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  1. Worst day in fucking life!!!! :(

    If I have understood correctly, it's just basic employment law isn't it? You're playing professionally so you need the correct visa/work permit/eligibility to work in Cyprus. It would be the same in every country.
  2. World cup 2010 ball

    Just to add my 2 cents, I played a game with the Jabulani a few weeks back and it definitely does have some impact. neither myself nor the other keeper caught anything all day. It's like it was coming straight into my gloves and I was all set as normal, then it shoots off at the last second and you end up having to reflex and parry it. I didn't know we were using this ball until the first time it flew at me, I couldn't understand how I didn't hold onto it first time, it was a regulation catch. Looked down at the ball bemused once I had it in my hands and saw the word "Jabulani." Happened again and again for both of us, bearing in mind this is competitive, but social level and I had never touched this ball before the game, let alone practiced with it. Also virtually every cross was overhit and flew out for a throw in.
  3. My Season

  4. My Season

    Game 10 - 12/06/10 Opposition: Karori Venue: Away Time: 12.30pm Weather: Windy but dry Had to get back on track after the disappointing result last week. We started well and had much of the early ball. I made 1 good claim from a cross, diving forward to catch well early on. That was pretty much all I did in the first half aside from a few goal kicks. We took the lead about 15 minutes in. A short corner found one of our guys on the right of the box, and his attempted cross flew over the keeper and into the far top corner. We spent most of the half down their end and a couple more goals followed to lead 3-0 at half time (can't remember them in great detail). That should have finished it but they started the 2nd half on fire and got one back early on. They broke down our right and I made a pretty good block btu unfortunately didn't know where the ball was once I'd landed and none of our defenders followed it in. More chances came but we managed to hold on before getting a penalty and sealing it 4-1. There were a couple more chances for them late on, I got out quickly to smother a through ball and took a kick on the ear in the process, and made a pretty good late save sticking out a leg from point blank range after a cross found their striker in front of goal. Disappointed as that one really should have been a clean sheet but I guess I should be happy I've had a couple this season as they have been quite rare achievements in recent years.
  5. My Season

    Apologies for the lack of update. Game 9 - 05/06/10 Opposition: Tawa Venue: Away Time: 12.30pm Weather: Sunny Sunny after a very rainy week. Ground pretty soft and muddy. Really key game which we had to win having lost the home game 2-1 to them earlier in the season. They started better and had most of the ball although didn't really test met. Few long balls to gather and goal kicks and things early on. Then for a period of about 20 minutes we were compeltely on top. Played completely in their half and there was one little spell where we had 5 or 6 corners and they couldn't get it away, but we couldn't score either. Then just before half time one of our players lost the ball, they played a perfect long ball forward, the striker out paced our defender to get there and beat me to the ball too for a disappointing 0-1 at half time. After that it was all us. We attacked the whole second half and their keeper made 3 or 4 excellent saves and we just couldn't score. It was very bad tempered aswell as their coach refereed the game saying he was a qualified ref, but he was terrible. A number of bad challenges from them went unpunished while some very soft tackles from us were called up every time. Things boiled over and I'm surprised there weren't fists flying towards the end. Very hard loss to take and 2nd place will be a tough battle now.
  6. My Season

    Sorry for the late update but nothing to report. Torrential rain all week last week saw all grounds closed and all matches postponed. Been raining all week so far this week so it hasn't looked promising but it has cleared up now so if it remains ok the rest of today and tomorrow, we will hopefully go ahead on Saturday. Another of our crunch games this weekend, away to Tawa.
  7. Worst ever season for me

    Yeah the others can all laugh it off, but it's just not the same for the keeper letting in double figures every week. However, finally that season we won amazingly won our 2nd to last game 3-0. Our only points of the season, and it was a clean sheet. Without a doubt my best moment on the football field. I cried with joy in the changing room afterwards!
  8. Whats your worst ever mistake in goal?

    It sounds funny now, but it still gives me nightmares. Especially now I'm playing in Wellington which is a very windy city, I shit myself when the opposition keeper has the ball!
  9. Whats your worst ever mistake in goal?

    This probably wins it, but conceding from the opposition goalkeeper when playing for my high school first 11 6 years ago. Playing against extreme wind, the keeper had a massive punt on him and one of his kicks sailed way into our half and over our defence. I came out too far and it took a ridiculous bounce up over me and I only succeeded in diving backwards and palming it into the goal. 6 years later still barely a day goes by when I don't think about it at some point. And my biggest fear in games is not a 1 on 1 or crosses or the normal goalkeeper concerns, but it's when the keeper has the ball in his hands and we're playing against the wind!
  10. Worst ever season for me

    We all go through it mate. One season I made it into the Premier team in my age group at my club. First game of the season we got thrashed 8-2. I actually played quite well probably keeping the score to half of what it could have been. 6 of the goals were 1 on 1 with a striker having our whole half to himself, 1 was a curling shot from outside the box and the other was unmarked from a cross. At the next training session, it was only me who was dropped to the team below. I had another season in a team that was playing in too high a competition and we used to get thumped 10-0 every week. The others used to laugh it off but I used to go home and shut myself in my room and not eat until the next day, I was depressed for most of that year. But I made so many saves that season I probably finished it twice the goalkeeper I started it. Anyway we all go through it. Just treat it as good experience and practice.
  11. My Season

    Game 8 - 22/05/10 Opposition: Petone Venue: Neutral Time: 12.30pm Weather: Sunny and calm Originally scheduled for a home game but terrible weather on Thursday and Friday saw the ground closed and the game was moved to a neutral game. More like an away game for us and home for them but it was another club's ground so officially neutral. Surprisingly a beautiful day for it although pretty wet and muddy. It was a game of 3 penalties plus a stone wall one not given, and only 1 of them scored. Most controversial game I've ever been involved in. We started with a very attacking left side, with a regular left winger without a defensive bone in his body at left back. We told him to give it 5 minutes to see what they were like before bombing up the field, but sure enough, first ball on the left and he was gone. This set a good trend for the day though as we absolutely killed them up the left all day. A great ball over their right back from our left back on about 10 minutes sent our left winger through to fire into the top corner for a great goal. Minutes later they had a corner and the first piece of controversy. I got a punch in although not the best, there was a bit of a scramble outside the box and a shot was blasted towards goal and I made a pretty good save parrying away to the right. It wasn't cleared properly and another shot was blasted from the edge of the box. One of our midfielders jumped up with his arms in the air to block it and ended up making a pretty good save, but the most certain penalty the world has ever seen was not given. To rub salt in, pretty much straight away we got up their end and got a handball penalty of our own which, from my end, looked like it was chested away. Another big argument, and our strikers then agreed it was no penalty so gave the ball to the keeper, but he wanted it taken as it was given. Eventually our striker just passed him the ball so it remained 1-0. A few minutes later it was 2-0. Another good combination on the left sent our left winger away again and his low cross was turned in by our striker. 5 minutes to half time and penalty number 2 for handball, this time a clear punch from the defender. Our striker hit the post (not the one who deliberately missed the first), it came back to him and he tapped it in. But of course not allowed as someone else would have to touch it first. So 2-0 at half time but with the feeling that if they got 1 back it would be a real battle. They started the half strongly although only gave me a couple of crosses and long balls to claim. After about 15 minutes we killed it off. Corner from the right and our left back scored a great goal with a half volley with the outside of his left foot going in via the post. Their keeper made several good saves to keep the score down, and they kept coming trying to get 1 back. A breakaway from them down our left and a cross towards the back post brought a chance and I made a good block from the resulting half volley, gathering the loose ball afterwards. Then it was penalty number 3. The keeper made a good save and from the follow up rebound one of their defenders slid in at the near post making a good save himself. Finally this one was scored with the striker who deliberately missed blasting in. There was time for one more save with a few minutes to go, with them getting a breakaway with our defenders caught forward. Guy came through 1 on 1 and I made a good save getting my right hand down to it. A good claim from a header from the resulting corner followed and it ended 4-0. Very happy with another good performance and a clean sheet. The score probably flattered us a bit as they weren't bad. Decent coming forward but no real defence. Think I'm in pretty close to the form of my life at the moment and I certainly feel more confident than I ever have. I've usually been a more nervous and hesitant type but suddenly this season despite having a season off last year I'm going into games in full confidence and genuinely believing I'll save whatever shot comes. Think 3 months of walking around Europe last year combined with the summer league and a lot of pre-season training has made me fitter and more agile than I've ever been and I've made 2 or 3 saves this season that I wouldn't have done before. Have attached the table below. Clearly Western Suburbs are too good for this league. We remain 2nd and 2nd place and promotion looks there for the taking. We had a good 3-2 win over Olympic in my first game and that is a must win re-match next weekend. We are also desparately targeting the Tawa game as a win too as that was a very disappointing 2-1 loss last time around. We have to improve that result. Most disappointing was the 0-0 draw with Wellington United who are by far the worst team in the division, with that still being their only point. No more points can be dropped to them. Basically every remaining game is winnable apart from Western Suburbs where we would be happy to get anything. A result shouldn't be impossible but that game is probably not as important as Olympic and Tawa. League Table.bmp
  12. My career so far

    Great stuff mate. :P Nothing better than winning a league with your team. Got several individual trophies from club prize givings etc but nothing beats the 1 league winners medal I have.
  13. My Season

    Game 7 - 15/05/10 Opposition: Naenae Venue: Away Time: 12.30pm Weather: Sunny and calm Torrential rain all Friday night and thunder storms scheduled for Saturday so we didn't think games would be going ahead. But amazingly the weather cleared and we had the only couple of hours of decent weather in the whole weekend. We didn't start very well and they had all the ball for most of the first half. We just couldn't keep possession and get down their end, but I still had little to do. A cross to catch, a couple of clearances and gathering the ball off the ground a few times. All their shots were high and wide and I spent most of the half running down the hill behind the goal, jumping over the little stream and fishing the ball out of the water! I did more running than anyone else on the pitch just by fetching the ball for goal kicks! Despite not having much of the ball, we cam closest to scoring. A speculative long range shot forced a good save from their keeper. Half time came and it was pretty much reversed with us taking control. A lot of chances came and went and the goal didn't look like coming. There only chance came when our right back messed up a clearance from a cross giving it straight to their striker on the penalty spot. Fortunately he muffed his shot and I was able to smother down to the left. With about 25 minutes to go a long ball caught out our defence and a striker ran through seemingly way offside. I raced out of the box and managed to get there just in time blocking his attempted flick past me with my knee. Then in racing back into the goal I lost my footing running too quickly backwards, performing a quite spectacular double backwards roll! Relievingly the eventual shot was over the bar. Almost immediately we finally found the goal. A long ball from the left and our striker got there just ahead of the keeper. With 10 minutes to go they levelled it. A corner was cleared to the edge of the box and a first time shot rifled through what seemed liked a million people and it was in before I saw it. Just came through too many bodies. Last 10 minutes was all us but we couldn't find another goal. Frustrating result and it's 3 games without a win now, but we remain 3rd. We're pretty solid at the back but really lack creativity and a goal scorer.
  14. My Season

    Game 6 - 08/05/10 Opposition: Western Suburbs Venue: Away Time: 2.30pm Weather: Overcast but calm Furthest away game we will have with it being about a 45 minute drive or so from our home ground. Western Suburbs were top having scored 35 goals in their first 5 games and we were missing 2 of our 3 main centre backs. Got to the ground early having left early not really knowing how long it would take to get there. Absolutely beautiful pitch, probably the best I've ever played on. Soft and like carpet. Incomparable to the hard as concrete pitches everywhere else in Wellington (and many junior games have been postponed and moved to new artificial pitches because of it). We even had an official referee for once who seemed to be based at that ground. Game started fairly evenly with no real chances in the first 20 minutes. Then they took the lead with a blast from outside the area into the roof of the net. Got a finger tip to it and was a bit disappointed not to have tipped it over. It all blew up a couple of minutes later. One of their guys came through miles offside but not called, and one of our defenders managed to get back to put the ball out for a throw. Most of our team stopped to argue with the ref about the offside, in which time they took the throw in with none of our players back, I made a pretty good save but couldn't stop the resulting rebound and the goal was allowed. I was absolutely livid that could be play on with most of the players on the pitch surrounding the referee arguing with him but he allowed it. We quickly got 1 back however when a free kick was allowed to bounce in the box and one of our players volleyed into the roof of the net. Minutes later a long ball over the top caught out one of our defenders and he chased it back into the box, tried to hook it away only succeeding to loop it up over me for a seemingly ridiculous own goal, however, I managed to back-peddle, and fall back at full stretch to claw it up over the bar from above the line. I don't know how I kept it out, it was an extraordinary save, similar to David Seaman against Sheffield United from that goalline header. I lay virtually in the back of the net stunned that the ball wasn't in there with me. Still can't work out how I got there, just one of those reflex things! All in vain alas. Minutes before half time they made it 3 when a low cross was converted at the far post. At half time I ran over to the ref to argue about the 2nd goal. First time in my live I have sought out a referee for an argument like that! It was pointless of course but for some reason it felt right to let it all out. 2nd half started and it was a bit of an onslaught. Made a good save early diving high to the left to parry it out. Landed on the bad knee, but on such a perfect pitch it was fine. Made a decent stop holding onto the ball low to the left from a header from the resulting corner. We had a lot of possession but struggled to get down their end. I made a good claim from a free kick from our left and a good punch above a striker from a long ball. Another good save diving full stretch to the right and a good tip over from a blast from the edge of the box followed before they got a 4th with a bullet header into the top corner from a corner. There was time for 1 final save as I parried away a long shot and managed to get a hand up at the feet of the striker coming in for the rebound to block his effort in the last minute, also taking a kick to the head in the process! Disappointing result but they are clearly a division or 2 too low and it's hard to imagine any of the other 6 teams (only an 8 team league) taking points off them this season. Good performance personally with probably 4 of my best 5 saves of the season and they named me man of the match afterwards. Would of course much prefer a man of the match performance contributing to a win though!
  15. My career so far

    Yeah sorry didn't mean to make it sound like you meant it. Mine was an accidental collision too and looks pretty similar to your photo. Just saying be thankful you came off better!