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  1. Supporting a club outside your country

    ive suported liverpool since i was a little kid since i can remeber and i live in aus i watch everymatch live on tv and i do conder myself as a true supporter . what i do hate is pepole who decide tht theu only support a club when there doing well . ohh and al the real big MANCHESTER CITY FANs WHO HAVE SEEMED TO HAVE JUST COME FROM KNOW WHERE GLORRY HUNTERS !!!!!!!!

    http://www.ausport.gov.au/ais/nutrition/factsheets/competition_and_training2/eating_before_exercise this should help you
  3. Igoal

    we use these at my goalkeeping traing they are great but can be a time consuming job to put up and down packing away

    Email Address – lak.laszlo@hotmail.com Favourite Goalkeeper – pepe reina Current gloves worn – ho ghota roll finger http://www.prodirectsoccer.com/Products/HO-Goalkeeper-Gloves-HO-Ghotta-Roll-Finger-OrthoTec-Goalkeeping-Goalie-Gloves-Pink-White-30748.aspx and uhlsport rollfinger cebrus http://www.prodirectsoccer.com/Products/Uhlsport-Goalkeeping-Gloves-Cerberus-Absolutgrip-Roll-Finger-Goalkeeping-Goalie-Gloves-35685.aspx Date of birth 27 06 1994
  5. Decline in skill

    i injured my knee my acl and lcl about 9 months ago now i have just recently satated to do full training with my right knee and my kicking has gone droped dramaticly i used to be able to hit my traget nearly 9.10 but at the moment it more like 1.0 and it did start to get to my head and piss me off but ive tryed hard to just get on with it and just keep practing and my kicking is now statring to imporve dramaticly . anyway the point im trying to make is that goalkeeping is a position where u can have the best tecnque and best hand but if u dont have the right head u cant do shit . so my advice is to just go into a match and just basicly tell yourself f&*k it and get over what happend and you will get back to your best good luck hope that made sense
  6. Different Glove Latex

    absaloute grip by uhlsport
  7. wet weather

    http://www.warbygk.com/Acqua_Capo_Goalkeeper_Gloves.htm great gloves
  8. Retiring Match Gloves

    i do it al the time at training well not exactly but if im traing bad or make a few mistakes etc i will usaly change my gloves, it just gets my mind clean and i feel like i just sorata restart
  9. Adidas Goalie Gloves

    my opinion on adidas gloves is that they have excelnt grip at first but only last for a very short time
  10. Wrist tapes

    i always tape my wrist i dont know if it give my wrists that extra bit of support but mostly it get me in the right mind frame its part of my pre traing pre match retual
  11. Which glove are overall better

    uhlsport cebrus absalouste grip roll finger
  12. That Team You Hate For No Apparent Reason

    massive liverpool fan so i natrulay hate man utd and everton . . i hate man city ,chelsea , and stoke first two beacuse there just money hungry glory hunters , and stoke beaucse they dont know how to play real football
  13. What are the best goalie gloves to buy?

    i would have to go uhlsprt fingerbet http://www.prodirectsoccer.com/Products/Uhlsport-Goalkeeper-Gloves-Uhlsport-Cerberus-Absolutgrip-Fingerbett-Goalie-Gloves-White-Black-Orange-26756.aspx or http://www.prodirectsoccer.com/Products/Reusch-Goalkeeper-Gloves-Reusch-Keon-Deluxe-G1-OrthoTec-Goalie-Gloves-Lime-Green-White-25486.aspx
  14. umbro

    ive got a pair of umbro neoprene wet wather gloves and there great the wrist strap is fantastic but i would probably drop half a size i usaly where a 8 and the 8 in the umbro is just that little bit big ( but i like my gloves tight )
  15. new gloves

    i know im going to get so much stick for the colour, but they seem like good gloves so thats al that maters to me :)