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  1. Playing through DOMS...

    Doms only occurs when you do something new (a movement or a heavier weight than you're used to). It usually takes 3-4 days to heal. I had severe DOMS before an 11's game and I massaged the area lots, took an Epsom salt bath and various other things recommended but to be honest there's little you can do. When you get into the game the adrenaline will take over and you won't notice it so much, just don't let it get into your head as it'll knock your confidence!
  2. SafeHands 5-a-Side Journal

    Hi Guys, Just dropping in again as its been some time since I've visited the boards. A question for you all. I know goalkeepers should always stay on their feet for mobility but I've played against a number of teams (5-a-side) where the GK crouches low almost in a squat position or even plays on their knees on the goalline. I've always played off my line to narrow the angles but I find myself being beaten reguarly by hard low shots from close proximity as I can't get down to them quick enough and as the shooter is so close there's little time for me to react. It seems to be a case of guess where they are going to shoot (not working well!) or stay on my feet and try to react with my feet/a dive (also not working well!) The GK's who have been crouching or playing low down seem to be able to move around still and have a better success rate in shot stopping. Is this something a 5-a-side goalkeeper should try in your opinion? The natures of 5's is different so I wonder if the rules for a GK should be adapted to reflect this? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. SafeHands
  3. Sprained back

    I did the same thing last Monday. Playing 5's bending low and felt it go, played on but performance was poor as I was in considerable pain. It happened because I deadlifted 260lbs in the gym the day before and then didn't have time to warm up properly before the game. I've now left it a week and intend to play again tonight. I've not trained or been to the gym all week and tt feel's 95% healed, I plan on doing some dynamic stetching pre-match and I'll see how I feel.
  4. Powerleague/5 a side

    I play on the 5g stuff too, those rubber balls get EVERYWHERE!! I wear Nike Pro Fit bottoms and Nike padded goalkeeping trousers.
  5. SafeHands 5-a-Side Journal

    I wore them again on Monday and they felt better, playing again tonight and they've had another wash inbetween so will see how they fare. I'm really happy with them as they've not marked up at all, they just don't feek as grippy as other gloves I've tried. It's probably because they were softer latex or something?
  6. SafeHands 5-a-Side Journal

    Game 4 Date: 21/10/2010 Day: Thursday KO Time: 20:30 Score Won 18-6 Footwork Good footwork, always in set position on toes. Positioning/Angles Good, was further out that usual and this helped me save many shots Catching Caught little but had little opportunities to catch. 2 or 3 I parried away that I should have caught. Distribution Kept roll out technique in mind and distribution was much better, no dodgy roll outs Communication Always communicating, kept team organised but they got sloppy as we were scoring so many they stopped marking. Decision Making Good, did the right thing on 1-v-1's and shots on edge of area. 1-on-1's Good, beaten on one, the other they squared the ball to an unmarked player for a tap in Long Range Shots Only one, caught and distributed Low Shots One or two, square balls I got to and kept out Goals Conceded 2 in first half, one unmarked player infront of goal, others square balls, one past me on 1-v-1 low to left hand side and others mainly due to poor marking. Best Saves Edge of area 1-v-1 saves, fronting striker at edge of area, he squares ball to unmarked player who shoots, I readjust and make the save. Mistakes Possibly a few I should have caught that I didn
  7. SafeHands 5-a-Side Journal

    I've been using the Shay Given Puma Fingersaves (my last two pairs) but they were not durable and after about 10 games were falling apart. They split on the back on my hand, on the seam, fingers poking through, base of palm with little grip etc. Before that I used the Nike Spyne's, again not very durable. After reading this board (and particuarly your comments Jamie) I invested in a pair of KLA Flat Palms too! They've just arrived at work (literally 5 mins ago) and they look good. It'll be the first time I've played 5 a side without fingersaves and I'm hoping I'll have a better feel for the ball and hold onto more now! I'm playing tonight so will let you all know how they feel!
  8. SafeHands 5-a-Side Journal

    Hi Stynx, I'm 25. Thanks for the positive comments!
  9. SafeHands 5-a-Side Journal

    Match 3 Date: 18/10/2010 Day: Monday KO Time: 20:40 Score Lost 4-2 Footwork Good footwork, kept moving and got body behind ball. Positioning/Angles Good angles, near post always covered, aware opposition players were right footed so positioned myself accoringly and this helped me make saves on edge of area close up. Catching Good Catching, long range shots caught, close to body shots caught, held much more than usual. Still using feet to right hand side and ball going back into play. Distribution Better, reviewed distribution technique video and this made it better. Only 1 poor roll out, forgot technique a little as game went on. Communication Good as ever, kept team organised mainly. Decision Making Good, stayed put on 1v1's and make no mistakes. 1-on-1's Only 1, opposition scored, stayed on my feet but shot around me Long Range Shots 1st goal long range, couldn
  10. SafeHands 5-a-Side Journal

    Played again last night, Division 2 Thursdays, a better standard than the Monday league I play in. Game 2 Date: 14/10/2010 Day:Thursday KO Time: 19:30 Score: Lost 6-4 Footwork Good footwork, always on toes and moving, toes facing ball, calf strain during 1-v-1 at end. Positioning/Angles Decent angles although beaten on a few occasions where ball hit post and bar Catching Caught about half of the shots that came my way, could have been better. Distribution 2-3 dangerous roll outs, we didn't concede from them though. They tend to happen at the end of a game when I'm tired. Need to roll on floor also not in air. Communication Good communication, kept team organised mostly although new players not marking. Decision Making OK on 1-v-1's, got chipped at edge of area when I thought he was going to shoot low. 1-on-1's Stayed on feet and sent most wide as angles covered, scored on twice during 1-v-1's player shot low and hard just outside my feet and scored. Long Range Shots Only 1 or 2, held one and the other I saw late but got down low and got body behind the ball, shot hit my knees and bounced out. Low Shots Saved mainly with my feet but not too many to save Goals Conceded Poor back pass, player unmarked, directly infront of goal. 2x1-v-1's, 1x square ball unmarked. 1x chip, other cant recall. Best Saves Shot to my left hand side, instinct save sent it wide. Shot right down my throat but very hard, held it. Mistakes Distribution, getting chipped on edge of area Overall Rating 2/5 Comments Poor overall performance, not a lot to do but did little when called upon. However, out team should have won but the other keeper had a blinder and won them the game.
  11. SafeHands 5-a-Side Journal

    Go for it Paul, I'm sure we'll both learn from each others journals! I'm playing again on Thursday so my next update will be here on Friday.:)