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  1. Your first pair of gloves?

    Hehe my first glove was also "gardening" gloves ;) hehe After that my mom bought me a pair of Select 22, which was the bomb for a young kid who only wanted to play football back in the early 90´s :)
  2. top 5 keepers of the decade

    Except that Schmeichel is Danish ;) hehe
  3. nike vg3 or adidas response pro

    I have played with them both some years back, and i would also recommend Nike VG 3.. I didnt like the Adidas Response back then, but they might be better now but i dont know but i liked the VG3 alot, and think i only played 1 match in the Response before i only used it for fun and training..
  4. Help me pick my gloves

    The Uhlsport Cerberus Absolutgrip, is a very nice glove. They have a very good grip, and a thight fit that is nice. The size is just spot on, so if you use a size 8 you choose a size 8.
  5. Transfer Fees

    Well i would think that Schmeichel would state around 30-40 million when he was at his top of the career, but then again he is a very different keeper than those you see today. The whole goalkeeping tecnique has changed alot since Schmeichel was active. But in a transfer at the top of his career? I would say one of the biggest transfer deals with a goalkeeper. If you think that the man was one of the worlds best keepers through out the most of his career in Manchester United, and kept on his level for alot of seasons then he would have been one of the most expensive goalkeepers out there. But then again Manchester United bought him for 500.00 Pound in 91 and that was with out a doubt the deal of the century.
  6. What gloves should I buy?

    You shouldnt ask us what gloves to buy. Because the gloves i love to play with, someone else hate and etc etc. Go down to your local Sports shop and try them all on, and take the pair you feel most comfortable in. If you shop online, then take the pair you like the most based on looks, cut, and your gut. It is you that is gonna play with them, so its up to you to choose. And yes i know its very hard to choose, because there are so many nice, shinny gloves out there. I had the same problem with my last purchase of gloves, and ended up with 3 possible gloves and ended up with the one i felt could match my needs over a season.. And i cant play in gloves i think is ugly so no matter how good they are im never gonna buy or play in a glove i think is ugly. So good luck, and hope you find a glove you like. PS. The Adidas Response glove is a very nice glove;) I love the cut and the feel it has on its hand, i just feel that the grip isnt the best you can get. So in that pricerange i would go for a pair of Sells, or Uhlsport instead.
  7. I cross my fingers and really hope that they decide NOT to buy Lloris. Not that i have anything against Hugo, but as a Danish goalkeeper, i wish Lindegaard all the succes he can have, and get to be first choice in Man Utd. That we can have a player on the danish national team that play regular on the highest level is something we really could use. We dont really have anyone on the team that play regular on that level besides Christian Poulsen and he has a rough time in Liverpool at the moment. So my fingers are crossed for that Ferguson decides to put his money on Lindegaard as starter after Van Der Sar put his career behind him. Wagner
  8. Well his debut on the Danish national team was a great succes. We lost to Portugal 3-1 but he only concieved 1 goal against him, because Thomas Sørensen got injured, and he did alot of very good saves against Ronaldo.. If he can take his form on the national team with him to Manchester he will for sure be first choice and do it very well, and Manchester will keep on with there very very good defence:)
  9. Agree he is a talented goalkeeper and could very well be one of the bests, but the next Schmeichel? That is blasphemy. There are only 1 Schmeichel:) About the penalty, lets say that he freaked Rooney out a bit with his way of making the goal smaller. Yes he shot the ball over the bar, but lets just agree on that, if Rooney had hit the goal he would have scored, since the goalie chose the wrong side. No doubt about it at all, so that wasnt a great save by a goalie but a badly shoot penalty by a striker.
  10. Well as a Dane i think that Anders Lindegaard is the future for goalkeeping in Denmark. He is very quickly gone one to become first choice on our national team and he is a very good goalkeeper with the attitude you need to be the best. He is gonna be good and great in the future just wait and see:) But ofcourse that depends on him getting playing time in Man United:)
  11. Met any famous goalkeepers?

    Well met Peter Schmeichel once at a event, and got his autograph and a qiuck 30 sec. chat:) That must be the most famous goalkeeper i have met.
  12. HELP NEEDED!!!

    That would be great BGSM:) And good idea Gavin;)
  13. HELP NEEDED!!!

    I would love one to.. Tried to join to but dont have a invitation code either, and tried to write them to ask how i can get one, but no reply.. Wagner
  14. SELECT @ CFK Sports

    I can highly recommend Select, especially there 77 or 88 glove. Im from Denmark and Select is the brand here, and every sportsshop in Denmark retails that glove, and its by far the most used glove in Denmark among keepers.