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  1. hello!

    Seems to only be played at University here... on which I dabbled a little bit!
  2. Hello fellow GKs!

    Welcoem to the forum!
  3. hey all!

    Welcome Dan! I played a few games in the CML last year, I know they make a decision in the next few weeks for new teams so good luck! Some pretty good teams going to be in it now they gone for the "North/South" divisions rather than Supreme and Premier!
  4. Approached

    I would speak to the league as technically there is no team for you to play for if they have folded so he is witholding your ability to play!
  5. Under Armour... enough said! Best gear around, may be pricey but lasts for years and i havent managed to destroy mine playing both Football and American Football!
  6. Quitting Goalkeeping

    I "gave it up" at 17 odd... worst decision I made. Now 26 and playing again, lots of misses time and training and alot harder to get back to a good level! If your not enjoying it, take a back seat for a few weeks to really think about what you want!
  7. Really frustrated....

    I have always had the same issue, but my ankle is pretty much screwed now so just cannot get the power from the floor... From the hands, never an issue!
  8. Gameday today... ohh yeh!

  9. Hey Y'all!

    Hi Crissy, welcome to the forum! Welcome back to keeping, really was missing from my life aswell until I took it up again! Feel free to share how your games go in the match reports section!
  10. Goalkeeper training

    Thats an awesome video...would love to have a go at that!!! Seems great for a quick reaction to those random touches that you get in a cramped 6 yard box!
  11. My comeback game

    Well, no more news on the goalkeeping front for my current team. Their normal #1 is back from suspension so he played back in goal on saturday. With all the cancelations from the bad winter we have many weekday games coming up, and with me working away and nights, means I just cant make them. They wanted me to step up to #1 but cannot risk losing the other keeper and not having one for the games I cannot make....Problem. So, I have asked to go out on loan and managed to pick up a starting job in the Notts Senior League - Senior Divison. At the minute I just need the games and more experience, so looking forward to saturday. I have also signed up to a Sunday team. They play in the Newark Alliance league, and currently doing very well. Got my first game on Sunday as the game just gone was cancelled due to the other team now having enough players. Only issue I have, I currently work in Milton Keynes on 7pm to 7am shift, and have to drive back both on saturday and sunday to play In the Nottingham area... It may about kill me but I want to play so has to be done. I may be needing some naps on saturday night to be awake for the Sunday game as thats a 10.30 KO not a nice 2-3pm one! So to the game on Saturday, they were short of outfield players, so I put on the number 15 shirt and would be sub on the day. I had played striker back in the day, when I was younger and pre many injuries. Due to an injury, got on for the last 10 minutes, were were 2-0 down already and to be fair, I didnt managed to achieve much, and the running around thingy.....Lets just say I prefere them 10-20 yard sprints to gather/clear the ball than non stop running. :lol: So.....Hopefully 2 match reports to come after next weekend. Im not going to name team names til I have actually managed a game :lol:
  12. Nervousness

    Have to agree with all of that. If a striker has a stinker, but managed to put one in from 1 yard out to win the game, his 5 howlers are pretty much forgotton. If a keeper makes 20 great saves and one howler that leads to the goal, them saves go out the window. Its never easy been a keeper, and noone else really gets it bar other keepers. I think everyone gets nervous before and during a game, its natural, we are the last line of defence. And great story Trip, time to head over and read the painful details :lol:
  13. When I grew up there was only one keeper I wanted to be... Schmeichel. Some of the saves he made were just outstanding and really proved that you need a world class keeper to win trophies consistently! Other keeper I enjoy watching is Shay Given, awesome keeper who I hope leaves Shitty and joins a club that will use him as a #1.
  14. Hi!

    Welcome to the forum. Yeh smaller sided games are definately a lot of fun, more actioned packed and generally get much more to do as a Keeper. Certainly helps to build up quick reactions. Enjoy!
  15. New to Goalkeeping

    Welcome back to keeping! I would like to have at least a couple of pairs around if you are going to look after them (washing them after training/games and letting them dry can take a few days in its self). There are some cracking deals out there at the minute and some brands coming through that offer alot of gloves for the $$$ compared to some of the big boys. Have to agree on what CFCK said about match gloves, turning them to training gloves when worn and so on! Again on the gloves sizing, I like my gloves slightly larger than my hand, I have some 9's and some 10's, once you have had a few pairs you will get a feel for what you like.