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  1. The KGI says hello...

    Great introduction. Looking forward to the insights to say the least! Thanks for joining.
  2. New Year's challenge ideas

    Hi folks, With the new year a under a month away, I was thinking of setting up a Goalkeeper Talk 2012 January Challenge. Something we all start on Jan 1st (or 2nd for those recovering from the hangover :P), and see how long we can stay motivated, by checking in regularly with updates. The forum would serve as banter & motivation to keep us all going ;) I'm thinking something healthy and relevant to gking, such as the 100 push up challenge (http://hundredpushups.com/) or 25 pull up challenge or sit up challenge. It needs to be accessible to everyone, so keeping it simple, but beneficial to your health/goalkeeping, which is why I like 100 push ups (or if you are already a beast, 200 push ups!). Thoughts & suggestions welcome in this thread!
  3. Igoal

    Got it about 6 months ago now I think. Bleh, I can't really be bothered having to deal with the repackaging and the sending back of the whole unit. Put it down to lesson learnt.
  4. Igoal

    I got myself one of these. The pros Fits in the back of the car fairly well Can take a lot of hits, the netting is very strong. Doesn't fall over easily. The cons Nightmare to put away properly. Maybe I'm just all thumbs but it was very difficult to put away properly in a short space of time. The bag seems too small once it's been out. The thing deflated over the course of 1 hour. Had to keep pumping it up throughout the training session Went and got itself a puncture at one of the joints after the first 3 or so uses. I've ditched it completely. I may look to get my hands on a kickster goal instead.
  5. Hi From Scotland

    That's cool man! Hopefully you get a few Qs from the GT crew here :)
  6. Hi guys ...

    Excellent introduction mickymoo, welcome to the forum :) Definitely go for the level one coaching badges. They are very straightforward but work as a good platform to springboard your learning. I've found teaching the game is a fair bit different than playing it! With regards your son, at this early age, I recommend wholeheartedly a few things - A-ONE priority - make sure he'e enjoying it I'm stating the obvious a little here, but young keepers tend to love the diving and "rolling around" aspect of goalkeeping, so make sure you allow him plenty of opportunity to do that. Sometimes I've seen coaches go a little too technical too early, which runs the risk of sucking some of the original buzz out of goalkeeping for a youngster. Balls at FEET are everything!!! This is vital! Make sure he is totally involved with any passing/technical drills with the outfielders, as often as possible. I can't tell you the amount of 13-17 year olds I've seen who are not comfortable with the ball at their feet and can't take goal kicks. The reason for this, I believe, they have been put in goals early, and neglected using their feet since "they were allowed to pick up everything". It comes back to haunt many great young shotstoppers. Make sure he's kicking footballs hard and often B). I remember reading a statistic about how often a premiership goalkeeper touches the ball with his feet vs hands during any given game. It's around 70% feet to only 30% hands. There are some amazing goalkeepers in the lower leagues who will never reach top level due to balls at feet. It's THAT important. Finally - Your son is under 7s so it's all about getting him out there, keeping him out there as often as possible, and loving it. Nothing more, nothing less! :) Thanks again for joining mate!
  7. Graphics wizz

    Hi folks, If you are handy with graphics,images and the like. Probably PhotoShop or similar, fire me a pm. Cheers, Brian
  8. the most complete goalkeeper training on you tube

    Nice collection of drills there. Good job. Almost broke out the glowsticks midway through.
  9. Hello Guys!!!!!!!!

    Welcome to the forum Jim. Glad you have joined buddy :). Currently playing 11-a-side with your friends?

    Hi Alex, welcome to the forum. My suggestion would be for you to actually set up an online survey (i.e. surveymonkey) that you can direct people to rather than asking them to post those details willy-nilly in a haphazard way in this thread.
  11. How can we make GT better for you?

    Fixed Montenegro for you. :)
  12. Hi folks, We've got a goalkeeper blog (which has been on hiatus) - blog.goalkeepertalk.com Despite the lack in recent updates, hits to the blog section keeps growing a steady rate. The GoalkeeperTalk world is reintroducing the blog and needs a blogger or 2 to voice their goalkeeeping opinions, expertise and musings from the GK world. This may interest you should you - You have knowledge in a particular sector of GKing (technical, glove brands, pro keepers) Wish to have your opinions reach a wider audience of like-minded keepers You enjoy a writing in an accessible style (we aren't looking for academic overload, it's a blog for the wider appeal of the GK masses) You have a passion for goalkeeping. There are a couple of necessaries that need to be pointed out regarding the blog - It's purpose is to provide unique insights or thoughts. No copy/paste jobs. References to current news is fine, but it needs your own personal thoughts too! This isn't an opportunity for advertising your wares. Please do not apply if you just see it as an opportunity to push your own product. Commitment/expectations No strict deadlines with regards to getting material for the blog online. Certainly 1 piece a week would be optimum. I'm happy to accommodate varied amounts of content. As the old adage goes - Quality over quantity. I've heard enough. How do I get involved? Send me a PM expressing your interest in the blog team and a brief brief outline of your GK background (No CVs please! :lol: ) and I'll get back to you ASAP. Cheers guys! Brian.
  13. Hi everyone

    Alright Gary, good to have you on board! Bit of a vampire eh? (scared of the crosses ...) Much love for Schmeichel here too. See you round the forums.
  14. Blackburn's Paul Robinson winning a penalty against Wigan after going up for a corner in the well into extra time and getting Ninja kicked in the head :ph34r: :ph34r: -
  15. React

    I'm going to close this as there is a similar discussion already, at length @ http://www.goalkeepertalk.com/index.php?/topic/3774-any-problems-with-react-delivery/