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  1. cold conditions= cold hands

    If you want to keep your toes warm, wear... tights - not only do they keep your legs warm, they also trap the heat at your feet in a way that no socks seem to be able to do.
  2. Bonj

    Well, it would've been more immense if we didn't lose 4 key players to injury - one broke his collarbone playing football just a week ago. It seems as we're approaching/hitting 30 we're turning to glass for some reason. Still, should be a good occasion - it's our uni old boys' team's 6th tour match (have played in Lisbon, Berlin, Lille, Budapest and Madrid) and each trip's been tremendous so far. Spending a week in the Cape Town area (sightseeing, shark diving, going out to the Cape of Good Hope, playing football, etc) before travelling a couple of hours north for a week end for one of the footy lads' wedding. Then it's off for a horseback safari in north-eastern RSA/south-eastern Botswana. Very much looking forward to this.
  3. Powerleague/5 a side

    Using 5-a-side on the comeback trail from my leg break. Good way to get the body to "remember" the diving about and to test the leg. It's also non-contact and the handling isn't such an issue, given that the oppo aren't allowed into the area. Use old fingersaves. Do the job. Though had to go and get shorts with a bit more padding as playing on the sh!tty sandy astro at the moment, rather than 3g.
  4. Bonj

  5. Which is your favourite soccer Player?

    Soccer is actually a 19th century English term, which came from Association Football (as opposed to Rugby Football). My favourites? The Soviet goalkeepers deserve a mention, for sure - Yashin, Dasaev and the lesser known Sarychev and Podshivalov.
  6. How do you eat?

    Just wondering, what do you eat the night before the match? The morning before the match?
  7. Finger Protection or not?

    I've been using them since they came out and they feel very comfortable to me. Went back to a non-fingersave version for half a season many years ago (just to remind/compare, really) but decided that I still preferred fingersaves. Feel good to me, no finger injuries and just use whichever pair suit the weather.
  8. Bonj

    Yeah, ambulance job, match abandoned (only 5 mins left anyway). I could feel that the leg was in 2 pieces and instinctively rolled over on that side - unlike Ramsey a week later, whose foot was just hanging there. (Saw his on MoTD, first reaction - ah, just like mine, but lower down.) The ambulance turned up and I told the birds that when they lift the leg into a splint, they should pick it up at the ankle and the knee at the same time please, so one of them starts lifting the knee and the other is staring at the bottom half muttering in disbelief "Oh, it's not moving..." (facepalm) Not too bad, though, as the match was played near mine. 10 min drive to the hospital. They set the bones a bit, the op three days later. And the hospital had a private floor, so was transferred over there within a day (as I get it with work) and the op done privately as well. Home a week later. Was off work for a month, though, and missed a couple of football trips and Fulham-Juventus, which was a little annoying.
  9. Bonj

  10. Evening. So, had a commuted wedge fracture of my tibia in February (fibula broken too but that is immaterial here). The shin is no longer flat and there is a screw cap on the outside just below the knee. Thus, the question. What would be the best shinpad to offer protection, yet a degree of adaptability to the uneven surface of my shin? What would be the best knee pad to go over that screw top? Also, should I look for any ankle protection/support? There is a potential weak point where the titanium rod ends due to the change in the relative structural strengths of the bone structure. Many thanks for any advice.
  11. Bonj

    Hi, chaps, I am a 30-year-old 'keeper at Old Meadonians FC who play on Saturdays in the Amateur Football Combination (London). I also play in a university old boys' league on Sundays. Currently out with a broken leg (snapped it in half in February) but looking to come back in mid-October. Coming here to have a look for some more advice on rehab, training, shinnies and any potential problems I might face in the coming season (it's the kicking leg, you see). Regards, Sash