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  1. CFK Sports Birthday Offer

    Hi keepers, To celebrate our birthday this Saturday, we are offering a 24 hour special offer for everyone! Starting from midnight on Saturday morning till midnight Saturday night, you can get FREE DELIVERY and 10% OFF all items available on the website. We started CFK Sports with one promise in mind: to offer our customers the best gloves possible, at the best prices with the best customer service. All of that has been achieved, as well as forging great relationships with customers, with keepers and with the brands themselves. We would like to thank GoalkeeperTalk and everyone on here for all their advice and help over the last year. Since we began, we've got a superb following on Facebook and Twitter, have opened a Blog too and have a newsletter circulated regularly which goes all around the World! We have plans to get bigger and better, and this is just one of the ways we can think of to offer everyone a massive thank you...short of offering gloves at £0!!! Thanks again guys, Gav shop.cfksports.com
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  3. Shin Pads rubbing

    Thats exactly what I do! Easiest way to do it, I think!
  4. Get the cracking F-Line collection NOW at CFK Sports all for incredible prices! £15.00 for adult glove! AMAZING!

  5. Goalkeeper pre-game/training warmups

    No worries, mate. If you need anything else, just give me a shout!
  6. Definitely! They're new range are really good, very comfortable to wear. But that's what you get with the likes of the smaller brands. Because they've been keepers, they know what keepers want and will put the work into their product. Kenny @ KA, Stuart @ F-Line, Mark @ GKU, they're all keepers which is why their products are so good. They spend time on using the right materials, which sets them and other "smaller" brands apart from the bigger names. *Sorry Brad, not worked with you yet to comment on you!!! Lol!!!*
  7. New Under Armour goalkeeper gloves

    Personally, I think if a new brand had come out with this, then they would get slated for what looks like an extremely basic design. I know with it being Under Armour then there must be hidden details in it somewhere, but there's nothing that makes me want to buy it. I'll keep my eye out for reviews on it though.
  8. Goalkeeper pre-game/training warmups

    If you keep stretches to basics, then it works just as well! When beginning your match warm-up, jogging across the pitch a few times, then sidesteps either side are good. From here, bring your knees up and then heels up. This is all while jogging across the park. Next should be opening up the groins, both inwards and outwards. To do this, bring your knee up so its parallel with the ground, and swing it to the side to open outwards, and do the reverse to bring it inwards. After this, static stretches should be done. Basically, this is down to you to assess whatever feels tight. Work on the calves, the hamstrings, this is all important. Most of the keepers works comes from the legs, ie kicking, pushing off, running out etc, so its important that the bottom part of the body is properly stretched. After you're static stretches, get the arms swinging, and torso moving. The arms are easy when doing dynamic stretches, you just swing them forwards and backwards, but doing static stretches is quite different with the arms. Have your arm across your body and push into the chest with the other arm, and do the same with other arm. Other one to do is have your armpushing down your back, with the opposite hand puhsing on the elbow. Helps move the upper arm and shoulder muscles. Your torso is pretty basic as well, get your hips moving, using a ball doing the "round the world" is good for this.
  9. Goalkeeper pre-game/training warmups

    For me, the training warm up will depend on what you're working on in that session. With the Academy that I take, our warm-up matches in with the main theme of the session. This means that if the keepers are working on their fast feet, then a few drills during the warm up involving getting their feet from A to B quick would be involved. The bog-standard warm ups are needed as well, like doing your jogging to get the muscles warm before doing dynamic and stretches. Dynamic stretches are usually better. Whilst doing this, always keep in mind that you are working either from bottom to top, or vice versa, ie, working from the bottom of your legs by doing side-steps to then knee's up and heels up, to groin stretches etc etc. For a match day, you need to plan it as to what will get you into game mode quicker and mentally better. Whether this be jogging across the pitch, doing dynamic and static stretches, and then ball work. When I played, I hated getting penalties taken during a warm up (I thought it was bad luck!) but loved the last five minutes of the team one at a time taking shots, much like a training drill. Basically, you need to try different things to see what you like best, and then stick to it.
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  11. Goalkeeper training

    We are selling one at £50. Plus, you can get a 10% discount off it right now due to our pre-season sale. This message might well get deleted, but thought I would share that info with you anyway.
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  13. Quitting Goalkeeping

    The key to 1 on 1s is knowing how long to stand for, and when to rush!!! To be honest, a keeper's main goal for this situation is to transfer the pressure onto the striker, and hold up the striker as long as possible to allow your defence to get back into position. The best stance for this would be come out to roughly 9 yards off your goal line once the attacker is clean through, and set yourself up in the Indiana Jones stance, ie knees bent, hands at sides just as if you were ready for a shot. Be on your toes, but not bouncing up and down like the outfield players do! If you are on your toes, it allows you to make quick adjustments with your positioning, by moving to the side or moving forwards and backwards. As the striker comes into the 18 yard box, you have the decision to make: make yourself look BIG for as long as you can, and then RUSH. By being big, it doesn't mean you're standing straight up. Stay with your knees bent, and have your arms out a little wider. You then want to make the striker move as far to the side of the goal as you possibly can. By doing this, you're holding him up, but lessening his chances of scoring. You also want to watch when the striker takes a heavy touch. There are two chances here: ONE; you take the ball, TWO; you give away a penalty. A lot of strikers nowadays take a deliberate bad touch just to make the keeper make a challenge, therefore giving away a penalty. It's happening more and more these days, and you need to give credit to the striker: it's very smart! However, timing it right is essential. Pull out of the challenge if you think it's too dodgy. When you are in a 1 to 1 situation, think clearly. Don't panic. Slow down your heart rate - by doing this I find that it sort of "slows down time" too. Sounds weird I know, but it gives a litte more clarity!!! Don't worry about being out those 9 yards either. When the strikers running through, he's running on adrenaline as well, and will more than likely try to play it low, or take it round you. He won't think of lobbing you. If he does, you need to applaud the striker, but you didn't do anything wrong. I hope this all helps. Sorry if it sounds all a bit childish, but sometimes it's the easiest way to write down instructions!!! By the way, I'm extremely happy you've decided not to quit football. Definitely the right decision.
  14. talking

    You've missed "KEEPERS!!!"! Lol!!! I tend to shout directional shouts, like "Left back", Right back", letting the defence know where there's a man running unmarked. Also shout "EIGHTEEN!" when needed, to let the team to know hold their line around there and play the offside trap. "EIGHTEEN AND OUT!" lets them know to hold that, and as the opposition runs up to take the free kick, the defence clear out to spring the offside trap.
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