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  1. Preventing having a bad day in goalkeeping

    Confidence.... always be confident and have faith in your own abillity :-)
  2. Goalkeepers in Futsal and Indoor soccer

    I play indoor 5 a side. The other guys are completely right... you'll improve your reaction saves and saving from close range.... plus you'll find it enjoyable.
  3. Berks & Bucks Goalkeepers Wanted

    If I was from down your way I would be itching to get in the team! I'm from a small town in West Yorkshire... Halifax (youve probably heard of us) and it's like digging for gold trying to find a club who want a goalkeeper!!!
  4. Gomez Sucks

    Gomes is very hit and miss.... one game he will play amazing the next he will be a liabillity!!! I hear that Spurs are after in my opinion one of the better young keepers about ny looking to sign Ben Foster from Birmingham! For me Foster is a top flight keeper and wouldnt look out of place at Spurs!
  5. I've got 5 a side tonight... not having the best luck at the moment :-(

  6. Looking forwards to my game tonight :-)

  7. Ben Foster

    Great performance by Ben Foster against Arsenal!!! I think he showed is real quallity in that game!
  8. Steve Harper

    No Doubt Harper is Reliable but just not the right choice for England.... Height doesnt matter either.... Casillas is one of the best in the world.... Hardly a giant is he????
  9. Fitness

    I'm in a similar position Jozef.... I've been on trial with Bradford Park Avenue and FC Halifax when i was playing at college age 19 and was plagued by injuries!!! I dont think i'll ever beable to get to where I want to be in terms of level of playing now that i'm 23 years old and stuck without even a Sunday league club.... Hopefully I will bebale to excell to playing semi-pro before I am done.... this now is perhaps a realistic target as Pro clubs only seem to take on under 18's. What so you guys think? How old is ''too old'' to make it into say the lower pro leagues (League 2 and League 1)
  10. looking forwards to my five a side match tonight!!! I havent played in a whole week!!!

    1. CFGK


      How did it go?

  11. Andy Gray sacked by Sky

    I dont see the problem with a femal lino or even a femal ref.... why not??? we aint all dragging our knuckles anymore.... Women like football sometime.... and the ones that do offten talk more sense than the blokes!!! I feel Gray was rightly made an example of!!! What a comlete idiot..... they gave him just enough rope for him to hang himself!!!!
  12. Hi People, I've read afew journals so far and have decided to do my own.... Why not?? I've used the format of Safehands's five a side thread as i felt thuesday the easiest read..... So here's my situation.... I only play in goal at 5 a side level at the moment once a week on Tuesday nights. I was an outfield player however due to the keeper quitting I have decided to dig up my old Goalkeeping roots and go back in goal.... I am hunting for a squad to join up with still for Sunday league 11 a side matches still..... I have played in goal for Calderdale College at 11 a side and played in goal for afew five a side teams!!! I'm determined to stick in goal this time out as it's my best position!!! Game 1 Date: 01/02/11 Day: Tuesday KO Time: 8.50pm Score: Lost 3-1 Catching I dont recall actually catching anything!!! This gives me something to work on!!!! Distribution Good, steady to feet and a couple of quick well placed roll outs leading to opportunuties Communication Good communication, kept defenders aware of the area (they arent aloud to enter) Decision Making Not called upon much but genrally good Long Range Shots Not many to deal with and the few that cam in i had covere Low Shots two goals slipped in low.... awkward bounce on one but I should have had it Goals Conceded One awkwardly bounced under me at my front post with somewhat of a bobble, the second was a bad backpass and the attacker slipped it under me and third was a one on one dead centre of the area hammerd past me before i got chance to get to it. Best Saves afew nice saves on the front post left attackers screaming in frustration! early on they broke throught dead center! a marvellouse chance to hammer one home. I made myself big and a massive dive paid off when despite being sent the wrong way I had the foreight to stretch my legs out and pulled off a nice save with my feet!!! Mistakes One roll out went to the oppositions feet and the awkward bobble left me feeling like i could have done a bit better with it.... Next time i'll make sure i'm ready for anything!!!! Overall Rating 4/5 Comments It was a steady game to say i was ''rusty''. The ref commented saying that the old keeper was now irrelevant because I've found my new post!!! It was also a slight compliment to hear the opposition getting frustrated when i made saves. Overall I was happy with the way I played. I'll keep updating. Do please keep dropping in as I plan to update this thread at least once a week and possibly more if i get some more teams to play for!!!! Thanks RatedRSuperstar :-)
  13. What a Terrible game!

    The start of your story reminds m of something similar to what I did.... Playing for Calderdale College FC I was warming up and a couple of the strikrs want to take penalties (god knows why) I put the effort in and caught one of the shots bang on the end of my thumb!!! Within seconds it was swolen!!! massive!!!! it hurt like hell!!!! I played the game still and we won without me conceedong (I had a great defense) at A&E afew hours later it was a confirmed fractured thumb...... BAD TIMES!!!
  14. Five A side canceled last night.... no game now for me until Tuesday :-/

  15. Fifa 11

    I love fifa but Not really got the hang of being the GK on it yet.... only just started out on it so will let you know after i've had a little time on it