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  2. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Well Wyatt survived the tournament despite the weather and coach. Things started off with a bad storm front blosing through Saturday night, so all games were canceled that were scheduled for Sunday and moved to Tuesday, except the U19 Supergroup. So we did opening ceremonies and caught Liverpool and Arsenals U19 teams taking on clubs from Mexico, Rayados and Tigres. Monday afternoon Wyatt's team had their first match versus Prepa Tec from Monterray, Mexico. These guys play a very agressive, fast in your face style. Wyatt got the start facing into a wind that varied from 20 ro 50 mph gusting. Made for lots of corners and weird knuckleballing crosses into the box. He opted to do very little catching, and way more deflecting and balls out of harms way. I think he faced down close to 30 shots on goal, 8 of which he had to actually do something about, and 2 that got past him. One was a defense error, the coach didn't start the regular defensive mid, so no one was really minding the store in the center field area. Prepa played a long ball with the wind, and the left winger tried to slide tactial it, takign himself out of the play, leaving the not so better central back huffing along trying to get in the way. He stuck a foot into the play and passed the ball to their forward who got a really nice shot off. Second goal was off a corner. Wyatt dropped back to cover it and the wind kicked it up and around funny and left him scrambling to get a had to it, then had it drop in the scurm right behind him to get tapped in. Other then that he had a decent outing, one of his busiests in a long time from touches on the ball. With the wind in his face he played almost everything out on the ground as rolls and throws. He did do one nice low driven punt right onto the stuf forward, but then he tried to over dribble into the opposing back line and lost it. At the the half the coach subbed in the other keeper telling them and the team that he would be splitting time 50/50 between them. Second half we had the wind, and Prepa paked the bus and built a nice little house in their defenive third and played the waiting game. They spend about only a minute in our half of the field. Rest of the time Wyatt's team scrambled and played panic ball trying to catch up, but they were just just too disorganized to get anything meaningful built up. Alot of that had to do wth the coach, who started a weird and sciting novel 11, then made subs and shifted players around in no planned looking manner. Most the boys after the game were left scratching their heads and trying to figure out what was going on. The coach did back-up Wyatt though when he pulled him out at the half with the statement about splitting time, and then when a few of the boys starting trying to dump on Wyatt about the loss he told the whole team that Wyatt had nothing to do with the loss. One goal was a team error, one was just bad luck, and the team didn't do anything at all to fix the situation. Tuesday morning bright and early they played Meabashi from Japan. In keeping with the fun-fair-positive model of coaching, the other keeper got the start and played the whole game. Coach told Wyatt up fron that was going to happen and that he would have the final group game the next day, so just be ready incase you have to go in. The Japanese team started with the wind in their face and played a very defenive first half. They were very conservative in pressing forward and attack, spending more time absorbing our attacks adn figuring out who was who on our squad. There keeper was pretty tall and at first didn't seem to good, but as things wore on he became pretty cominate and did a good job workign with his team to channel and contain out keep attacking players. Went into the half 0-0, with out keeper only having to handle a couple back passes and collect the occassional ball that bounced or rolled into the 18. Second half, we got the wind in our face, and they started to put o nthe pressure. Having figured out who our players were, they double and tripled team our stud forward and pretty much made him a non-issue and did a good job stearing the balls to the side and out of danger before we could get anything on frame. They were very patient and kept testing and out lines andslowly creeping up and taking space, until they got a open shot from about 25 yards out that caught our keeper looking and flat footed. That was pretty much it to make it 0-1 and eliminate us from advancing into the knock-out rounds. Wednesday was game 3 versus LA Galxay SB Elite, Wyatt got the start and the coach seemed to be in a mixed mind. Starting some of the best 11, but then also throwing in some of the bench players to give them some time on the field. For whatever reason it seemed to work and despite having the same type of wind as game 1, the boys went up 1-0 at halftime on a strong defensive back line showing and some good saves and collecting of crosses and corners by Wyatt. He played a mix of dsitributions, throwing, rolling, low driven balls and one long punt to the open space and the forward. Not sure if it was just because they wanted to go out on a high note, or if the combination of players somehow just seemed to click and work. Second half the coach started making subs, and the leel of cohension started dropping. With the wind to their backs the boys also started playing more balls in the air and kept losing possession and sending up counters for the other team. Wyatt had to do more directing and shot stopping, but just like he focused on making sure he was catching the ball so he could slow things down and manage the game speed for his team. He probably had his best save of the tournament in the second half. A bad pass from the left back to the mids turned into a shot in the 18 with wyatt have to cut back on his movement and get a had up to drive the ball into the crossbar. It popped up and dropped in the six right in front of another player who tried to chip it over Wyatt as he was recovering from the first dive. He managed to get a hand to it and flipped it out to his left where it was cleared by the centerback out of danger. Final score was 2-0. Since the tournament was over we spent most of the rest of the week catchign games for various clubs he was wanting to see play. Did get a friendly in Saturday vs the club they were hosting from Guatamala, Club Menedy. Wyatt got the start, but the boys were really fired up and pretty much dominated, leaving him mostly working on his backpassing with his left foot. Only had one save to make on a breakaway in the box that he saw off with a nice foot save low and sliding. After that he continued with some sweeping up loose balls and a goal kick before turning it over at the half to the other keeper. Final score was 4-0. with the other keeper being slightly busier as the hear and humidity, as well as just playing around got to everyone and Menendy was able to string a few shots on frame together. Only other thing he had was a private keeper session on Easter Sunday. The keeper coach has seen the issues with the crosses in the wind, so they spent most the session working on crosses and high driven balls with the wind at the shooters back. Finished the weekend off by going to see the supergroup finals as Villareal and Tigres fought down to PKs. Tigres subbed their keeper with a few minutes left in the second OT to bring in a PK speciialist who went 3 for 3 to get them the win. This week we are back to the regular training cycle getting ready for a rematch away at Lonestar. Hopefully the boys and the coach can get things figured out.
  3. Bucks Returns

    I wasn't too fazed by it to be honest, I knew with the team we had it would be a struggle and I am surprised we kept it at 0-0 until the 40th minute. The LCB kept trying to go on runs up the pitch and had to be told to come back by both me and the main CB several times. 🤣 I don't mind playing with my feet, don't get me wrong I'm not exactly Ederson or Manuel Neuer but I'm comfortable with the ball coming back to me, in fact yesterday was quite infuriating as I called for the ball back from Vaughan (the actual CB) several times and he kept hooking it out of play for throw ins. Bare in mind 1. I was the easier option anyway, and 2. The team we were playing have an expert long throw specialist. 🤦‍♂️ The trouble yesterday was he was the only true CB and whilst he is a very good player, he's not what I would call a leader and you could tell that, as there was more than a few moments of blind panic between him, the other guys playing CB and the Centre Mids. Also a few times I called for balls to be nodded back to me for an easy gather and he kept hooking those out for throws too. Good player, but not sure the brain is always engaged. 😁
  4. Bucks Returns

    I find it's amazing how much of a difference a change in defense can make to a keeper! I find my confidence just drains when my team has a certain couple of CB's playing. The kinda guys who dart forward to press high but refuse to track back and expect me to come flying out to sort out every single ball over the top. I'd consider myself a more traditional/old fashioned goalkeeper who doesn't come flying out or look to have the ball at my feet so expect the CB's to do more work in that regard. I think alot of defenders hide behind a keeper and look to make him a scapegoat for their laziness or inability to sort out issues in defense.
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  6. Bucks Returns

    This was what we played today (3-5-2): GK RCB - Usually a RB CB LCB - A CM who has been covering LB since Feb RWB - Usually our RM CM CM CM LWB - Usually a CM CF CF - Our 63 year old manager. We had four CBs out, one injured, one working and two on holiday, our proper LB has been injured since February, our Left Mid said he was 50/50 then never actually said he wasn't coming, and another striker who always blows out, and he called it in about 10 last night that his daughter was ill.
  7. Bucks Returns

    So we are 8th, and we play 9th next week. We then play Thames Ditton who are 7th and we have 2 games in hand on them, before rounding our season off against SCR Reserves on the 12th May.
  8. Bucks Returns

    I am sure Alexandra United Irons won't care how the 3 points come but for 40 minutes today we held them at bay with a bare 11 that included our 63 year old manager playing, they got two quick goals before half time and then 3 minutes into the second half one of our players dons who was 2 started kicking off and he had to go off so we basically played the whole second half with ten men and lost 0-6 in the end. Bit of a shame as with a full team we would have given them a game and the scoreline really flattered them. First half I had a few little saves to make and I had one big save second half that players from both teams were raving about, the ball across the box fell to their man about 6 yards out, going to my right he hit it to my left and I somehow dived back across and clawed it out with my left hand. No real chance with any of their goals either, just poor defending in an unusual for us 3-5-2 formation or effectively 3-4-2 second half. First goal was from a corner on our left, for some reason the man on our left post left the post, free header six yards out that I got a hand to but the power beat me, if the man on the post was there he'd have blocked it. 0-1. Second goal we failed to stop them down our left, no one blocked the cross and from 10 yards out unmarked their man flicked it into the far bottom corner. 0-2. Third goal was from a long throw on our left (can you see the pattern emerging now?), somehow about 10 yards out their CB beat FOUR of our players around him to the ball to again flick it into the far bottom corner. Fourth goal, you guessed it from our left, crossed in, ball fell to their striker 8 yards out, unmarked to turn and roll it bottom corner. Fifth goal was a penalty which I went the wrong way. And Sixth goal came down our right, worked the ball into the box and their player looked to cross it back stick but then curled it top far corner out of my reach. I think on the whole we acquitted ourselves ok, just a shame we could barely field a team. Went with my Nike boots I previously used on 4G as the pitch was so hard and I have to say I won't be using them again, my kicking was dreadful today. Next week we face Kingston Boys, win that and we consolidate 8th. 7th is in our hands if we win 2 of our 3 remaining games. Kit: All Purple Puma AFC Wimbledon Goalkeeper kit. Boots: Red Nike Hypervenom Phelon FG's. Gloves: Reusch Prisma Pro G3 Duo's.
  9. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Thought it could come down to the coach, because watching that it didn't seem like Wyatt was willing putting the ball in that area. Hope things work out for both you and him. The amount of politics and rubbish involved in youth football is a joke.
  10. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Thanks for the input. Getting it fixed is a little bit problematic. In training (both club and outside of club) Wyatt has been trained to not punt as much unless they are trying to kill time. He typically goes for a low, flat driven ball to the right or left into the open spaces as you suggest that is more focused on either being targeted at a specific player or set up so someone can run onto it in space and make a go at something. He can routinely hit a player anywhere in his range if he is allowed to play it that way and focuses on it. Unfortunately come game time several things start happening. First his team doesn't open up and isn't prepared to move into the space to claim balls, they lose lots of balls by just waiting for a ball to be played to them and get it picked off by the opposing team, usually resulting in it coming back in the defense and keepers face really quick. The coach makes no effort in practice to review the games and lack of this in the games from the weekend before. Wyatt actually got in a spot of trouble a couple weekes back in practice for yelling at his mids for not opening up and giving him options. Coach lectured him for giving away his plan to the opposing players and when Wyatt tried to explain what he was getting at the coach said you are right, they aren't opening up, but it wasn't Wyatt's job to make them do that. Second the coach is constantly yelling at the keepers from the sideline to rush their distribution, which gets them nervous since he will pull them if he gets to frustrated with their tempo. Wyatt has worked on his own and with his private trainers on trying to develop a rythem for his distributions to avoid rushing the ball and when he can use it, things are much better. The coaches tendency to joystick during the game though tends to disrupt Wyatt. Third the coaches game strategy a lot lately focusing on getting ball up to the single forward we have at all costs, which leads to him despite what they train like, to get to the game and tell them just to smash it up the center which is where the forward using lurks and hope for the best. Not a terriblily well thought out tactic and one of the reason Wyatt is looking to switch clubs at the end of the season as he is extremely worried that he is not in a good position to continue with his development. Currently the reserve keeper plays the coaches style and boots ball long right up the center, typically over the back line of the opposing team or right to it, but the coach seems more concerned with them just getting the ball far enough away from the goal so if they lose possession it doesn't come back right into the goal area.
  11. Reusch

    Bit the bullet and bought another pair of the Prisma Pro G3 Duos in a Size 8. I really like them, both the fit and feel but also the look of them is so much nicer than the newer Lime / Yellow colour gloves.
  12. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Watching the video from the game last week, I have some feedback for Wyatt, mainly relating to his distribution. I feel as if he turns the ball over too easily by putting up a long bomb straight down the middle of the pitch most of the times that he gets it in his hands, if the coach wants him to go long, I suggest he doesn't blindly smash the ball forward, but instead plays a flatter ball to a wide area of the pitch, so his team doesn't get caught unaware. Just my opinion though! Other than that looks good.
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  14. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Light week for Wyatt leading up to the Dallas Cup this week. Monday, coach gave the team the day off since they played on Sunday. Wyatt called the club trainer and went up and worked with some other teams for two sessions of conditioning and agility training, then stuck around for a little extra skills work with the trainer. Tuesday the team went indoors at the club's field house. They worked on passing and movement, then finished with some small sided games. Wyatt had a pretty good time with that, scored 8 goals during the minigames, but then got a talking to from the coach because he used a conventional throw-in to distribute a ball quick instead of going with an overhand throw. Wyatt asked him what was wrong with it since it was quick from the overhead catch he had made, went right to the forward, and lead to a goal. As usual the coach didn't have any comments back, which confuses Wyatt. Get mad at him for doing something, then when Wyatt explains his decision, the coach doesn't give him any feedback. Wednesday the team did conditioning and agility training, then Thursday went to the local community college for practice since the fields were closed for tournament prep. They working on some passing drills, then went into stiking and finishing, and ended with some scrimmaging. Wyatt did really well with the drills and was on his a-game on the striking and finishing drills, coming up with some really nice dynamic saves as the players tried to up their shooting games. He finished out the week with a session with the private the keeper coach. With several big tournaments coming up for the girls and boys this week and Easter weekend, he did more of a sort of review and tune-up. The focused a lot of set-pieces, crosses, corner kicks, and quick transitions from saves to distributions. Afterwards the coach talked with Wyatt some about a few specific things to keep in ming going into the tournament. Wyatt was supposed to play his first Dallas Cup game Sunday, but some massive storms came through Saturday and early Sunday morning so they canceled all the games except the 3 U19 super group showcase games. So Wyatt and I went to the stadium for the opening ceremonies and watched FCD Dallas vs Villereal (1-3), Arsenal FC vs CF Monterrey Rayados (1-3), and Liverpool FC vs Tigres UNAL (2-4). The 2 English clubs did a better job of ball control, but kept loosing out to the speed of the Mexican teams. The Liverpool game got really ugly, with something going on between some of the players that had the Liverpool coach not letting his players go back on the pitch at one point until the center ref spoke with him and then one of the Tigres players, and even then by the end of the game it almost turned into a brawl with security escorting the refs off and seperating the two teams. So this week Wyatt has games Monday through Wednesday with chances for more if his team advances out of group. He is ready to play and looking forward to the games, just hoping the coach doesn't get all weird on him.
  15. Adidas URG latex

    Grip wise they are bloody fantastic. Given the URG 2.0 are also £100 I would probably say on that basis they are worth it. If the 2.0 were say £75 I'd probably say no.
  16. Reusch

    Sounds familiar. And also looks like the ones Cavallero is wearing in the picture above.
  17. Adidas URG latex

    You reckon these are worth the money Bucks? I don't mind lack of durability. Just for grip.
  18. Reusch

    Thanks Bucks!!! Do you remember the first release? The arrow was a lighter blue and font on index was all black not an outline? Ian Bennett of Birmingham and Stefan Klos of rangers wore them off the top of my head.
  19. Reusch

    I had the 1998 World Cup gloves, Pure Black with a White Arrow. Stunning! And just for you Schumacher...
  20. Reusch

    What a pair of glove those reusch were! Fline GK have just released (Only in size 9 though) a version of them with the Blue arrow and white background! Still to this day one of the most stunning gloves ever! Wish reusch would do a special release similar to how they did for the world keeper gloves a few years back
  21. Reusch

    Sorry it was Pablo Cavallero not Caballero.
  22. Reusch

    Here they are Reusch Duo Aqua.
  23. Reusch

    Remember those gloves, they looked great, Cabellero the Celta Vigo keeper used to wear them quite regularly. I got a pair of gloves in 2004 think they were called the Aqua Duo. Neoprene body, Aqua and White back hand and Duo latex inside. What an absolute arse of a glove to get on though.
  24. Reusch

    Also I find some tape around the wrist keeps the glove in place. The G3 will tear up but overall has good durability.
  25. Reusch

    Yeah the were an expensive glove at the time but we're one of the top of the range at the time. Very simple glove but excellent at the same time. From memory and I could be wrong on this Reusch released the aqua gloves around this time, all white with blue arrow, another classic. On the AX2 gloves I have beeno wearing in all weather and once kept damp they are solid grip wise.
  26. Reusch

  27. Bucks Returns

    League Table: We have left to play: 21st April - Alexandra Utd Irons (Home) 28th April - Kingston Boys (Home) 5th May - Thames Ditton (Away) 12th May - SCR Reserves (Home)
  28. Bucks Returns

    Won 2-0 today. I can't really say too much as I basically had bugger all to do for most of the game. No actual save of note, just sweeping up and kicking which was all competent. 10 of our 24 points this season have come in our last 4 games now and we are nearing our objective now of finishing 7th (top of the bottom half). And finally a first clean sheet of the season after several missed opportunities. Tough game next week against Fourth place Alexandra United Irons who we drew with (should have won!) Away, and beat twice in the Surrey and League Cups, so they will definitely be gunning for us next week. Kit: All Purple Puma AFC Wimbledon Goalkeeper kit. Boots: Adidas Predator 18.1 SG's. Gloves: Reusch Prisma Pro G3 Duo's.
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