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  2. Cup game this Sunday is off. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ That is us done until January now. Have a good Christmas and New Year everyone.
  3. A cool blustery morning saw us back in League action today against Thames Ditton, a team we lost to twice last season and finished a place below. Despite being second bottom Thames Ditton had the third best attack and had not scored less than 2 goals in a game all season, but they also had the worst defence. I think they were averaging about 3 goals per game for and 5 goals per game against. Anyway we started up hill and into the wind, and instantly I thought we might regret it, as we placed in similar conditions last season at Home to them and found ourselves 0-4 down after 20 mins. But we held tight today, we done our jobs well. I didn't have a lot to do, a couple of low stops, and punches / claims from crosses / set pieces into the box, going into half time 0-0. I was worried as their keeper was clearing the pitch with kicks from hands with the wind behind him, and I struggled massively kicking into the wind. Second half we came out and it was tight for the first 20 minutes, I had one low stop, but apart from that not many other saves. As soon as we scored 1, the flood gates opened and we ended up running out 4-0 winners, and we keep up our charge for the top, currently sitting in fourth, two points off top with 2 games in hand, and that was our last League game before Christmas now so we end 2019 with the best defence in the League. πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ˜‰ Next Sunday we face Wandgas Sports Reserves in the Surrey Junior Cup who are 4 divisions above us. Kit: All Purple Nike Goalkeeper Kit. Boots: Black Adidas Predator 18.1 SG's. Gloves: Kaliaaer Annihl8aer Positive's.
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  5. Drawn Wandgas Sports Reserves in the 3rd Round of the Surrey Junior Cup. They are only 4 divisions above us. πŸ™„ Unbeaten so far this season, and lost 1 game last season. That is going to be fun on the 15th. πŸ˜‚πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ€žπŸΌ
  6. Hard fought game in the Surrey Junior Cup 2nd round against Tolworth FC who are two divisions higher than us, saw us run out 5-3 winners having gone 1-3 down just a minute into the second half. I am really struggling at the moment, my neck is buggered and I somehow hurt both shoulders last week and both are still knackered. First shots in my warm up and I was wincing in agony, a real worry and not sure what other than rest will help to be honest. Anyway we started well and had most of the early running scoring a penalty to take the lead. The oppo started to get back into it though and a cross from our right found their RM who controlled it on his chest 12 yards out, dummies our CB and fired bottom corner to make it 1-1. Then just before the break a little defence splitting pass through to their RM, I came out to close the angle and Marcel my LB challenging back toe poked the ball past me, 1-2. Half time we felt hard done by and sought to rectify it, especially as the opposition had started getting cocky and mouthing off. A free kick from deep at the start of the half just died, Marcel again misjudged it and took the ball down straight into the path of one of their players, I raced out and spread myself but he dunked it over my left leg, 1-3. After that it was a bit end to end for a while, but after we got the second from a scramble in the box, Marcel made amends for his awful game with a towering header from a corner to make it 3-3. Two more goals were to follow, and we held tight at the back to secure the win and our passage into the 3rd round. I was so grateful to my defence for staying solid as I think I would have really struggled having to dive for much today. Also I went with metal studs today which I think was a mistake as the pitch was harder than I expected so my kicking was a bit hit and miss today. Still another win which is always nice, and what I had to do I done well. Kit: All Pink Puma Goalkeeper Kit. Boots: Black Adidas Predator 18.1 SG's. Gloves: Uhlsport Absolutgrip HN Black Edition.
  7. Our cup game is rearranged for this Sunday, was originally going to be at Reigate Priory but Reigate and Banstead Council have called it off for a waterlogged pitch, so now the game will be played at Surbiton Town Sports Ground, which suits me as it is 5 minutes around the corner rather than the 35-40 minutes to Reigate. πŸ˜‚ The pitches are absolute dogshit at Surbiton Town though, absolutely covered in sand all year round so I refuse to use my Kaliaaer gloves this weekend, but in fairness I pulled these gloves out of storage last week (a little mouldy), but after a couple of washes they have washed up well. Only worn them 2 or 3 times when I bought them in 2016, all on 4G pitches, plus I still think they look absolutely class.
  8. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    Got quite a few pairs of Kaliaaer gloves now, so kind of tempted to give these a go to be honest. https://www.westcoastgoalkeeping.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/helix-neptune
  9. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    I would have got the Xtension ones but I don't like the strap on them. The 7 gloves are too tight but the 8 gloves fit but the wrist is too loose and I ruined the strap on my old ones in the end.
  10. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    See KA have gone live with their Black Friday deals. Wasn't what I expected. Thought they would do discount codes but as ever with Kenny, they had 4 new gloves for release for a Rock bottom price. Fortunately I really loved the colourways and ended up buying the extension gloves and Negatives.
  11. Game off tomorrow. Allegedly the pitch is waterlogged even though we have barely had any rain. Will be rescheduled for next Sunday, although not sure where as it is our home game and next week isn't our week to play at our Home ground. I'm kind of relieved in a way though as my neck has been playing up badly this week for the first time in over a year, and not sure what I have done, whether I slept funny or what but I have managed to strain both of my deltoid muscles, my right arm in particular I can barely lift above shoulder height at the moment. πŸ˜•
  12. Jim Buckley (Bucks) Season 2019/20

    They look really decent. I Messaged Kenny Arthur on Instagram and they will be posting black friday deals soon. KA have really decent sales so i'm hoping i'll pick up a pair of the above gloves any maybe a pair of the extension gloves in black.
  13. This coming Sunday we face Tolworth FC who are Leatherhead & District Division 4 (we are Division 6) in the Surrey Junior Cup Second Round. Will be a good test, as this team beat RP Royals in a league game this season, the team who knocked us out of the League Challenge Cup (the last game we lost). We are in the Junior Cup this season, last season we were in the Lower Junior. We then have games on the 1st, 8th (both probably League games), and then 15th December (this one is Surrey Cup 3rd round week so depends how we get on Sunday if it will be Cup or League). The League did want us to play on the 22nd / 29th December to try and catch up on fixtures but our manager refused. Perhaps if the League and the councils who run the pitches were better organised they wouldn't have to keep playing catch up every season.
  14. Wyatt's 2019-2020 Season

    Very nice. All sounds like it is going well so far. Keep up the good work Wyatt!
  15. I too will keep an eye out. If they don't have them on sale not the end of the world, got plenty to be getting on with. Also never realised when I bought the glove towel that the clips double up as glove hangers. The two sets I have have come in really useful. 😬
  16. Jim Buckley (Bucks) Season 2019/20

    That's interesting. Personally I actually like the idea a more subtle pink on the back hand. Those gloves you listed really look the business. I really like the Xtension cut KA has developed. I actually feel the benefits when stretching for shots and parrying them away! KA normally have decent black friday sales so i'm definitely going to monitor it and pull the trigger if/when their sales start.
  17. The one complaint I have about the pink gloves is the backhand the pink looks really faded. I noticed it when I saw a Goalkeeper Vlogger (Conor O'Keefe) wearing them but thought maybe it was wear and tear, but no the backhand looks quite washed out. Unlike the Purple ones which do look like the pictures. I really shouldn't buy anymore gloves but if these appear in the Black Friday sale I might pick them up. https://www.kagoalkeeping.co.uk/collection-c1/xtension-xlr8aer-pwr-lite-traxzone-p131
  18. Jim Buckley (Bucks) Season 2019/20

    Love the look of those gloves! How do they look in person? I think pink gloves and a black kit is a very nice color combo. Hoping they go on sale during black Friday so I can pick a pair up.
  19. Wyatt's 2019-2020 Season

    Busy two weeks for Wyatt. He rounded out the week leading up to the tournament with a double practice, training with the U17DA, then his team one last time before they headed out to Florida. He really enjoyed the tournament experience, since they travel and stay as a team, was lots of fun. The tournament was structured so they played 3 games Saturday, quarters and semis on Sunday, and finals on Monday. Saturday was really wet, was raining for most the early games. Wyatt got the goal for the first game, which was lived streamed until the rain got so bad they shut the feed down. Was liking watching them play in a fishbowl that was overflowing. Wyatt has lots of soggy game experience and training though so he wasn't too put out by the conditions. He has some work to do, came up big on a header off a cross with a reaction save to push it clear, then some routine stuff and sweeping to hold the shut-out. The field players had a bit of trouble finding the net though and the game ended in a draw. The coach alternated the keepers for the tournament, so the other keeper got the second game. Game wasn't streamed so didn't see how things shook out, but they went down 1-3 and wound up third in group after the second game. Way the tournament was structured after group play first two teams went to gold bracket for knockouts and bottom two went to silver bracket. Going into the third game they need a few things to happen. Needed the second place team to lose and needed to blow-out their opponent to get he tie breaker win in the standings to advance to gold. Wyatt got the start (thanks to rotating keepers) and made a few saves, but mostly routine stuff. His big part of the match was moving the ball around in the back to help pull in the forwards and give the mids and his forwards space to operate. They dominated the possession pretty well and went on to win 6-0. At first it looked like they weren't going to advance as the second place team was reported as winning versus the first place team in group, but then the scores were corrected and Wyatt's team moved into to second and got the spot to advance to the gold bracket for knockouts. Quaterfinal match and the other keeper gets the start. Doesn't go that well as the first few minutes out of the gate he has a 1v1 off a lucky turn-over and break away to go down 0-1. After that the team sucked it up and started controlling possession. Had 5 or 6 shots go off the woodwork, missed a few sitters, but did managed to put 3 away to win it 3-1. Semi-final it was Wyatt's turn in the rotation again. Played a PSG US affiliate team playing a similar possession style as Barca with some long ball thrown in to keeper things honest. They would hold the ball then open the field and play it long over the back to several runners. Kept Wyatt pretty busy for the whole match. He had a couple nice saves in the first, then they got a PK off a suspect handball call in the box. Wyatt played it right, but the kid made a perfect shot into the lower corner with Wyatt just getting his finger tips to it, but not enough to see it out. Second half the other team didn't park the bus, but stayed aggressive forcing Wyatt to have to make some saves to keep his team in the game. He made a nice spread save off a corner kick that went just outside the box and came back through traffic. Then a diving save to touch a ball wide. His center back cleared it, but it came right back high and Wyatt popped up and touched it over the bar. He also was pretty busy with his feet, handling some back passes under pressure, including having to skill a forward when he got the ball on a shirt pass from his centerback. Team rallied though and evened it up, then got the winning goal off a PK. They advanced to the final to face another PSG team, but this one was no where near as skilled as the previous one. The other keeper got the rotation in the net and they scored early on a quick counter, then basically started playing kick ball. Anytime they got possession they would boot it long and then clear it out long trying to kill time. Wyatt's team had lots of looks and missed a PK that would have tied it up, but just couldn't seem to connect with the back of the net to go down 0-1. Forward from Wyatt's team did win the golden boot and the attacking mid won the MVP for the tournament. The opposing keeper won the golden glove. The keeper scout who was there though talked with Wyatt for a bit after the match and told him had his team won he would have gotten it, but their tournament rules said it had to go to the keeper on the winning team of the final. Small consolation, but he had a lot of good feedback for Wyatt as well as an offer to join a similar program in France. The got back in Monday evening, Wyatt turned around and flew home Tuesday for a funeral and back to school on Thursday afternoon. Since he missed practice Wednesday he wasn't expecting to get the goal this last weekend in their second to last league game, but he still worked hard at practice. Saturday morning they had an extra keeper session, then the coach talked with them about getting their recruiting profiles started for college. They played that evening and Wyatt was surprised to get the start. Team won 4-0. Wyatt said he only had a couple saves to make, coming up big on a corner kick with a spread block, then a few other routine things, along with lots of back-passing and distributions. The win clinched them first place in the divison for the season with one game left to go. Final league game is this weekend, then they prep for a showcase in California the following weekend. After that it is a couple of weeks until he comes home for winter break.
  20. Tough game today Away to Haydons Park, a team we knew from both teams days in the Morden & District Leagues. We started a bit slow and I had to make a very good (if I do say so myself) one on one save early on. Then we grew into the game and found ourselves 0-2 up, both scored by Lee. Haydons had chances but none really testing. Then a free kick with 5 mins of the half left whipped in, Pierce my CB did handle it to be fair but the referee let play go on for about 40 seconds then gave a penalty, wtf?! πŸ˜• Anyway I dived left, the guy went right and only just went in off the post. 1-2 at half time. Half time we spoke about starting aggressive and getting at them, and within 3 minutes we gave the ball away, their left winger hit a shot which was going across the 6 yard box, I got across and blocked from their CF who really should have scored from about 4 yards out. Unfortunately for me the ball fell to one of their players who lashed it home from 12 yards whilst I was still trying to get up. 2-2. Then we seemed to wake up a bit and nabbed two more to go 2-4 up, Lee with 4 for the game as 12 for the season now from 8 games. We held on, until about 10 from time when a clipped free kick to the back was met totally unmarked by their left winger who somehow volleyed it with the back outside of his heel, it looped up and dropped into the far side netting, 3-4. We made really hard work of those last 10 minutes or so and shored up going 4-5-1 towards the end, but we held out for the victory which pushes us right up in contention at the top of the table now. Kit: All Red Nike Goalkeeper kit. Boots: Black Adidas Predator 18.1 SG's Gloves: Kaliaaer ANNIHL8AER Negative Cut's.
  21. Ederson. I've watched Allison for a while when he was at Roma too and he is done by so many soft goals at times. I think this has sort of been masked by the fact he is playing behind a fairly solid defence at Liverpool.
  22. Glove addiction

    Wish I had your discipline lol
  23. New Website

    Wow Frasier, think you should of been called savage lol
  24. Glove addiction

    Once used and im done with the gloves I either throw them or give them away. Years ago I sent a box of gloves to little JC on here. These days I put them in the teams kit bag as spares. I've only ever kept two pairs of gloves. Pair of reusch from county cup final and a pair I wore in another cup final(but lost) but wore them winning the league, plus they had my son's name on them so was a nice touch
  25. Glove addiction

    Airtight box, I store all my older collections of Reusch and Uhlsport in those away from sunlight.
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