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  1. How I take Goal Kicks

    Thanks for posting, my kicking is one of the main things that has held me back from playing at a higher level, just can't seem to get it right. Planning on doing a LOT of practice before preseason starts to hopefully fix it!
  2. As it's coming to the end of the season and the mandatory few months off football in general i have been thinking about doing some 1 to 1 goalkeeping specific training with a proper goalkeeping coach in the closed season to get a head start on the pre season campaign. I was wondering what sort of rate people would be happy to pay, personally anywhere between £25/£40 for an hour session is fair with a coach who has coached at academy level. Thoughts?
  3. I have to echo the general thoughts of the thread, whilst i fully respect and appreciate the innovation and hope you do well with them they aren't to my personal taste. Infact it took me a few days of searching to find an independent brand that i actually liked the look of, i usually tend to go for a classic look, mainly white with a bit of colour but it seems that gloves are going the same way as boots in terms of looks, bright colours and wacky designs, they certainly have a target market but not for me i'm afraid. (i eventually chose MD-Pro Aspect £25) I've seen the new Nike and adidas gloves, it looks like we're about 3 years away from all wearing shapeless marigolds with 1mm of latex on the palm! I have a feeling this sort of glove might have a good overseas market and could well kick off here too, remember there were people who thought the internet was just a fad and would never catch on ;) A few questions regarding your brand in particular, how do they hold up in very wet weather? Does 8mm of latex get heavy when saturated? and also the opposite weather, would blazing sun (not that we get it often in the UK) not dry out the back hand which will be the future palm of the glove? I may have to try them in future just out of curiosity but for now i like the palms to be the palms and the backhand to be the backhand. Cheers!
  4. The Joker Returns!

    Thanks, Chief! In all honesty i think having a bit of time away has helped me want to play again because i certainly miss it and want to play whilst i'm still young and able (ish) To quote my old man "you're a long time retired play whilst you can" although he only hung his boots up 2 years ago aged 50 so hopefully i'll still have a long career ahead of me! Glad to be back!
  5. The Joker Returns!

    Well well well! Hard to believe i was a regular poster here many moons ago circa 2010-11 ish! Back in the era of General Zod, not sure if he's still active, and a core group of others, one of who's name is Jack, not sure again if he's still active. So to cut a long story short i used to play regularly, all through school and college then all of a sudden life got in the way as it tends to do. Unfortunately i started working as a Greenkeeper on a golf course which was great until the weekends kicked in, couple that with waking up at 4:30 each morning and my motivation to play any thing died away! 5-6 years later at the ripe old age of 23, i am now a suit wearing office dweller with weekends off and evenings not being spent being asleep by 8:30. So i've decided to pull the gloves back on and play again, getting myself back in the gym, eating much better and feeling a lot more motivated to play again! I don't have a team yet but there are many local teams at Midland Football league prem, div 1, 2 and 3 that i could certainly hold my own in, even after a few years out. I'm starting training, this thursday actually, with a local sunday league side just to ease back into it and get a feel for balls again ;) I have one question for anyone else who's had a long break (over a year) how hard/easy was it to come back? I don't expect to be the standard i was back in t' day straight away but how long did it take you to get back? Happy i remembered my original login! The Joker is back!
  6. General Zod

    If that old Tosspot comes back then so do i ;)! *And like a sudden breeze, i'm gone*
  7. why does stretching make me play bad

    Dynamic stretches will do you fine, i actually turned up for a game where i knew i was going to be late, and a jog to the goalposts and played well so pulse raiser and a few dynamics are fine. Static stretches without a pulse raiser are dangerous!
  8. goalkeeper finger tape

    I don't use electrical tape as it's impossible to allow movement, that stuff from sports direct is good!
  9. If i ain't getting bitten by bugs, im dislocating my finger, during the warm up, caught the ball funny and it didn't feel right, ofcourse being with the lads when the bruising didn't come out i had the banter cast over me with the old "aww what you done? chipped a nail?" etc. So played the last 10 and had a shower and it was sore but no brusing. Woke up yesterday with a swollen ring finger on my left hand (never wanted to get married anyway) and decided to go to the club physio who took one look and said "yep, that's dislocated" Luckily im away on "holiday" next week so i'll rest it, but when im back i think i'll miss a training session and the start of the season, the physio has given me hand and wrist excersises ;) and alternate hand bathing has been advised! Im hoping it's no more than 2 weeks out!
  10. how to look cool as a keeper

    The Youth these days always do! Im a 17 year old with the muisic taste of a 40/50 year old! Zeppelin rules!
  11. how to look cool as a keeper

    Repetition of "like" Facking yoof! :)
  12. how to look cool as a keeper

    I'm not sure how true that last comment is mate ;)
  13. First Day Full Time Training!

    Fair play to you kid! All the best :)
  14. how to look cool as a keeper

    He plays the Ass.

    A propper kicking tutorial would be much appreciated. Off the floor like.