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  1. How to save a penalty?

    Cool read! I use the method 2 all the time. I do look at their eyes sometimes if he is staring one side i might choose that way to go.
  2. Still waiting on Fifa 10 arriving

    I got mine the first day it came out ;) It's the bomb much much better than pro ev
  3. Sells Wrap Axis - worth the price?

    Well I gave in and bought a pair. Check the review section ;)
  4. 100 caps for Shay Given!

    Well done Shay Given! Constant performer.
  5. Sells Wrap Axis Aqua Review

    Sells Wrap Axis Aqua Cut: Wrap and Roll Fit: Already notice a vast improvement in the fit over previous Sells I've worn. I disliked the chunky backhand that I felt on previous Sells gloves, this is much reduced with the new design. Latex: 4mm adhesion ultra advance latex Features: anti twist zone technology - Stops your wrist from twisting and retains the wristband's shape for longer. Availabitlity: ACA Sports. Price:
  6. My last pair of gloves were Sells Adhesion Ultra Wrap, which I thought were fantastic. The new range from Sells looks like a good upgrade, but is mighty expensive. Anyone bought a pair of the new Axis's yet and care to share thoughts?
  7. Hey, Ive been thinking about buying a weighted ball for training (found here) Ive heard some pros and cons when using weighted balls (and ankle/wrist weights). Wondering if anyone had advice for using it?
  8. Goalkeeper shorts or pants?

    Which do you prefer? I gotta say, Ive never wore long pants padded or unpadded, its just far too hot when I'm playing :huh:. Currently wear Sells excel padded shorts in black, love them.
  9. The Scorpion Kick - Ren

    haha at the crazyness of that 2nd vid. Coming 30 yards out his box to header the ball! Legend. Thanks for the mini bio. Rene's gotta go down in the history books as a very cool keeper! :huh:
  10. Hello!

    Hey people, I'm from the US and currently keep goal for KASC. Been goalie for as long as I can remember and love the position. Talk soon :huh: