. Roll on next week where we continue back into our league fixtures Away to Kingston Boys.
  23. Pope's Captor Pure

    I've been a bit quiet on here but worn these about 3 or 4 times now and they are absolutely superb. I have had to send back the new VG3s I got as they fit weird... So I have decided to buy another pair of these in a 7.5. I can get away with the 7 don't get me wrong, but I do worry continued use will eventually damage the stitching as they are quite at their limit. Grip though, amazing, and the durability is second to none so far for me. I even let one of the divs in out team use them in training today after I hurt my thumb on 4G and even after his crap technique using them they are still unmarked. I hope some alternate options come out soon but I'mreally liking what I am seeing from these gloves, and I do like the Black / Pink anyway.
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  25. Totally agree. The VG3 was the cut, I thought that was the point of it.
  26. Really upset that Nike have moved on from the traditional VG3 cut, was one of my favourite gloves to wear, and I just can't get on with a generic hybrid roll, flat palm :(
  27. I have so many gloves to try out but these are even better than I expected. Also had a pair of the new Nike VG3 RS Promos come today. The fit is so tight, and I'm not sure how I feel about the new "VG3" as it's basically the same as any other roll/flat or roll/neg hybrid you can buy so it's not really the VG3 anymore.
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