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    React have served me fine... the one thing that got me is the grip, outstanding! i am going to order some of the new product... that's presuming they get to me before i retire!!!!
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    I used Ulhsport and Reusch when I was playing but since I set up my own company I have been very fortunate to try on lots of Gloves. STYNX if cost is a factor then look at GK Union or even HO Soccer as they both do quality golves at good prices. GK Union are new but the quality of the glove is fantasic at 29.99 GBP. HO Soccer do a number of gloves Under 40.00 GBP. I do carry the GK Union Union Pro Rollfinger and Union Pro Flat palm. Also the HO Soccer Classic Pride 29.99 and the new Pro Classic Rollfinger 39.99 as well as the Classic Protec Rollfinger, with finger protection in the four finger at 19.99. All of these gloves have fantastic grip and are very comfortable. www.goalkeepinguk.com