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  1. Cold weather = cold hands, any solutions?

    Or if all else fails just put your hands down your shorts and cup your balls ;), not down your boxers or briefs though. i have raynaud's disease which is basically the same as the white finger thing and this always works for me :')
  2. Athleticism

    It wouldn't seem to me that it would stop you being pro, but if you wish to work on it theres not much that can be done as its mainly natural asset. But check your stance when your anticipating a shot and also maybe building up your legs muscles can mean you are able to push of them and get an longer dive.
  3. I don't know about you but ever since his head injury i dont think he is the same.

    what ever surface or weather, shorts and a shirt my saying is skin grows back, trousers dont ;)
  5. wet weather

    sells all day for me!
  6. what gloves should i buy

    It'd have to be sells
  7. Sondico Comeback?

    I mainly do as it says, so id say about 13 times on astro
  8. Sondico Comeback?

    Hi guys, As most of you due to the darker nights both my teams have started to train on AstroTurf. So as i don't actually earn any money being 15 using my £96 match gloves would be a daft idea. So i went down to sportsdirect and bought the new roll fingers from Sondico.I've used them about 19 times on mainly astro turf and hard surfaces and i have to say, they seem indestructible!! Only a bit of wear in the centre of the palm and nothing else, still plenty of grip too! im really happy especially as they are only £8. http://www.sportsdirect.com/sondico-elite-roll-tech-goalkeeper-gloves-mens-831100
  9. Goalkeeper Captain

    Iv'e Been captain before and there's nothing really to it. Keepers do sometimes tend to criticize other players too much sometimes.Theres nothing wrong in highlighting there mistakes but be sure you praise your team just as much.The rest of a captains qualities just come as being a goalkeeper such as organization and leadership skills.
  10. Playing on astro turf

    cover your knees and elbows with butter, not only do you stop cut free, you smell like a nice piece of toast at the end
  11. Handling problems

    that's nothing to do with your physical play, its just a mental thing you have to learn to keep calm and composed during a game, listen to some soothing music before you play, like some barry white ;)
  12. Hey guys, does anyone know any goalkeeper coaching or run any within the west midlands, im 14 so i cant travel too far, i live in the dudley borough so anything around there would be good.
  13. is it me or my team?

    if your teams shit then that's always going to mean a lot of goals even with superman in goal.
  14. Unreleased Reusch Glove

    I've got the new keon series and ima bit worried becasue where the palm is by the bottom of the thumb its starting to flake and I've only played 5 games in them.
  15. I need your creative thinking caps on!

    over 20000000000000000 should be called '' equal the the zod''