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  1. Mending the injury

  2. Torn muscle

    Thanks guys, gonna find myself a physician.
  3. Torn muscle

    For the past few days, i felt like my game a bit weak. then i found out that i have a slight torn muscle just above my left upper calf. 1. What should i do? 2. What kind of treatment should i do?
  4. Tomorrow my kids match. wishing them all the best.

  5. Had a chance to play other position since my team had extra goalies today..... 1 thing i learned as a goalie myself...goalkeepers cant't run, hahaha

  6. Soccer kids

    I'm helping to train some kids for a national tournament, and i welcome some suggestion as i did what i can do with the goalie, as we got 2nd place in the district school tournament to qualify. but now for the nationals, we will be facing a tougher competition. My goalie is good but he still have some areas for improvement, and i have problems thinking what i can do next. 1. My goalies (including sub) is around 4 feet high. (and the goal is standard size for international junior matches) 2. His reflexes in catching direct balls is good but lack the judgement for balls coming from the ground and high balls. 3. Stepping side to side to get a proper position is a problem as he always tend to run instead. (i tried several times to fix this but well kids tend to forget) 4. fear to jump. I really need ideas on this as i tried having him jumped all the time but i can still see the fear of jumping or body throw for both my goalies.
  7. feel to fat to play hehe

  8. Feeling sometimes a bit numb with my right arm

    1. gav@cfksports


      get it checked out. go to your doctors, who might recommend a physio. it might just be a trapped nerve, but better safe than sorry

    2. alio
  9. lost a friendly match today, but wasn't disappointed as it turned out hilarious.

    1. Ruthlessgk


      What happened lol??

    2. alio


      had lots of miss kicks, fall downs, funny crashes, one pants falling, out of breath players, it was fun

  10. 2 more days for the friendly match and i feel so good yet

  11. Well, for me it depends, if I were to receive a ball from a free kick. I would try to predict or anticipate where it would curve towards the goal and go for that. For a straight ball, I would estimate the strength of the kick and its direction ( this happens very fast ). However it differs for people on how to judge it. I would suggest have lots of practice on high balls to get that certain feeling.
  12. school holidays now, so its relaxation moment

  13. sprained my back

  14. Fiinshed the futsal game. now to concentrate on the field.

  15. Off to my 3rd and 4th futsal match, hope we go to the finals