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  1. What got you into goalkeeping?

    Back on topic, I was at school and a lot of the others had gotten into football, i was asked to play, i dint have a clue what was going on, they stuck me in goal. i had a bunch of kids running at me, with the front one with the ball. next thing i knew i was looking at the sky........the striker had taken a shot and it had hit me on the head, knocking me over. but i had saved it and everyone was saying well done.......i was hooked from there inwards.
  2. What got you into goalkeeping?

    I agree he was past his prime, and at times he should of held stuff better but back then you also had the luxury of a back pass. But I think he had a good tournament(looked his age on the West Germany free kick and made a mistake against italy) That said, he was 40 playing in a world cup and got to the semi final. I thought Zenga was the best keeper of the tournament, and I would put Shilton second.
  3. Back again

    Welcome back Big R
  4. Thank you for everything dude

  5. Ladies & Gentlemen. General Zod, has left the building......

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Shuyin


      He's not gonna answer mate... but I think I know why

    3. Giroday
    4. Shuyin


      he said he's done his bit, the general zod era is over and he wants me to do his job in the forum. I was surprised, but he said he would wait till there was someone as absolutely amazing as him ;) (not in those words haha)

  6. General Zod - A Tribute.

    I dont mind a bit of Barry Manilow............*sings along to Mandy...***
  7. General Zod's - Quiz

    The answer is albert. albert square, and prince albert (from wwf/wwe ;) )
  8. Sponsorship.

    despite the gloves bing the same, do u know one is a good glove, one is not so good. the difference? the price! Now if you can get that glove for £10 then its a very good deal. as for £25? hmmmm well at the higher price there are many other choices though. The zoop glove is of my pair i have, not used them yet though.
  9. General Zod's - Quiz

    No point in using google, its only for fun! so we have these left.... What footballer am i.......... i have won a league winners medal with Sunderland My name is associated with the time of christmas I have twice played under royalty what 'prince' is also the name of a square in Eastenders? Who is the premier leagues all time top goalscorer? Who is the premier leagues all time...........well conceeded the most goals? without google or any other means of cheating. use your brains
  10. General Zod's - Quiz

    impressive Brad, and correct! Big R you was right on Jacks car. Jack you have done well too, the ones u answered are correct.
  11. Sponsorship.

    ta da! and yes, there was a big different in the price, almost £15 difference. Told ya, tompro/precision all over again. A lot of the smaller brands will be buying there gloves from the same place, just change the badge, its the same glove. Now dont try and tell me its a different glove cuz one has got a white mesh and one has green, and the strap is slightly different.
  12. coley and zod .. the trouble couple

    you know on a roll finger glove, the two fingers between te little finger and index finger, look at the glove facing the palm and you can see where they have sewn those two fingers in, there is a little bit of latex that sticks out. i think the icana..........let me just check........ah there in the shed, not going out there. but i think its a much neater finish.
  13. General Zod - A Tribute.

    Oh mate! Jacks been on the phone again, hes been singing this down the phone to me!!! really pulls at my heart strings. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8uOxBLtdFc
  14. coley and zod .. the trouble couple

    Jack even the 3.10's are rubbish. i would put the icana on par with the 2.10 probably, well u will have both so u can compare. but the icana is an older model and at the time was one of puma's most expesnive match glove on just keepers. as i said to u, its the original roll finger design, no flappy bits where they join the middle two fingers like todays roll fingers.