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  1. Let's see you in action

    Here's a few from the other day
  2. porteriacero

    Never heard of them but love some of their designs Is there anywhere in the UK that sell them?
  3. Keeper ID

    Have to agree I had a pair and really rated them.
  4. What level are you playing at?

    Coton green mate First game of the new season was on Saturday.
  5. What level are you playing at?

    Played in east midland counties league (step 6) and now midland combination league (step 7) also played in the Birmingham afa
  6. Let's see you in action

    Just couple of me in various kits
  7. Any body used this in the link below I order a roll last night and will test on saturday just wondering if anyone else uses it or recomends it? Finger tape
  8. Best brand for goalkeepers glove

    I have just brought a pair of these My link quality seems good (not used yet) and for the price seem like good value I also used these the other day My link These offered good grip and with a pre wash before hand no latex came off. The only thing I found was they did make my hands abit sweatier than normal when I used my Keeper I.ds or puma's I have been a big fan of Puma and have around 4 pairs of pumas in 2 seasons and really like them
  9. Post a Picture of Your Gloves.

    The whole collection including: a couple of new pairs: Thrown the Nike and tatty Puma ones away and cleaned the rest now just got these left I really liked my keeper ID pair but not so durable. Used the black Zapkam ones saturday and was impressed mark
  10. UK Keeper Wars 2011

    What does this involve? When is it? whats it about?
  11. Howdy from the mids

    Alrite mate, Not doing too bad I have played 1 game for the 1st team and won 3-0 and played 2 games for the reserves and won 2-1 and 3-0 not played many due to holidays. But haven
  12. Howdy from the mids

    Alrite fellow goalstoppers lol:) Nice little forum here. Little bit about me Mark Age 21 6