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  1. despite having a very consistant kick from the floor, i consistantly slice or loop staright up into the air my kicking from my hands, in the recent past i have sloved the problem by clearing my area and kicking from the floor, but as all you keepers know kicking out of hands is a vital part of distrubution we must be able to use, on the odd occasions i do kick well from hands it goals straight threw to the other keeper :)
  2. Kicking from the floor (Goal Kicks)

    Now this is a good one for me, with my kicking being a massive strength in my game: when i was first taught to take goal kicks my coach gave me this technequie and it really really work even in high (gale force) winds which are a very regular thing in west yorkshire. imagine you are Johny Wilkinson playing rugby. 1. place the ball on a nice raised bit of grass if possible. 2. take minimum of 5, maximum of 7 steps straight back from the ball. 3. then take minimum or 2 maximum or 4 steps to the side. 4 turn your body so instead of facing forward to the play and ball you are facing the touchline. this will allow you to get the required hight just as rugby fly halfs do when kicking penalty's, by getting the side of the foot right underneath the ball, as you feel more and more comfortable with it you can increase power, which in turn increases distance. if you use this please let me know how you get on and weather or not you find it to have helped,
  3. What do you do during 1 on 1's?

    One of the best tips i was given in terms of one v one's is Dont fear giving away a foul. Dont fear getting hurt or your more likly will get hurt !
  4. [POLL] Short or long sleeves?

    Although Yorkshire is not know for its long beautiful summer's i must confess to being some what of a wimp when it comes to being cold during a game, despite this i point blank refuse to ever wear trousers simply use under armour skins underneath my shorts and socks :) ! And therefore when it comes to short or long sleeves! there is no question its long for me, although i do like to warm up in a short sleeve top! But i spose they do say you have to be mad to be a keeper.
  5. react xpg pro

    thanks for the advice, after the pre wash do you recommend using any glove care product after game use? or still warm water ? i currently use warm water but if there is a better way then iam up for using it :) on my react aqua 2010 model i have noticed the back hand has a slight orange stain to it (which is not a problem as it hasnt damaged the glove) but has anyone else noticed similar ?? sorry everyone but all advice is much appreciated
  6. The keeper you aspire to be??

    i agree with all the comments about Buffon's positioning, it is out of this world good. I have always aspired to be play like David James, i just think he is an outstanding athlete and he jut seems to get better with age. And i think the fact he was 1 of the only Englishmen to come out of the world cup with credit shows how good he really is, seen as this was a dismal English side.
  7. react xpg pro

    u'll need to let me know how u get on with them.i got a pair but am still recovering from breaking my hand just now and wont be back playing till after the new year. i've got to many gloves to try and this is the second time this season its broke.lol i have the old aqua 2010 model and i really rate them, but when i saw then new 2011 model on the website for an intructory offer of
  8. New Boots and Gloves

    what are those gloves like ? ive heard good things about them but they are way out of my price range:(