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  1. I'm expecting a Boruc-esque performance form Szczesny. Definitely think Shay Given will do well if he stays injury free. If he isn't playing, maybe Westwood will.
  2. Best ground you've ever played at?

    Strathslyde Homes stadium, Dumbarton's ground. Played a final against the older year's finalists because the other team got disqualified. It was really a friendly, but we won 3-1.
  3. Your first pair of gloves?

    Nike pair that were silver and had Fabien Barthez on the strap.
  4. Supporting a club outside your country

    Even with a different number of teams etc, Celtic and Rangers will still top the table. Scottish football is dying, and something has to be done about it soon.
  5. Supporting a club outside your country

    Scotland really needs some reconstruction anyway, especially when you compare the sums of money the SPL get and the EPL get.
  6. Supporting a club outside your country

    Glasgow Celtic are the only team for me. Hate when people choose to watch an EPL game over going to a game. Almost everyone I know supports an English team as well, which isn't right when especially the weer teams in the spls attendances are suffering. You only have to look back 7 or 8 years to see near enough sell out crowds at every ground in the SPL.
  7. Shoes!

    4 pairs, 3x Umbros and Nike CTRs
  8. Any problems with REACT delivery

    I took advantage of his Facebook offer and bought a pair for £12 I think. Mike said they'd be dispatched on Monday and would definitely arrive next week.
  9. Baslke v Man Utd

    See that 1 on 1 save right before the goal. wow man.
  10. Evening Gents

    Aye ano :(

    Email Address – m_quinncfc@hotmail.com Favourite Goalkeeper – Artur Boruc Current gloves worn – Alert Negatives Date of birth – 15.01.95
  12. What are you wearing...?

    Long sleeve keeper top and shorts and socks. Wearing too much weighs you down, and I hate the feeling of getting wet, so wearing less minimalises it. I'll need to invest in some under armour though.
  13. How much did you originally pay?
  14. Always wear my Umbro strip, no matter the weather or surface. I hate hate hate getting wet, and if I wear less, I get less wet and less weighed down.
  15. Good luck with the scouts mate :) I'll update it when I have time to go through the matches and stuff, been really busy lately though.