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  2. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Despite having to drive 4 hours through a downpour complete with flooding roads and tornados, weather was pleasant and sunny for Wyatt's game this weekend. Team played the Dynamo Youth, the second academy yeam for the Houston MLS team. Typically the team is decent, but not good enough to be super challenging, but they do get some goals in when the boys have lost focused in the past. Coach started the reserves to help with meeting the required number of game starts, so the reserve keeper got the first half in goal. Coach told him to put everythign long out to the forwards or wingers for the first half which resulted in turnign the ball over almost every time. He did managed to literally hit the the forward in the back one time and put a nice service out another time, but the only goal and other chances came off of turnovers in the midfield. The Dyanmo youth floated lots of crosses into the box, but couldn't get anyone to follow them in or be in position to do anything with them, so the reserve keeper basically had a easy session of training catching high balls. Only two real threats were a badly played pass that got picked off and came back at him. He went in with a sliding foot save about 5 yards to soon and got saved but the center back cutting in and cleaning up the shot. Other chance he was a little lazy coming off his line on a cross and instead of collecting the ball high went for a basket catch and almost got beat by a fast runner. First half ended 1-0 for Wyatt's team after one of our forwards caught the keeper out of the box being slow with a back pass and forced him to turnoever the ball and got an open net goal. Wyatt didn't get the order to get his gloves on until almost the end of halftime, so no real warm-up or anything. He came in with a few other starters and they started pushing up with lots of pressure and quickly drive things to 3-0. Coach made a few more subs including two of the defenders and created a bit of a problem that the other teamed figured out. Left centerback kept loosing his man and leaving him free to run around, while the right back kept gettign beat on teh outside and then getting cut behind by the other team as well. Wyatt came out and smothered a ball to his left one time when things broke down. Then handled a easy shot up the middle as well as some back passes and goal kicks. Right side broke down a gain and Wyatt got caught trying to guard the near post and cover two runners into the box to make it 3-1. Coach laid into the right back and Wyatt got onto his left centerback as well. After that things chugged along with him continuing to make distributions of various sorts, but really not having much else to do to see it out to a 4-1 win for his team. Overall Wyatt was pretty happy with how he played, he opted to vary up his distributions and not just boot the ball long. He had one bad distribution where he held a ball to long and didn't seem to have a clear target in mind, putting it out between his left back and a mid. Otherwise he threw, rolled, passed, and kicked short to long, including a nice fake long goalkick that he out to the side with his left foot. After the game the opposing coaches talked with him a bit about the game, with some compliments and a good pointer on better running his corner backs. Outside the game practices were all over the place due to the weather. MOnday was called due to flooding of the fields. Tuesday they were at the community college but managed to secure a goal, so did agility and striking and finishing drills for most the session. Wyatt was pretty spot on and worked through his various saves as well as leading the keepers in warmup and drills while the field palyers were working on some transition stuff. Wednesday was conidtioning, which was observed by the club Academy director and the coach for the two older squads. They noticed the group of players that seem to not really want to work, and were commenting a bit on that since it seems to be bleeding over into the games and having a negative impact. The boys also got first quarter evaluations, with the coach taking some time to point out to the team that Wyatt was the faster sprinter and how the forwards needed to really hink about that as they were being lazy on the running conditioning. Thursday was indoor which focused as much as you can on distributions and building from the back on a small indoor court. They also worked on some striking and finishing, passing and ball movement. Wyatt typically isn't big on the indoor sessions, but this time he got to spend a lot of time on the passing drills, so not to bad. Due to the weather there weren't and club keeper training sessions, but his private keeper trainer did put on a session Friday. Since it was and had been raining all week, the keeper coach focused on working throug ha lot of the regular drills, but dealing with them under wet and muddy conditions. Since it was fairly warm, Wyatt had a good time and really got into the diving and sliding around, so much so I had to wash him down and have him change before letting him back into the car after practice. Sunday he had skills and agility work with the club trainer. They worked a lot on first touch, turning, and striking. Ended with a fun little 6v6 scrimmage with Wyatt's litte sister thrown into the mix. On the evaluation front, Wyatt actually was reviewed fairly well which surprised him. He got hight marks in most the catergories, with good marks in the areas they have been focusing on - playing with his feet, positioning on the field when the team has possession, and communication/command of the defense. Now it's two weeks of training and practices before they play again versus FC Dallas. The weather looks to be pretty crappy for atleast the first week, so expecting more of the same scattered training around town.
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  4. Bucks Returns

    So frustrating not having a game today. Hopefully we can start picking up a few results now and drag ourselves back into the title race. We are 7 points off top with a game in hand right now.
  5. Bucks Returns

    No game Sunday. Turns out the team we were supposed to be playing in the Surrey Cup have folded, so we have a Bye into Round 2. And the only team in our Division without a game won't play as they have told their players last week they wouldn't have a game. A bit annoying and hoping there is some sort of training or something going on to tide us over rather than just taking a week off.
  6. Prepped these for their debut in the Surrey Cup this coming Sunday.
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  8. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    It all sounds way too rigid to me. Like the coach wants his team to play this way every time they have possession of the ball. It is actually very American in mentality, and reminds me almost of a play book type scenario seen in the NFL or NBA. It almost goes completely against how football (soccer) is played. I think the coach is in the wrong sport. Lol.
  9. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    You and me both. He deals with a seemingly ever changing set of expectations, which always surprised me when he shrugs them off and just keeps working harder. His trainers I think do a much better job with his development and he tends to listen to them more then the coach when it comes to how he should be playing, but that doesn't make practices any easier at times.
  10. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Some of the coaches sound like complete jackasses to me. I really don't get what they expect from Wyatt at all half the time.
  11. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Almost a regular week for Wyatt except no game played. club fields are closed for reseeding with winter grass so the teams are practicing around town at various locations. Monday they hit the community college for skills and conditioning and a little post game review. Wyatt was left scratching his head after getting told he needed to be more confident with the ball at his feet and not be a conservative with his distributions during the games. He came home and watched the game footage with his mom and couldn't figure out where he was being either, but did make notice a few other things to work on. Tuesday and Thursday the team trained at some city fields, which meant they shared the space with one of the older teams. Coach focused on ball movement, budiling from the back, and connecting the defense to the mids to the forwards. Wyatt was a little frustrated at times since the coach seemed fixated on how Wyatt wasn't booming out long distributions to forwards and mids who where in pressure but instead making strong throws, rolls and passes to players in space. Thursday night he rubbed Wyatt's nose in it after the reserve keeper started off with a long goalkick to a winger in tight pressure that resulted in a one-touch turnover to Wyatt's side. Calling Wyatt's attention to the fact that the other keeper could play long balls better then Wyatt. Wyatt dealt with it and got onto business, but was grousing about it alot after the practice. I was rather confused myself at times since by my count Wyatt completed 20 or so distributions with only one turnover and helped set up ateast 10 goals, while the other keeper made one successfull distribution out of the same number, and put it close enough to Wyatt (long punt on half-sized field), that Wyatt was easiely able to collect it before the player was able to make a second touch. Wyatt did finally get some good jobs from the coach on his distributions, but only when he made them to the power forward and mid. So his take away was not that he should be making good distributions, but that he should be making good distributions to the two stud players. Wednesday was the standard conditioning and agility training with the club trainer. Wyatt still playing it safe with his knee so he ran the full reps at practice, but didn't push it to hard. No club keeper training again this week (getting to be a regular occurrance), but he did get in two sessions with the private trainer. Friday night they focused on 1v1 techniques and situations, and Sunday was focused on recovering from the ground to make a second save in various plays. Then Sunday was his usual foots skills and agility training work. The focus there was one v one and settling balls that come in high or on a bad bounce. Didn't get to scrimmage at the end due to lightening coming in fast, but Wyatt was happy about that after last week. So this week looks like a repeat, weather allowing and then our first trip to Houston for a league game. They will be facing the Dynamo Youth, an okay team that can sometime present some challenges. Wyatt is expectign that the reserve will get the start due to the rotation rules, but he figures he will push hard this week just to keep him honest.
  12. Bucks Returns

    What a strange game today, playing Alexandra United Irons who were top of the league. I have to say despite our slow start really there isn't many teams in our league so far we should really fear. We ended up drawing 3-3, the ref was absolutely useless and even though it swung one way then the other at times I think we can feel hard done by not to have got the 3 points. First half started well and we were on top, I didn't have much to do early doors. Then I pulled out a top corner save. Luckily though as it was a cross cum shot and I was going to leave it as I thought it was going wide, then last second I thought what if someone is coming round the back to head in so I dived full stretch and clawed it out for a corner. Luckily I did as it was going about a food inside the post... Lol. Oppo went 1-0 up, Centre Back played the ball back to me, I had loads of time, went to play the ball out to the right wing but completely shanked it to their Centre mid, who played it through, trouble was the position of the sun as the forward, my CB and the ball came towards me they all just looked like silhouettes. I came out and the guy dinked it just past my right foot into the bottom corner. Afterwards one of my players said the CB could have cut it out but let thr ball run behind him. That was it first half. Second half we started fast, a goal kick from me flicked on by the AMC, then the striker played in our left mid who rolled it past their keeper, 1-1. End to end action then our striker got the ball, surrounded by 4 of their players he held it up, managed to wriggle free into a bit of space, then from 35 yards smashed it straight over the keeper to make it 1-2 to us. They came straight back and their left mid hit a shot across me that I saved with my left arm and leg and my Left Back cleared. In the end we got trapped in under a barrage of corners and long throws. Eventually pressure told and a very long throw I went for and must have missed by centimetres was smashed in with his head by their CB at the back post. 2-2. Again end to end then we got a free kick 35 yards out, our striker lined it up and hit it high straight over their keeper again top corner... 2-3. Then controversy... One of our CBs got cramp and had to go off. A CM dropped back, ball down our left by line, no idea where our Left Back was but CB tried to see it out, their played went sliding straight through the back of him... Should have been a free kick and a card, player got up, ref waved play on, HOW?! Squared the ball, their forward took a touch which wrong footed the other CB, shot, I dived away to my right and parried it away, unfortunately everyone was so incensed by the "foul" that no one was concentrating or following up and one of their players came in to tap into the empty net. I tried desperately to get up and across but in truth I wasn't even close. 3-3. In the ensuing arguments I ended up booked. No idea how, 6 or 7 of our players surrounded the ref, swearingat him, in his face, I went over and said "ref you don't know what you are doing!", after it calmed down he called me over and booked me. WTF?!?!?! In the end the game died out, still time for one of our players to get sent off... Arguing with the ref then as he went to book him Harry walked away muttering, "What a wanker!", and got a straight red. The ref was useless though, he failed to give us a blatant penalty after their keeper spilled one first half, our forward took it past him and he brought him down. Then one of their players was running with our RB, fell over his own foot, ref gave a free kick, the player got up and said no ref it wasn't a foul I fell over my own foot... Still have them a free kick... And this guy was being assessed by the League Refs assessor today! Wow! Anyway onwards and upwards and the Surrey Cup for us away next week to Sanderstead Reserves. Kit: All Black Nike Kit. Boots: Adidas Ace 15.1 SGs. Gloves: Pope's Captor Pure.
  13. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Highlights from his game versus the local MLS team's academy. U15 DA Game 2 vs. FC Dallas
  14. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Always fancied an all white kit myself but always avoided it for exactly that reason. Yellow also seems no better as stains are almost impossible to get out.
  15. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    Wyatt likes the all black look, but really fancy's an all white kit. I however have to pay for the stain sticks and spray and favor darker colors.
  16. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    My favourite at the moment is the Black Nike one. I wore Orange yesterday but definitely think I prefer the Black.
  17. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    It's Wyatt's favorite one. He has a short sleave in electric yellow but can't wear it because the other keeper didn't want to buy one as well at the time. I show him you kits all the time and he gets jealsous. He would love to have some more options, plus a full color matched kit as well.
  18. A couple of weeks ago we didn't have a game so trained and I made a bit of an unorthodox save, with my head which bounced off and caught my thumb clearly at the wrong angle. After a day or two it seemed fine but in my warm up last week I took a few shots and it caused it to hurt again. Again through the week it seemed to clear up of its own accord. Sundsy got through about 80 minutes no issues then one of their guys took a pot shot from distance, easy enough catch really but as soon as I caught it I felt my thumb go again. I can tell it's just a sprain and nothing is broken, I've been icing it and using deep freeze but I think it needs a bit of compression. Trouble is the thumb is so awkward to wrap, any ideas what I can do to stabilise it a bit? It's right at the base of the thumb, I guess kind of what would class as the knuckle on a thumb if it had one where it hurts. Today it's actually quite sore and stiff.
  19. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    I do like that Photo Blue colour Nike use for keeper shirts. Can't fit another shirt into my rotation right now though.
  20. Wyatt's 2018-2019 Season

    WEll after almost a month of no games for the boy, he hit the field with a vengeance this weekend versus the local MLS club FCD. Wyatt got his starter shirt back and was ready to go. Started off with some mind games. As the visitor we get jersey prefence for keepers. For Wyatt's team the keeper wears black socks and shorts and either a yellow or blue jersey. The FCD keepers wear full matching kits and came out in blue, so Wyatt opted for his blue and caused them to have to shuffle around abit to get there alternate jersey's. Also, following the Dr's orders he did a longer warm-up and stretching to make sure he didn't screw up his knee again before the game. Game time the re-tooled FCD team came out pretty strong, but the boys matched them up pretty well. FCD controlled possession, but the defense held them fairly well, and we countered pretty effectively. FCD started their keeper who had been playing up all last year with the 03s, but he seemed to not do so well without the big back line in front of him. Our boys pressured him a lot on the ball and he made lots of handling errors both in his hands and at his feet. Several times he got caught out and lost possession behind himself and if the forwards could have finished, we would have easiely been up 2 or 3 goals through out the game. For his part Wyatt did really well. He was pretty nervous after being not having been in goal for a few weeks, but he settled down pretty quick. He didn't have much to do at first, but then things picked up. He started off with a good punch to clear a corner out, then had to push a low, near post shot through traffic out. On the follow-up goal kick he got a backpass under pressure and had to dribble two forwards in the box to keep possession and play out a nice pass. That one got some of our parents worked up because they wanted him to just boot it out to nowhere. He kept his head though and did good. Second half he made a nice long punt that almost was helped him when the opposing keeper misplayed it at his feet with our forward breathing down his neck. In the longrun though the boys went down fighting 1-2. First goal was a nice through ball in the mids to a forward who is good at running and cutting in. He came in with two defenders on him, managed to lose one, and cut out side the other one to get off the shot. Wyatt got big, but missed it low to to his near post side to make it 0-1, then second half on a set piece, his defense didn't listen and left 3 players on-marked on the back post to make it 0-2. They got one back on a nice far post curler, but failed to convert about 6 or 7 other tries, a few with an open goal. Wyatt was pretty happy about how he played, although the coach got on him about a few odds and ends, most of which seemed very petty to Wyatt or he didn't understand since he was playing the way they train, but the coach seemed to change his mind and want wyatt to boom the ball out long to the forward who wasn't really making much effort to get it. The reserve keeper came in for about 10 minutes after FCD subbed in most their reserves and had a few general saves to make, boomed out some bad punts and distributions. Rest of the week was a mixed bag due to the weather. Monday the weather closed the field so they went to the community college for conditioing and skills. Tuesday was a wash out, Wednesday they did conditioing training with the club trainer. Thursday was moved to Friday so they managed to get in one full practice. For the practice they focused on ball movement and finding space with some striking and finishing, plus set piece defense stratagies mixed in. Wyatt had a really good session that night, going 17 for 18 in the shooting drills. The reserve keeper was back training as well, but was complaining about his knee and wrist hurting, on top of his hip so he didn't have to work to much in the practice. Do to the weather and schedule Wyatt didn't have any keeper training, club or private. He did do skills with the club trainer Sunday. He wanted to go so he could work off some of the energy from the game and got into it a little more then usual. Went in on a 50/50 ball in scrimmage at the end and collide with another player who is about a foot shorter and 1/3 his weight. They were coming in hard and got him in the upper thigh with a knee, but came away with a busted lip and a really bloody nose. Everyone was fine by the end, but Wyatt still felt a little bad about it even though the player said it was their fault for going super aggressive on the play. Outside of practices and game, we met with the Dr and got the results of his MRI of the knee that got hurt in Colordao a few weeks back. Dr said everything looked good and said he was going to be suffering from growing pains for awhile. His grow plates are still open and the Dr expects he may put on 6 inches over the next 12 months or so. Wyatt was super relieved to here that. First off he was worried that he had really buggered up his knee somehow depsite not having any more issues with, but more so because he was worried that he was going to be short, which is pretty funny for a kid who just hit 6 foot a little after his 14th birthday. I had a hard time not laughing at him when he blurted that out in the car on the way home. So all is right in his universe again for now it seems.
  21. Bucks Returns

    I'd say I am still not quite sure of them. I have been getting on a bit better with the SG version of them with the PU studs, but the FG version I have struggled with. Seem to kick better in my old Ace 15s. Probably doesn't help though I have aggravated my old hip / groin injury too.
  22. Bucks Returns

    Do you rate the preds Bucks? Looking at grabbing the new flashy Pink ones. But I'm sceptical of the weird looking toe box.
  23. Bucks Returns

    Thankfully I had a couple of late saves to make today otherwise Id have been thoroughly pissed off. We ended up winning 14-1 But until right near the end they had scored from their only shot on target from a complete balls up by our midfield. A quick short throw resulted in us kicking the ball out, they took their throw and our central mids both went for the ball and go in each other's way, the ball fell to the opposition player who took a touch and was in on goal, which he bent in from about 16 yards out. Other than that I had only a few gathers to make. Late on I had one one on one save then a shot across me which I saved with my right hand. Kicking was a bit hit and miss today but my hip is so fucked at the moment and then I hurt my thumb again late on catching a "shot" from long range. I'm the walking wounded at the moment. You can tell the opposition were playing their first game ever today, they were absolutely awful. I'll be surprised if they do not finish bottom this season by an absolute mile. Kit: All Orange Nike Kit. Boots: White Adidas Predator 18.1 SGs. Gloves: Pope's Captor Pure.
  24. ProGK Revolution Pro Contact

    Same mate, I really like the subtle updates
  25. No. 1 Podcast

    Echo this. It’s wuickly become one of my favourite podcasts
  26. Pope's Captor Pure

    It's unusual for me to go for a "smaller" brand but I've been really impressed by these. I've tried a few of the others like One Glove, West Coast and DH One and whilst they are respectable brands in their own right and I know their target audience, there is something about Pope's for me. You can tell Christoph and his team are passionate about what they are doing and you can clearly see they have worked in some of the big brands and taken on ideas as well as probably having some top contacts in the Glove/ latex industry. Only place that sells them right now is their official site which isn't much to look at right now, and the Glove selection right now is minimal (the site has only been up since mid July!), so hopefully we will see more releases in the next few months. https://popes-gloves.de All of their pros are Germany based at the moment although I'm sure as word of mouth spreads so will the brand. I found out about them as Ramazan Özcan who plays for Bayer Leverkusen my German team wore some in the Bundesliga last season. They seem to have quite a strong tie in with Leverkusen as Thorsten Kirschbaum and Nicolas Lömb are signed up by the brand too. In fact quite a lot of keepers who dealt with Christoph when he worked at KeeperSport seem to have jumped over to Pope's including Germany U21 first choice and Schalke back up Keeper Alexander Nübel.
  27. Pope's Captor Pure

    Wow, they must be amazing to turn you away from Nike and Adidas, great review Bucks. Know where I can get my hands on them?
  28. It comes with the position, unfortunately, to be a good goalkeeper you must just be a good player, but also have a resilient and persistent mentality.
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