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  1. How do you like yours?

    I'd never thought of chopping off the stirrups as i think they look mightily gay! I shalll do it as if i was wearing shorts but cut off those stirrips tomorrow then!
  2. How do you like yours?

    Morning Chaps, On occasions when it's cold & i'm feeling like a girl i wear some of those padded trouser jobbies. Partly as i've said because it's cold, but also because my club's kit is shite & i don't have kit that matches the colours. The problem i have is shin-pads. When i've worn them before i've worn shinpads on my shins, then the trousers over the top, then the socks pulled up to just past the ankle over the trousers. The issue i have is that they move around even when the tape is applied outside of the socks. Without having to put some shinnies with ankle supports to hold everything in place is there a secret method?
  3. What a Terrible game!

    Yeah i spoke to the manager after the game & he recognised as i did that although i probably should of done better with a couple of the goals (which i accept) the majority was wholey down to the defence. It was weird really as the last game we played the defence was awesome!
  4. Well, i had the dis-pleasure of playing in, the worst game of my life, ever on Saturday afternoon. Read on if you'd like to laugh at our misfortune... Despite the rain the pitch was looking surprisingly good, we had'nt played for 7 weeks due to Xmas & the weather, so i was raring to go as was a few of the other younger lads in the team, we were playing a cup game (we're 4th from bottom & we were playing a team in 3rd place in our league). So i'm doing my warm up before the game, being warmed up by our second team players who've come to watch. Anyway, i'm holding everything they're hitting at me, (it's only a warm up, so no reason not to). I mis-judge one and it hits the end of my finger, which jars it slightly & it qucikly swells up to the size of a grape at the knuckle, GREAT! - But not being a pansy, i man up & we kick off. Now being a keeper is a lonely enough position as it is, but my god this game made me feel isolated! Within 10minutes one of their who would be tormentors of ours put a ball through to their small striker, straight through both our CB's who decided not to bother trying to track back until the striker was 2yds past them, so i come quickly off my line, to meet him on the edge of the area, i stay on my feet to the last possible moment but he slots cooly underneath me, 1-0 down. We then go down the other end & equalise. Some poor defending again, not picking up the runners or closing ANYONE down leads to their second goal, i manage to parry to one of our defenders, who passes it straight to their striker again just outside the penalty spot who slots into the bottom left as i'm trying to make the recovery save. 2-1 down. The 3rd goal is as same as the first, the same 2 players, in exactly the same way. I manage to get a hand to this one but it bobbles in, i also manage to take the man out aswell, but our defence are nowhere to be seen. 3-1 down, we manage to get another goal back 3-2, in the same fashion we concede 3 more goals before half time. At times it was 3v1 (me being the one) & it was'nt even a counter attack. We manage to score anothother before half time & we go in 6-3 down. We've attacked well but we're very much in it (honestly) if we could just get our defence & marking sorted! So we kick off again & within 10minutes we're 7-3 down, we quickly score again & make it 7-4. AGAIN some shocking defending see's us go 8-4 down, again defence nowhere to be seen, it's 3 v 1 again, we have 6 players in their half of the pitch & my defence is nowhere. They score again, this time a lad picks it up on the 18 yd box, nobody closes him down & he hit's a half volley square into the top left, i had no chance, great goal. We go up the other end & score another great goal, our winger chipping the keeper from about 20yds! 9-5 the score now. The next goal seems to come exactly the same way as the majority did, poor defending, a great ball over from their influential midfielder who created everything & no closing down by anyone on our team, this time however the ball drops about 16 yds out, the striker gets there first, i make myself big & it's blasted at my chest, it falls to their other striker (still no defence to be seen) he's running for it, i'm running for it 50/50 i slide in so does he & i manage to get there first & flick it out for a corner, his boots meet my ribs & i'm down (i have a boot print in my ribs), ref says fair challenge, do you want treatment, i say no get up & carry on. They score a lucky goal from the resulting corner, ball comes through & takes a deflection into the opposite corner & neither me or the man on the post (what's he for if he's not stopping these)can't keep the ball out that goes 2 inches inside the post. 10-5, they then score another 2 awesome shots from outside the area, slotting them both into the bottom left.12-5, again they attack, ball over the top again, striker running onto it, however the midfielders judged this one wrong, it bounces, i come out diving, catch the ball, their striker whilst i have 2 hands on the ball (& it's under control) boots it out of my hands & the ref gives a corner, lots of protesting from our defence (oh so they are around) & one of our CB's get's booked for decent. Another ball over the top about 10mins later see's them 13-6 up. We're awarded a penalty up the other end & socre 12-6. I managed to pick out a rocket of a shop heading for the top left, flying through the air i manage to put it over for a corner, the highlight of my terrible day! To add the icing on the cake, another ball over the top in the finaal few mins runs long, their striker is chasing it down, i manage to get both my hands on it, with my back to him & he stamps down my ankle, i throw the ball out & hit the deck in agony, he's ripped my socks, my skin & i have boot prints in my ankle now to match my ribs. Overall an absolutely terrible display, our team did'nt track back, pick up the runners, or seem to make any effort, when i was looking up somtimes there was as many as 6-7 players in front of the player with the ball & generally in their half. It made me feel turd because i couldnt keep many of them out, but when it's 3/4 v 1 then i dont really have much of a chance! Definately one to forget!
  5. Goalie Tops

    Can anyone help out? I'm after a goalie top either in 3/4 lenth or short sleeved as i like to wear a base layer plus a short / 3/4 sleeved top. cheers
  6. Another New Guy

    South Devon Football League :)
  7. Another New Guy

    Afternoon All, I signed up yesterday & in doing so have already bought a new set of gloves from gkhero & also posted a couple of topics. I've started playing as GK again this year, as a kid at primary school i played in goal for my school, then became a RB/LB when i was at secondary school as i was too short & could'nt reach the cross bar until i was about 16! I then started playing mens football for a few years as a striker, i then discovered, booze & women & quit football, got fat. My OH's dad is now the manager of the team i played for before i quit, i did a bit of pre-season for them & decided to re-take up being a goalie as im still struggling for fitness! I however did'nt get in that team as they have an established goalie who's been there for about 15 years! I moved to another team a mate of mine played for (i had to drop down a league) & started playing for them, being 24 i was the oldest guy in the team, i made a couple of errors but a lot of it was due to young lads having a baptism of fire in their first year of mens football! As of about November i transferred back up a league to the club i'm with now, i'm in the 3rds currently & went straight in as keeper, they also have a second team 2 divisions above us & a team in the next tier of football, so there is scope to progress. So i'm very much a newbie coming back to being a keeper!
  8. Best Save?

    I've made a couple of other peachy saves, both from the same position, about 8 yds out, corner comes in, i'm position about 3 yds off my line, our centre back misses the header, & on the opposite side of the 6 yd box their striker sends a looping header into the top right, i manage to take about 2 steps diagnoal before hurling myself into the air & managed to top it over the join. I think pretty much every player came over & congratualted me, as well as some of the supporters & the majority of the opposition! I also did the same in another game in the last minute, we were playing a team one above us & we needed all the points we could get. It was a shot this time though & i managed to tip it onto the cross bar this time as i was a bit further off my line, we cleared & the whistle went, we ended up winning 4-3!
  9. Best Save?

    I created the chance that i made the save from (whoops), so far to date this season it has to be.... a crap kick out from me, not even getting to the half way, our midfielder is disposessed & their striker is running onto the rebounded ball that's rolling towards the edge of the area, i come running out, he's running, he get's there about 3 yds before me, i back up no in no mans land to the 6 yd line, he hits a shit, i parry to the other striker who's about 5 yds out, our defneder is now covering back on the 1st guy, i come running out again in a moment of madness, which fortunately pays off, i get to the penalty spot & he hits a shot destined for the top RH corner it moves in mid air & i just manage to get fingers to it, putting it onto the cross bar & catching the rebound!
  10. Which Glove For Me?

    Cheers guys i was only looking at the "big names" as such. I went to GKHero & got myself a pair of Bramic negative pro for about £10.00, they look the part, so i hope they turn up in time for the weekend as the website seems a bit pants!
  11. Which Glove For Me?

    Funnily enough pro-direct are in my town but it's a mail order type business so unable to try stuff out. I only bought the Sells ones as they were on a discount at the time i think. I was purely seeking the advise of fellow keepers for something good for the money / value for money etc.
  12. Which Glove For Me?

    Morning All. I'm currently an amateur keeper playing on a Saturday for a local club. I'm currently wearing a pair of Sells Wrap Axis breeze.Wrap cut. I play predominantly on grass & we train indoors (which i have a pair of cheap Nikes for). However what i'm finding is that due to my carelessness the Sells ones are getting covered in mud & even with a towel i'm finding the grip not as good as when i've used the cheapy Nike ones to play in the past. The Sells are cleaned after every game as it says in the destructions & i'm considering a new pair. I would go to a local sports shop but none of them near me are open when i finish work / stock anything other than the run of the mill cheap Nike / Adidas stuff. Can anyone recommend me a pair of gloves? Looking to spend no more than £40 ideally!