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  1. What got you into goalkeeping?

    I didnt like running. Ended up in the net. I did a decent job and stayed there lol. I had trials at Sheff Utd Academy but they said i wasnt tall enough which killed me. Not being 'good' enough i could handle and work at getting better but not being tall enough just killed me so although i kept playing i wasnt all in as i usually was. Luckily I did get my head back into it but gained alot of weight lol.
  2. Back again

    Hey Up All, Back on this place again. Like what you have done with the place. Im more on FB now but will visit more often. Fraser Keep up the good work brother. Zaff
  3. I think its all about mentality. My last match i made 2 mistakes which i wasnt best pleased. - Gave away a penalty after a suicide backpass and took out the striker even though i knew i should have just left it but i still did it. - Went to catch a cross that was floated in and it just slipped through my hands and went in the net. I put it down to the mud that was on the ball but still no excuse. I am still pissed off now and the match was on sunday. On same footing i did play the 2nd half with 1 leg as my calf was really tight and i could barely walk but i still carried on and claimed some crosses and saved some 1 on ones including another backpass and the striker running at me i dinked it over his leg took on another player and passed the ball on. I dont know what went through my head as i would never have dreamed of doing this ever. We lost that game 2-0. I blame myself. I always do anytime i concede/dont do something right BUT ask me if i want to play another game. Answer will be bring it on. Mentality is a big aspect of being a keeper. Mine is anger which i dont expect is the right way but its my way. Fitness is also helpful. I have found since i have started doing cardio my game has improved and i have only been doing it for a couple of weeks. Sorry for long post but just thought i would add my 2penneth. Zaff
  4. Is his Zod-ness in this biznitch?!

    1. fraserb


      He will re appear I'm sure

  5. what gloves do you have :):) (pictures)

    DH1s all the way pal. you dont know what your missing out on for the price matey! currently using the wet grips and they are excellent in the 3 games i have used them in! Zaff
  6. been using the DH-1 Wet Grips and they are brilliant few more matches and i will do a review! BTW someone buy my Pro-GK Rev please lol

  7. Cutters Pro fit stopper

    just thought i would adjust it properly lol
  8. Cutters Pro fit stopper

    im sorry did you say for 85quid the gloves are good on some footballs but not others im sorry but for 85fukin quid they best have magnetic latex which attracts the god damn ball!! All in all nice review but way over my budget for gk gloves. Zaff
  9. Hey up ladz, i am thinking of selling my Pro GK Revolutions size 10 roll fingers. I am just typing this on my phone so cant get all details etc but they are brand new. i bought 2 pairs but i have now got more gloves so i thought these should go to someone else to have a go. I did a review on here so all the details for the glove is in the review. i just want what i paid which is about £15 + £3 postage. i have not sold gloves or anything before so i dont know costs etc. Zaff
  10. F-Line (FL-1) Review

    personally i dont like the look of the f line but i do like there ultima gloves just ashame there not roll finger but hopefully in the new year they will be. i totally understand the retro look and im sure they are a quality glove but just not my taste lol. good luck pal, i will put up a review of the Bramics which may leave you surprised........
  11. DH-1s arriving this week! Cant Wait!

    1. Mattie280702


      i've ordered some of the fluorescent pink ones! they look awesome! loving dan's new colours!

    2. Ruthlessgk


      he offered me them but i had to resist lol. nah pink is not for me but the green, black n white are my brightest pair. i got them and the all white glove so just cant wait to try them.

  12. SK Kits

    take nothing away from the skkits gloves but i dont like the way they look personally. seem too busy but i do like the way the flat palms look but would prefer roll finger. its more pf a personal preference tbh. what other glove brands have you tried if you dont mind me asking? Zaff
  13. F-Line (FL-1) Review

    no matey its personal preference and if you like the glove who cares lol. i havent tried Alert gloves personally so i cant comment on either but just about all review you hear regarding Alert is good but at the end of the day its personal preference. Surprisingly i dont really like the Alert gloves but again its personal opinion but they may 'feel' better than they look. Good luck with your choice for the weekend pal. I am currently using the new Bramics but i dont think they like wet weather lol but will see how they get on. Zaff
  14. F-Line (FL-1) Review

    well done on the review matey. personally i dont actually like the look of these gloves but i do appreciate what look Fordy is going for. just one question matey, why did you not like the alert gks? you are the 1st person to not like them so i was just wondering. Zaff
  15. Different Glove Latex

    but what is better out of the giga and wet. also as you sell your own gloves why did you personally go with supersoft and giga?. just askin matey Zaff