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  1. me too I'll be regular again if Zod comes back
  2. practice those one on one situations. If you practice it and practice it your body will figure out it has nothing to be scared of and can resume to its prior state. Thats one of the hardest parts of injuries is not the injury itself but the body trying to protect itself from it happening again so it restricts your ability
  3. i thought it was funny seeing as im all the way here and.... never mind, ill take the judgement
  4. funny story here but all the way in Canada BC victoria I have a physio from portsmouth and for 7 years was the physio for the pro team portsmouth and he's friends with David James and still stays in touch with him
  5. hahaah the songs hilarious sounds like little asian boys singing it XD
  6. alright thanks anyways but i found some google ifx soccer and its links to england or germany
  7. Hey guys I was wondering if anyone could help me research some academies or if they know of any. I would like to go to board in another country preferably England or Germany because I speak the languages. I would like a academy that is under a pro or semi pro club. I am 16 years old. If you could give me the website or info that would be great. I need one that I can board at and train daily with goalkeeper specific training. This would really help if you guess gave me a hand! Thank you! Matt Giroday
  8. perfect price. Thats what I was expecting in the beginning now I got to get myself a pair. Is it better then the old rollfingers? because I found those awesome and if it's better latex I'll grab 2. Anybody got a review up on them yet?
  9. schmeical ones look best of the bunch
  10. and I'm gone again........... until christmas break see you all then
  11. paxsports cheap check out their website, ebay or gkhero
  12. no offence but the stitching and the cut on the glove of the fingers look terrible