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  1. they do travel though mate. Id give them a shout.
  2. j4k pro gloves (adult)

    not a great deal.. only bad thing about them is the fact that theyre not exactly the best for wet conditions... but theyre all weather gloves just seem to take water on.. which can make them feel less grippy but that it. I have used them and feel no great weakness. they do the job great for me.
  3. well mf1 i would defo go have a look at these guys there brilliant!
  4. strengths: diving, shot stopping, communication, good 1v1, penalties (but i think im terrible lol) confidence,strong hands weakness: goalkicks (most of the time,fine though) first time catching (big improvements over last 2 months though) wouldnt say there weaknesses but things I need to work on.. my biggest weakness which im not sure I can class as my weakness but theyre mine after all.. is my defense lol
  5. definately in edinburgh anyway there are like none! so shouting out for them here! lol. Ive never been coached, a natural if you say it lol.. but they think ive got something and think i should be playing a higher level... now just to get the trials and that. :)
  6. everything. I kind of gave me to them to mold. as I have never been coached theyre was alot of ironing out but I seem to be doing a very good level now as ive progressed on. they work you hard but dont over do it. I am 100% happy with what they have offered me bud. reason why ive promoted them here to be honest.
  7. j4k pro gloves (adult)

    Roll Finger 4MM Mega Super Soft Palm Super strength Bandage Wrist Special mesh design, to allow hand to breath Extra latex materials for padding and comfort for back hand Availabitlity: I ordered them through my coaches which I got a discount with rather than the website.. (email me for info) Price: 40 on there website but less through my coaches. I normally go for expensive gloves. paying around
  8. Hey guys! Ive been posted missing on this forum for a while as I have been doing some serious training with two guys from just4keepers (www.just4keepers.co.uk , scotish region). I always thought I was a good keeper until I met these guys. completely transformed me in what now has been 2 months of preseason. I would recommend them to anyone in the area! if your interested get incontact with myself or go through the website. I have there direct mobile number if your interested! Kyle Tod
  9. Sells Octopus Gloves, MUST SEE!!

    oo word.. this still makes me laugh
  10. Injuries

    ive recently had a bad injury! ill show u pictures theres a few pictures of it but ill load it up later in my section of career! basicly leave it to rest.. if its like that. i had internal bleeding. wasnt nice and was pretty damn sore if i say so myself lol.
  11. My career so far

    at the moment its all hear say and that.. few names been mentioned but just talk! im off to train with my pro coaches tonight and see if there is any news! Im also making up a video of my training/games. so im gonna link that up once its done. but all im saying is coaches make the difference my game has came over ten folds! seriously. not being cocky but i now have a reason to be big headed i think! and it can only get better! p.s thanks for reading mate..
  12. kaliaaer press release

    hi guys not been on for a while was going to read all this but wow way to much.. all im going to say on the matter is.. kaliaaer is a good looking company but obviously run poorly. website is minimum. actually very poor. the website coming soon has been up for a while. stock is crap. but on the up they have good designs but serverely lack in management or business sense. p.s kaliaaer wanna make a few million pounds.. get a business manager. someone to run that side coz its poor at the moment!
  13. My career so far

    hey guys! just an update! im on my push.. looking like im going junior! not bad wee step!
  14. Finger Protection or not?

    hmmm alot of keepers do use them. it depends on situations tbh. I use them and swear by them. I am a bricklayer to trade with very strong hands and fingers but it gives me that bit extra i think.
  15. World cup 2010 ball

    i diss agree again with u. the ball has done an s shape.. in the games ive seen!