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    Well so much for the first half of the season, I will go back and repost his videos from early just to add to the thread. Wyatt had about a week off from training for the holidays and then hit it hard after the New Years and it has been very eventful. He continued playing up with the U14/03 developmental academy team thought the end of January. He replaced the starting keeper at the US Soccer DA Showcase in Houston and came away with the best record of the 4 keepers from his club that went. He also was scouted while he was there for the national team training pool (a regional training pool that is used to track players of interest in the younger age groups 04 - 02). He got pretty good reviews and made the cut to get an invite to the regional training center next month if everything goes to plan. At the showcase he did really well walking away with a record of 2 wins and a tie. The tie was almost a win, but a last minute penalty kick for accumulated fouls cost them the win. He made the initial save, but got beat to the revbound. Weekend after that we started back into the regular outdoor game schedule. He's had three games since then. First game he played the Texas Rush in the Woodlands down Houston way. Wyatt and I got there in time to watch the 02 DA and 03 DA play. Wyatt had fun being there to support his 03 teammates and got a little bonus as the Rush 03 players realized he was an 04 who they had a hard time beating at the Futsal showcase the weekend before. We were running a little light on players as the boys broke into their regular squads for the games. Wyatt's squad was missing two of its key defenders and one of the forwards. As usual Wyatt played closer while the third keeper got a less then stellar start. First half of the game saw the third keeper having to only touch the ball twice, bobbling it both times with one resulting in a goal. The boys were up 1-0 at that point so wyatt came in at the half to a 1-1 game. Smelling a chance for a win Rush picked things up a bit a gave Wyatt some work to do. He started with a early classic vertical jump to collect a chip shot, then a basket catch on another shot. Wyatt started taking charge of the defense and mids and the direct shots stopped but he had to deal with lots of corners and crosses. His last real save was a goal line foot save on a point blank ball to hold the 2-1 lead the team had generated. So good return to outdoor and a solid performance with lots of improvements in some areas his review said he needed to be working on. Added bonus was Wyatt's team was being coached by the coach who will be running the team next year. Wyatt made a good first impression and the coach had lots of good feedback and kudos for Wyatt. Second game drove down to Houston to play Texans SC for the second time this season (2 more to go). First team won 4-0 after a shakey start. The coach had some things he has been working on, and the players weren't doing them in the game so he spent a lot of time reminding them about it during the match. Wyatt was with the second squad playing his usual closer spot, or atleast it started that way. About half way through the first half the third keeper got pulled because he wasn't building out of the back annd made a couple sub optimal choices on distributions. Wyatt went in and got his sweeper on very well. He didn't have to make to many saves (like 1 or 2 total), but he was a dstribution and back pass machine. He handled the ball at his feet well under pressure and was switching between throws, rolls, and kicks nicely which made it hard for the other team to figure out how to cover the back of his line when he had the ball. Second half the coach put the third keeper again after having him watch Wyatt to see if he learned his lesson. After about another 15 minutes he was done and Wyatt closed out the game. Was the same as the first half. Highlight of the game for Wyatt was getting a clear assist on a goal. He started with a goal kick which he passed to the right back. The other team compressed in and the back passed it back to wyatt and the other team split to shut down the left side while pinning in the right, but left the center open. Wyatt popped the ball forward to out striker who ran onto it and a couple touches lately found the back of the net. Final was 3-0, but the team had about 3 times as many looks that almost were converted. So overall a very good game for him of keeping for the skills he has been working on a lot recently. Game three this last weekend saw more sweeper keeping again. Wyatt had one of two real saves to make, but spent a lot of time scooping up rollers and throught balls, or sweeping balls under pressure. Low point of the match was a bad PK call that resulted in the other team going up 0-1. Even the other coach admitted that it was a bad call and his player took a bit of a dive after the game to Wyatt. Not that he offered to give the goal back. Wyatt made a good try for it, but seemed to second guess himself after the intial move and missed it. He didn't let it get to him though and just pressed harder for the rest of the half to make sure nothing else got through. He turned it over at the hald to the third keeper who had very little to do as the defenders made extra sure he didn't have much chances to touch the ball. The team leveled it up 1-1 off a free kick and had three other nice chances off bad fumbles by the opposing keeper but just couldn't find the net even with a PK that was skied really bad. After the game Wyatt had a brief lunch break then was back at it training with the club trainer for 90 minutes, followed up by 30 minutes of PK work at Wyatt's request so he could work through the one he missed. His training partner lately has been a 03 from brazil who is looking to move to town and play with Wytt's club. They have been training together for about a month. Wyatt is learning portugese while his friend learns english and they communicate in very bad spanish. Outside of the games, Wyatt has been keeping up his regular schdule of team, club, and keeper training but also added in some freeplay indoor pickup games at his coach and trainers request to get his confidence with the ball at his feet out of the goal. He really looks forward to the Friday free play sessions and has gotten to be quite he play maker and goal scorer. In the last three sessions he had been responsible for about 75% of the goals for his squad in the pickup games. He also likes trying out all the highlight reel shots with the best being a really nice side volly taken off a cross into the box. He was about 5 feet in the air sideways when he drove it into the net.
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    Below is a link to the video on my YouTube channel. I am by no means an expert, nor do I profess to be. This is just how I take goal kicks and they're fairly consistent and accurate so hopefully you can take something away from this video and use it to help you.