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  1. Adidas Pro contract

    hahaha thats jokes only a game
  2. nerves

    cheers man its 4 walthem abbey reserves in essex olyipian league so thares a good chance if i play well for the reserves in a few games i might get a look in at the seneiors in ryman league 1 wich is semi pro
  3. nerves

    what can i do to help nerves before starting for a new club u have never trained with or played with and ure starting a game not knowing anybody and you want to make a good impression ?
  4. Best brand for goalkeepers glove

    look at warby im currently using the warby Superior Pro Patriot Ahesivo Goalkeeper Gloves and they are fantastic grip is amazing i got them from this site http://www.goalkeepersdirect.co.uk i pree washed them twice in warm water and after that they was brilliant
  5. so happy got a start for waltham abbey on saturday against leytonstone united hope i have a good game

  6. got ma new gloves cannot wait to use them tonight :D

    1. alio


      so what type of gloves did you get?

    2. billdurso


      i got the warby patriot pro they are amazing gloves its quite hard to drop the ball when it hits ure hands

  7. Warby Negative Cut gloves

    i bought a pair yesterday i will let you know how they are tomorrow after football training when i christen them lool
  8. Warby Negative Cut gloves

    are the patriot pro any good ?
  9. tips for cleaning gloves

    dosent the washing mashine tear the latex ? i heard its a no go putting gloves in a washing maschine
  10. Best brand for goalkeepers glove

    nah i wont trust nike again thare not worth the money i paid for them
  11. tips for cleaning gloves

    hi guys anybody know ways to clean gloves well without big name glove cleaners ?
  12. Warby Negative Cut gloves

    thanks mate im glad ive found a cheep well made glove all of the top brands are slightly out of my price range
  13. Warby Negative Cut gloves

    thanks thorz did you give yours a pre wash or did you use them straight from the packet im going to get the Superior Pro Patriot Adesivo or the Superior Pro Guardian Giga
  14. Best brand for goalkeepers glove

    thare terrible id advise anybody to stay well away from nike gloves.