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  2. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Whoever is doign the videos now is a little behind and very randome on when they come out. U14 DA Game 26 vs San Antonio FC
  3. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Wyatt expected two games this weekend and only got one thanks to the weather today. Yesterday they played against San Antonio FC for the 4th and final league game, but the fifth time they have faced each other this season. The series has gone 0-2, 2-2, 1=0, and 0-0 so this game was looking to be very interesting. Wyatt got the start and things were pretty calm at first. His team started off playing very organized and pressing to disrupt the San Antonio from getting to organized. A couple quick counters formed, but he managed to see them off with little complication. His team scored first early in the half or a nice series of passes and movement that was not as typical as his team has been playing recently. After that they seemed to loose a little cohesion and Wyatt had to get busy making some saves. He had a lot of corners and balls into the box to collect, he also parried and deflected several close balls. At one point he parried a ball out to the side, just mananging to disrupt a solid attempt to get a header on frame. The other side finally managed to get one in after his center backs and mids left two players onmarked at the top of the 18 and fed a pass in, leaving Wyatt facing a 2 vs him to make it 1-1. A little later Wyatt made a slight error that cost him on a free kick. After making several nice collections, he had the kick come into the box and called away as it looked to him that the ball was headed out. He didn't clear over his shoulder and missed a forward coming in past his left back who was ball watching. The forward got a head on the ball and put it back across the face of the goal to rebound off the opposite post in to make it 1-2. At that point his team faltered a bit and left him open for another 1v1 at close range with an unmarked forward in the penalty area to go up 1-3, but as the first half wound down they managed to rally and get one back to go 2-3 at the half. Second half coach kept the coach only made a couple of changes, beefing up the defense and leaving the offense intact. Wyatt continued in the net, working to keep the team from floundering and loosing their momentum. He made a couple more collections, including a really nice one beating the opposing big forward in the air to muscle him off the ball and collecting it before he could get his head to it. San Antonio faltered again with pressure applied by the mids netted another goal to tie things up 3-3. His team continued to pressure, but lost focus for a bit and let another plat develop beating Wyatt to make it 3-4, but followed up with another goal to tie it up 4-4. At that point the coach played in his last subs and put in some fresh legs to keep up the pressure and saw the game end in a hard won draw for both sides. Overall Wyatt played a fairly decent game, he wwasn't happy with letting in 4 goals,despite his team being able to hold it together and actually fight back to the draw which is something they have struggled with all season. On the plus side while he was frustated with his performance his distribution were extremely good, varying things up between throws, punts and rolls. He did a extremely good job of judging the wind and bending balls against it to drop them where he wanted to out to the wingers. He did realize he needs to work more with commanding his back line better as they seem to want to drift off on their own when left unattended. Beside the game, Open practice/tryouts continued with 2 sessions. First session saw 3 keepers turn up, one that Wyatt trains with at his private keeper coaches classed, the third keeper from his team last year, and a new keeper from a small independent club that was about Wyatt'z size. Wyatt led the keepers in warmups, then they split them up with Wyatt and his reserve keeper going with the boys they were lookign at for the DA, while the other three worked with the boys who were being considered for the ECNL, or second divison team. They scrimmaged for about an hour, with Wyatt only giving up a single goal during the practice. Thursday they had the second open session for the week, but the only keepers were Wyatt and the third keeper from last year. Since they aren't considering the third keeper at this point for the DA, they had him and Wyatt worked with the ECNL candidates while they focused on the DA boys without keepers. Wyatt enjoyed the session, playing with and against some differeient boys for a little change in pace. He gave up 2 goals in that session, both through miscommunications with his defenders on handling through balls that should have been back passes. The club keeper coach was there and went over them with Wyatt as well as chatting with him some about setting up his walls for set pieces. Team hand a regular practice on Wednesday that had 3 potential new players show up at invitation from the coach. They mostly worked on ball movement and building from the back, to keep up pressure on the opposing defense. No club keeper training it looks like for the rest of the season thanks to the tryout schedule, but Wyatt was able to make two private keeper sessions. Friday night session focused alot on aerial balls and crosses, while todays session went right into dives and double saves. Wyatt is getting much better at those, where he has to make a deflection or punch on a dive, then recover to collect a second ball that is served out wide on the ground or at a bounce out wide. Wyatt used to be a little slow at the recovery save part, but seems to have been working on his recovery moves. The defirrence was pretty amazing, with him being one of the fastes in the class this time around. Wyatt also managed to make another session with the skills group on Monday. They focused on food speed and agility, then transitioned into movement and skiils at speed with the ball at their feet, then striking and finishing and then 4v4 scrimmaging. Was fun watching him work with the highschool players in the class as he led them to a long string of wins before finally getting beat and having to surrender the court. This week looks to be pretty similar with open tryouts continuing. The fields will probably be closed tomorrow due to the rain, so he will hit the skills class. Then we head into the weekend with two more games to wrap up the 4 game series versus FC Dallas and the Houston Dynamo Youth. The game from today is being rescheduled and may fall on a weekday which would be a first for his team in the DA, but better then dragging the season out another weekend into June.
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  5. Seismic - Queltic Emerald Protect

    Seismic - Queltic Emerald Inferno protect Cut : Roll finger Latex : 4mm agt (aqua grip technology) Internal Latex: yes and ribbed Wrist Strap : 1 lock standard beautifully embossed latex strap Wrist Entry : Bandage Glove Body : some type Micromesh/mesh Finger Protection : Yes removeable Price : €45 plus postage & packaging But nearly out of stock so get the last pairs here. Seismic Emerald Protect glove there is a non internal latex version the Emerald Protect available for €32 Where from : Seismic Goalkeeper Gloves - Ireland First Impressions When i got these I was baffled by there beauty…. A fantastic piece of artwork and embossing on the backhand along with the embossing on the wrist strap and pull tab. The workmanship on this glove so stitching etc is well outstanding… way way better than I've seen from bigger brands. I gave them the normal 2 pre washes and the agt wet weather latex came to life. Fit at first was to tight on the hand I felt to much pressure and my pinky finger began to ache….. THIS WAS MY FAULT! Seismic advised to go up a size and I decided to stick with my normal 10… there customer service was exceptional a return and replace was offered….i got lazy so stuck with them…. Very glad I did.. I purchased these gloves as a keeper that actually needed protection in 4 fingers and a really bad thumb injury… I Do not normally use finger protection. They were with the spines in a snug fit… The internal latex obviously adding to this. But all the same a very flexible glove.. There was no doubt from the off this glove was a completely different beast! for me… Very padded.. Not something I'd usually go for. This glove again is at least 2 seasons old, and has been used in 23 11 a side games… countless 7 a side games in the wet on astro.. With the protection it's a great glove for this. And lots of coaching sessions. I now much better wearing them without the finger protection. These install confidence in the goalkeeper and the internal latex after a few good training sessions adapts internally to the shape of your hand. The roll finger cut suits the glove and the catching shape of the glove is very good even if the feel on the ball isn't natural your hands feel in a great shape to hold onto the ball. Great shock absorption… You can barely feel some shots, which I wasn't sure about…. But this is a protection glove after all. Durability well amazing… there still going strong even if they do stink to high heaven. The agt latex is tough stuff and as long as they are kept damp and stored properly will outlast any big brand glove. These may look a little yellow in places but the are still performing. Ratings (out of 10) Looks 9 A beautiful piece of artwork… Different lovely embossing. Fit 8 The internal latex is a lovely thing when worn in… Listen when your told to go a size up. Build Quality 9 Of course the backhand colours have faded due to washing a quality latex backhand. Dry Grip 7 Wet Grip 9 Durability 10 For me if a pair of gloves is tacky and performing 2 seasons later, showing little signs of palm wear how can you give less than a 10? Overall score 8.6666 Conclusion Yes own a pair… Little late now but some pairs still available I think? See link above! A fantastic glove from a fantastic brand simple… In my opinion seismic are at the top of the game.. There new range looks well bloody great… Innovation new ideas. Design to the highest standards and quality well top notch. Pictures http://s927.photobucket.com/user/funkretchdesign1/library/Seismic - Queltic Emerald - Protect Take the spines out fantastic in fantastic. BAD THUMB INJURY - tip Also a hint to anyone if you can get hold of a puma thumb protection spine your onto a winner.. This spine is apparently patented which kinda sucks a bit because if you ask me its the best and seems to suit any independent glove I have tried that allows for a thumb spine. I found a single spine didn't do as much for the thumb as it does with a finger.
  6. Unique Patent Protected Goalkeeper Glove / Sean Murodch

    Hi Funkretch, Thank you very much for your response and honest opinion. It’s been a common question. At the moment the backhand is 4mm thick which is thicker than a lot of gloves on today’s market. I am still designing a possible removable finger save for both sides which will be my next model. I have trial and tested the product vigorously for many months. For me to get the best durability out of the glove and full use, I would use one side one training session then the other the next and so on. Please trust me this concept works. With Nike and Adidas going down the lighter glove route my glove Airor fits niceless in to the balance of this. Thank you once more. Please ask me any questions or if you would like to try the glove. Many thanks Sean Murdoch
  7. GluPro Hasta - giga - Box Roll

    Glupro - Hasta Cut - Box roll Latex : 4mm giga Internal Latex : no Wrist Strap :, double wrap stretch strap etc etc Wrist Entry : Bandage, Glove Body : Micromesh Finger Protection : Yes removeable, Price : 29.99 plus postage & packaging Where from : https://glupro.com/ First Impressions I like the simple design and embossing. Nice silver red and black features on a good soft latex backhand. I gave these gloves my normal 2 pre washes and the giga palm sprang to life. The fit feels great the box roll cut is lovely.. I am a big fan of the classic roll cut and this adds a little something. Use State how many times you have used them, on what surfaces and conditions, was it training or matches? How did you feel using them? Did they give confidence in wet and dry conditions? What was the shock absorption like? What was the feel like on the ball? What has durability been like? These have been my match day gloves for the majority of this season… I I play Saturday and Sunday… I have also worn them in at least 16 7 aside games on astro turf. And a few times to coach in. Ratings (out of 10) Looks - 8 for me.. a really nice looking glove, I as a designer am a fan of the glupro logo… the features are simple but create a great looking glove. Fit - 7 I do find there really isn't much difference between a 9 and a 10 in glupro although I'm a 10 in bigger brands.. I'm fine with a glupro 9 Build Quality - 8 Looks good stitching holding well, the backhand colours are beginning to fade due to washing… I'd expect that from a nice latex backhand anyway. Wet Grip - 8 Far far far better than I expected. I thought the palm may have been an aqua so double checked and its a giga… Something I personally normally wouldn't go for in the wet… But it's been fantastic. Dry grip - 8 Exceptionally good grip in the dry there are better contact latexs for dry weather that probably do wear better. With good technique. Durability - 8 The palm has worn brilliantly over time… the fingertips are starting to show signs of wear and I have buggerd the base of the palm recently with a few dodgy dives. But the grip is still 100% there. Overall score - 7.833 Conclusion Well u may be aware by now I like glupro gloves. This brand was my first dip into the independent market and Chris a glupro has not let me down since the day I bought my first pair very early on in the companies development. I wear them and so do a lot of keepers I coach… I just get a lovely feeling from there gloves I've said it before and will again a natural glove. You feel at one with it. And this Hasta Box Roll is no exception to that rule. It installs confidence in the things it should… No fancy punch zones… do u need one? I'm not convinced. A Proper decent grippy latex on the backhand and a really grippy palm in all conditions. The removable spines are flexible and suit the glove, if worn. I will be wearing them again and highly recommend these to all goalkeepers and coaches. Out of stock still available here in a 10 GluPro Hasta on ebay Pictures GluPro Hasta - giga box roll pictures - pics with top and Wear at base of palm most recent
  8. Oneglove Geo flux review - somehow still going always in the coaching box

    I was pretty damm excited about the release of these gloves... Also the liquid proof layering for water resistance.... That wasn't actually applied to this glove.. Ooooops totally my error, I thought it was on the whole range... Lesson learned do your reading.... Other lesson learned don't do your reading make a mistake and order a glove that's been a workhorse for sooooo long..
  9. FLine S Line Glove

    You really must mate, they are superb
  10. An introduction

    Great intro mate, good to see you posting here as well as on the facebook page
  11. Unique Patent Protected Goalkeeper Glove / Sean Murodch

    I do like your idea the innovation, personally I don't see it kicking off but as others have said I could be wrong. You obviously really have passion for the idea and to make it work... I have asked this question before. I think you need to protect the backhand (the other palm) can you do this.... Maby some clever removable backhand... That can next be attached to the goalkeepers second pair... I coach and technique as you know certainly is something young goalkeepers can struggle with... Damaging the backhand..
  12. An introduction

    I am still playing Saturday and Sunday 11 a side, at the ripe old age of 36. And coaching 8 young goalkeepers and 2 teenagers. I work hard at improving my coaching techniques by always keeping up to date. I am very proud of the development of my goalkeepers they are enjoying it as am I. Do you currently play for a club? Yes I am currently goalkeeper for 2 clubs And a Wednesday day 7 a side team Favourite/least favourite thing about being a goalkeeper? Favourite?? There's so many… example… I love 1 on one's… I Am a bit old school when it comes to technique in this situation but for me getting your timing perfect going in full pelt at a strikers feet with confidence hands 1st getting the ball and flattening the striker….. Very satisfying…. Least favorite…. Not being listened to…. (midfielders normally the culprits here) I've played with some great defences in my time… It's normally the lack of support… and moments of ahhh I'm I midfielder I will just stand here lol Something interesting…. Well here goes another person bahahaha yes I am going to start my own goalkeeper glove brand. I have had my head down designing and researching for about 5 years now… I have been a graphic designer/printer my whole working life … 20 years now I enjoy the creative side of what i do… But I am fed up creating…. Sometimes utter shit… Because that's what the customer wants…. The customer is always right…. Blablabla is the customer a designer no! I say there wrong lol. I want to do something for me. I am a goalkeeper, I have been so interested In the fantastic gloves being created in the independent market… I admire the work of GluPro, Seismic, Edge, dh1, F-Line, insanity, Oneglove… There are others… I Want to join the pot.. The pot of brands that care… Want to be creative and innovative and create beautiful affordable gloves…. Please do go and like Funkretch Goalkeeper Gloves Facebook page. This is just a page I set up a while ago where I've been posting pics etc… Go scroll down have a look… U May be interested u may not… You may learn something u may learn bugger all… Anyway that's me people… Glad to be part of the forum. Some pics of me in my England kit as a youngster lol http://s927.photobucket.com/user/funkretchdesign1/library/me%20in%20my%20prime
  13. FLine S Line Glove

    Lovely looking glove mate, need to give F-Line a go in the future.
  14. GluPro Neo Punch

    Cheers Fraser long live the forum lol
  15. Oneglove - Geo Flux Cut : negative Latex : 4mm Aquasoft Internal Latex : no Wrist Strap : MidSplit strap Wrist Entry :Bandage, Glove Body : micromesh I think whatever a nice material Finger Protection : Yes removeable, Price : £34.99 plus postage & packaging Where from : https://www.facebook.com/TheOneGloveCompany/ First Impressions Weather this needs a prewash or not I gave it my normal 2, the latex felt amazingly tacky. I think these gloves look nice… To be fair there not to my taste… But hearing about the embossed backhand on there new range 2 seasons ago really interested me. It's stitched onto the backhand beautifully. The fit is perfect I'm a 10 and with the fingersaves in or out they are nice and snug. All though one glove advise to go up a size with spines… I have tried them with spines and there fine. I have used these gloves so many times I can't remember. They are 2 seasons old at least and have been used to coach play at least 10 11 a side games… But also endless 7 a side games on astro.. A death surface for an aqua soft palm. In the wet and dry they are smashing. The shock absorbing is just right with a nice thick palm.. Durability well I'm baffled is all I can say… Yes I do look after my gloves but…. 2 seasons no way??? Well yes way…. and people I coach have used them and somehow don't ask me how they are still tacky and still going strong! Looks - 6 - Not to my taste but other colour ways do look smashing Fit 9.5 bang on! Build Quality - 8.5 Dry Grip - 7 Wet Grip - 9 Durability - 10 Surely I had to put 10 that's bloody ridiculous….. Or Is it…. Total score 8.333 Conclusion Fantastic natural feeling, snug negative cut glove, a very lightweight frame with an innovative backhand that supports the fingers well without finger saves, very clever stuff the embossing on the backhand. One Glove really do offer an amazing range of gloves and this is one of them. Can't wait to try there super flat? palm Pictures hope these work http://s927.photobucket.com/user/funkretchdesign1/library/oneglove%20Geo%20flux%20negative
  16. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Whew, long weekend on the soccer rollercoaster for Wyatt. Team played their first of 4 double header weekends that are the final stretch for the season. Saturday they faced off agaisnt Solar, minus their winger who got a 4 game suspension for violent conduct and sanctioned by the DA with the statement that another red card for violent conduct or abusive langauge and he would banned from the program. Says a lot when the nation youth soccer organization hits you with a threat like that. Anyways, on to the game, they have played Solar 2 times already with a loss and then a tie. This time Solar came in with 1 reserve and missing their best keeper, also they had lost two key players that had a knack for getting under the skin of our boys, so looked to be an interesting game in the making. The reserve keeper got the start and the coach set the team up to play high pressure. Reserve keeper didn't have to much to do (about which he complained mightly at the end of the game). He rounded up a few loose balls, couple back passes, and one or two workman like saves that were almost practice like in service. The opposing keeper for his part had a very differient experience. He seemed to have trouble holding onto the ball and made some bad life path decisions on a couple of saves that almost cost his team dearly, but the boys only managed to bag one on him going into the half up 1-0. Wyatt came in at the start of the second while the coach left the basic lines intact. For starters it was pretty much the same as the first half for Wyatt, collecting loose balls, back passes and general just being there for the team. The boys having figured out the Solar defense went on and netted 2 more goals to make it 3-0 fairly quickly. About 20 minutes in though the heat from the turf started to take it toll and the team got a little sloppy. Solar made their one sub, putting in a big fast winger and got some new life at the same time. Wyatt got a busy for a bit after that. He picked off a cross nicely in the air as the winger was charging in, then pawed a ball out the air and away on a corner. Then got a hand to onto a shot from a scrum in the box on a 1v1 in the area as the winger got around the right back. Then had a foot save on almost the exact play coming in from him left a few minutes later. Picked off another corner with a nice jump, and did the same with a shot over his head a little later. He ended things out by smothering a ball in the box and get a boot for his trouble as the opposing player tried a quick run to beat one of his centerbacks. The other team final lost steam and then pretty much folded up after it went 4-0 on a quick counter, and Wyatt saw it out to the 4-0 shutout. Sunday they played their second game of the weekend at home versus the Houston Dynamo, for the final game of that 4 game series which the Texans had lost 0-1, 1-4, and 2-6. Coach organized the team for more of a layered defense desgned to play high and try and keep things in the mid-field. Dynamo came into the game stinging from a 4-1 loss the day before to MLS rival club FC Dallas's U14 academy, so figured it was goign to be another hard game like last weekends. Wyatt got the start and spent alot of time moving around and commanding the back, but with nothing more then a backpass and some corners to deal with which all were away and didn't require anything from him. The Dynamo seemed to have trouble with the defense change and unlike their well controlled passing game of the weekend before, were trying to getting running long balls in which the defense easiely dealt with. Wyatt's first real work was coming out and getting bid while cutting the angle on one of those, forcing the shot wide. Then he had to collect a ball in the air from a cross into the box under pressure. Not soon after the Dynamo tried it again with out such a long run in and scored. Wyatt was set and moved to be ready to collect the header, but the kid slipped and the ball went just over the forward and got picked up by a rushing winger who got around the left back. The left back started to yell at Wyatt but the coach got onto the left back for not marking his man and getting caught ball watching. Things went back to just sort of sweeping in the back, doing some back passes and collecting loose balls. He did save a shot to his left with a nice diving catch and got big to force another one wide to go into halftime down 0-1. Second half he continued on with a nice collection in the air on a ball from a free kick. The boys scored pretty quick after that to make it 1-1. After that he didn't have much to do unti they got around the right back again. He came out and got big and forced the forward to pass the ball towards the center of the box where one of Wyatt's defenders was set up. The defender though was slow getting the yard or two to the ball before the attacking mid for the Dyanmo got to it, megging the defender and making 1-2. The coach made some subs a few minutes later, including putting in the reserve keeper. The reserve wasn't in that long before he had to deal with a shot across the face of goal. He dove and deflected it straight to the side, but right onto the head of a forward to make it 1-3. The boys kept up the pressure though and got one back to go 2-3 and started turning the tables back in their favor with some good pressure coming off a strong midfield defense. The Dynamo resorted to quick counters right up the center, one of which enventually got through to make it 2-4 and then 2-5. At that point, same as last game the team lost their fight and the Dynamo started in with all the dirty play that seemed unnecassry at that point. Luckily at that point the boys managed to keep their calm better and we were able to see the game out without any more suspensions. So pretty hard weekend of highs and lows for Wyatt. He was really mad at the end of the game Sunday because he felt like he could have been an impact in closing out the game and maybe getting a tie or even a win once the boys started to rally. Rest of the week was team practices and a foot skills session with a training group near his clubs home fields. Team practice wise they had one just team session that was mostly conditioning with some passing work. Then two open practices, first one only saw 8 new players trying out for the squad and the B team that will play in the ECNL league. Thursday was clsoure to 30 players, but most were there for the ECNL team. No new keepers trying out yet, but this week starts the time when players can freely move around for tryouts without club permission so expecting more to turn up. The two open practices were mainly scrimmages with Wyatt and the reserve keeper minding the nets. Second one, wyatt had the team of DA potentials and was impressed with how the mixed group moved the ball, managing to beat the starters from his team 2-0 with some effort on his part. Friday he did a couple hours of foots skills with the high school (u15+) group at the local training/indoor place. He enjoyed that, especially the 3v3 at the end where the team he picked was king of the court for a while before getting unseated. This week its more of the same, open practices, some footskills and keeper training before another double header. This time last games versus San Antonio FC who they have lost to twice and tied once, and a rematch against Solar to see who will walk away with the better record in that 4 game series.
  17. GluPro Neo Punch

    Another great review mate
  18. GluPro special edition gold

    Great review mate
  19. How I take Goal Kicks

    Thanks for posting, my kicking is one of the main things that has held me back from playing at a higher level, just can't seem to get it right. Planning on doing a LOT of practice before preseason starts to hopefully fix it!
  20. GluPro special edition gold

    Glove Make & Model : GluPro Special Edition Cut : ergo Latex : 4mm super contact Internal Latex : no Wrist Strap : double wrap stretch strap Wrist Entry : Bandage Glove Body : Micromesh. Finger Protection : Yes removeable, Price : £24.99 now available in the end of season sale for £14.99 Where from : https://glupro.com/ First Impressions Straight out of the pack remove film from the palm.. Dampen the palms a little and you're good to go… Again the backhand design is simple, but I really like the lines on the latex and the light embossing on the fingers in the centre of the backhand for the gold glupro logo. The palm looks fantastic in gold. Same colour as my teams kit. Use These gloves have been used in 4 11 a side games 20 coaching sessions and 5 hour games on astro. They have been used in both the wet and dry conditions. The natural feel of the glove and the exceptional grip of the super contact In the dry is amazing… What really surprised me was the contact palms performance in the wet I was expecting it not to be good… And they really were great. The glove absorbs powerful shots well and takes the sting away. The durability of this palm really is good its a much harder wearing palm and doesn't seem as soft. The backhand colours have began to fade due to washing. Ratings (out of 10) Looks 7-10 A nice looking glove Fit 7-10 I am normally a 10 in big brand gloves and always find a 9 or 10 in glupro fine with or without spines. Build Quality 8-10 This glove has been put together very well all the stitching is as it should be. Print placed correctly and accurate embossing. Dry Grip 9-10 Absolutely exceptional Wet Grip 7-10 This really did surprise me not something I was expecting Durability 9-10 The palm is extremely durable.. Do moisten and keep in the correct conditions to keep this palm in top condition. Overall marks 7.83 Conclusion Again a glove I love using. The ergo cut is a fantastic fit. The wrist strap is very supportive and the catching feel is great. Another great glove from glupro for coaching, training and games. Pictures http://s927.photobucket.com/user/funkretchdesign1/library/GluPro%20special%20edition%20gold%20super%20contact
  21. GluPro Neo Punch

    Glove Make & Model : GluPro Neo Punch - sample release 2018 Cut : Ergo Latex : e.g 4mm Super Aqua Internal Latex : no Wrist Strap : double lock latex embossed strap. Wrist Entry : bandage Glove Body : neoprene Finger Protection : yes removable Price : £25 delivered to your door Currently End of season sale! £14.99 Where from : https://glupro.com Out of the pack this palm always needs a good 2 pre washes to remove chemicals from the palm.. My experience with this latex is to do that and bring the glove to life… Your good to go.. I think this is a really nice looking glove. I am a fan of Glupros logo it looks really nice on the backhand. On this glove it's moved to one side and is printed onto the neoprene base in white along with a small piece of artwork printed in gold. It may not be to everyone's taste but I really like its simplicity. The ergo cut is fast becoming a favorite of mine. With the two middle fingers rolled only at the tips with mesh ventilation and the index and pinky fingers are rolled down the finger. This cut gives a snug claw like feel. UseT hese have been used in two 11 a side games on turf 10 coaching sessions on turf wet and dry and hard and 6 1 hour long 7 aside games on astro turf 3 on wet days. They do indeed install confidence within the goalkeeper. The shock absorption is great but not to much padding allowing a natural feel. They are fantastic in the wet which is a great thing we all hate a slippery ball and the palm will exceed other contact and giga palms even in the dry, if kept damp. The feel as I personally think with all glupro gloves is natural. Great gloves to coach in and for goalkeepers being coached. Looks 8-10 all though again not a complex design I do really like the look of this glove. The embossing is lovely and simple printed features I think are classy. Also its good to see a nice chunky latex wrist strap. Fit 7-10 I have to say I'm normally in most big brand gloves I am a 10… and I find with glupro even with the spines in a 9 is fine… i have a feeling that with this brand there's not much difference between a 9 and a 10. Build Quality 7-10 Really well made.. Backhand latex has had colour wear.. I'm always OK with this.. Its normally washing along with wear that creates this.. And on a softer nicer backhand latex (that's not a dumbo) that performs better and is grippier the colours do start to fade. You will see how many games I have played and I do wash after every game. Stitching is good and everything enforced well in its place.. I always seem to find what I call a wobble in most gloves stitching.. And there are couple here.. Where a line of stitching seems a bit off. But nothing to effect the strength and durability of the glove. Dry Grip 7-10I f kept slightly damp.. easily… there are obviously some exceptional dry weather contact, giga extra palms… so and 8 would be to high. Wet Grip 9 - 10A great wet weather palm - do wipe and squeeze your hands on a very muddy pitch.. If your gloves you and the ground are sodden this will always help. Dirt on any palm will effect grip. Durability 7-10 It's a supersoft aqua palm but with good technique a great wearing palm. Fingertips are showing expected catching wear.. And a few marks due to some palms on the ground… doing up shorts laces ect… it's a 4mm latex and even when it does wear maintains it's high level of grip. Overall 7.5 Conclusion I love these I have to say. I've used a lot of neoprene body gloves by big brands and always found them to feel flimsy and unprotective . This is where glupro have got it right the neoprene is thick and supportive. This glove has sustenance which I really like… Without the spines the embossed latex punch zone on the back of the fingers does provide that extra support on the backhand for your fingers on powerful shots.. It's been very well placed and again I like the embossing. The spines in all glupro gloves are one piece flexible spine with the tape across the back.. I know there are people that dislike these spines… But for someone who dislikes spines anyway I find these fit perfectly into the glove and remain very flexible and not rigid… Something again I like. I tend to use them every now and then now due to old finger injuries. To try and get to the point here the Super Aqua Latex that is being used by GluPro is exceptionally good. And the ergo cuts fantastic keepers I coach like the way this cut creates the claw like catching feeling.. Now I have found this latex to be extremely durable in the past on other glupro gloves… I had a pair that lasted 2 whole seasons and with a fantastic year of good technique they were excellent… Palm wear is all relative (I ripped a supersoft palm to bits with, a bad dive on a dry hard pitch just the other day lol) an aqua palm is normally going to be a soft one… And glupros is no exception to this rule. But washed after use properly and kept in the right condition these palms remain extremely tacky… Even with wear.. For the price exceptional value. Please do check my funkretch Goalkeeper glove Facebook for pictures and info on many gloves. https://www.facebook.com/Funkretchgoalkeeper/ See pictures of the Neo punch by clicking the link below. http://s927.photobucket.com/user/funkretchdesign1/library/GluPro Neo punch
  22. What got you into goalkeeping?

    Well done lad
  23. What got you into goalkeeping?

    Central Coast Mariners, playing for their Sydney based academy North Shore Mariners.
  24. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Youth soccer is like the weather in Texas, can change in a heart beat. This weekend Wyatt's team drove down to Houston for game 3 of 4 vs. the MLS Houston Dynamo U14 academy. Previous meeting for 0-1 and 1-4 (first game after coaching switch) losses. The Dynamo are currently the top team in the Divison and will continue to be so even if they lose the rest of their games this season. Things started off with a field change from a okay grass pitch, to artifical turf that had way to much rubber pellets and was probably close to 100 F in the sun. Wyatt got the start which surprised him (more on that later), and things got under way. The Dynamo possessed and moved the ball well, while Wyatt's team seemed to have forgotten how to play as a unit. He had a one and only one back pass near the start to releive presure on the mids, but then they turned it over on a foul pretty quickly for the first shot on goal. Free kick went over, but not soon after they had another shot that went over, then he had go in hard on two plays where the Dynamo came through his mids and back line like they weren't there. First one he went came out and charged into, deflecting it out off his knees when the shot was taken, second one he slid into and trapped. His defense for their part continued to give up free kicks around 20 yards or so out. Most went over or away, but one went far post and punched it out . All together he made 11 saves, including a few decent dives to hold the score to 0-3 at the half. First goal came off a low save that went off of wyatt then rolled across the face of goal and was touched in right under the nose of his defenders as 3 dynamo players rushed through the line while the defenders were ball watching. Second was a nice drive shot far post that they got when the left wing decided to play in the center and right forward spot leaving a big ole gap. Wyatt made an impressive leap to the side to get it, but couldn't get a glove to it. Last one Dynamo player came through 3 dfenders to shoot it in near post corner. Second half, the coach made some subs in the mids and defense, putting in his best back line and then two defensive mids. Things shaped up some at that point with the boys starting to play better and netting a point to go 1-3. Wyatt had one save to make, a forward dive off yet another free kick at the edge of the penalty area. He followed up with a nice punt to open space behind the other line, but no one opted to run onto it or even move towards it. Coach got mad because he didn't send it over to the stud forward who had been spending all games trying to foot skill/trick his way into turning over the ball alot. Also two time earlier when Wyatt had gone deep to him and had just stood and watched the ball go by. But wasn't what the coach wanted so he subbed in the reserve keeper for Wyatt. Reserve keeper was in for just over a minute before he got caught way out of position to make it 1-4. He colelcted a loose ball and punted it out to have it come back and get dribbled to make in 1-5. Then got caught bll watching on a corner kick header right past his face to go 1-6. He did make one save when he dove and pushed a low ball out from the corner. It was headed out anyways, but he made sure it went a little wider. The boys did get one more goal when they woke up and strung a good run of play together to make it 2-6. But by that point they had pretty much given up and the Dynamo really did care much a bout scoring more and just worked on running the clock out. Last minute of the game though, the boys had a really good start of a counter, but the winger with the ball didn't like something the other player did when he beat him and got into the open. So he lept backwards into him and started throwing punches to get a red. So overall definitely not the best game of soccer that his team has played. His mom and keeper trainer talked to him some on Sunday about the game, trying to look at it from outside of your personnel play, what could you have done better to help out the team in terms of things like communication, leadership, etc. so he has some stuff to mull over and think about working into his routine. Rest of the week was somewhat differient as well. Monday they had a regular team practice, worked on re-enforcing the good playing behaviors from the win over Lonestar. Lots of passing and moving the around, trying to focus on not going solo at the goal, but setting up two or three options and splitting the defense and pulling the keeper out. Wyatt liked that alot, because it forced him to have to rely on his foot speed and movement more then just regular striking and finishing drills. Tuesday the club started the process of tryouts for next years teams. They are forming two top teams in Wyatt's age group next year, the DA and another program called ECNL which for a long time has been the top league on the girl's side. Since the association rules limit who all can come out to tryout until next week, it was only boys from within the club and a couple of un-attached players from outside the club. # of them seem like they would be good fits for the team, with two being defenders that Wyatt says he worked well with during the practice. Thursday was wet, so we went indoors to train. Lot of focus on passing and the short game, some striking and finishing and then scrimmaging. The club keeper training is tied into the tryouts now so he floats around between the differient groups trying to work with them as he can. Wyatt did finally get back his private keeper sessions Sunday. They worked alot of coming out and closing the angles, also double saves. HE also was pretty excited about a couple of other things. Got his summer plans in order. He is going to the FC BArcelona Escola in Arizonia for 3 weeks of residency camp in July which has him really excited. We started workign with the folks in Brazil about getting him down their for a month or two next summer. And he got some new gloves. With all the rain we picked him up some Elite Aquas. He did the pre-wash and prep work Friday and ws playing around with them. Once he got them prepped he was amazed with how well they gripped. At one point he was holding a ball with oone hand, sort of like palming it, without gripping it and it would stick hanging on the glove for about 5 seconds. He is now itching for a wet game to try them out, although he is also considering playing with them really wet during a regular game.
  25. What got you into goalkeeping?

    Thats great, what club mate?
  26. Umbro elite latex

    It gets mixed reviews, I personally have found it a very good and solid latex in any conditions with very good durability
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