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    E-mail - pcdickinson@virginmedia.com Favourite keeper - Iker Casillas Current gloves - Onesport pro evolve II negative Date of birth- 18/08/83
  2. Englands group Euro 2012

    I agree, i hate the journalists in this country but i am proud to be English and i support England 100% in any sport and we've gotta get behind the team (i'm obviously referin to the English lads out there). All i ask for is for the players to give 100% and if that dont get us through then so be it, as long as they gave everythin for England which in the last tournament i dont think they did.
  3. Englands group Euro 2012

    ha i knew you scot's wud have somethin to say.. i have to agree tho you where robbed against the czechs. Oh well eh, at least your always optimistic. I knew we wud get a tough group but it cud of been alot worse. Just hope Capello goes for youth and pace and not with the old guard. COME ON ENGLAND!!!!
  4. Englands group Euro 2012

    Group D ENGLAND Sweden Ukraine France What do you guys think? I don't think it's too bad of a group. If we play our best we can win all three games but knowing England in a tournament we'll probably struggle and scrape through. Be nice to get one over the french!
  5. That Team You Hate For No Apparent Reason

    Blackpool fc, Leeds Utd, Celtic. I'm English born and bred so i really hate Scotland and Argentina
  6. EPL - Shay Given Champ - Kasper Schmeichel Lge 1 - Jimmy Walker SPL - Allan McGregor La Liga - Iker Casillas Ligue 1 - Hugo Lloris Serie A - Juilo Cesar Bundesliga - Manuel Neuer Retired league - David Seaman, Peter Schmeichel, Edwin Van Der Sar and Gordon Banks Local keepers - Lee Dovey (Bamber Bridge FC), Scott Davies (Fleetwood Town FC), Russell Saunders (Chorley FC) and Craig Dootson (Kendal Town FC)
  7. Green aint in the England squad for the Spain and Sweden matches!!! U must be gutted :lol:
  8. You called me a woman!! i think thats a little personal dont you....
  9. We wouldn't of beaten Germany even if Lampards goal was given. I'm entitled to my opinion and i dont think he should be in England squad. U can say what u like, don't make slightest bit of difference to me. Your just a little boy who knows f**k all and i'll bring what i like up, dont think you own this website so i'll say what i want.
  10. I didn't say he was crap and i never said i'd of saved it, do you read these posts??? said he's not good enough to play for England. Going forward Green isn't the answer. Be good for young keepers like Ruddy and Forster to get some tournament experience and to be part of the squad. To be honest don't think anyone can take the no.1 jersey from Hart at the moment or in the near future. Well Capello agrees with me coz he dropped Green for the Algeria game. Put it this way, if Hart played against the USA we'd of won the match and probably the group.
  11. Right guys Robinson and Foster have retired from playing for England but i would defo have them in the squad if they hadn't. Think i have to agree with quinn-1888, Hart Ruddy Forster Ruddy and Forster are two good young English keepers playing well for their clubs, not sure how Carson is doin in Turkey? So your sayin Green should be in England squad?? I dont think so, sorry but i dont rate him as an international keeper, like i said, he had his chance and f**ked it up big time. I aint using him as a scapegoat, every player was awful but come on, my gran would of saved that shot!
  12. This is really for all the English keepers out there, don't think the Scot's will be bothered about this topic ha but i just wanna know which three keepers do you think should be in Capello's squad for the Euro's next yr? Hart is a definate but i'm not sure about the other two places?? I think John Ruddy has a great chance if he keeps playing well for Norwich.I don't think Green should be in the squad cause he had his chance and he blew it. Maybe Carson? Just wanna know what you guys think...
  13. Inspiration

    I'm the same as u mate, every sunday morning i'll just watch football before a game. I'll record match of the day and the football league show on the sat nite and just watch those and it really does get me in the mood to play.
  14. Flat palm, Roll Finger, Negative?

    I've never been a fan of flat palm, think its coz they dont av a snug fit like roll finger and negs. I whore roll's for yrs but i've just quite recently started wearing negs and i believe they are the best by far. I have a pair of onesport pro evolve II nc and there defo the best gloves i've ever had. Very comfortable and the grip is second to none and they only cost me £34.99. I find that rolls are too bulky for me and the negs just fit perfectly.
  15. Any problems with REACT delivery

    That is not on at all mate. I had a problem with React the first time i ordered a pair of gloves with them, think they took about 2 weeks to arrive and i tried e-mailing them and i got no response. Their gloves are very gud when u eventually recieve them but i wont be using them again.