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  3. I've seen a really good futsal goalkeeper in one of the teams I've played against wearing under armor gloves that are used for American football. I've seen similar gloves at a sports store that are used for cycling or training and they're fingerless. I'm unsure if I should buy these gloves or not. Regular futsal gloves are too expensive and I've tried soccer gloves in futsal, but the ball just slips out of my hands and it doesn't have good grip and my throws aren't accurate with them. I don't want to get wrist injuries playing without gloves Does anyone else wear football gloves when playing futsal? Do they give you better grip and are they comfortable?
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  5. injury

    Well considering they can see the issue, and you can have a proper conversation, you're still going to find a lot more help from them than us. If your current Doctor/Physio doesn't listen, find a new one.
  6. injury

    be alright if they answered my questions tough ha
  7. injury

    I'd be asking your doctor/physio this question.
  8. injury

    has anyone broken the clavicle (collarbone) and had a plate put on it if so how was it till you could start training again?
  9. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Well, finally everything is wrapped up for the season and Wyatt is off to his 3 weeks of residency camp in AZ at the FC Barcelona DA academy there. He got a week off, then had two last open tryouts for his team. The coach has already signed Wyatt and the new reserve keeper, so they were there just to practice and help with the scrimmages and shooting drills as the coach sorted out the last few open spots on the roster. First night was mostly just scrimmaging. The keeper coach was there and spent some time working with the 4 age groups of keepers that were there, before turning them loose to their respective teams for scrimmaging. Second night Wyatt and the new guy wasrmed up and then did some passing drills with the team. As they were setting up to scrimmage a last minute tryout keeper showed up. He came from one of the local clubs where he had gotten cut. He had already tried out and been turned away from the other DA club in town, so called our director and arranged for a last minute tryout hopeing to push Wyatt or the other keeper out of a spot. Didn't work out so well for him, for starters he was about the same level as the new reserve. Second strike was that he was the keeper who got a 5 game suspsense for racial language against our team, so that really didn't endear him much to the boys and they went after him with lots of pressure forcing turnovers, goals, and got under his skin pretty quick. Coach called him over after about an hour and told him that he didn't have a spot for him and offered up our a spot on the next lowest team, but the kid copped an attitude, tore off his gloves, and stomped off the field complaining about things. Other then that he had a couple private keeper sessions, including one the Friday before he left for camp. He was wanting to make sure he was ready to go, so he spent his down time as well doing some conditioning and speed work. For the keeper session the coach ran them through refresher on the basics and worked a lot of double saves and aerial balls. Wyatt got into that a lot and was feeling pretty good, but nervous Sunday when him and his mom headed off to camp. He checked in yesterday afternoon and got his schedule and met his room mate, another u14 GK. From there after orientation they did assessment/evaluation to figure out how to break them into groups. Wyatt said he started off nervous and bobbled a few balls here and there, but the coach talked a second with him. Told him it was okay to be nervous and that is why they did the warmups and that nothing there was considered relevant to placement. With that he said he was calmer and went to work. At one point he came out on a ball, saw the striker slow up trying to set up a chip shot, and Wyatt dropped a yard which let him make a good leap and touch the ball over the bar for the save. The coach loved it, stopped practice for a second to discuss it, then turned Wyatt loose to keep showing his stuff. By the end he felt he had made a good showing for himself and was surprised to find himself placed in the top group with the U19s and some U17-U18 keepers. He was pretty stoked about it when he called and really looking forward to the sessions starting today. From there he wil have a week of the keeper program, then move into two weeks of regular camp. He will follow the field player schedule except for shooting and games, where he will glove up and play keeper.
  10. One glove GEO ARCWOLF

    I haven't played in goal for a while till the end of last season and always used reusch but as there was a sale thought i'd give these a go
  11. One glove GEO ARCWOLF

    Not used those specific ones but have used another model with the same latex, you wont be disappointed

    Cheers mate
  13. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Last game of the season U14 DA Game 31 vs Solar

    Done, sounds like a worthwhile cause. I hope more people jump on this

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  16. Anyone had these what are they like any good?
  17. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    And that is a wrap for the season with Wyatt's team finally getting their last re-scheduled game in for the season. With it being so late in the season they were missing 6 players who had either dropped from the team earlier or where on vacation. They added the 03 who usually plays down with them and the reserve keeper despite trying out for other teams showed for the last game as well. The Solar team they were facing off against was in a similar position, fielding 13 plus to 03s playing down. Wyatt got the start and in general didn't have much to do as a lot of the game was battled out in the mids. He did have a couple saves to make, mostly catching long shots on goal, but did make a nice 1v1 challenge and a foot save on a break through when the reserve centerback lost possession trying to be cool in the 18. He had some goal kicks as well, but focused alot on his distributions from saves. His team scored early in the first half to make it 1-0 going into the second half. Wyatt stayed in for a bit, only making a single collection on a corner with a punt, and then a goal kick. The punt led to a counter that netted a second goal to make it 2-0 before the reserve keeper came in with 25 minutes left to get his last time in goal with the team. The Solar supporters recognized the change really quick and got their players fired up and within 5 minutes of goign in, it was 2-2. The mids started to suffer from the hear on both sides and the game turned into a lot of back and forth as the defense cleared balls forward adn started counters. Finally with just a minute or two on the clock, Wyatt's team scored again to end it 3-2. Not a bad win, but should have been a clean sheet for the team. With that they finished 2nd overall in the divison. Rest of the week was pretty busy for Wyatt. Monday through Thursday he was doing keeper camp in the morning and afternoon with the private coach. The coach was running a camp for the girls club he coaches at, but invited some others to join in. Usually a few boys would show in the morning, but the afternoon sessions were typically Wyatt and a whole lot of girls. Evenings he had 2 team practices, both of which featured players who they are looking at for spots, including both the keepers they are looking at to replace the current reserve keeper. They also had 2 open practicse to attend, but the first one was optional so Wyatt went to a ID camp for some German scouts, more on that in a little bit. For the team practices the coach would have Wyatt run the potentials through warmup and drills, then split them out for scrimmages. After the first practice he asked Wyatt what he thought about both keepers. Wyatt was pretty thoughtful with his answeres, giving pros and cons for both, but leaned towards the smaller of the two who was physcially more mature since his skills were better at this point, but he did say that he didn't think the kid would improve much more past this level. Second practice the coach seemed to make up his mind and only the more physically mature keeper showed up. Coach told Wyatt since the kid would be the reserve and maybe not get much time, he wanted him to be in a better position to hit the ground running, but due to the fact that he was probably as tall as he was going to get he didn't think he would last more then a year or two with the team. All the boys continuing on got their contracts Wednesday and atleast two new boys as well on Thursday (the keeper and a centerback). Still have a few open spots left, which the coach looks to be filling with a couple of forwards or mids to round on the team some what. Should be interesting to see who gets chosen when we have our last round of Open tryouts in a couple of weeks. Wyatt skipped the option practice to hit the German ID camp. Was a little scattered on how it was run by the hosting club and Wyatt got lumped in with a mixed bag of u14s. They started off with some 2v1 and 3v2 shooting and passing drills which Wyatt wasn't too into. He was a little tired and frustrated by the organization and the folks he got saddled with as defenders. After four rounds of that he worked with a u16 keeper from germany and the goal keeper trainer at the camp. Wyatt enjoyed that and alot of the drills were centered around seeing how fit and conditioned the players were. Wyatt despite already doing training twice that day and 4 rounds of shooting drills, dug and got his second wind. He pretty much out worked the other keeper and the trainer mentioned that he was fitter then all the other ones who had already been through that station. After that they broke up into teams for scrimmages on full size goals, 60 yard long fields. Wyatt got some of the same players as earlier, so he spent a lot of time talking to his players between plays and keepign them organized. He faced off against the host clubs best keeper, with Wyatt's side winning 12 -2. Wyatt got scored on twice, once on a PK and then off a really nice volley on a floating cross just outside the 18. Afterwards the scout came over and talekd with him. Told him he got high marks in everything accept foot speed, and even was the best in several areas. He said the only issue they saw was he was a litte slow on his feet in the shooting drills, but said if he could fix that and come back next year they would probably take him over to Germany to train with some clubs. So not totally bad, and he has something to push him on through the year. Outside of that he also did two regular private lessons, Friday and Sunday with the keeper trainer. For those they worked a lot on double saves, recover from the first and speed to the second. Coach also through in the standard mix of basic skills work and conditioning. Wyatt also talked with him about the ID camp, so the trainer worked in some foot speed segments into the drills as well. So now he is in a holding pattern for a couple of weeks before heading off to the FC Barcelona Academy for most of July. Before then though he has a few team practices and some keeper and footskills classes, but mostly he is getting to take a breather and recharge his batteries after the long season he just finished. Next year there are fewer games, but more travel with several overnights and a couple flights he will get to make. I think he is looking forward to that and has already begun negotiating with his mother and I about letting him do those solo.
  18. Transfer News

    Ridiculous asking price, if Liverpool follow through with this, they need to fire the whole financial department.
  19. Liverpool new goalkeeper search moves to Lazio keeper Thomas Strakosha Liverpool have been told Thomas Strakosha will cost £35million, according to reports in Italy. The Reds have had to rethink their goalkeeping targets this summer after baulking at Roma’s asking price for Alisson. Liverpool had been hoping to seal a deal for Alisson, but the Brazil No.1 now seems set to join Real Madrid instead. Jurgen Klopp has now moved on to other targets and Lazio stopper Strakosha has shot to the top of the list. Sport Italia claim Liverpool have made contract with Lazio and their interest in the Albanian is serious. Lazio has responded to Liverpool enquiry, and are demanding £35m. The Italians hope such an asking price will scare Liverpool off as they do not want to sell Strakosha. However, if Liverpool were to return with an offer of £35m or higher, Lazio would be forced to accept. https://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/media-watch/304878-liverpool-make-contact-with-new-goalkeeper-target
  20. Feet pre shot

    That's the key to it I feel, just repetitive practice and forcing your body to commit it to muscle memory, so eventually you don't have to think about it.
  21. Feet pre shot

    I found when this was happening to me it was because of a lack of confidence that caused me to start leaning back when a shot was about to be taken. That put my weight on my heels at the last second rather than on the balls of my feet. Strangely what solved that problem for me was working on a 2000 touch workout that's more for field players. Those workouts force you to keep up on your toes for an extended time and once I got that reprogrammed in my head it fell into place in goal as well.
  22. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/real-madrid-transfer-de-gea-14777532.amp De Gea being linked to Madrid for €100 million 😳
  23. Salah swap deal? Liverpool star Mohamed Salah could be heading to Barcelona in a stunning swap deal involving Jasper Cillessen, it’s claimed in Spain. Salah, 25, has been heavily linked with a move to La Liga in recent months. And according to Spanish news outlet Don Balon, Barca are willing to offer a mammoth swap deal to land Salah this summer. They say Nou Camp transfer chiefs are willing to offer £88m (€100m) AND Barca goalkeeper Cillessen. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.express.co.uk/sport/football/973492/Liverpool-transfer-news-LIVE-Salah-Real-Madrid-Fekir-Alisson-bid-rumours-gossip-news/amp
  24. KA Teknik Negs

    KA Teknik Negs Glove Make & Model : KA Teknik Negative Cut Cut : Negative Cut with Wrap Over Thumb Latex : 4mm Teknik Latex Palm Internal Latex : No Wrist Strap : Latex with window for personalisation Wrist Entry : Elasticated Bandage Glove Body : Micromesh with 3mm supersoft latex backhand Finger Protection : None Price : from £32 plus postage & packaging depending on size Where from : https://www.kagoalkeeping.co.uk/ka-goalkeeper-gloves-c1/teknik-neg-goalkeeper-gloves-p59 Description from KA site The Teknik Neg is an elite level Negative Cut Goalkeeper Glove. Featuring a newly developed 4mm Teknik latex palm this model creates exceptional grip, catching security, and shock absorption. The Teknik Latex is so tacky it is sealed under a protective film, once removed this leaves a really adhesive catching surface from the first use. The backhand of this model is a 3mm supersoft latex creating a really comfortable fit and feel, with an ergonomically designed PunchZone aiding traction and direction when punching. The Teknik Neg is a Negative Cut glove, which means the palm latex is internally stitched creating a tighter, more streamlined fit. If you need more information on different glove cuts, please Click Here to view our Glove Cut Guide. The thumb of the Teknik Neg wraps over from palm to backhand creating more latex to ball contact, enhancing catching security. The elasticated wrist bandage of the Teknik Neg ensures perfect closure, fit and comfort. As with all our gloves the Teknik Neg can be personalized just like the pros with your Name, Nickname or Initials. First Impressions Every range from KA has been an improvement on the last and since joining forces with Kaliaaer you can really see a difference again and certain aspects of design being incorporated into the KA lines, in my opinion these are a really striking glove, quite minimalist but with a hint of colour in the right places. These feel extremely comfortable on the hand, they are well made with quality materials. Size wise I went up a full size in these as I had found previous negs from KA just to be a little snug for me but I know others who have stayed with their normal size and find them comfortable, just depends how you like your gloves to fit. Out the bag when the film had been peeled off they felt good to go. Use I have been using these for about 5/6 weeks now at least twice a week mainly on astro in small sided games but they have had a couple of outings on grass in 11’s as well. They have been used in both wet and dry conditions with no real noticeable difference in performance when wet. They are a very confidence inspiring glove that give great shock absorption without sacrificing the feel for the ball. The durability has blown me away on these, as I say these have been mainly used on Astro and they are still in superb condition, I have been using another brand of gloves along side these for a few weeks, maybe 3 and youd think they were the ones that I had used for longer when compared with these. I really cannot fault these at all and as a few folk that I have recommended this latex too will know why I swear by these. Ratings (out of 10) Looks 9 Fit 8(just due to me going up a size) Build Quality 9 Dry Grip 9 Wet Grip 8 Durability 9 Overall 8.67 Conclusion I really do swear by KA, the way Kenny and Greg go about their business has to be applauded, they strive to put out the best product for extreme value for money, these are a top top glove and I have no hesitation on recommending them Pictures Link to my photobucket album of how these look now http://s194.photobucket.com/user/superstar_tradesmanp100/library/KA Teknik Negs
  25. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    No games this week, but the never ecning march of tryouts continued sporadically thanks to the weather. Wyatt had three team practices and one tryout open practice. The two potential reserve keepers/new keepers were at the Team practice and seem to be working to determine who will get the spot that is being vacated by the current reserve. The current reserve has let the coach know that he is trying out for a lower divison team in the club so he can devote more time to band in highschool as a freshman next year, so the coach and selection group are giving the two potential keepers a harder look. For the practices things have been pretty much mostly scrimmages and a little passing or striking and finishing work. Wyatt typically will lead the keeper warmup unless the older keepers are there like they were Sunday, but in that cases him and the starter for the 03 squad will work with Wyatt to lead the warmups. One practice this week was closed to new players as the team worked on condtioning and agility. In the shooting and striking drills department, Wyatt continues to demonstrate a higher level of understanding that being in the net is more then standing on the line and deflecting balls. One of the two new keepers has picked up on that and trying to do a better job of positioning and playing off his line, but both of them clearly haven't had to do that or been trainined that way. In the scrimmages, its the same story as well. Both hug the line alot. One will leave the 6 yard box and move up some with the back line, but tends to root and then scramble to make a save that he should have been positioning for. Wyatt feels pretty confident about himself, but also is a little worried because both the others are about 6-7 months older then him. One is taller while the other is physically more mature as well, so Wyatt is concerned that in the american mindset of bigger is better, that they will both get picked because of that. But he still goes out and plays his best and typically walks away as the best keeper at the end of the sessions. Outside of the team sessions, he had his skills class on Monday, and then did 4 days of keeper training in the mornings for the rest of the week. The keeper camp was with his regular private trainer and was a tuned up and prep program design to get the keepers ready for tryouts. Most his friends from there already have signed with teams for the upcoming year, but thanks to the rules of the DA Wyatt's are still dragging out. Coach told the boys they will probably be skipping the open practices this week and focusing on regular team practices to get ready for their last game Saturday. Between boys going on vacation, ones who have already dropped and moved on, and injuries, Wyatt's team will be running a little light on players. So far though the core of the starters appear to be available so the game should be good.
  26. OneGlove GEO Typhoon Review Glove Make & Model : GEO Typhoon Goalkeeper Gloves Cut : Negative Latex : 4mm Black Contact Internal Latex : No Wrist Strap : Latex with an elastic mid split infused section with window for personalization Wrist Entry : Bandage Glove Body : Neoprene Finger Protection : Removeable with lifetime warranty on the spines Price : £37.99 plus postage & packaging Where from : https://www.theoneglove.com/goalkeeper-gloves-c3/geo-typhoon-goalkeeper-gloves-p146 Description from Oneglove Features 4mm black pro Contact latex Pre-curved Negative Cut MidSplit® strap Removable finger save spines with velcro easy-access Incredibly comfortable neoprene lining Stunning 3D embossed backhand Double-wrapped thumb Lifetime finger-spine warranty - your spines replaced for free Aqua green fade colour way Description Inspired by the best-selling GEO Tempest, the GEO Typhoon updates the pro proven design and spec with a new aqua/green colour-way with slick black detailing. Our Contact latex ensures pro grade all-weather grip, while our unique MidSplit® strap and neoprene lining deliver the most optimal level of comfort on hand - an absolute must for any goalkeeper. The Typhoon utilises a negative cut palm which is a snug fitting style suited for those who like a more "true" feel of the ball, additionally this model comes with removable finger save spines accessible through a quick-release hidden pouch. Not a finger save fan? A few seconds and they're gone. First Impressions Another stunner from the current Oneglove range, it has to be one of my favourite glove designs on the market at the moment. This colourway works so well. They are a true to size glove without the spines in, with them in they are snug but not so snug I’d say to go up a size like you have to with some FP gloves. The black contact latex on these was good to go after just peeling the protective film off Use I have used these over a period of 6 or 7 weeks now 2 or 3 times a week, they have been used on dry astro, wet astro, muddy grass in matches & training. Using these I felt very confident even in the worst of weather/ conditions which once again for me debunks the myth that contact is poor in the wet. This in my opinion is the best coloured contact I have used. There is not a huge difference in the performance of the glove from dry to wet although they do need to be kept moist in the dry to get the best out them, it’s quite a thirsty latex which dries quickly so keep damping them during use. The 4mm foam gives the perfect balance shock absorption and feel on the ball. Durabilty has been out of this world compared to some other gloves I am using at the moment, Just your typical finger tip wear you get with negs and a few nicks and grazes caused but the good old astro and rubbish Scottish pitches. I can’t comment on the finger protection as I never use spines, just can’t get on with them at all. All in all a very comfortable glove that has been great to wear. Ratings (out of 10) Looks = 8.5 Fit - 8 Build Quality - 9 Dry Grip - 9 Wet Grip - 8 Durability – 9 Overall - 8.58 Conclusion Once again a true elite level glove for a bargain price, anyone still to try oneglove this would be a perfect glove to start with Pictures http://s194.photobucket.com/user/superstar_tradesmanp100/library/Oneglove Geo Typhoon
  27. Wyatt's 2017-2018 Season

    Always forget how hot and humid it is South Texas this time of the year. It made Wyatt's double header weekend a real chore for him and the team as they played the Houston Texans twice. Heat was bad enough, but there was also a girls ECNL showcase going on, so the boys got pushed back into a corner field that appears to have been used mostly for storage of goals and practice. Featured a larde sand pit/area right in the middle of one half, and the groudn was bone dry adn dusty making it hard to get traction at times. Game 1 the reserve got the start. Wyatt got him warmed up and ready to go. He came out pretty strong and made two really good saves and handled a backpass fairly nice, but then after botching a save and almost missing the follow-up save he turtled up and lost confidence and started playing very close to his line. At that point the defense dropped back and after scoring an early goal, starting playing super protective which limited his option for dealing with plays and resulted in lots of corners and free-kicks. A corner off a bad clearance by the right back so them score on a header that the keeper didn't come out and challenge, to make it 1-1, but the team scored right before the half to make it 2-1. Wyatt came in the second half and was a little slow coming up to speed after enjoying the sauna like sideline conditions. He got on track though and got the boys pushing forward and the defense playing higher. That opened him up more to sweep a few balls as well as handle some back passes. The heat though took its toll and as things went on he had more work to do. After handling some through balls into the box and a couple of 1v1s (one with a foot save and smothering the other), he had came out on another ball getting big and freaked out the shooter so he over touched the ball right out of bounds for a goalkick. The other team changed tactics and tried getting long shots in high, but Wyatt handled those pretty easiely. Their best chance came off a turnover right at the corner of the 18 to Wyatt's left. He reacted just quicke enough to get a finger or two on it and deflcted it into the right hand post and then back into the scrum in front of him. Then got his fingers to the followup shot as he was recovering from the ground to push it up into the cross bar and out to be cleared by the center back. The boys rallied back after that and got things moving again to see out the game to a 4-1 finish. Wyatt's coach commented on his slow start, but said he got his act together and did a good job overall. Liked his distributions and communication during the game. Game 2 was the next day and moved back to their regular field,which had better shade for the boys and the parent's on the sidelines. The reffing crew did the game before with the 05 teams and it got way out of hand, so we were expecting it to be pretty rough, but a new center ref showed up and he seemed to calm things down some during the game which was good with both teams tired and hot. Wyatt got the start and was much more awake and ready to go then the day before. The other team though had rested up and saved some starters for the second game, so they immediately took control of things nad got an early goal off a sloppy play between his defensive mid and centerback. They tracked back with a player trying to shepard a ball from too far out, then gave a weak touch to Wyatt that left him in no man's land aways from the ball. The forward for the other team saw the bad touch and cut between then to take a quick 1v1 agains Wyatt to make it 0-1. Wyatt lit into the defense and got them organized and pressuring better. He came up with a few good saves, as well as a several nce distributions from back passes that opened the field up and started some counters to make it 2-1 by the half. Par for the course he got about half of the second half in, but conceded when an unmarked player on his back post touched in a low shot he defelcted right in front of a ball watching left back. Coach got onto the defender since he had been making that type of error all game and replaced him. Wyatt had a couple more saves, and one almost howler. He came out to collect a corner kick and got his hands all wrong deflectign the ball into his face and then out of the box to his defense to clear. Looked very akward and painful, but he he stayed in until the usual 20 minutes to end sub of the reserve keeper with the score 4-2. The other teams coach figured the switch was an oppurtunity for them to make up some goals and had his team go all out on counters and long balls. The reserve keeper had his hands full, and was doing good until he bobbled a goal kick. At that point he turtled up again and got beat by a another set piece goal to make it 4-3. He didn't come out of it, but the defense and mids shored things up and got them through to the end for the win. WEek in review wise, the schedule was a mix of team and Open Tryout practices. Tuesday they had a team practice combined with the 05 DA team that was run by the older DA players who receive scholarships. Each of the boys had to plan out and run a portion of the practice, focusing on skills or tactics. One of the players was a keeper, so he ran a couple of save then distribute drills as well as working on dead ball kicks. They followed it up with some striking and finishing 3vs the keeper drills which are always a beating. The drill called for the keepers to hold their line, so was a real shelling for them at times. Wyatt and one of the defenders stuck around for the open tryout practice to get some more touches. They pretty much scrimmaged with Wyatt in one goal with a keeper backing him up that they are looking at for one of the lower teams, and all the other keepers rotating through the other goal. No new keepers showed up so I just kicked back and watch Wyatt frustrate a lot of field players trying to make a good impression on the selection coaches. He then stayed and worked a goal until a second keeper showed up for the 02 open tryout. He only had one save to make, but did a lot of sweeping and back passssing. Team practiced again on Wednesday, but his mom took him and then had to hustle over to his sister's softball game. A dad we re friends with on the team though said it was a standard practice with some skills, then shooting drills and scrimmaging at the end. Had a few players of interest show up including the tall keeper from FCD that the coach seemed to take a liking to last week. He apparently didn't fair to well in the shootign drills. Wyatt said he did move well or react to the shots most the time until they were in the net. The reserve keep hurt his wrist on a save and left early, so Wyatt the FCD keeper each had a net for the practice. Wyatt went with out letting anything in and played such a high line, that the ball barely got over the mid line for most the scrimmage. Other keeper made a couple saves, got beat once, but mostly was taken care of by his defense clearing things out in close for him. Thursday was just an open practice. They only had one field to work with so they split the boys into 5 squads and roated through. Wyatt had a goal to himself again with the little keeper waiting in the wings to give him breaks. Other goal had 5 keepers rotating through it. One new keeper showed up, from a smaller club. He was comfortable with the ball at his feet and seemed to talk well, but never made a save (no real shots on him). He did clear one through ball out, way out to the side and neighboring dog kennels. The coach seemed interested in him enough that he had him work in Wyatt's goal a bit with the starters when Wyatt was taking a break. Have to see if he shows up some more over the next couple of weeks. Didn't see him use his hands at all, but some of the parents know him and say he okay, but basically just a center back that plays keeper. So no game for two weeks, so looks like they will just be doing tryouts and maybe a team practice or two. Wyatt did take advantage of the free night last night to go work with the skills group at the local indoor place. He also is working 3-4 hours each morning for the rest of the week with his keeper trainer.
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