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  1. heyy! Nice to know a fellow malaysian here! :D where do you live?

  2. I shouted the defender name when he is on the way heading the ball or shouted "OOOOPPPPPP". :lol:
  3. glove delivery trouble

    I'm from S.E.A too. I don't like buying gloves online. I will go to Adidas or Nike or Puma retailer here to buy gloves.
  4. Penalties

    Awesome video man. My tips of success is just dive at the right moment. You've to trust yourself as well your knowledge on penalty kicks. You need to be a penalty taker so you know what it takes to save a penalty.
  5. Hopefully Anders Lindegaard will be the first keeper. Not like Tomasz Kuszack. Glory-glory Manchester United ! :angry:
  6. Good thing to hear that from you because Van der Sar is going to retired and Manchester won't have any experienced keeper left except Kuszczak. I really want to see his debut with the Manchester United team next year.
  7. Yeah. He doesn't make his debut yet. Just wait for his first match and we can expect what would he be. I hope man utd will be more powerful in the defend aspect.
  8. What do you think of him? The next Schmeichel ? but Peter Schmeichel doubt about him. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anders_Lindegaard http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9xKWSlBDsk
  9. Thanks Luke. GKTender you should sticky this post up. Great post. Keep it up man! :lol:
  10. The penalty missed was not a pressure from Szczesny. It is because Rooney made a draft run. :P
  11. Saving low ball?

    Thanks slurp23. This is really helping me out on mastering the important BASIC of goalkeeping.
  12. height

    I'm shorter because I'm asian. I'm just 168cm and I'm 14.
  13. Saving low ball?

    Thanks guy and gav if you can post photo please post it. Will really appreciate it! B)
  14. Crossing or Kicking?

    I will go for goalkeeper weak at kicking because - He can deal crosses very well. - He can pass the defender instead of kicking the throughout the field. Only my opinion. Agreed with WarbyGK <_<
  15. Saving low ball?

    I was thinking that the ball will hit my hand and bounce. Thanks man. This really helped me :)