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  1. Any superstitions you have?

    I kiss my hands and touch every post with them. Every post gets a kiss by both hands. It saved me a LOT. Always do that and always the post saved me in crucial moments :)
  2. sure...why not, he gets bored at home after earning millions...so why not play a bit, share expierence and get paid in the process....It's a good move for him :) Goalies, have this advantage, that they can play until they're 40+ . The physical strain on a goalkeeper is definitely less than field players, so we can keep up the moves till we're old hehe
  3. Hey Y'all!

    ┬┤Hi Crissy! Welcome, good to know that women are up for keeping the box safe :) My respects to all goaliegirls!
  4. Mine was in the school championship finals. We had fought hard and were in front by 1. It was 6aside and there were 3 minutes left. We were all tired because we played 3 matches in a row before the finals and were aching for the ref to call our victory. Suddenly, a big mistake in defence, a defender misplaces a pass to the middle and the opposing team is 3vs2. But the "enemy" gets nervous, and in 2 touches tries to shoot directly at goal. It was such a shitty shot, low and to the middle, with absolutely no power whatsoever, such an easy catch. So I kneel to catch it, and I really don't know what happened...but it just slipped underneath my hands and legs... The crowd went nuts, they just couldn't believe it...and I saw so much disappointment and despair on my teammates. I felt SOOOO bad. Anyway, in extratime we scored 2 more goals and I saved a penalty, so i kinda redeemed myself...but if we would have lost that final, well, I think my whole school would've hated me forever xD My other story, isn't actually a mistake, but that kind of goal that gets you really pissed. I saved a penalty, rebounded and sent it to cornerkick. Everyone cheerd, I was hyped up, it was a tense match, so I got props from everyone. The corner is delivered, and an opposing player gets the ball and manages to shoot a powerful low ball to my weak side and it's a goal. This all happened in less than 2 minutes...really, i was SO pissed that day. What about your stories? Have you ever been crucified by a mistake? We all know that goalkeeping is actually the most ungrateful position on the pitch. You can be the hero, or the villian. You can save as a god the whole match, but one slipup and you're the pariah xD
  5. Most goals conceded?

    6aside = 12 5aside = 7 needles to say...those were fun matches, and both times i had a team where everyone thought of themselves as star strikers xD
  6. Oh well...as an amateur goalkeeper...i'm always the one who partiest the hardest and smokes the most xD I can afford it, since I don't have to run that much xD
  7. He seemed off his game the whole match. The other goalie made wonderful saves, props to him. But as to the goal scored, it was definitely a mistake by J. Cesar. He miscalculated his dive and wasn't able to catch the ball with his hands instead he saved with his arms, which caused the rebound. These kind of mistakes are forgivable to every one of us in these forums, but not to a goalkeeper of world class like him. On the other hand, shit happens, and everyone has a shitty day sometimes. Shame that it just happened to be a key match in the cup.
  8. He's quite good. Youngster which will probably be shining in the future. But no goalkeeper will ever outrank Peter Schmeichel, the great dane! He has been my role model, hero and inspiration since I saw him play with Brondby in 1991 in the Uefa Cup :)
  9. 70% of the touches of the GK are made with his feet. 30% with his hand. I saw a video on youtube (which brought me to this site btw) who had those kind of facts. Maybe it will point you to the right direction. Cheers
  10. Hi!

    Hi guys, i'm new in the forum (obviously)! My name is Steven, i'm 27 years old, and a hobbyist goalkeeper. I prefer playing 6vs6 matches, what we here in Chile call "futbolito". It's a smaller goal, on a smaller field, and it's faster and with much more sweeper skills than the traditional. Although i'd love to play some big matches some day, I have always played this kind of game, and it feels like a start from scratch, which, at my 27 years is kind of hard. Anyways, first off to congratulate the creators of this forum. We keepers get little props which we deserve, and it's awesome to have a community starting out which will help us support each other, and more importantly convince younger players of the joys of goalkeeping! So keep it up, keep the ball out and fly on! Cheers!