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  1. Silly mistakes

    Easier said than done but you need to put the mistakes out your mind, try to think back to games when you haven't made a mistake and played well.
  2. Glovecare Guide credit of Oneglove Co

    Not sure what you mean but I have always just made sure they are dry and put them in their glove wallets making sure the palms are not touching, I always keep the piece of plastic wrap to re wrap them in to keep the palms apart.
  3. Transfer News

    Championship side Sheffield United have signed Chelsea goalkeeper Jamal Blackman on a season-long loan deal. Blackman, who has yet to make a senior appearance for Chelsea, has extended his contract at Stamford Bridge until the end of the 2020-21 season. The 23-year-old spent last season on loan at League Two side Wycombe, making 52 appearances in all competitions. "Jamal has been our number one target right the way through the summer," said Blades boss Chris Wilder. Blackman is one of a number of Chelsea players to have moved away on season-long loan deals, including defenders Michael Hector to Hull and Tomas Kalas to Fulham. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/40746218
  4. Transfer News

    Dundee United have taken the unusual step of declaring themselves open to offers for goalkeeper Cammy Bell - on Twitter. The Scotland cap and former Rangers No1 is wanted by Kilmarnock who are managed by his former Ibrox team-mate, Lee McCulloch. Talks between the two clubs have been ongoing. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/dundee-united-trawled-after-putting-10913515
  5. Transfer News

    Sunderland have signed goalkeeper Robbin Ruiter on a two-year deal following a trial spell. Ruiter, 30, joined up with the Black Cats following his departure from FC Utrecht at the end of last season and featured in the pre-season campaign. The Amsterdam-born custodian has made 234 career appearances in all competitions for Volendam and Utrecht. Sunderland boss Simon Grayson says Ruiter is not expected to feature in Friday's season opener against Derby. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/40805120
  6. Kaliaaer Flashframe Veloz TF Review Glove Make & Model : Kaliaaer Flashframe Veloz TF Review Cut : Hybrid half rolled expanse fingers, rolled thumb Latex : 4.2mm AERFUSION | NitroGRIP Internal Latex : No Wrist Strap : TRULock Fastening. Latex strap with elastic for secure fastening. Wrist Entry : 9cm Hi>Dri elastic bandage Glove Body : HI>DRI ANTI BACTERIAL FABRIC with Flash Frame Aerodynamic technology Finger Protection : None Price : £55 plus postage & packaging Where from : http://www.kaliaaer.com/ Description from Kaliaaer Site THE FLASHFRAME VELOZ TOUCHFEEL SERIES IS NOT ONLY STRIKING IN IT'S PRESENTATION, IT DELIVERS CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION FLASHFRAME TECHNOLOGY | ATTACK WITH SPEED FLASHFRAME IS DESIGNED TO DECREASE LIFT THROUGH AIR VENTS ON THE OUTER CASE BY DRAWING AIR INTO THE GLOVE THROUGH THE INNER AIR CHAMBER. STRATEGICALLY PLACED VARIOUS AERODYNAMIC ARROWS ARE ENGINEERED ON THE OUTER CASE, INCREASE REACTION AND SPEED OF ATTACK THE RESULT- FLASHFRAME TECHNOLOGY WHICH PROVIDES GO ALKEEPERS WITH A FEELING OF SPEED & SECURITY 3DXi CUT | HYBRID PERFORMANCE CREADTED BY KALIAAER HALF ROLLED EXPANSE FOREFINGER & LITTLE FINGER WITH CLASSIC CUT MIDDLE FINGERS PROVIDING A MORE EXPANSED - CATCH READY FEEL TOUCHFEEL TECHNOLOGY | TOUCH, FEEL, CONTROL DEVELOPED TO ENHANCE THE GOALKEEPER'S TOUCH, FEEL & CONTROL. TOUCHFEEL TECHNOLOGY IS A SPECIALLY FORMULATED HEAT IMPRESSION GEL INJECTED WITHIN THE INNER GLOVE PALM WHICH MOULDS WITH HEAT FROM THE HAND TO PROVIDE GOALKEEPERS WITH A UNIQUE FEEL, ENHANCE HAND STABILIZATION & GRIP AERFUSION NITRO | NITRO REACTION GRIP NITRO REACTION GRIPS (NRG) CONSTRUCTED THROUGHOUT THE 4.2mm aerFUSION | NITROgrip REACT & EXPAND ON IMPACT, INCREASING SURFACE TRACTION & GRIP. ***EXCLUSIVELY DEVELOPED BY KALIAAER*** aerGRIP PHASE CHANGING SOLUTION ADDED TO THE aerFUSION | NITROgrip LATEX BODY - TRANSFORMING GRIP PERFORMANCE & REASURING GOALKEEPERS OPTIMUM GRIP IN ALL WEATHER CONDITIONS. 3.0mm HI>DRI LAMINATED “REFLEX" FOAM WITH ANTI BACTERIAL MICROFIBRE STRUCTURE ENABLES THE GLOVE TO ABSORB & RELEASE SWEAT THROUGH PALM SURFACE AIDING COMFORT, MAXIMUM IMPACT & SHAPE RETENTION HI>DRI ANTI BACTERIAL FABRIC | BE FRESH-AER HI>DRI LET'S YOUR HANDS BREATH, ELIMINATES ODOR & BACTERIA PROVIDING GOALKEEPERS WITH GREATER COMFORT & RETAINING LESS WATER DUE TO IT'S HYDROPHOBIC PROPERTIES. HI.DRI ANTI BACTERIAL FABRIC HELPS PREVENT THE GROWTH OF BACTERIA WITHIN GLOVES WHICH MULTIPLY IN THE PRESENCE OF DIRT, MOISTURE & HEAT - CAUSING INFECTIONS, ODOR & ALLERGIES. SOFT & LIGHTWEIGHT. First Impressions Well what can you say except another stunner from Kaliaaer, they feel great on the hand and you can tell they have been made with the best of materials, fit wise they are spot on true to size in my normal 10, the only thing I noticed was the wrist strap was slightly short for me. Out the bag these felt like they could have been dampened and used straight away but never the less I gave them my usual run through the machine for a pre wash. Use These have been used around 10 times now, all on astro but in a mix of games, training and 7’s in both wet & dry conditions. The biggest thing that jumped out on me with these was that the grip was there from the pre wash where as the previous version of these I tried took a good couple of uses and washes for the grip to come alive on them. When I mentioned this to Greg & Kenny they said they were glad I noticed it as they changed the latex formula slightly based on my (among others) previous feedback and it was a nightmare. These gloves really do inspire confidence when using them and there is no real noticeable difference in grip from wet to dry. The 4.2 mm latex gives the correct balance between feel and shock absorption in my opinion. Durability has been great on these with barely a mark on them, the only visible signs of wear are some slight rubber crumb rash and very slight fading to the colored part of the backhand which will be due to being machine washed. I mentioned earlier that the wrist strap felt a bit on the short side, it has loosened up slightly and stretched a little with use but I feel it stills needs to be a little longer, I have fed this back as have others and it is something that they will look to sort on future releases. Ratings (out of 10) Looks - 10 as they are stunning Fit – 8.5 due to the wrist strap being slightly short Build Quality – 8 couple marks off just due to the color fade on the backhand Dry Grip – 8.5 Wet Grip - 8 Durability - 9 Overall 8.66 Conclusion Overall another winner from Kaliaaer, a true high level match glove with some of the best designs and features available just now. Highly recommend these Pictures Link to my photobucket album for these http://s194.photobucket.com/user/superstar_tradesmanp100/library/Kaliaaer 2
  7. Glove review of the tuto maximus elite: Glove Make & Model : Tuto maximus elite fs Cut : Flat Latex : 4mm Contact (invictis foam) Internal Latex : no Wrist Strap : latex Wrist Entry : Neoprene Glove Body : mesh Finger Protection :Yes removable Price : RRP £100 (I picked up for free) Where from : Facebook giveaway First Impressions: when first out of the packet the gloves felt extremely tacky before a pre wash, and even more after. The fit however was not up to the branded bio-fit removing excess room within the glove. I found the neoprene wrist entry extremely difficult to put on, but the glove itself felt very baggy, as a 9.5 where ever possible otherwise 9 or 10 depending on the cut this was disappointing and I would recommend dropping half a size on this model. The looks were striking combining simple colours of red, white and black to be very classic but bold. Use I have used these 6/7 times overall. 2 match experiences both on grass one in the very dry and one in heavy rain, and in training 5 times all on grass mostly in the dry with one session in the rain. The comfort was actually very good once I started playing even after a poor fit. The shock absorption is very good if your a fan of a very padded glove they are 4mm Palm but felt more like a 5mm feeling more padded than a pair of 4.5mm edge pair I have. Ratings (out of 10) Looks 8.5 Fit 6 Build quality 7.5 Dry Grip 9 Wet Grip 6 Durability 7 Overall: 7.3 Conclusion: Overall I found the gloves to be disappointing compared to the price tag given to them, for a £100 retail price glove I expected far better when comparing to indie brands I have used such as calma or edge all for around the 30-40 pound mark. The dry grip credit was very good but the fit and wet grip significantly lets this glove down. In terms of durability for the few times I have used them with a decent wash after each use they have had no latex tears but the grip has decreased after each use. NB: disclaimer! I was sent these gloves for free but this has not given a biased review at all, I was never contacted directly by the brand or asked to review the gloves by anyone.
  8. Behalt R.14 Review

    Great review mate, any pics?
  9. Pulse P1 Review

    Good review but as a rule you can't really do a full until you've used them atleast 5 times ideally in a mix of conditions and surfaces so you can give a full balanced opinion of them. Too many folk after one or two uses profess gloves to be the best things since sliced bread(not saying that's what you've done mate)
  10. Great piece on glove care by the Oneglove Co which can be seen HERE GOALKEEPER GLOVE CARE 1) CARING FOR YOUR GOALKEEPER GLOVES To get the maximum grip and life from your goalkeeper gloves you should take the following steps: Before using your new gloves for the first time pre-wash them and dry naturally in accordance with the washing instructions below. This will ensure you get the maximum grip when in use. During use damp the palms of the gloves with water in order to get the best possible grip and durability from the latex palm. After use, before doing anything ensure you wash them and leave to dry naturally - leaving latex to dry out will make it brittle, affecting durability and grip. 2) WASHING INSTRUCTIONS To get the most from your goalkeeper gloves wash immediately after use in warm water (maximum of 30 degrees C) before allowing to dry naturally, do not use a washing machine. We would advise simply washing them by hand and not using any form of "scrubber". Do not dry the gloves... on a radiator in front of a fire in a tumble dryer using a hair dryer using an iron using an airing cupboard in direct sunlight by "wringing" them out All of the above can cause the gloves to lose natural moisture turning them dry and brittle. 3) GLOVE CARE TIPS When picking yourself up from the ground in training or non-competitive environments, try not to use your palms. Instead use your fists to push yourself back up, this ensures minimal palm/latex contact with the ground and helps avoid any unnecessary abrasion - particularly on dry or 3G turf. Using your palm will help you spring back up quicker, but you can minimise wear during non-game situations using the fist method above. Wash your gloves after every game as soon as you can. When drying try rolling up a newspaper and placing this inside the glove. This will help keep the glove "open" and absorb any excess water. You could also help dry them by applying pressure with a towel before leaving to air naturally. Pick the right latex for your requirements: if you are playing on artificial or very dry surface then you may want to opt for a glove that uses a latex with more durability such as "Giga Grip" or "Quartz" latex. If you are playing in wet conditions then you may prefer a latex that is specifically made for such weather such as our "Aqua" latex. Do not leave the palms touching each other when stored away. Store your gloves properly; store them in a cool and reasonably moist environment. You do not want the area or your gloves to be wet however as this can cause bacteria and mold to grow which can damage the gloves. Allowing a glove to completely dry out and be left for long periods will cause latex to become dry and brittle. We recommend allowing them to dry overnight naturally before being placed in a glove wallet. Do not store your gloves for any length of time without having washed them first. 4) LATEX DEGRADATION The One Glove Company only use high quality latex sourced from Germany in the manufacture of our goalkeeper gloves to provide the best possible grip in all conditions. Latex is a very soft natural product and as such is subject to wear and abrasion over time which we cannot be held accountable for. Any latex can begin to show forms of wear from the first use with many variables at play (age of keeper, technique, playing surface, how they were prepared, were the care instructions followed). As with all latex and gloves the better you care for them the more life you will get - sometimes it really can be as simple as taking an unlucky knick off the playing surface. If your latex starts to show signs of wear, don't panic! Glove wear is normal, that's just what latex does due to it's natural properties which provide the grip we keepers are so grateful for - however all our gloves come with 4mm of material and will perform until there is physically no latex left on the palm. Negative Cut Gloves Due to the type of fit and stitching method used please note that gloves featuring a "Negative Cut" palm will show wear on the fingers and thumbs quicker than others. This type of cut provides a much tighter and more natural feel on your fingers, but as a result comes under more stress. Playing Surface Goalkeeper gloves are predominantly designed for use on natural surfaces like grass unless specified (e.g. a specialist 3G/astro turf latex which sacrifices grip for durability). Please note that if using a goalkeeper glove on an artificial surface such as 3G or astro turf you will be placing a higher level of stress on the latex, therefore it will wear much quicker. How Many Pairs a Season? Typically your average goalkeeper can see themselves go through 5-15 pairs of gloves a season, depending on the many variables at play. How many times do they train a week? How many games do they play? How old is the keeper? What is the quality of the surface and/or the keeper's technique? Have they been properly cared for? Higher levels of goalkeepers such as those within the professional bracket can see themselves using anywhere between 20-40 pairs a season due to the increased level and regularity of training, games and overall requirements.
  11. Transfer News

    Preston North End have re-signed goalkeeper Declan Rudd from Norwich City for an undisclosed fee. The 26-year-old, who had two previous loan spells at Deepdale, has agreed a three-year contract. Rudd, who made 34 appearances for Norwich after his debut in 2009, played 40 times on loan at League One side Charlton Athletic last season. "It should be an easy process for him to settle in," Preston boss Simon Grayson told the club website. "He knows how we all work and it could be as if he has not been away. We are looking forward to working with him and looking forward to challenge he will provide." http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/40341769
  12. Transfer News

    Scunthorpe United have signed Wigan goalkeeper Matt Gilks on a free transfer. The 35-year-old has signed a two-year deal with the League One side. The Scotland international joined the Latics from Rangers in January 2017 and made 14 appearances as they were relegated from the Championship. Gilks told the club website: "The interest came and we got the deal done quickly. I'm delighted to be part of this football club." Gilks is the Iron's second summer signing after the arrival of defender Cameron Burgess from Fulham. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/40304456
  13. IIleven Hulk Review

    Glove Make & Model : IIleven Hulk Cut : Hybrid Latex : 4mm Contact Foam Internal Latex : no Wrist Strap : Double wrap stretch strap Wrist Entry : Neoprene Glove Body : Neoprene Finger Protection : None Price : €59.90 Where from : http://www.theherosjob.com/it/hulk First Impressions Well what can you say about the first impressions of these gloves apart from : bold, striking and unique. I have to be honest when I saw them for the very first time I wasn’t that taken with them but the more I saw them the more I liked them and was very lucky to be given the chance to try them by Federico the brand owner. Trying them on the first thing you notice is how high up the wrist / fore arm they sit, almost gauntlet like. The double wrap stretch strap is a little on the short side for my fat wrists but truth be told not that big a deal. That aside they are true to size.They feel extremely comfortable when on and the latex once the film was peeled was really really tacky. The rubber punch zone on the back hand is another good feature on these, it is substantial yet doesn’t make the backhand overly bulky. The Hulk inspired colour scheme really works well on these I feel. Use These have been used around 6 times now in mainly training sessions although I did use them last weekend in a 7 a side tournament in which they say 3 hours use in one go (6 s 30 min matches). Use has been on a mixture of grass and astro. The grip on these is really confidence inspiring in the dry, unfortunately due to this freakish weather we are having here in Scotland I haven’t been able to try them in the wet yet, I will update when I do. The 4mm palm gives good shock absorption without sacrificing feel coupled with the hybrid cut which gives a good secure fit to the hand with maximum latex to ball contact. Durability wise has been good with some cracking to the negative cut finger tips and some rubber crumb rash from the astro. Overall I have been extremely happy with these. Ratings (out of 10) Looks 7 (they are certainly unique and perhaps a bit marmite, you’ll either love em or hate em) Fit 8 due to the slightly short wrist strap Build Quality 9 Dry Grip 9 Wet Grip (unable to try in wet so far) Durability 7.5 Overall 8.1 Conclusion Really really good offering from Federico, this is one brand that have been unique from the off and some of the other designs he is set to release are stunning. The gloves are great quality and I highly recommend these. Get on these guys. Pictures Link to my photobucket album of these http://s194.photobucket.com/user/superstar_tradesmanp100/library/IIleven Hulk
  14. Transfer News

    Manchester United and Liverpool have reportedly been told it will cost them a world-record transfer fee for a goalkeeper to sign Kasper Schmeichel from Leicester City this summer. The Denmark international has impressed over the last couple of seasons with the Foxes, and is said to be valued at a staggering £50million by his manager Craig Shakespeare. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/metro.co.uk/2017/06/17/manchester-united-and-liverpool-must-pay-50m-for-kasper-schmeichel-transfer-6715675/amp/
  15. After 16 long years, the world record fee for a goalkeeper has finally been broken with Ederson's £34.7m move from Benfica to Manchester City. The 23-year-old will officially move to the Etihad on July 1 having agreed a five-year deal, with his fee eclipsing the £32.6m it cost Juventus to buy Gianluigi Buffon from Parma in 2001. But who else features among the most expensive keepers of all time? And can we expect to see that list change again this summer? Skysports.com's Andrew Dickson takes a look… http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11096/10908429/the-most-expensive-goalkeeper-transfers-of-all-time