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  1. Mozolan's Keeper journal

    First day of Semi-pro indoor training tonight. Time to prove myself to the coachs, before my semi-pro tryouts in a couple months!
  2. Peter Schmeichel

    Great choice! Legendary Keeper! Greatest Club!
  3. Well now officially Kasey Keller is retired so i guess my "MLS" choice is now another retired choice lol
  4. Could be interested in joining a bit later, stressed for try-outs working out and training for the try-outs are my life right now!
  5. Goalkeeper Training Program

    Man i love all the suggestions and responses, now to make a good work routine! Thinking of working out 4-5 days a week! Try-outs in a few months!
  6. Mozolan's Keeper journal

    Hey guys, I have been training to join a Semi-pro team pretty soon, mostly working at the gym to get fit and doing some minor training to make sure i dont lose my touch on the field. Although try-outs are about 3-4 months away, i am working really hard, so i will let you guys know if any other updates happen!
  7. Your favorite GK kit

    Pretty much every Van der sar jersey!, although i like this one the most
  8. EPL: Tim Howard La Liga: Iker Casillas Serie A: Christian Abbiati Ligue one: Steve Mandanda Bundes: Tim Wiese Retired League: Oliver Kahn, Edwin Van Der Sar, Peter Schmeichel MLS: Kasey Keller
  9. Peter Schmeichel Oliver Kahn Edwin Van Der Sar Kasey Keller Tim Howard
  10. What do you do?

    Working Out, Hanging out with Friends and Football, pretty much my life!
  11. W or Diamond?

    There are different types of way to grab, parry and to hold onto the ball, most are used in different situations. For your question, I use both, just depends how powerful the shot, what i want to do with the shot, and which would be best for that situation.
  12. Personally, i think Cech is the best keeper in the prem league. Although De Gea could become the best if he keeps improving. My American side makes me wanna say Howard lol.
  13. Good to Hear, just keep improving Mate!
  14. Strengths - Handling, Communication, Low Diving, Mid-Range Diving, 1 on 1, Drop Kicks, Corners Weaknesses- High Diving, Throws, Positioning(sometimes), Goal kicks