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  1. Runners Up medals/trophies

    I never went up to collect my medal if we lost, I saw it as acceptance of losing so would not allow it in my house. I would stay on the pitch and watch my teammates go up, but I always asked the skipper to pass mine on to someone's kid or the mascot. Yes, I am a sore loser.....
  2. Introductionary GK Games

    Congratulations on your new appointment! I feel as though you are "over thinking" your approach to the younger players, as they are just as capable of doing the drills designed for the seniors but without the intensity. With seniors you coach the mistakes and with juniors you also have to coach the technique so stage the drill to bring out the relevant points for the topic you're working on. I began my coaching career with the same plan as you by having a different session plan for the youngsters, however with experience you learn how to adapt the drills to suit the age group. This helps to keep your keepers on the steady learning curve throughout the clubs syllabus. Good luck!
  3. When to trial?

    This is going to sound harsh, but you're making excuses already. If you REALLY want it then you'll find a way of doing it buddy, even if it means crashing on someones floor for a few days during the trial....Good luck and keep us posted.
  4. When to trial?

    Could you not try any League of Wales clubs? I know a few that were full time last season, and this maybe be a better career path for you?
  5. How do you pronounce Reusch?

    It's Roysh. I had a deal with them for my coaching school several years back and speaking to the UK Sales Agent he always referred to them as Roysh..............didn't stop me calling them Roosh though!!
  6. cold conditions= cold hands

    ...or if you don't fancy tights, a GOOOOOD coating a Vaseline over your fet and toes works a treat - just feels a little strange when you put your socks on! Old tip from the training ground ;)
  7. Crossing or Kicking?

    It's purely a hypothetical situation as even IF the team doesn't have two good centre backs but they do have two good forwards who can capitalise on strong distribution would you not play to that strength and risk the crosses if your keepers distribution alone is worth 4+ chances on goal per game? If you are or your team has a keeper that is weak on crosses then encourage your defence to play a slightly higher line to give the keeper room to work in. This space makes it much easier to make a decision of whether to come or not but that's going slighty off topic. My personal view is to play the lad strong at crosses and encourage the counter attack by playing out through the midfield after he's claimed the ball. I was just trying to highlight the tactical options available by saying "what if...." :D
  8. Anyone been training in the snow?

    Ok, Ok you win Brian :o (By the way the lad in the photo is Chris Wright taken during one of our sessions a couple of Decembers back - I'm much better looking!!)
  9. Crossing or Kicking?

    ...ah yes BUT what if the team has big lumps of centre backs that can deal with the arial threats and a big centre forward coupled with a rapid goalscorer who can capitalise on the keepers strong distribution? ....and what if the "poor crosses" keeper is exceptional at shot stopping and reaction work? Would you not encourage him to stay at home for the crosses and then deal with the header/attempt on goal if that is what he is strong at? I love playing devils avocate :D :P
  10. just4keepers

    http://www.betweenthesticks.co.uk are based in Dorset so may well be worth a call to see if a) they travel or B) have any sessions nearer to you They also have a good calibre of goalkeeper coaches on their books so your son would be in good hands...
  11. Crossing or Kicking?

    Can you not get one to practice his kicking by giving the other goalkeeper crosses to deal with? :P
  12. Anyone been training in the snow?

    Before retirement it was part and parcel of my job to train in the snow, and to be fair to the lads they were always up for it! Whilst the outfielders went into the gym, we'd be on the pitches trying to kick rock hard footballs and diving through a sea of snow and ice! Always a fun session just make sure that there is a nice warm shower available afterwards!
  13. Cleats???

    Your boots are a very important part of your kit, and just like your gloves, if you are not 100% happy wearing them then it can psychologically affect your game, so it will always be a case of personal preference. My personal favourites are: http://www.prodirectsoccer.com/prodinfo.asp?PID=PDS-002-010-430&DEPT=2&BRAND=10&SS=1&PROFILE=Heritage However I am currently tempted by: http://www.prodirectsoccer.com/prodinfo.asp?PID=PDS-002-064-048&DEPT=2&BRAND=64&SS=1 Or even these: http://www.prodirectsoccer.com/prodinfo.asp?PID=PDS-002-018-004&DEPT=2&BRAND=18&SS=1 But knowing me I'll stick with the Puma's!!
  14. Goalkeeper Coaching as a profession

    No offence taken Jon, I'm always up for a discussion on goalkeeper coaching and rarely meet anyone that hasn't formed their own ideas - and that's what makes goalkeeping so addictive, we're all individuals! Apologies to the OP for dragging his question off topic :):)
  15. Goalkeeper Coaching as a profession

    That's a fair comment and I absolutely agree that the more badges you take , then the more "rounded" a coach you become - you can never learn enough in my opinion. My concern was the ignorance in labelling the other courses as "short cuts" as this cheapens the qualifications, qualifications that have been gained by Professional Elite and International Level coaches. Do not take just my word for this view, also speak to other coaches that have attended the FA, FAW and SFA goalkeeping courses and the majority will be in agreement with me regarding the FAW badges. There is no such thing as a Free Ticket and all courses are hard work, and if it's as important to gain coaching viewpoints (as you correctly state) from the outfield courses then it's equally, if not more so, important to gather the viewpoint from the different national Football Associations regarding Goalkeeping.