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  1. Help, i'm at a loss, i've lost all confidence in my abilities as a keeper, i'm conceding goals at a rate of about 4 a game, and i would say that i'm responsible for about half, some have been bad luck, but most have been errors on my part. The team i'm playing for are not performing and dont look like we've got a goal in us and i'm feeling the pressure. how can i get back to my best ?
  2. thanks for the heads up on that, i'm entered.
  3. what have you bought recently?

    just ordered adidas real madrid gk jersey in yellow with 3/4 sleeves off ebay
  4. Pink

    prodirect soccer do a pink 3/4 sleeve by selsport,
  5. keepers tops

    hi i always like to buy my own tops and am looking for a short sleeve or 3/4 sleeve top in yellow, i've looked on prodirect but they haven't got the stock, can anyone suggest anywhere esle i could try, really like the england yellow s/s top but not prepared to pay 45 quid for it. thanks
  6. hey fitzy, had the same treatment on my groin, i'd had physio, tried rest all of the ususal stuff but the acupuncture seemed to do the trick, and to be honest didn't find it painfull at all, was really sore the day after treatment but after a few treatments feels great, little bit tight now and again but otherwise fine. it is hard finding time to play with having a family, especially as we do a fair bit of travelling in our league and the missus just dont understand the social side of it as well, theres nothing like having a drink and a chat with your mates after a hard game, she just expects me to come straight home, this can lead to a few rows but i've been playing now for 24 years and its a bit like a drug, try as i might i just cant give it up. match days 2 and 3. i get my ususal txt on wed informing me i'm in the squad for the 3rds, and were away, then on fri get a call fron the manager of the 2nds saying i was needed for this weeks game, this pleases me as i have friends in the second's an it's a step up a couple of divisions, more my standard i believe. have to work on the mornig of the game so make my own way yhere, have a bit of trouble finding the ground, but get there in good time, the changing rooms are the smallest i've ever used and are roasting hot like a sauna, just not enough room for everyone but we cope. funnily enough we're playing the a side of the team we played last week, previously relegated from the prem last season. we start off steady but the system doesn't suit us, 4-3-3, they have 5 in midfield and were getting overrun, not long and we're behind, they double up on our left backl and from the overlap they fire in a low cross along the edge of the six ard box, the attacker gets there just before the defender and fires in at the near post. no chance. we regroup and battle well but the extra men in midfield take control again and the secon is a carbon copy of the first, this time through my legs, damn. were 2-0 down and looking a bit shell shocked, i have to save a few shots from distance and a 1 on 1 that comes off my face and out for a corner. once again they break down the left and this time a whipped in cross is met by the same striker with a firm header, diving away to my left i manage to push it out to safety, it was a good height and close but was firmly headed. good reactions.half time we regroup for the second half and although we get more possesion we cant create anything of note, then the killer third after about 70 mins, long high ball that bounces over the defs head off the firm surface, still plenty of time to clear the danger but two of them get in each others way and the striker nips in with a speculative lob, i'm way off my line waiting for the headed back pass and frantically back peddle but have lost my bearings slightly and the ball drops over my outstreched arm and into the net. more posession but with little impact, and then a fourth as we push on, midfielder runs into the box with the ball and as the defender tries to get a toe in he cathces the player first, penalty. go the wrong way and its 4. full time. felt i had a good solid game, and hope i did enough to keep my place despite conceeding 4. match day 3 still with the 2nds so happy days. home game against sutton, always a bit of niggle in these ones. back to 4-4-2 and it suits us better, we compete well all over the park and restrict them to long range efforts, tho struggle to create chances of our own, it's a first half of little not, then with 2 mins to go they score a pass into the forwards feet and he runs into the box with the ball, a heavy touch and i see my chance, i start to go down but he stretches and gets a jammy scuff on the ball as he tris to control it, which wrong foots me and trickles into the net, despite the best efforts of our c/half who tries to clear it off the line. half time. postive words at half time and we come out with our heads high, we start well a couple of half chances are created but none test the keeper, then the killer second they have a corner and despite my repeated calls, i can see a free man on the edge of the box, he gets a free run and the corner picks him out perfectly as he crashes a header in off the underside of the bar. we pick ourselves up and once again take control, the chances are coming and with a bit of composure we could be back in it, then the breakthrough a bit of a scramble but finally prodded home, they start to sit back and we pile on the pressure, we create four or five good chances hitting the cross bar and missing a couple of sitters, just not our day. full time 1-2. agian a good solid game, handling excellent, comms good, and no chance with either of the goals. wore my new react ultima roll finger today and was reall impressed with the comfort, grip and durability of the glove, will update glove review after each game.
  7. React Goalkeeping Gloves

    well, what can i say? used my react ultima roll cut for the first time yesterday, and i'm impressed, first impressions were good, having prewashed my gloves as reccommended, (the water went a cloudy colour, gave them a good wash twice),let them dry for a while and off to the game. despite the result a 1-2 loss, the gloves were excellent,( as was the wearer), grip felt good and consistant from the start, gloves were comfortable, and also not any damage too the latex palm despite a number of saves and a couple of 1 on 1's and a few bheavy landings, so first impressions- a superb glove with excellent comfort, grip, durability( will update in a month or so after a few more wears,) and at less than 20 quid great value for money.
  8. Under Pressure

    definately, i've had some of my finest games when i've been so nervous before a game that i felt like i wanted to puke, don't know why but it seems to focus me so much more. mainly finals get me nervous but i remember one season we got to 2 semi,s we were a 2nd div club and both games were against prem teams, (local sunday league.) the first game i was awfull we lost 6-0 and it played on my mind all week, both semis were on consecutive sundays, the follow ing week i was a wreck, but had a great game my handling was exeplary and i shaved everything that came at me, we won that one five nil, so in a way that 6-0 drubbing was the best thing that happened to me.
  9. Kicking from the floor (Goal Kicks)

    i too have a problem with goalkicks, if i'm having a kickabout i can put the ball pretty much anywhere i want it, but off the floor? now thats a different kettle of fish. what i find bhelps is to use the markings on the ball wheather that be the mitre arrow,wording or something similar, i place the ball somewhere along the line making sure that the ground is level at least, useing my chosen mark i position the ball so that the markn is below the center of the ball, i place my standing foot alongside the ball and take four longish strides back and one to the left, have a quick look at my target(player) and then keeping my eye on chosen mark(ball) take a steady run up and concentrate on kicking through the ball contacting with the target area (mark ( lean back slightly))making sure to folow through with momentum. dont worry too much about power you'll find that with time the distance will come.
  10. what have you bought recently?

    just bough two pair of react. their ultima and aqutex roll finger,first impressions without playing is- out of 10 quality of materials/stitching - 7 (one finger slightly askew, and some marks on the back and palm of glove) value for money-9 comfort-8 will report on grip and performance (gloves not mine) later.
  11. Strengths- excellent reactions(even at my old age), shotstoping from close in, communication, sweeping, 1on1's, bravery, crosses from left, general handling. weaknesses- crosses from right wing, corners, again from the right, positionong of wall (hate the thought of 1 side of the goal being open to the theory of " if he gets it over and down in time fair play" feel i need to cover it all). long slow bobbly shots along the ground too much thinking time.