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    As Fraser says, need to try put the mistakes out of your mind. And work on them at training. My dad always told me concentration was key and some of the mistakes could be down to concentration. He used to tell me to commentate to myself throught the game. Especially when the balls in the other half. It certainly keeps your mind in the game.
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    I played a charity game at Ibrox. Team of my boyhood heroes so has to be that for me.
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    I used to play RM when i was younger. My dad was always a keeper and used to coach at our team. One week the keeper got sent off and gave away a penalty. I was volounteered to go in goals. Saved the pen and the rest is history.
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    I Pre washed mine in the machine and havent had any issues.
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    wear volley ball knee pads over your goalkeeping pads. I had a pair of goalkeeping pants with padding in them but I still had to wear kneepads over them since the padding from the pants doesnt protect your knees too well
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    I used to be a striker but I was very bad. When my team started futsal I wasn't skillful. I lacked technique and I always lost the ball. Since I was a bad striker I decided to go in goal instead. Surprising, I was actually good so I just decided to be a goalkeeper instead.
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    I don't even remember, I was too young. My dad always tells me that when he first started taking me down the park to play aged 4 or 5, I always insisted on going in goal and had no interest in shooting, so I guess it's just the way I've always been inclined!
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    I'd say it was around the time Ireland qualified for the Euros in 1988 and watching Packie Bonner thwart the english and get man of the match. Started going in goals during football at PE in school and realised i was quite good at it. Bruce Grobbelaar and Neville Southall were other heroes around that time, also Tim Dalton of the great Derry City team which won the treble in 1988/89.
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    Was always comfortable between the sticks. On the school ground I always volunteered to go in goal. After age 12, that was it, in the net permanently.
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    Used to be a defender and had very good players getting more game time. Put the gloves on and loved it!
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    Purely and simply, not being a good enough "footballer". Technically it's there, as I can read the game & know what I'm doing during play as a GK, just fitness I think which is a major downfall to take it to the next level. I wasn't getting into my first team at local level, (in Preston). So, donn'ed the foam catchers in a indoor 7 a side 4G pitch at the time, and took it from there. Sure they didn't score all training. 5"11 and 14st 8lb doesn't bode well. Anyhow, currently 3 points off the league leaders (6 games left for Sundays) & playing in a Cup final in 3 weeks time (retaining our cup we won last season). Got to be doing something right eh!!