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  1. shefellover93's Football Journal

    Drew 1-1. Other fella made an absolute bags of their goal, dropped an easy free but he did play well second half to be fair. The result means unless Everton win by more than a goal over Carrigaline we go through to the Quarter Finals
  2. best and worst results

    9-0 both ways!
  3. Am I the only one?

  4. shefellover93's Football Journal

    It's a horrible feeling alright!
  5. What boots do you wear as a keeper and why?

    I'm wearing a pair of gold Puma kings (Down from €130 to €50) and find them excellent. My ones are a tiny bit big but I just wair a pair of normal socks under my football ones and they fit perfectly. Getting myself a pair of Adidas mouldy's though
  6. how tall are you guys?

    6'4, is an advantage alright but don't have as good balance or jump as other fellas
  7. Sponsorship.

    Wait, do I have to buy the gloves? Doesn't that cancel the entire point of sponsorship :lol: I get free gloves as it is but it'd be nice to get sponsorship from a particular brand
  8. shefellover93's Football Journal

    Goaltender: I've seen players be sent off for it on a second bookable offence, but I've never seen straight red for it before. Squad's looking alright, have the bones of about 20 so we should be one of the stronger teams although we only had 13 yesterday. Shuyin: Yeah that's it exactly. Players only wanna play with succesfull teams so often one team can be getting six subs a game and the other struggling to get 11.
  9. shefellover93's Football Journal

    Thanks guys! Some interesting results in the other games!
  10. Sponsorship.

    Threw in an e-mail into Just4Keepers there for the laugh. Just to see what sort of response I'd get. It sounded professional anyways B)
  11. I've a pair of these at the moment and I find them to be an excellent glove. Have to work hard to keep grip but they're very comfortable, durable and flexible. Would be happy to receive another pair
  12. shefellover93's Football Journal

    Won 2-1 today and played the whole game. First half I found it difficult judging the bounce of the ball of the astro and they threatened with a few balls over the top. We went 1-0 up and they equalised about 10 mins before half time with a free kick which took a wicked bounce. We went down to 10 early in the second with one of our midfielders seeing red for throwing the ball at an opposition player (A booking surely?!) From there we were hanging on and I had to be on good form to keep the scores level, and then out of nowhere we hit the flank, crossed it in and scored at the back post! That was with about five left in the game and we managed to hang on and get an important and satisfying win! The referee was shocking, and gave an awful lot their way (Namely the sending off and some very obvious offsides) and the astro pitch gave them a huge advantage but still we got the win. Wednesday he's giving the other fella a run out, but I've got to turn up anyways just in case, might get a run outfield if we're short players!
  13. Ball Magnets Return to 11 a-side

    Ah you need the nerves man, that's what makes playing well so enjoyable, beating yer nerves as well as the opposition. It does take a while though and I found it something that ya can't really work on, my advice is just get all the experience in the nets as possible, it all helps massively with decision making and confidence
  14. Ball Magnets Return to 11 a-side

    Alright mate! Great to hear you getting back to keeping 11-a-side. Not a bad opening result either. I'm sure the stuff you learned as a kid will come back to you and you'll find it more and more natural. Best of luck!
  15. shefellover93's Football Journal

    Great to know there's an interest guy! So the game against the u18's was a success largely personally. Me and the other guy were the only two keepers so he played for the 18's first half while I played with our u19's team and then we swapped at half time. First half my team won 3-0, second half my team lost 1-0 so it ended up 4-0 to the u19's. Was very good with early calling and diving at feet for through balls, made a good few saves in the second half as well including one at full stretch from a header. Game Sunday now against Carrigaline away, and our coach is saying that he wants to stick to last years team and let the new lads earn their place. So hopefully a few good performances and the other lad will piss off to another club! :lol: