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    Cheers mate

    *MUST READ POST* BIGGEST GKTALK GLOVE COMPETITION Guys we are on the final stretch before the big draw at the start of July where someone is going to walk away with a huge bundle of goalkeeper gloves, signed gloves and HUUUUGE discounts and savings on gloves! Prizes include: A FRAMED PAIR OF TIM KRUL’S PEAK GLOVES WE HAVE A SIGNED PAIR OF EX PREMIER LEAGUE GOALKEEPER CHRIS KIRKLAND GKIcon GLOVES NEWCASTLE UNITED’S ROB ELLIOT’S SMU GLOVES FROM ONE GLOVE A PAIR OF CALMA GLOVES A PAIR OF SEISMIC GOALKEEPING MAGMA GLOVES A PAIR OF CSGK GLOVES AND A 2-FOR-1 VOUCHER PLUS MANY OTHER PRIZES You can win these purely by donating £3 to this link https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/richard-gktalk-calm The brands currently involved are as follows: Calma Csgk Gloves DHOne Edge GKIcon GluPro KA One Glove Peak Pulse S1GK Seismic Viper So get involved for £3 to help raise money for a very worthy cause 😊
  3. Durable Cheap Gloves

  4. Gloves For Less Than

    I have to say React for
  5. Paddy Kenny

    Just read that Paddy Kenny has left Sheffield United for QPR..... I think this is totally out of order on Paddy, United have stuck by him through thick and thin and this is how he repays them by moving for a bigger pay cheque??? I personally think this is a total lack of respect shown to a Football Club that could have left him out on his arse last season!
  6. Whats your worst ever mistake in goal?

    2 weeks ago we were playing our final 5aside league game, we had won the league and needed to win this game to finish not only unbeaten but to have won every single league game. Anyways we were winning 3-0 and my bro passed the ball back to me and I tried to be clever and pull out the Monk from Mean Machine....... though I missed the ball with my knee and watched the ball roll into the net!! To be honest I couldn't stop laughing purely because of the look on my brothers face.... wasn't amused!!! We still won and I scored after coming out of goal in the 2nd half!!
  7. 1 eyed goalkeepers

    That sucks big time!! Hope they catch the b*****ds who did it mate!!Good luck for the future
  8. React 2010-2011

    Looking forward to the next set of Reacts!!! Mike lets get some Pink involved
  9. Bonjour

    Hi All, My name is Chris also known as chunksoulbrother, currently play in the Essex and Suffolk Border Premier with Bures Utd and Sudbury & Haverhill Sunday Leage Division 2 with Dragons FC. Currently wearing React's Ultima's (both Neg and Rolls) which to me are the best gloves I have ever worn and I have worn plenty of brands! Feel free to contact me, Safe hands to you all, Chunksoulbrother
  10. how many gloves do you use each year?

    Hi, new to the site too! I go through about the same amount which i'm quite happy with as i think i'd be bankrupt by the end of each season haha!!!