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  1. Englands group Euro 2012

    having seen the draw, i have to say, i feel sorry for Ireland. But england's group is certainly winnable
  2. Finger Protection

    I wore them once and have never worn them since. The glove felt so heavy and my hand movement was restricted loads.
  3. Have you ever seen this ???

  4. PES 2012

    I think Santa's going to be getting me this
  5. Alright lads

    Welcome to the forum :D
  6. Playing Dilemma

    yeah, just play the position you want to :)
  7. peter cech

    He is still a great keeper but I definitely think he was better before the injury
  8. Who's got a game today?

    We won 3-1 and I was awarded man of the match :D
  9. Who's got a game today?

    Cheers, will let you know how I get on tomorrow :)
  10. i normally wear padded gk trousers whatever the surface
  11. what is right???

    let them dry first if I were you :)
  12. Who's got a game today?

    Game tomorrow. vs the team 2nd in our league. we're 3rd so its a must win game :D
  13. That Team You Hate For No Apparent Reason

    West Ham, Wolves and Inter. Do not a have a clue why though
  14. great courage by Robinson, but yeah,the Pederson should never of stood. Quick thinking though by him.