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  1. Anyone wear Pro-GK gloves?

    i have the new model its very good tbh, its 40 pounds btw. The grip is very padded and lasts long, just make sure you wash it after every training/match.. never put em in the washing machine, my mom accidentally put them and the grip just died lol
  2. Keeper-Sweeper??

    When the keeper gets out of his penalty area to clear the ball or when the defender passes back to the keeper and he clears the ball.. Can anyone give me tips on this
  3. Just-keepers

    true mate.. thats the only site were i get my gloves, baselayers, etc. Amazing site. I also get free catalogs from them
  4. What is your favorite exercises at the gym or at home? And could you please write your workout routine when you go to the gym or just exercise at home. Thank you
  5. When there is a cross or corner the goalkeeper sometimes runs of the goal line out and jumps for the ball but sometimes the keeper makes a howler out of that. Could you please tell me how to use my timing correctly for that
  6. I just want to ask how goalkeepers get sponsored by companies like adidas, nike, uhlsport etc. So basically they just call the company and ask if they can get sponsored? Or they have to know someone else who is sponsored?
  7. Robert Green - World Cup 2010 mistake

    Green: 'oops i just let my entire country down...'
  8. Heurelho Gomes - Tottenham

    He changed from Uhlsport to sells
  9. 50% off Uhlsport gloves at ACA Sports, today only!

  10. Cleats???

    the best boots for goalkeepers and are worn by many pro goalkeepers are nike tiempo, nike t90 laser, adidas predators. But in my opinion nike tiempo is the best
  11. Hiiiii

    ??? ???? ??? ??? ???????
  12. Hiiiii

    hi i live in Cyprus!! ?? ????? ??????????
  13. I saw some pics on facebook of react goalkeepers and some of em had there gloves personalized. Can i pay extra to have my gloves personalized if i buy them??
  14. Nike T90 Gunn Cut VS Adidas Fingertip E7S

    many adidas goalkeepers wear fingertip but you can't really find them