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  1. Liverpool new goalkeeper search moves to Lazio keeper Thomas Strakosha Liverpool have been told Thomas Strakosha will cost £35million, according to reports in Italy. The Reds have had to rethink their goalkeeping targets this summer after baulking at Roma’s asking price for Alisson. Liverpool had been hoping to seal a deal for Alisson, but the Brazil No.1 now seems set to join Real Madrid instead. Jurgen Klopp has now moved on to other targets and Lazio stopper Strakosha has shot to the top of the list. Sport Italia claim Liverpool have made contract with Lazio and their interest in the Albanian is serious. Lazio has responded to Liverpool enquiry, and are demanding £35m. The Italians hope such an asking price will scare Liverpool off as they do not want to sell Strakosha. However, if Liverpool were to return with an offer of £35m or higher, Lazio would be forced to accept. https://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/media-watch/304878-liverpool-make-contact-with-new-goalkeeper-target
  2. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/real-madrid-transfer-de-gea-14777532.amp De Gea being linked to Madrid for €100 million 😳
  3. Salah swap deal? Liverpool star Mohamed Salah could be heading to Barcelona in a stunning swap deal involving Jasper Cillessen, it’s claimed in Spain. Salah, 25, has been heavily linked with a move to La Liga in recent months. And according to Spanish news outlet Don Balon, Barca are willing to offer a mammoth swap deal to land Salah this summer. They say Nou Camp transfer chiefs are willing to offer £88m (€100m) AND Barca goalkeeper Cillessen. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.express.co.uk/sport/football/973492/Liverpool-transfer-news-LIVE-Salah-Real-Madrid-Fekir-Alisson-bid-rumours-gossip-news/amp
  4. That Team You Hate For No Apparent Reason

    Burnley and Wycombe Wanderers. Can't stand either people of them.
  5. Adidas Promo Glove question

    I have got the same fingertip ‘promo’ model in the blue colourway and was wondering the same thing. I suspect the latex isn’t the same as the other fingertip model, the description on pds was a bit ambiguous when I bought them so it was hard to tell if there was much difference. In the pictures they were slightly different shades/colours.
  6. This was something else as well
  7. I like this one from Rogerio Ceni. Bloke scored about 130 career goals. There are strikers who haven’t even scored that many! 😄
  8. Sunday just gone I had my first ever eye test and it turns out I need glasses. Nothing major, just distance and artificial light but mainly this effects my games at night (I can not focus on the ball) and when playing under lights the glare effects my vision. I'm headed in for contacts next week so I can wear them for games. Do any of you wear/need glasses? Anything I should know with contacts? Literally have no idea if there is anything I should look out for.
  9. Bucks Returns

    Glad to see you're back. Always glad to see a regular poster start playing again 👍🏼
  10. What got you into goalkeeping?

    Two brothers who are 6 & 7 years older than me and told me that I had to go in goal. I had to either like it or lump it and I loved it. My old man used to play in goal as well. I can't remember watching him too often but that must have had an effect on me sub-consciously.
  11. Your Strengths & Weaknesses

    I rate my kicking as one of my best assets. Shot stopping is up there as well. Comitting to a dive to my right is a weakness of mine, my technique to my right isn't as strong as my left which is frustrating but it's my own fault.
  12. What a nugget 🤦🏼‍♂️. I'll amend the review, thanks for pointing that out 👍🏼
  13. Glove Make & Model : The OneGloveCompany GEO Argentum Gloves Cut : Roll finger Latex : 4mm Mega Grip latex Internal Latex : no Wrist Strap : MidSplit wrist strap Wrist Entry : Bandage wrist entry Glove Body : Not specified but feels like a textile thumb and backhand (under the 3D embossing) Finger Protection : No Price : e.g £31.99 Where from : https://www.theoneglove.com/goalkeeper-gloves-c3/geo-argentum-goalkeeper-gloves-p68 First Impressions Very classy looking glove. Nice styling with the details and 3D embossing across the backhand. The gloves that were provided to me were in a size 9 (not through my choice). I'm usually a 10 in most of my gloves and in these I would suggest sticking to your usual size. I was able to wear these in a 9 and they provided a very snug fit. They needed a couple of washes and uses for the latex to really come alive and perform to it's maximum but once they broke in there was no issue. Use The palm was good across dry to damp conditions but when used in the wet they dropped slightly in performance but this neither shocked or disappointed me as they don't feature a specialist wet weather latex. The gloves were used in pretty poor conditions in Sunday league and also on 3G surfaces for training. Durability was not an issue for me at all and they held up very well to the games and training drills that I put them through. Feel on the ball was good, they had a standard feeling foam backing which i'd guess was approx 3mm. The squared fingers added to the overall comfort of the gloves and the thumb was double wrapped for extra comfort and grip and feel on the ball which is only another good point for the gloves. The MidSplit strap worked very well and added just that little bit extra tightness around the wrist without being uncomfortable. Ratings (out of 10) Looks 7/10 - Nice details with the embossing across the backhand on a simple colourway make these a good looking glove. Fit - felt very good in a glove away from my usual 10. I won't give a score as they were a size small but i'd imagine they would be up there for an 8 if they were in a size 10. Build Quality 10/10 so far. literally can not fault the build quality so far. No rips or loose stitching. Dry Grip 7/10 Wet Grip 5/10 Durability 7/10 - Fairly durable as you can see in the pictures. These were taken after 6 uses. Overall 7/10 Conclusion Very solid gloves for the price point. Dry grip was solid throughout but struggled slightly in the wet. Durability and build quality are their main draw for me as they excelled in both areas. Pictures http://s38.photobucket.com/user/live_strong35/embed/slideshow/
  14. Glove Make & Model : Onesport Shield gloves. Cut : Roll finger Latex : 4mm Supersoft Internal Latex : no Wrist Strap : Latex with tri velcro closing Wrist Entry : Bandage Glove Body : Air PU body. Latex backhand Finger Protection : None Price : e.g £35 plus postage & packaging Where from : https://www.onesport.co.uk/collections/adult-gloves/products/onesport-shield-rollfinger-goalkeeper-gloves-white-grey First Impressions Fairly basic colour with a grey index finger and accent across the bottom of the backhand. regular latex colouring for the rest of the fingers and white air pu onto the thumb. I like the simplistic look of these gloves, the coloured index finger contrasts well with the rest of the glove and makes them stand out but nothing major or flashy. *do note, the colour on the latex is printed and will be subject to wear through washing and regular use* Use These gloves have been used approx 10 times. I wore them in 4 games and then moved them onto a training glove. The games were played on a decent grass surface but across a couple of conditions, generally damp but nothing major. The grip did not vary hugely between dry and damp weather and it held its own when worn in the wet but as expected with it not being an aqua glove - the grip faded slightly in the rain (nothing major to put me off though). These required a real good pre wash for the palm to come alive but they were not as tacky as some that I've used at a similar price point. The shock absorption on the palm was good due to the 4mm palm and the foam backing (feels like a 2mm backing?). Durability wise these have been very surprising. Usually I find that supersoft latex wears quicker due to its soft make up but these have held up well to some heavy use and repetitive wear. I will attach images of the palms after 10+ uses. *note - durability can be negatively effected by many factors including poor technique, poor surfaces, the type of footballs used and the care given to them before and after use* Fit wise - I got my usual size 10 and they were pretty spot on. I maybe could have snuck into a 9.5 for a tight fit but the 10 was a good fit and did not have much negative space in the glove. Nice long strap for various wrist sizes but those with particularly skinny wrists may find it a tad long. Ratings (out of 10) Looks 6/10. Nothing amazing but a very functional and classy styling glove. Fit 8/10 Build Quality 7/10 -points deducted for faded colour on index and slight tearing appearing in pu areas. Dry Grip 7/10 Wet Grip 6/10 Durability 8/10 Overall 7/10 - solid glove for the price. Definite competitor to some of the larger brands with gloves in the £30/£40 price bracket. Conclusion I would happily continue to use these gloves as a training glove. I could have used them for longer as a match glove but didn't end up doing so. I'd recommend Onesport to those looking for a simple yet stylish glove that will be consistent over a prolonged period. Pictures http://s38.photobucket.com/user/live_strong35/embed/slideshow/Mobile Uploads/2017-09/Onsport Shield Roll finger"
  15. Below is a link to the video on my YouTube channel. I am by no means an expert, nor do I profess to be. This is just how I take goal kicks and they're fairly consistent and accurate so hopefully you can take something away from this video and use it to help you.