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  1. Can Arsenal turn it around?

    Clichy, Fabregas and Nasri are big losses and i thought they would struggle to get out of the bottom half if they didn't spend any money. Well done tWenger and the staff at Arsenal for the signings off Mertesacker, Arteta and Benayoun. These three will boost the team with their experience and i think the club will go forward now just like there badge says! :)
  2. how did you get on at the course and did you meet my coach

  3. Perfect Goalkeeper Pre-match warm up

    So the exact same as what I said previously then lol.
  4. Nike T90 Gunn Cut

    VV1's now disappeared off the face of the universe haha! Oh right i thought they were Fraser, thanks for the information :)
  5. Nike T90 Gunn Cut

    Are these named after Brian Gunn?
  6. Neil Alexander's Gloves!

    I would if i was on his money!! ;)
  7. Goalkeeper training in the swimming pool?

    Certainly be good for your strength work but that is all I think as it isn't match realistic.
  8. Televised Matches.

    You can tell us your thought on the game mate. In fact why don't i set you a little task being a coach myself. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of both keepers and give ways of improvement, then post them on here. So it'll be Paul Jones and who else?... This will be good for you mate, it's a good test to see what you think is a strength and a weakness. All the best :)
  9. Televised Matches.

    Thanks for the link GoalTender it seems really interesting. I totally agree Jack and it's good to see, so they should have too, right from the start.
  10. how tall are you guys?

    I'm 5ft 11 and have a big jump, as long as your feet are quick you don't need to be massive to reach everything. It's rubbish what they say about 'have to be big' blah blah blah, total garbage.
  11. Televised Matches.

    Doesn't help the fact that he can't put a sentence together in English. He had good hands tonight, dealt well with shts on the edge of the box coming into his mid-drdrift (cup, scoop, low dive etc). Tonight is the start of a new De Gea... :D Let's all get behind him!
  12. Brad Friedel is still so good!

    1. Luke


      Experience my friend! And talent :)

    2. GkCoops


      Indeed, 100%


    3. GkCoops


      Indeed, 100%


  13. Televised Matches.

    A much more positive display from De Gea tonight. Few faults still but someone's managed to install a bit of confidence in the young man. Fantastic distribution to start the attack for Anderson's goal. Sublime in fact!
  14. Perfect Goalkeeper Pre-match warm up

    This took me ages to find where your name was being used haha. Got there in the end. ;)
  15. Televised Matches.

    David De Gea will come good after a few months. I'm just watching the United Spurs game and he looks much better, a lot sharper.