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  1. He messed up for Bayern's first goal in the second leg as well.
  2. Power/ Fitness

    That is because everybody is different. Just get one of the instructors at your local gym to make out a plan for you. Oh, and you should probably be doing gym work all year round, not just when the season finishes.
  3. A typical day in the life of a pro keeper?

    I found it interesting that you only train for an hour and a half everyday. I don't know why, but I just assumed training was a few hours long. Thanks for posting.
  4. Penalties

    You never know with that though. They could be looking right because they are going left, but they might actually be going right. It's just up to the player, and it's just guessing whether he's bluffing or not. I prefer to judge by the run-up. Generally works a lot. If you don't have a clue, I find nearly all players go across their body, so just do that if you can't get any other clues.
  5. Richard Lee - A Short Bio

    That third penalty save is quality!
  6. Shorts or trousers/pants

    I find goalkeeping pants restrict your movement. I wore 3/4 length for a whole season and I loved them, but I wear shorts now as they look more professional.
  7. Post a Picture of Your Gloves.

  8. shefellover93's Football Journal

    Good luck anyway! I think I'm playing with the U17s again this weekend. We're playing Macroom away. I don't know if they're any good but I think they are second and apparently it is a crucial game.
  9. shefellover93's Football Journal

    We drew 0-0 today, I was delighted. I don't really care about the score seeing as it's not my team, but I kept a clean sheet and I played well. That was the first clean sheet they've kept all season and I think I'm playing with them for their remaining five games, so hopefully I can add a few more. I didn't find it hard to step up at all. That was my first match with them today, and I felt very relaxed and in control on the pitch. The one thing that did hit me was the quality, or lack of quality. It was unbelievably bad at times, and I guess I'm just not used to playing lower league football. It was my first time playing 90 minutes aswell and you do notice the difference there.
  10. height

    In all fairness, that is tall enough for fourteen. You're still going to grow...
  11. shefellover93's Football Journal

    Great read! I actually play for Lakewood Athletic U.15, but I'm playing against Bandon tomorrow at your age. Just saw the table you posted there, and we're top but we haven't kept a clean sheet all season. Hopefully, I'll keep one tomorrow in my first game...
  12. Spitting on your gloves...

    That is not true. Spit has digestive enzymes which break down maltose (I think), and will not erode the latex of your glove.
  13. When to trial?

    To answer your original question, you should be good at everything. I think the most important thing for trials is to stand out -- do this by commanding your area, organising your defense, and taking crosses. Good luck with whatever you decide to do anyway.
  14. Gaelic Football

    As mentioned, you will get a lot of high balls with players running in on top of you. I know now this is not good for goalkeepers, but I would recommend punching those balls when you will be tackled. When you catch the ball, you could easily be bundles into the goal, and it might be given. I wouldn't take the chance. Just remember to punch out to the side, and away from opposition players. Obviously, catch the ball if you are under no pressure.
  15. Indivdual GK training advice/help

    I think the best solution would be to find another goalkeeper to train with. I'm sure there are other teams in your area, or similarly skilled goalkeepers around the same age as you. You wouldn't have to pay anything and you'd both know the position.