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    The new season is underway and Wyatt started back to training last week. Started off with a conditioning and agility session at the local community college. Wyatt was pretty excited to see his team mates again. Unfortunately his coach had to head back to England for a emergency so they are training with various coaches until he returns. Second session of the week they trained with the U16-19 coach. Started with some passing drills, then scrimaged for the rest of the session. Finally practice was conditioning with the club trainer. Became very evident which boys stayed on top of their summer training schedules and which didn't as they drug themselves off the field. Club keeper training started Thursday as well, so Wyatt went from conditioning to keeper training. The keeper training focused on cutting angles, protecting the near post, and dealing with sight line interference from opposing players. Despite soming right from conidtiioing, Wyatt did really well at the keeper training, with the coach commenting on the fact that he showed improvement since the end of the last season, which he liked. Wyatt enjoyed it as well since this year he has moved to the oldest group for keeper training. Wyatt's club trainer returned as well for the beginning of the season, so Wyatt did foot skills and agility training. He also did two private keeper sessions focusing on saving long shots, high shots, and distributions and punting. Wyatt commented that with getting back to his training schedule, he was extremely happy and looking for to the season starting next month. Wyatt tried some new gloves as well while he was at camp and into the start of this season. We picked him up a pair of Addidas Predator Pros for him to take to camp, and then sent him a second pair when he tore the frist pair out at camp. He started a pre-season warmup keeper camp yesterday and called it quites for them. He likes the light weight backs in the heat and said the foam was relly nice and sticky for the first few uses, but after about 3 sessions they lost their grip, and then after about 6 or 7 sessions on steady work they have several areas where the latex is gone done to the base mesh layer on the main contact surfaces and he had trouble before that with keeping the ball even when he made a good catch. Came to a head yesterday at keeper camp, when he sent me home at their lunch brak to get his pair of gk-pros to wear and then last night asked him mom to order him some more of the Elites he has been using for the lat couple of years. He likes the gk-pros, but says the straps are too short so he can't keep them tight on his wrists and constantly is fidgeting with them between saves or runs in training. Wyatt also has gotten a better look at the teams new second keeper, His comments so far are that he is pretty good with making sliding saves with his feet, but seems really reluctant to use his hands. He also said the kid has a attitude problem. Apparenlty doesn't like to practice or do training. Starts every team practice showing up late or as close to start time as possible, complaining that he doesn't want to be there. He aslo skipped the first keeper training session, which are mandatory for all club keepers. The keeper coach wasn't to happy and asked Wyatt to remind the new keeper that attendance is required and absences affect playing time. It's really funny in an odd way, because during tryouts Wyatt asked him why he wanted to change clubs and play in the DA and the kid told Wyatt because he wanted to try playing at a higher level to push himself. So we will see if his attitude changes as the season moves along.
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    It all sounds way too rigid to me. Like the coach wants his team to play this way every time they have possession of the ball. It is actually very American in mentality, and reminds me almost of a play book type scenario seen in the NFL or NBA. It almost goes completely against how football (soccer) is played. I think the coach is in the wrong sport. Lol.
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    Not sure if anybody's heard it but there's now a podcast dedicated to goalkeeping with Lloyd Griffith off of Soccer AM and David Preece on iTunes. They analyse the weekends goalkeeper performances and talk about gloves, any big topics of the week etc. Its weekly and a really good listen, would highly recommend!
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    Keep meaning to try the new range.
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    Sometimes I have a similar issue. This past weekend, my kicking out of my hands was awful compared to my usual standard, I lumped the ball straight down the middle for their centre halves to gobble up. This happened three times in the first half but didn't happen at all in the second. With age, I've been able to reflect and learn and minimise the amount of times that it happens as its pretty much a mental thing for me. When I think negatively or try to overthink any action then I tend to mess it up. Take two deep breaths before any kick, slow down your action and relax the whole process. with time and practice it will become second nature and you'll be able to perform the kick without thinking.
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    Cheers for the responses guys. I have been told they fit the same so I guess I will find out when it arrives. Lol.
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    I messaged the dad via Facebook but he's not replied
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    I sent him the links to look at. He seems dead set on going back to his Elites. His OCD drives his decision making sometimes when it comes to trying new stuff, which was why it was so surprising he hopped on the Addidas train for even a short ride. Thanks
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    He tried Westcoast a few years back, but didn't like the way the cut and shape of the fingers were. There quality was really good and he did like the ones with the palm latex that went over the wrist strap, but his OCD kept him fidgeting with them the whole time so we had to change. Several of the keepers we know and that he trains with have started to use them now though, so someone local must have "rediscovered" them. Currently he wants to go back to his Elites, he likes them alot, they are pretty durable and he likes the cut and fit. His mom has been working with him on understanding that its better to stick with things you know work and avoid flitting back and forth between all the cool new stuff the other boys are getting. Especially with his OCD, since anything new or differient in his kit can become a distraction under stress.
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    what is the formula for aluminum carbonate Kit for the season.
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    I have Supergrip for Dry and Aquagrip for when it's wet. ;-) I have enjoyed using the Absoluts though. I can't remember the last time I used a pair of gloves so much that the latex actually starts flaking off. Usually I end up changing gloves after a couple of uses. Actually saying that, probably my 2009 and 2014 Nike VG3s I used that much.
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    Decided to return to 11 a side after 2.5 years out. Had a couple of offers bit decided to join Erskine Rovers in the Leatherhead and District league rather than return to Rosehill Athletic who I have played for in two previous spells. Pretty happy with my decision, the team seem like a great bunch and decent standard too. Only had a couple of training sessions so far but the manager seems impressed with what I have to offer and that's in spite of struggling with a wrist injury for the best part of 6 weeks now. Can save shots but it hurts when trying to get back off the floor. Of course I have got yet another kit to use when the season starts, the rather natty Green one a lot of teams wore at the World Cup, as well as the new Red Adidas one. Got a pair of the Uhlsport AeroRed Supergrips in the Finger Surround cut as my main match gloves but been using the Uhlsport Tensiongreen HN Absolutgrips for training, which I had been using in 5 a side at Goals. Got to say I am impressed with them. I know the Absolutgrip is a top end but I guess they are kind of a take down model but still excellent. Boots wise I picked up a couple of pairs of the Cold Blooded Adidas Predator 18.1s in the sale so I'm all ready and raring to go.
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    Looking to bounce back after my midtable finish last year.
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    https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/real-madrid-transfer-de-gea-14777532.amp De Gea being linked to Madrid for €100 million 😳
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    Always forget how hot and humid it is South Texas this time of the year. It made Wyatt's double header weekend a real chore for him and the team as they played the Houston Texans twice. Heat was bad enough, but there was also a girls ECNL showcase going on, so the boys got pushed back into a corner field that appears to have been used mostly for storage of goals and practice. Featured a larde sand pit/area right in the middle of one half, and the groudn was bone dry adn dusty making it hard to get traction at times. Game 1 the reserve got the start. Wyatt got him warmed up and ready to go. He came out pretty strong and made two really good saves and handled a backpass fairly nice, but then after botching a save and almost missing the follow-up save he turtled up and lost confidence and started playing very close to his line. At that point the defense dropped back and after scoring an early goal, starting playing super protective which limited his option for dealing with plays and resulted in lots of corners and free-kicks. A corner off a bad clearance by the right back so them score on a header that the keeper didn't come out and challenge, to make it 1-1, but the team scored right before the half to make it 2-1. Wyatt came in the second half and was a little slow coming up to speed after enjoying the sauna like sideline conditions. He got on track though and got the boys pushing forward and the defense playing higher. That opened him up more to sweep a few balls as well as handle some back passes. The heat though took its toll and as things went on he had more work to do. After handling some through balls into the box and a couple of 1v1s (one with a foot save and smothering the other), he had came out on another ball getting big and freaked out the shooter so he over touched the ball right out of bounds for a goalkick. The other team changed tactics and tried getting long shots in high, but Wyatt handled those pretty easiely. Their best chance came off a turnover right at the corner of the 18 to Wyatt's left. He reacted just quicke enough to get a finger or two on it and deflcted it into the right hand post and then back into the scrum in front of him. Then got his fingers to the followup shot as he was recovering from the ground to push it up into the cross bar and out to be cleared by the center back. The boys rallied back after that and got things moving again to see out the game to a 4-1 finish. Wyatt's coach commented on his slow start, but said he got his act together and did a good job overall. Liked his distributions and communication during the game. Game 2 was the next day and moved back to their regular field,which had better shade for the boys and the parent's on the sidelines. The reffing crew did the game before with the 05 teams and it got way out of hand, so we were expecting it to be pretty rough, but a new center ref showed up and he seemed to calm things down some during the game which was good with both teams tired and hot. Wyatt got the start and was much more awake and ready to go then the day before. The other team though had rested up and saved some starters for the second game, so they immediately took control of things nad got an early goal off a sloppy play between his defensive mid and centerback. They tracked back with a player trying to shepard a ball from too far out, then gave a weak touch to Wyatt that left him in no man's land aways from the ball. The forward for the other team saw the bad touch and cut between then to take a quick 1v1 agains Wyatt to make it 0-1. Wyatt lit into the defense and got them organized and pressuring better. He came up with a few good saves, as well as a several nce distributions from back passes that opened the field up and started some counters to make it 2-1 by the half. Par for the course he got about half of the second half in, but conceded when an unmarked player on his back post touched in a low shot he defelcted right in front of a ball watching left back. Coach got onto the defender since he had been making that type of error all game and replaced him. Wyatt had a couple more saves, and one almost howler. He came out to collect a corner kick and got his hands all wrong deflectign the ball into his face and then out of the box to his defense to clear. Looked very akward and painful, but he he stayed in until the usual 20 minutes to end sub of the reserve keeper with the score 4-2. The other teams coach figured the switch was an oppurtunity for them to make up some goals and had his team go all out on counters and long balls. The reserve keeper had his hands full, and was doing good until he bobbled a goal kick. At that point he turtled up again and got beat by a another set piece goal to make it 4-3. He didn't come out of it, but the defense and mids shored things up and got them through to the end for the win. WEek in review wise, the schedule was a mix of team and Open Tryout practices. Tuesday they had a team practice combined with the 05 DA team that was run by the older DA players who receive scholarships. Each of the boys had to plan out and run a portion of the practice, focusing on skills or tactics. One of the players was a keeper, so he ran a couple of save then distribute drills as well as working on dead ball kicks. They followed it up with some striking and finishing 3vs the keeper drills which are always a beating. The drill called for the keepers to hold their line, so was a real shelling for them at times. Wyatt and one of the defenders stuck around for the open tryout practice to get some more touches. They pretty much scrimmaged with Wyatt in one goal with a keeper backing him up that they are looking at for one of the lower teams, and all the other keepers rotating through the other goal. No new keepers showed up so I just kicked back and watch Wyatt frustrate a lot of field players trying to make a good impression on the selection coaches. He then stayed and worked a goal until a second keeper showed up for the 02 open tryout. He only had one save to make, but did a lot of sweeping and back passssing. Team practiced again on Wednesday, but his mom took him and then had to hustle over to his sister's softball game. A dad we re friends with on the team though said it was a standard practice with some skills, then shooting drills and scrimmaging at the end. Had a few players of interest show up including the tall keeper from FCD that the coach seemed to take a liking to last week. He apparently didn't fair to well in the shootign drills. Wyatt said he did move well or react to the shots most the time until they were in the net. The reserve keep hurt his wrist on a save and left early, so Wyatt the FCD keeper each had a net for the practice. Wyatt went with out letting anything in and played such a high line, that the ball barely got over the mid line for most the scrimmage. Other keeper made a couple saves, got beat once, but mostly was taken care of by his defense clearing things out in close for him. Thursday was just an open practice. They only had one field to work with so they split the boys into 5 squads and roated through. Wyatt had a goal to himself again with the little keeper waiting in the wings to give him breaks. Other goal had 5 keepers rotating through it. One new keeper showed up, from a smaller club. He was comfortable with the ball at his feet and seemed to talk well, but never made a save (no real shots on him). He did clear one through ball out, way out to the side and neighboring dog kennels. The coach seemed interested in him enough that he had him work in Wyatt's goal a bit with the starters when Wyatt was taking a break. Have to see if he shows up some more over the next couple of weeks. Didn't see him use his hands at all, but some of the parents know him and say he okay, but basically just a center back that plays keeper. So no game for two weeks, so looks like they will just be doing tryouts and maybe a team practice or two. Wyatt did take advantage of the free night last night to go work with the skills group at the local indoor place. He also is working 3-4 hours each morning for the rest of the week with his keeper trainer.
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    Damn :/ All of my posts are quality though :D
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    React have served me fine... the one thing that got me is the grip, outstanding! i am going to order some of the new product... that's presuming they get to me before i retire!!!!
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    I used Ulhsport and Reusch when I was playing but since I set up my own company I have been very fortunate to try on lots of Gloves. STYNX if cost is a factor then look at GK Union or even HO Soccer as they both do quality golves at good prices. GK Union are new but the quality of the glove is fantasic at 29.99 GBP. HO Soccer do a number of gloves Under 40.00 GBP. I do carry the GK Union Union Pro Rollfinger and Union Pro Flat palm. Also the HO Soccer Classic Pride 29.99 and the new Pro Classic Rollfinger 39.99 as well as the Classic Protec Rollfinger, with finger protection in the four finger at 19.99. All of these gloves have fantastic grip and are very comfortable. www.goalkeepinguk.com
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    Noted! The glove/kit review section could be put in place soon. I want to build up some more fellow keepers and more topics etc and then split the forum into more deeper categories. Cheers bud!