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  1. New Website

    Wow Frasier, think you should of been called savage lol
  2. Glove addiction

    Once used and im done with the gloves I either throw them or give them away. Years ago I sent a box of gloves to little JC on here. These days I put them in the teams kit bag as spares. I've only ever kept two pairs of gloves. Pair of reusch from county cup final and a pair I wore in another cup final(but lost) but wore them winning the league, plus they had my son's name on them so was a nice touch
  3. Glove addiction

    Ps I have no Nike
  4. Glove addiction

    I have far too many. At the moment I have Fline in three different models Dhone 2 different mods Puma icana Reusch seria A III Tompro encounter Sells Prostyle Com Bramic Uhlsport Gksaver Maybe some others and I can't recall the models. Some I buy multiple.of and I like them so much that I can't bring myself to use the last pair as they have been discontinued. Hence the puma icana from 2006!
  5. Post a Picture of Your Gloves.

    Last season I wore FLine gloves, the retro looking ones like the old schmehichel But blue not red, negative cut. Then an absolutely cracking pair of gloves by feline, fluorescent green/yellow roll finger. Perfect fit and felt well made. Tried buying more but only had in small sizes. It is a frustration of mine, I find gloves I like and the maker discontinued them and changes the design, even thou there was never wrong with them. Have had it with dhone gloves, probably the best gloves I ever wore, can't recall the model. Then the fline ones I just mentioned. To a lesser extent com gloves seem to have vanished but the cuff was a bit baggy. The original bramic glove as well, not the best made but a steal for a tenner. Why try and get a pic up but says file too big so will see if I can link some
  6. Jim Buckley (Bucks) Season 2019/20

    Finding a good fit can be frustrating, especially these days and the majority of us will buy gloves online. Back in the 'good old days' I could go to a sports shop and try the gloves on before I bought them. The price of gloves today is just absorbed, forget all the stuff about how they spend money in R&D etc etc. If 'template glove' brands can produce a glove that has grip for under £20 Im sure the bigger brands could too.....if they wanted. I remember buying match gloves, 20 years ago, yes I know to you youngster that will seem like a looooong time. But I use to buy match gloves Sondico(before they were just a name licensed by Sports direct on cheap gloves) for £11.99 and the king of gloves...reusch for £15!!! I remember becoming aware of negative and roll finger cut in 2004. That's when I moved away from flat palm. Negative cuts do nothing for me either, but I do like a roll finger. But here's the thing, I loved the Puma Icana gloves in a roll finger. Match gloves for £35 (end of the season they were £20 a pair, I think that was just keepers I purchased them from) They were a size 8.5, fitted perfectly. two years later and a Puma 8.5 is miles too big for me. I drop down to an 8 or 7.5 in the glove. But I still had a pair of Icana and they still fitted fine, so there must have been a shift in sizing. But I find a pair of gloves I like, for example, I had some DH-One gloves with a yellow finger, cant recall the model. Loved them, they were brilliant. Then at the end of the season they stop making them and bring out a new glove. I buy them but was slightly too big. I moved onto COM (Chasing our masters gloves) fitted brilliant, liked the grip etc. They stopped selling on ebay and there website wasn't updated, so they was gone. Then I had some F0Line gloves last year, liked the fit so bought a couple of pairs. End of last season they appear to become end of the line. Obviously a new glove means a new price, but its a shame that the gloves are discontinued each season and the design changed, especially if there's nothing wrong with them.
  7. Jim Buckley (Bucks) Season 2019/20

    Your kit....................Nike..............(an old joke on here) Gloves: Reusch Prisma Pro G3 Duo Black Hole. Didnt know flat palms were still a thing? I use to like wearing reusch, but switched to brands on here which were cheaper. Such as Bramic DH-One and F-Line (Which I still purchase) Nice boots though
  8. Jim Buckley (Bucks) Season 2019/20

    Never knock the standard your playing at, the main thing is your playing! Now I had a look at the leatherhead league, and i have to applaud. To see a Sunday league running still with TEN divisions is impressive!! Maybe you are over thinking your game and performance? Dont be too hard on yourself either. Try to enjoy your football, then after th egame just think where you could improve on things, dont beat yourself up. Perhaps they scored a goal and you got a hand to it, if you got your hand to it then maybe in future you could save it. Little things like that, make sure your fully warmed up before a game as well. stretch etc, get a feel for the ball and the grip of your gloves. check out the goalmouth...especially if an away game.
  9. Jim Buckley (Bucks) Season 2019/20

    If people smashed the ball at the goal in the warm up i simply walk out of the goal and move to the side. Rather get a feel for the ball, get my feet moving and stretched etc. Leave them to smash the ball at an empty net. What league u playing in? AFA league? Middx County?
  10. Has the forum died? Been killed off by the obvious website that wants to take over the world? I remember when this forum was a hotbed of news and topics. Mainly with everyone agreeing Nike gloves are rubbish......ahhhh the good old days. I have to say that local football appears to be dying. I see leagues folding, clubs folding even quicker. The league's that are still going hardly have any divisions. I'm glad I played when I did, was plenty of football teams and leagues. Pitches deserted now..
  11. That Team You Hate For No Apparent Reason

    Any team managed by Steve Bruce as he makes them boring
  12. New to the forum.....again

    Hi, my names Zod and I'm a goalkeeping addict. (The class respond in unison with "hello Zod") I use to be a regular around here and ruled the planet Houston. But I have been in the phantom zone, but am back. As it's been so long thought I should re-introduce myself. Use to play on a sat and sun, then five a side leagues mid week. Called it a day in 2012. Two years later was asked to start a team to stop my old in folding. Did that, player manager, for four years. Found it affected my game also being manager. Called it a day as manager after four seasons. Last season played just as a player. Kinda lost my motivation this season to play. It's not like "the old days". Kneel before Zod.
  13. What got you into goalkeeping?

    Back on topic, I was at school and a lot of the others had gotten into football, i was asked to play, i dint have a clue what was going on, they stuck me in goal. i had a bunch of kids running at me, with the front one with the ball. next thing i knew i was looking at the sky........the striker had taken a shot and it had hit me on the head, knocking me over. but i had saved it and everyone was saying well done.......i was hooked from there inwards.
  14. What got you into goalkeeping?

    I agree he was past his prime, and at times he should of held stuff better but back then you also had the luxury of a back pass. But I think he had a good tournament(looked his age on the West Germany free kick and made a mistake against italy) That said, he was 40 playing in a world cup and got to the semi final. I thought Zenga was the best keeper of the tournament, and I would put Shilton second.