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  2. Thames Ditton are a funny team. They have lost all 4 games this season, 3 in the League and 1 in the League Cup, but they score goals. Off the top of my head they have lost 6-2, 7-3, 6-3 and 5-3 so despite them being bottom of the league we certainly shouldn't take that for granted this weekend.
  3. Excellent game and a shutout, nice!
  4. Wyatt's 2019-2020 Season

    I think it is reaching a little bit as well, but I think they want to set a goal that forces him to try. I wouldn't put it past Wyatt though to really try for it, his skills trainer here in town that he works with would spend half the sessions doing everything as a lefty, so mentally he thinks he can do it.
  5. Wyatt's 2019-2020 Season

    100% with his wrong foot. Sorry but not even most professional keepers can kick that well with their wrong foot so bit of a weird one to pull a kid up on if you ask me.
  6. Wyatt's 2019-2020 Season

    Well, got the boy back out to Barca and he seems to be functioning well this morning. To weeks back he returned to play and practice. They cleared him for light keeper training, Wednesday, although him and a couple team mates rain their own training session Tuesday night. Wednesday night keeper training was light in the extent that the coach was just told to keep him from flying as much as usual. For practice with his team Wednesday and Thursday he wasn't in the net but played defensive mid and left winger. Friday we got him back home for the evening. He was hyped up and went to try and catch a session with his local keeper coach, but he was out of town for a showcase with club teams in Colorado. Wyatt got into Germany Sunday and met three other players who were their from Greece for trials, 2 keepers and a forward. They went out to the local club field and trained some on their own Sunday. Monday they started the week with a training session with the keeper trainer from the scouting group he was their with. That evening he was at Elversburg, a club he had trialed with last time. He said it went pretty well with the only thing that they wanted to see him work on was his positioning. He consistently sets a little to the right more then he should. Tuesday was another trainer session, then he went to Waldhof Mannheim. There he started working with the keeper training group, then moved on to practice with the U17s. He said at first everyone was sort of standoffish, but then he pulled out a flying upper 90 save and the boys let out a big cheer and warmed up to him after that. Wednesday he revisited Pirmesans which he trialed with last time as well. Said it went pretty good, said he played well with the ball at his feet, managing to "turn" a forward twice to establish some street cred with the field players. Thursday was another morning training session and then another new club, Kickers Offenbach. There they spent the whole evening just working with the keeper coach while the scouts watched. Wyatt said other then a little issue with language, he did really well. Friday he had he review training session and evaluation meeting. Since we don't have access to European passports alot of the trials are more about getting him used to the German system, training methodologies, and some initial exposure with the clubs. The two biggest things he came away with to work with was his positioning, he sets to his right a little, not a lot, but it was something that they felt like he could improve. Also his left foot (hist off foot) said he about 80% with it, and they want to see it at 100%. Interesting thing was in the reviews is that for those two things they ranked him well above the German keepers he was playing with, but said he had shown such improvement with it since last time, they figured he could improve more and that would make him stand out even more. Overall he got really good reviews, and 2 of he clubs made it clear they expected the scouting group to bring him around next time he was in the area. The clubs said he was good enough to be the started for there U17s, U18s, and possibly their U19s. The scouts also talked with him some about his development path. Since he turns 18 the summer before his senior year of highschool, they are starting to talk some about him maybe signing with a U19 program and doing his senior year in Germany and going from there. So over all not a bad trip for him. He also got the VIP treatment on the way home. Since he has to fly as an unattended minor he got boarded early and got to wander around with the flight crew while they prepped the play for the flight. Even got to spend some time talking with former Dallas Mavericks NBA star Dirk Navinski. Down side is while he was gone his team had a sort of mixed bag of games. The weekend he left they had three tournament games. Won 2, lost 1, but the loss kept them out of the finals. The day he flew back they also lost their first time in league play. Temporarily moves them down to 2nd in group, but they have 2 games in hand and should be back on top after the double header weekend they have coming up. So he has his work cut out for him, but shouldn't be to hard getting back up to speed with his team.
  7. Surrey Junior Cup 1st Round action today, against Hersham FC who had a decent start (6 points from 9) in Division 5, so a league above us. Not the easiest place to find to be honest, but eventually our team turned up, and on a sunny yet slightly chilly morning in the Surrey countryside we put in arguably one of the best performances since I joined this team. We started off a little slow but picked off their through balls, and defended resolutely. A shot from the edge of the area had me sprawling to my left, clipping the outside of the post. Then a corner which left their striker unmarked 7 yards out with a decent header I got a good hand to then gathered the loose ball. After that we grew into the game, but missed countless chances, finally getting the break through just before half time. Second half again was mainly sweeping up, my first save coming after I came out for a ball down our left channel I thought I could get to, but having got there realised trying to get the ball back into my area was a no go, so I took it down the line then tried to hit a wonder pass down the line only to pass it straight to an opposition player. Having got back into my area their striker hit a tame effort which I dived to my left and gathered. After more missed chances we finally made it 0-2 with about ten minutes to go. The opposition had a couple of half chances but we held firm for a first clean sheet of the season, coming a lot sooner than the one I got in the whole of the 2018/19 season. A good solid win and team performance for us, and into the next round of the Cup. Next week we face bottom of the table Thames Ditton back in League action having lost twice to them (1-4 and 6-0) last season. Kit: All Purple Nike Goalkeeper Kit. Boots: Black Adidas Predator 18.1 SG's. Gloves: Reusch Prisma Pro G3 Duo Black Hole.
  8. FLine S Line Glove

    Probably doesn't help Reusch have reintroduced the Arrow gloves over the last year.
  9. FLine S Line Glove

    Quickly Bumping this. I purchased a pair of the Fline Euro Classic version of this glove a few months ago. Only to echo what is said above, what a glove this is! I've used them in around 10-13 games on 4G turf and they are still holding up well! Offer good padding, a very solid grip and IMO look class! I'd like to mention just how dam good the wrist straps are on these! A simple all latex wrist strap (Think Ben Fosters SMU Sells gloves) that just works so well. I'm not sure why brands are trying to 'revolutionize' the wrist entry and strap on gloves nowdays. The simple latex strap still works the best IMO. Shame Fline wont ever be producing any more of the above. I think Reusch have been in touch and own some trademarks to the style. Fline also have a massive reduction on their "Arrow" range. Again, Reusch must own trademarks on this style.
  10. Had a training session with Andy my keeper coach on Wednesday. It still amazes me how shocking my fitness is, so I have taken his advice and joined a gym. 🤣 Done some core and resistance work and when I next go in a few weeks to see him he wants to do a "Right side workshop", because I am so much weaker at diving / saving on my Right which has always been the case. 🤦‍♂️ Looking forward to Sunday's game, in the Surrey Cup although typically we are Away and it is bloody miles against Hersham FC who are in the Division above us. I fancy our chances and we have a full squad almost to select from so we should give them a decent game, I just hope we don't start how we did last week. We need to start playing to our ability from the off for once as we have been slow starters in every game so far this season. The oppo play in Yellow so we will be in our Red Away kit, and thus I shall be lining up in Purple once again this week.
  11. It's all of course in the name though. Same reason why a tshirt from Gucci probably cost £300 yet one made exactly the same and to the same quality in Primark is £8. 😅
  12. Jim Buckley (Bucks) Season 2019/20

    I totally agree with the above post. So frustrating to find a glove that fits well and works great, only for the to stop making it and introduce "Revolutionary New Technology" which makes the gloves worse haha The price of the large brands are disgusting though, Reusch, Sells and Uhlsport are now charging way over 100GBP for a decent pair of gloves. Whilst I would say the build and quality of Reusch and Uhlsport is decent (Sells are really badly made and fall apart quickly) its certainly not worth the huge increase in price over say Fline, the one glove and KA.
  13. Jim Buckley (Bucks) Season 2019/20

    Finding a good fit can be frustrating, especially these days and the majority of us will buy gloves online. Back in the 'good old days' I could go to a sports shop and try the gloves on before I bought them. The price of gloves today is just absorbed, forget all the stuff about how they spend money in R&D etc etc. If 'template glove' brands can produce a glove that has grip for under £20 Im sure the bigger brands could too.....if they wanted. I remember buying match gloves, 20 years ago, yes I know to you youngster that will seem like a looooong time. But I use to buy match gloves Sondico(before they were just a name licensed by Sports direct on cheap gloves) for £11.99 and the king of gloves...reusch for £15!!! I remember becoming aware of negative and roll finger cut in 2004. That's when I moved away from flat palm. Negative cuts do nothing for me either, but I do like a roll finger. But here's the thing, I loved the Puma Icana gloves in a roll finger. Match gloves for £35 (end of the season they were £20 a pair, I think that was just keepers I purchased them from) They were a size 8.5, fitted perfectly. two years later and a Puma 8.5 is miles too big for me. I drop down to an 8 or 7.5 in the glove. But I still had a pair of Icana and they still fitted fine, so there must have been a shift in sizing. But I find a pair of gloves I like, for example, I had some DH-One gloves with a yellow finger, cant recall the model. Loved them, they were brilliant. Then at the end of the season they stop making them and bring out a new glove. I buy them but was slightly too big. I moved onto COM (Chasing our masters gloves) fitted brilliant, liked the grip etc. They stopped selling on ebay and there website wasn't updated, so they was gone. Then I had some F0Line gloves last year, liked the fit so bought a couple of pairs. End of last season they appear to become end of the line. Obviously a new glove means a new price, but its a shame that the gloves are discontinued each season and the design changed, especially if there's nothing wrong with them.
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  15. I just wanted to make the point that I'm not scared of getting hit by another player, I seem to have become scared of coming for the ball and missing it. 😅
  16. I know the bigger brands are a bit notorious on various keeper sites, mainly gloves but I do love Nike kits lately. Used to always be Adidas but they all seem a bit gamey, Nike have really impressed me with their kits last season and this. I've tried all sorts of gloves as you can probably tell. But for some reason I find it hard to find a really good fitting roll finger these days. Usually they tend to be too baggy like the Sells ones I used last season or too tight. And I have never particularly rated negative cut gloves, I've never really seen what all the fuss is about, but flat palms, I love the way they fit, the feel they give me on the ball and I feel like they give a better catching area than a negative. I avoided Reusch for years because of their prices, but I have picked up a few for sale pairs (which are still probably top end prices of some other brands), but the build quality, and grip / durability on Reusch really impresses me. Also on the Reusch I have always been a fan since the first pair in 1999 of their gloves with the Duo latex.
  17. To be fair the Leatherhead League is quite impressive. When I joined a team in the Morden & District leagues in 2009/10 there was a Premier Division and then down to Division 9 so ten leagues in total. Last season there was 2 divisions and now the Morden & District has folded with a lot of teams moving over to the Leatherhead & District Leagues. Also never seem to get a lot of trouble if any at all. The Morden Leagues were notorious for punch ups. I think you are right about me, in that I massively over analyse myself, I think mainly because I know how good I can be, so when I do let a soft one in I go massively hard on myself. I actually really enjoyed Sunday, I felt more relaxed and that allowed me to try and be a bit more aggressive in how I played. I used to play a lot like that when I was younger, my Dad and some of the other Dads used to call me a sweeper keeper years and years before the likes of Manuel Neuer started doing it, but when I fucked my ankle up at 18, I've never been that aggressive, and probably hold back a bit since. Also I had a couple of times I slid out for the ball and missed it or gathered and then fumbled the ball and it has really put a doubt in my mind about coming out for through balls.
  18. Jim Buckley (Bucks) Season 2019/20

    Your kit....................Nike..............(an old joke on here) Gloves: Reusch Prisma Pro G3 Duo Black Hole. Didnt know flat palms were still a thing? I use to like wearing reusch, but switched to brands on here which were cheaper. Such as Bramic DH-One and F-Line (Which I still purchase) Nice boots though
  19. Jim Buckley (Bucks) Season 2019/20

    Never knock the standard your playing at, the main thing is your playing! Now I had a look at the leatherhead league, and i have to applaud. To see a Sunday league running still with TEN divisions is impressive!! Maybe you are over thinking your game and performance? Dont be too hard on yourself either. Try to enjoy your football, then after th egame just think where you could improve on things, dont beat yourself up. Perhaps they scored a goal and you got a hand to it, if you got your hand to it then maybe in future you could save it. Little things like that, make sure your fully warmed up before a game as well. stretch etc, get a feel for the ball and the grip of your gloves. check out the goalmouth...especially if an away game.
  20. Two all draw today against a very youthful Ewell Corinthians team. I would say actually the result was probably fair on the run of play, but it took a late equaliser from us to get a valuable and well earned point, and we almost stole it at the death, but it was cleared off the line. I decided myself that I needed to be a bit more positive and aggressive in my play as for too long I have held back a bit and put my defence under pressure at times last season and this. First chance came about 2 minutes in, a ball through which I thought I could get to, so I ran out for the ball, and yet realising I wasn't getting there I knew I had to just carry on and do the best I could, and as I threw myself at the ball their left mid smashed it high and wide. Another chance fella to their forward who cut inside and from about 9 yards out smashed a shot goal wards. It was a bit unorthodox from me but I managed to get a strong hand on the ball and over the bar as I dived to my left. Then a free kick from deep was pumped towards their big centre back and I came and punched the ball away. Their first goal was a travesty, twice our lads had a chance to clear it and took too long, the ball falling to Piercey our CB inside our box about 8-9 yards out, just had to go! But for some reason he decided to try and dribble past their striker who robbed him, took a touch and rolled it into the bottom corner. 0-1. Stayed that was until half time, and to be honest we didn't play at all well first half and that goal summed it up. Second half we started slow again, but held firm at the back they had one shot across goal I got finger tips on but the ref gave us a throw in. 😂 I would say probably 70ish minutes in we managed to equalise, a shot from Jay who was playing RM went across goal and Mike came in at the back post and bundled the ball home, making it look a lot more awkward than it should have been. 1-1. By this point we were the team on top but then typical of us a lapse at the back, a high ball over the top, I called to Dan another CB to head it back to me, but fuck knows what he done, he kind of let the ball drop and spun around it, their striker stealing it off him and one on one he rolled the ball across me into the far bottom corner, just inside the post. 1-2. Again we got ourselves back in it, Mike finishing off a nice move to make it 2-2. Then almost straight from the kick off again the ball down our left, their guy played a lovely ball along the deck of the area, I closed the guy in coming who hit it first time straight at me. Then another through ball late on and I came rushing out and slid out to clear ahead of the same player. 2-2 the final result, I think a win for either team would have been unjust really. Oh and my kicking was better today. Kit: All Red Nike Goalkeeper kit. Boots: Black Adidas 18.1 SG's. Gloves: Reusch Prisma Pro G3 Duo Black Hole.
  21. I've asked my manager to bring the orange bollards down next week and I will do a little proper warm up to the side of the goal from now on. Not a great standard, just Leatherhead & District Division 6. My biggest problem is I am better than I have been showing and I know it and it is really starting to piss me off.
  22. Jim Buckley (Bucks) Season 2019/20

    If people smashed the ball at the goal in the warm up i simply walk out of the goal and move to the side. Rather get a feel for the ball, get my feet moving and stretched etc. Leave them to smash the ball at an empty net. What league u playing in? AFA league? Middx County?
  23. Jim Buckley (Bucks) Season 2019/20

    Know the feeling. Problem I have is that I really enjoy trying new gloves etc. I'll normally use a pair for maybe 6-7 games and then want to try something else. I normally keep then in storage and will go back and use a few pairs again when I fancy it. Picked up a pair of the One Glove Pulse SL last week in the big sale they had. Really strange fitting glove, the fingers are great the padding is good, wrist entrance and strap feel nice. The double wrapped thumb just feels strange, if used on a normal roll or neg glove it would fit ok, but because the fingers (Has the reusch freccia cut) are so tight and snug, it feels very lose. Hope it doesnt affect my handling of the ball.
  24. Too many! 😅🤷‍♂️
  25. Has the forum died? Been killed off by the obvious website that wants to take over the world? I remember when this forum was a hotbed of news and topics. Mainly with everyone agreeing Nike gloves are rubbish......ahhhh the good old days. I have to say that local football appears to be dying. I see leagues folding, clubs folding even quicker. The league's that are still going hardly have any divisions. I'm glad I played when I did, was plenty of football teams and leagues. Pitches deserted now..
  26. That Team You Hate For No Apparent Reason

    Any team managed by Steve Bruce as he makes them boring
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