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  2. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Slow week this week for Wyatt, with there being no upcoming games for more then a month, the coach doesn't feel the need to go indoors when the weather gets soggy and cold like it did this last week some. Club wise everything was crammed into Wednesday. Started off with 90 minutes of working with the iranian girls players again on distributions and recieving back passes. Went from that into team conditioning and agility training (lots of running for that session), and then ended with a team practice focusing on the mids and forwards working to open up to receive balls from the keepers or the back line if it was played out short. The coach combined the U14 and U15 teams for the practice, but Wyatt was the only u15 keeper there, so he lead the U14s in keeper warmup. Only intersting thing at practice was Wyatt getting in trouble for not punting a ball really quick. Coach got onto him, but Wyatt had one of the opposing players deliberately getting in his face so he couldn't get it off quick. Coach told him next time to just punt the ball and hit the kid in the face with it if that is what it took. Wyatt wasn't to cool with that since he didn't think it was worth hurting a team mate in practice and also the chances the ball would just come back at him and maybe into the goal. Thursday there was no team practice, but his keeper coach had a session in the rain so Wyatt did that. Basically worked through the regular drills, just working on dealing with the sloppy field conditions. Wyatt really likes those sessions and the rain and cold kept away all but two other keepers so the coach got to focus a lot omore on small things and working with some more complex drills then usual. After that he had another keeper session on Sunday that focused on recovering from the ground to make saves, so lots of down then springing up to make saves. Wyatt liked it a bit as well since it featred some newer drills. He also got to showboating a bit and made a flying superman across the goal face on one drill to catch a ball one handed and bring it down under control. Keeper coach let him have his 5 seconds of glory, but then talked to him a bit about making sure he didn't cost himself a goal trying to do that in a game. Sunday he also had his last skills season with the clb trainer before he heads out of the country for his winter break. They focused a lot of settling balls in the air and striking them as they dropped. U19 keeper showed up as well so they ended working on some passing and throwing drills, as well as some jumping strengthing exercises. Outside of that it was a slow week. Wyatt did go to the local YMCA and did the orientation course so he can use all the cardio equipment for those days he doesn't have practices for one reason or another. This week looks like back to the regular practice schedule and then maybe one more week before they break for a two week holiday before coming back and getting ready for the start of second half of the season.
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  5. Bucks Returns

    No game this coming Sunday , already been postponed due to waterlogged pitches apparently. Wouldn't even say it has been raining that much to be honest. One last game on the 16th, Surrey Cup third round then we are off for two weeks over Christmas.
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  7. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Another week of pseudo regular training for Wyatt. Team held regular practice Monday and Tuesday, continued focus on possession and passing. Coach also apparently listened to Wyatt about the mids and defense not opening up and looking for distributions in games, so they focused on that a little bit. Not sure what impact it will have on things overall, but was good for the coach to take some action on something that Wyatt had pointed out as an issue during games. Wednesday the team did conditioning and agility training. Wyat got there early and worked on distributions of various types with one of the Iranian girls players again. Focused on making a save or goalkick after a ball wasn't on frame, keeping his cadence and putting it back into play while she would run out and get open. Also did some work with PKs, and then settling backpasses above his knees. He really enjoyed that and carried the energy over into the conditioning training, out working the team despite already have trained for 90 minutes. Thursday no team practice, but there was still club keeper training. Since the older two DA boys groups were out, the coach combined Wyatt's group with the mid range DA and ECNL groups, but wound up only being Wyatt, 2 U17 girls, and a U13 who was there for the regular session. Lots of focus on shot blocking low balls on the line, working from the ground and cutting angles. They worked a little on 1v1s as well, but Wyatt strained his groin at some point, so he just worked on some catching after one or two run throughs on that set of drills. Friday he rested and did a lot of ice and streching to work out the grroin strain, by Saturday he was good to go for a rescheduled team practice. The worked on passing and movement drills before doing some conditioning, and then ended with a long session of striking and finishing. As part of the conditioning the coach had the boys stand in the goal in groups of 5 and jump up and touch the crossbar. He got into Wyatt some at the point because Wyatt did really have to jump to touch it, so he was sort of hopping. So for the keepers he made it so they hade to get their hands as high up over the bar like they were trying to push a ball over. Not a hard one for Wyatt, but the U14 keepers are pretty short and couldn't even reach the bar and the reserve keeper apparently can't really jump that high, so the coach got frustrated with them and sent them off to the side to do keeper warm-up until they got into striking and finishing. For that Wyatt was pretty on, only getting beat once by a player who chipped him on a drill where they were the keepers were supposed to come out and cut the angle while the players shot into the lower corner far post. So the u14 player came in and decided to be funny and chip him and Wyatt couln't get back to it to push it over. So coach had a go at him about being lazy even though the shooter was the one who hadn't followed the drill. Wyatt was pretty miffed, but made up for it by getting more aggressive. He said afterwards if the players weren't going to follow the drill then he wasn't going to make it easy on them by playing his part. So he started coming out quicker and going hard to smother or dive onto the ball. He also had some trouble with the reserve keeper who wanted to stand about4 or 5 yards off the near post, not for any real reason, just being to lazy to walk back by the goal with the other keepers while they waited for their turns. So he was generally in the way alot and would pop balls in that were going wide or interfer with catches. Wyatt kept telling him to move, but finally just shoulder cahrged into him and he figured out maybe he shouldn't be standing there. Sunday the private keeper coach was out of town with his club for a tournament, so Wyatt went early to his skills training and got in an extra hour of keeper work before the skills started. They worked more on his distribution cadence and placement. Alot of the regulars showed up early as well because they like the drill the trainer uses with Wyatt sending out punts, kicks, or throws and they have to settle them, dribble in and shoot. The traienr had them do more movement then last time so Wyatt had to judge how to place the ball so they could move onto it or bring it down. Trainer also had them in groups and Wyatt would have to call out who was receiving and place it so that player could get it while the others in the group tried to pick it off. Skills training focused a lot on bringing down balls from the air, settling them and taking shots. Also some work with headers on top of the general touch and ball movement drills, finishing up with the regular small sided games. Outside of that Wyatt discovered we get the Itlalian Siera A on TV now so watched the Roma vs Inter game after watching the Liverpool-Everton Derby with his mom. She is a Liverpool fan and he favors Everton, so there was no peace in the house for a while Sunday morning.
  8. Pope's Captor Pure

    They have put a few limiteds out but only in size 10. I think this model is still their main one at the moment but hoping to see something new soon.
  9. T1tan GK Gloves

    After wearing them I think they are worth the money, excellent materials used in them.
  10. Pope's Captor Pure

    Thanks Bucks, as you said above shame the haven't released more models as they are producing lots for the pro's.
  11. Pope's Captor Pure

    They are very good to be honest and I still give them a run out every so often. Just be careful, I think I washed them too hot as I was in a bit of a hurry and the latex sort of suddenly stopped gripping as well as before. I'd definitely recommend them though. Feeling Flat Palms a lot lately.
  12. Bucks Returns

    Funny old game today where the result doesn't really tell the whole story to be honest. Ok so get the worst part out of the way, we lost 8-3! However the team we played were very good, they train twice a week (we don't train at all), and generally going forward I would say they are the best team we have come up against so far this season. Don't get me wrong they are good but we did help them out a bit too. We went into the game with no fit or available Centre Backs today so started with our Striker partnered by a guy who has played one game this season who usually plays right or left back. Our Right Back returned today after 6 weeks out through injury and holiday and at Left Back we started a Centre Mid because our LB turned up at 10:25 for a 10:30 kick off. Anyway we started well and went 0-1 up, then it all started, first spell we conceded 4 goals in 10 mins, their left mid got in behind, I closed the angle but he chipped it far post, our LB fell asleep and a simple header in at the far post. 1-1, then their left winger got in behind our RB and drilled a low hard shot across me, 2-1. Then we failed to clear a set piece properly, the ball fell to their Centre Mid who from 8 yards out smashed it, one of those where it was through me before I even had a chance to react. Then within minutes we failed to clear a set piece again and a high looping ball back into the box saw their player outjumped two of mine at the far post... 4-1. However two goals from us in quick succession saw us go in 4-3 at Half Time. Then second half we started strong and almost equalised, our Left Mid tapping wide from yards out. The first 20 minutes of the second half we started well and then another crazy 10 minute spell after I had made a few smart stops saw them put the game beyond us... First their second half striker came in the box, I made the initial first one on one stop but it fell to their striker who scored despite 3 of our players between him and the goal (a recurring issue!), then same player got in round the back and smashed a shot low and hard at my near post, I anticipated the shot across me and couldn't keep it out with my foot, so 6-3 by this point. Another few saves from me then I made one which our CB made a hash of clearing and the guy hit it edge of the box looping over me, 7-3. And finally they got in behind again, a ball across beat everyone for a tap in from 6 yards out, 8-3. They were a good team, but a right moany bunch of bitches, I think we can get at them next time. Annoying result but I actually felt like the score wasn't a reflection as a whole and I actually took some positives from the game. Reusch gloves were decent, definitely will use them for now. Kit: All Green Nike kit. Boots: Adidas Predator 18.1 SG's. Gloves: Reusch Prisma Pro G3 Duo.
  13. T1tan GK Gloves

    Just a shame they're so expensive for an indie brand.
  14. Pope's Captor Pure

    How were these overall Bucks? I'm after buying a pair, looking forward to trying them..
  15. T1tan GK Gloves

    I have worn T1tan gloves, they were excellent, fit really well and grip is top drawer.
  16. Bucks Returns

    Please excuse the mess, the wife and I are in the process of throwing a few bits out. Finally got my hands on this full kit beauty today though.
  17. Reusch

    I bought the Gloves in a 7.5 originally but the palm felt a bit short so I ordered the 8 before returning them, the 8 fits exactly the same length, and is only about 0.3 inches wider. The big difference is how much baggier the wrist bandage is. Glad I ordered the 8 first before returning the 7.5, the length issue isn't a game changer and rather have the tighter fitting glove. Cant believe they are the same length though.
  18. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    The video folks are getting caught up: U15 Game 6 vs San Antonio FC
  19. Post a Picture of Your Gloves.

    rotate gloves each week as both good in the wet or dry
  20. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Well despite being of for Holiday break from school, Wyatt had probably one of his busiest weeks in a while. Monday through Wednesday he had camp with his private keeper coach. He gave him the run-down on the games and talked through the goal in the game versus GDV Toros FC, so the coach worked several drills into each session to help him work on the technique for future game. They also worked a lot on differient distrbution techniques, transitions from saves to distributions, as well as working through the basics. Wyatt seemed to be overall in better spirits going into the week after the double header weekend. He threw himself into the training sessions with alot of effort. Team actually practiced three times during the week as well, got in full sesssions, outside on the club fields which made Wyatt extremely happy. The coach combined the training with the U14 team since he was expecting some folks to be missing. Monday's session focused on lessons learned from the games over the weekend. The other keeper was missing, but Wyatt had the 3 U14 keepers to work with. They worked alot on building out of the back and movement from the defenses to the mids and building towards he forwards. Also a lot of work on playing with a high line to pressure and disrupt the other teams game style. Tuesday and then Saturday's practices were more working on playing style and getting a look at a potential new player, an attacking mid who maybe able to help up front with finding some more goals for the team. The reserve keeper only made he Tuesday practice, so the coach was a little miffed with him. The coach also cracked down on the team some. After talking with Wyatt last week, I think he actually looked at the boys during the game and saw what Wyatt was talking about some with his distributions. Coach has talked with him about his speed on gettign the ball off or hesitations at times and Wyatt told him that alot of it was due to the fact that the boys weren't opening up or even looking like they were willing to receive the ball. So the coach spent a lot of time Tuesday and Sunday going over that. He also got cracked down onto the boys who would complain about not receiving balls either from Wyatt or other players, who weren't even bother to make an effort to get into a position that was good to pass too. So a net plus from Wyatt's perspective. The keeper coach also managed to get a session in Tuesday night. He worked on closing the angle and protecting the near post from shots coming in from the sides. Wyatt had fun with that, and was able to work with two differient sessions since his team practice got over early enough to make his, plus part of the one before it. The keeper coach had seen the game highlights as well, so he talked with Wyatt a little about the goal in the RGV game, and then gave him some stuff to work on in terms of commanding the back line better. In the RGV game the reserve keeper didn't do a good job with his wall so he focused some on that as well. Besides the camp, Wyatt also had two regular practices with his private keeper coach. Other then working in the extra low ball drills, they worked on double saves, 1v1s, and transitioning into throws from diving saves. Wyatt also got in two sessions with the club trainer. On Friday they had a session that included workign with two young women that play on the Iranian U20 or U17 national team. For Wyatt it was kind of cool training with some one who has international experience. They chatted quite a bit in between them trying to score on shots outside the 18 at Wyatt. He did a pretty good job of making them work hard for the few goals they were able to get. The trainer also has him showing up 30 minutes early so they can work on keeper stuff. On friday it was diving and high catches, or as the coach calls it "flying" which Wyatt really loves to do. He also has mixed in some extra core strengthing drills and rolls. A coach was there as well and was impressed with Wyatt's vision and awareness of the game, especially as for a keeper. He really liked Wyatt's foot skills, and the fact that Wyatt can play with either foot in and out of the net. The regular Sunday session was a little lower key, but as I mentioned earlier Wyatt asked to focus on his cadance for goal kicks and punts. Helped that there was an 06 keeper there as well for him to work with. The field players got a big dose of receiving punts, also a few had to learn that when the keeper can drop the ball right on you, you probably need to focus more on the ball when he sends it your way. This week Wyatt is back in school, but looks like the team will continue with regular practices barring some freezing temperatures moving in later in the week. He definitely seems to be in a much better mood and is looking forward to his winter break. For that he is going back for a week at the Barca US residency academy, and also a ID camp that he was looked at last year by a german scout who wants to see him again.
  21. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Gave Wyatt your comments and he went to his trainer at the club and spent part of Sunday working on developing a mental cadence that he can use in the games to set his pace and not rush the kicks. He had done something similar before, but the current coach is pushing both the keepers to just get it out long fast. The trainer had him doing goal kicks, punts, and throws at game pace to some other players while the trainer and the players were yelling and pushing him to get the ball off. Mixed that in with some stuff he has learned from his bio-feedback guy he sees to come up with something that seems to help him set a more consistant cadence. Will have to see how it works out in mid-January when they play their next game. He shared it with his keeper coach as well and both are going to add it to the stuff they work on with him.
  22. Bucks Returns

    I prefer the SG to the FG ones. I just couldn't seem to kick well in the Firms to the point I'd rather wear the SG with plastic studs instead even on hard ground. I wish I could fix my Ace 15.1s though, I much prefer how a mid cut boot feels than one with the collar on to be honest but one of the stud threads on the boot its self has worn down that I can't screw anything in now annoyingly.
  23. Bucks Returns

    What you think of those Predator SGs? Wyatt decided this last weekend after being a Nike Tiempo kid for about 5 years that he wanted to switch. Been breaking in a pair of Addidas Predator 19.1FG/AGs all week and likes them, so his mom ordered him a pair of the 19.1 SGs.
  24. Bucks Returns

    Another week and another disappointing performance. Against a team who had 1 point so far this season we struggled to a 2-2 draw, missing numerous chances, relying upon set pieces (particularly our centre forwards long throw) too much, and our own weakness to set pieces coming to the fore again. I didn't do much wrong and made a decent save or two in both halves. First goal was a long throw from our right, it went beyond me, but two of our players lost their men and still their player jumped to nod in at the far post despite being surrounded by three of our players at this point. Second goal again we failed to deal with a long throw properly and their guy shot from the edge of the area through a cluster of players which beat me and my Right Back on the line. Can't help feeling we missed an opportunity here and I don't really know what the answer is right now. I tried out my Uhlsport Aerored Supergrips first half and I have to say I can tell why a lot of pros go with Absolutgrip. The Supergrip as soon as it gets a bit dusty or muddy loses its grip rapidly, to the point I changed gloves to my trusty Uhlsport Tensiongreen Absolutgrip HNs. Given the fact the Absolutes are cheaper I would definitely recommend to anyone not sure which to get, save yourself a few quid and get the cheaper model, they are also the better gloves in my opinion. Kit: All Orange Nike kit. Boots: Black Adidas Predator 18.1 SG's. Gloves: First Half - Uhlsport Aerored Supergrip Finger Surround's, Second Half - Uhlsport Tensiongreen Absolutgrip HN's.
  25. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Not watched the videos but advocate the point. I myself find if I am going at 100mph trying to get the ball up the pitch as quickly as possible I find my kicks start to suffer. Should probably listen to my own advice really. 😂
  26. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Watching those highlights, I've got one suggestion for Wyatt, and that is to Slow Down! You can see that he always wants to go at top speed, which is good. But he needs to be able to have a cool head and just put his foot on the ball for a minute. You can see this when he rushes his goalkicks or kicks out of his hands, when he takes his time he hits them beautifully, but when he rushes he scuffs them. Just my verdict, other than that, looks to be a good goalkeeper!
  27. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Got the videos from last weekends double header. For being sick most the week before not to bad. U15 Game 7 vs RGV FC Toros U15 Game 8 vs Sporting Kansas City
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