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  2. Pope's Captor Pure

    100% agree. The latex on Captors was excellent, really solid grip all the time but agree with what you are saying on the contact latex, very appealing to some.
  3. Pope's Captor Pure

    The captors do a have a different latex. They seemed to have moved away from this and are only now focusing on the contact latex with the plastic cover, guess it sells better to the people who watch the silly instagram videos of gloves sticking to themselves straight out the packet and are impressed by it.
  4. Pope's Captor Pure

    I found the grip on the captor gloves excellent, but all the new models with the contact latex grip on a par with one glove and KA. Maybe I am wrong but the first edition of the captors might have been manufactured in a different factory?
  5. Pope's Captor Pure

    I've used all three brands, and all are brilliant in their own way. The durability on all three is phenomenal that has to be said. My only pointing personally would make is that I think the grip is better on Pope's. Maybe that is just me but I do find the grip on One Glove and Kaliaaer can fluctuate a bit, if that makes sense? So some weeks it can be outstanding and then the next I'm spilling simple holds.
  6. Pope's Captor Pure

    They are excellent gloves, but having worn one glove and KA, they are all on a par with grip and quality. One glove have excellent sales as do KA so this will keep them ahead.
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  8. Pope's Captor Pure

    That is exactly my thinking. Pope's are essentially at the top end of the independent brands price wise. That is what is putting me off buying them.
  9. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    Been wearing my pair of the negative cut gloves, huge step up on the original I feel, I liked the original but the fit and comfort of the negative gloves is excellent.
  10. Pope's Captor Pure

    From the pictures I have seen of the Adidas hybrid cuts worn by pros, they seem to be very similar to the original Sells total contact gloves. I think Pope's will be ok as having worn a few different pair of them they are very good quality gloves, only thing that might go against them is the KA gloves and One glove are slightly cheaper than them.
  11. Pope's Captor Pure

    It's always the way with small firms, once their assets get some exposure the big boys step in and snap them up. Watching the games at the weekend I noticed Sells looked to have signed up Dean Henderson @ Sheffield United. Good coup by them! He looks a talent and with his personality and aggression I think he will do well this year! Shame Nubel left popes, he certainly looks a talent! Being a German and potentially signing for Munich in a year or so, its a given Adidas would have picked him up sooner rather than later.
  12. I've missed playing. Even though we have been back training about 8 weeks, nothing quite beats a good match, and I'm really happy with how I played and felt yesterday even if I felt so could have done better with one of the goals, ai feel really positive and I felt like I was a lot more proactive than reactive in a lot of my play. Although part of that I reckon is down to the fact we didn't have one of our CBs from last season playing.
  13. Pope's Captor Pure

    From what I have noticed of both Trapp and Ter Stegen their gloves are a bit more bulkier like a Fingertip model than the Hybrids still. And De Gea wears Predator Pros but with a positive (flat) palm rather than the negatives. I have spoken to Adam several times as we share a mutual love of Crystal Palace and yup you are pretty much correct, Sells are a big brand now but even they will just get outbid by the big sportswear brands like Adidas and Nike. It's a shame for Pope's they have lost their biggest asset as they are good gloves but with Nübel going I do worry how they will get the brand "out there".
  14. Jim Buckley (Bucks) Season 2019/20

    Good to see ye back at it Bucks!!!
  15. Pope's Captor Pure

    Thats a good spot! I think alot of the pro's use slightly altered versions of the hybrid. Kevin Trapp at Frankfurt looks to be different from the retail version. Would be interested to see how much $$ a company like adidas pay their goalkeepers. I bet De Gea, Neuer and Ter Stegen have pretty lucrative contracts. I remember Adam Sells talking about this on how his firm cannot compete with the likes of Adidas and Nike for $$ but offer their goalkeepers a much more hands-on and closer relationship than the big firms can offer.
  16. Pope's Captor Pure

    I see Christoph Nowak has been out in the press criticising Nübel for the way he has left the brand for Adidas. What I also noticed was his gloves from Saturday's game which to me look like a cross of a Fingertip / VG3 glove rather than the regular Adidad Predator Hybrid.
  17. First pre season game today against Ironside FC who apparently my team played before in the Morden & District Leagues. We had good numbers and everyone turned up in good spirits despite the rain. A very good game, where the 2-2 final result totally flattered the opposition. If we had taken our chances they wouldn't have been able to argue if we had run out 6-1 winners. I had a decent game, collecting loose balls and a couple of smart early stops. Kicking was awful though. We went 1 up then 1-2 down. First goal coming from a FK (remember last seasons theme), a ball swung into our box from the left, our CB ducked out of it, both myself and our RM decided we had to act and Jess flicked the ball over my head off the top of his head as I came to claim the ball... O.G. Second goal was a long throw from the right and the same CB wasn't strong enough and their 6'4" big old unit of a CB outmuscled him and scored a deft flicked header into the far corner from about 8-9 yards out. Totally undeserved but that is football. We got back into it second half and scored from a nice FK goal of our own, I had a couple more smart stops to make second half including one with virtually the last kick of the game. 2-2 definitely flattered them but a good work out for us (they had already played 2 or 3 games so were ahead of us in their prep), and a lot of positives going towards. Not sure what is going on with friendlies after today, the manager is faffing about a bit. Kit: All Purple Nike kit. Boots: Black Adidas X 18.1 SG's. Gloves: Pope's Captor Pure.
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  19. Wyatt's 2019-2020 Season

    Oh to be young again! 😆 As long as he is enjoying it, and good that he is getting on with team mates. I couldn't think of anything worse than going all that way then not feeling part of the group.
  20. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    I got the orange originally but having got both I prefer the Volt yellow in person.
  21. Wyatt's 2019-2020 Season

    So first full week in the books for Wyatt. Got in two more club keeper sessions and 3 team practices to round out the week, before getting the weekend off to get caught up on laundry, physicals, and getting some extra rest. Keeper sessions they are still working on getting up to speed from the summer break and letting the keeper coach bench mark them. Wyatt said they focused a lot on foot speed and movement, diving, and positioning. Most of it is old hat for him, but how it fits into the club playing style is a lot different then at his last club. So he is enjoying the review, but also liking how the keeper coach works in the reasoning behind things and how they work into the play style they use at team practice. Team practices have been working on learning the system, the Barca way as they like to call it. So far from what I can tell the big differences for Wyatt are that that want him to play it out of the back and no big booming punt. He still gets a chance to play it long when the field opens up, but the first choice is always guaranteed possession and build form the back. Since he has trained that way outside of the club last year it's not something completely new, but it is taking some adjustments. Wyatt said the team coach really likes his skills, but commented that he needs to slow things down. Wyatt will come in fast make the save, pop up and be distributing the ball out to the backs or wingers super fast, too fast at first. The style of play has the keeper holding possession to give the players time to drop into the space and set up to build, and Wyatt was going to fast for that. Coach called it "texas power ball attack". So Wyatt spent the Wednesday and Thursday practices slowing things down and getting into the pace of the teams game. By Friday's scrimmage he said he was getting into the grove and had a pretty nice game versus the U15 DA team. He said he came up with a couple really big saves, on he described as a Terstegan save (sounds impressive over instant messaging), a nice jump to collecting a high ball coming in over the scrum in the box, and then a flying punch to clear a cross out of the box. Seems to be keeping the coach happy and proving himself to his new teammates. His squad lost the scrimmage 1-2, but the two allowed goals were on the second keeper. Wyatt says the kid is decent and his having played with the team last year helps him out some as he is already indoctrinated in the playing style, but enough of the team has turned over that he isn't entrenched with the players and coaches like when Wyatt has joined previous teams. So for now he seems to be settling in, bonding with his teammates which is something that really didn't happen that much over the last couple of years, and enjoying the experience. Still not sure when their league games start up, but hopefully my schedule will let me fly out to catch the opener or the tournament they play the start of next month.
  22. Kaliaaer XLR8AER

    Just a quick update. Used these again last night for around the 8th time. Still very impressed. The structure of the glove has held up well! Still really tight on the fingers and the internal silicone is the best i've used! Actually feel the wrist strap has got better over time with the bandage section having stretched and making it easier to secure. The latex has held up so well considering its really dry here in the summer (Ex Pat living in Toronto) and all games are on 4G. Still very grippy and confidence inspiring. Will also mention again just how much I love this cut. Feels very nice when making a full stretch save and tipping the ball around the post. Have tried to cut back on buying footie gear but will defo take the plunge and buy the Volt yellow version of these with the more traditional wrist strap.
  23. Pope's Captor Pure

    The gloves in the pictures below are the exact pair of gloves in this post, and that I wore for the first time on the 23rd September last year. Barely a mark on them. The gash in the left thumb is from last week when one of our cats got hold of the glove. 😒🐱 I have ordered 4 more pairs since these and still not had to use them because this pair still do the job.
  24. Pope's Captor Pure

    I would say the grip is a lot better on the Pope's personally. And they are just as durable.
  25. Pope's Captor Pure

    Did not take long at all! Guess with the money the big brands can throw around, makes it nigh on impossible for the likes of Pope's to compete. Wish Pope's were a little cheaper, they are considerably more than the likes of the One Glove and KA etc. Would you say they are any better?
  26. Pope's Captor Pure

    Well that didn't take long did it? Nübel pictured playing for Schalke yesterday against Drochtersen / Assel in the new Adidas Predator Hybrid's. Obviously now he is Schalke number one and captain Adidas see him as "valuable".
  27. It is definitely the team I think. Today I started well at training, then towards the end the team I was on gave up trying to defend and kept leaving me one on one or two on one, and then they wonder why I get pissed off when I start conceding goals. Meant to have a friendly next week, we shall see how that goes.
  28. To be honest I have always known I am a good goalkeeper, but way too often recently I was noticing I wasn't making saves that should be routine, and a lot of that is down to lack of proper training and bad habits I have picked up in the 2 years I didn't play 11 a side. I think if I can get at least one solid training session in a month it will really help me to stay focused during the season and iron out any mistakes and bad habits as I go along.
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