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  1. Worst mistake?

    Let's see it then ;) Trip
  2. Anyone used these? They're a bit pricy but the protection system looks very good - as well as spines they have a guard that extends down beyond the wrist. Aside from protection it might help out with hand strength on those fingertip saves. It also looks like you can't buy them from the UK at the moment so perhaps one of our US keepers? http://www.primosport.com/keeper-gloves Trip
  3. Worst ever performance

    All I can say is, we've all been there. It's horrible when you feel you've let your team down. Get straight back on the horse is my advice. Bear in mind that your team are not judging you on that performance if you've played well so far this season. (I wish I could say that.) You've been instrumental in getting them into a position where promotion is a realistic prospect. You don't judge your outfield players on the basis of one off game do you? I don't think outfield players really appreciate the sheer weight of responsibility felt by goalkeepers even at the lowest levels of football. (I have no idea what level you play at, but I play right at the bottom.) Confidence is a massive issue for keepers, but I find it returns very quickly once I've done something right - made a decent save, a confident rush-out to collect or whatever. If it's any consolation I bet you're not feeling as wretched as this guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDbh6P1csEg (apologies for the six-year-old commentary it's the only video I could find of this howler.) Trip
  4. SafeHands 5-a-Side Journal

    Absolutely. I've been a 5-a-side keeper for 10 years and have just started playng 11-a-side so I'm having the opposite problem. If a striker gets close to your D you cannot possibly hope to react to the shot and save it unless it's a very weak shot. There simply isn't enough time between the shot being taken and the ball arriving in the goal. Instead, you have to anticipate the shot and there's a few tricks you can use for this. The first trick is to work out quickly which opposition players are left footed. They don't have to shoot for you to work this out. In a 5-a-side team there will normally be one or two left sided players. Then what you're looking for are three tell-tale signs that the striker is about to let fly. The first is that he looks up from the ball to the goal. The second is that he plants his standing foot ahead of where it would normally be when he's running. The third is his striking foot pulling back. If he's shooting from range it's a bit like 11-a-side in the sense that you ready yourself to move in reaction, but your stance is different. You only need to move left or right - not up - so you bend lower to get your centre of mass down, bend your knees and most importantly your feet should be wider apart which gives you more purchase to dive low quickly. If he's within 3 yards of the D it's completely different. Once you're sure a shot is coming you need to throw yourself as wide as possible to the edge of the D. Even in a one-on-one the ball will strike you two times out of three. You are not trying to react to the shot, you're trying to make the possible angles as narrow as possible and panic the striker into belting it. Of course you also need to get back on your feet immediately. Some strikers will feign a shot to get you on the floor. This is where you need your outfield players to take advantage of the delay to prevent the real shot that follows. Once a player does this once you need to be much more wary of feints. Here is another trick. If the ball is in a wide position you need to be protecting your inside post of course. But don't do this like you would in 11-a-side. Get right up to the post with your inside foot pressed against it and your inside hand gripping the inside of the post. This allows you to lean out - effectively starting your dive early- and makes sure the ball isn't going to bounce off the boards, your leg, and into the goal. If a shot comes in you know exactly where it is going and you can push off against the post an get right out across the D. Many times I cut out crosses this way. This is by no means a bible of 5-a-side keeping but hopefully there's something in there you can use. Trip
  5. Worst mistake?

    This edit box, indeed this website, is not large enough for me to describe all the comedy howlers I've made this season. Indeed, it's not big enough to accommodate the cock-ups I made just today. This season, my first as an 11-a-side keeper, I've kept a blog of my performances. It wasn't necessarily intended to be funny, but that's how it turned out. A few 'highlights': I accidentally punch a team-mate in the head so hard I break my hand: http://www.unsafehands.com/?p=35 A long ball bounces in front of me and over my head into the goal: http://www.unsafehands.com/?p=84 I dive right to make a dolly catch but my right arm refuses to obey a direct order: http://www.unsafehands.com/?p=160 I could go on all night but I'll spare you any further misery. It's nice to have a bunch of other keepers to talk to about these traumas. It's like group therapy ;) Trip
  6. Most goals conceded?

    In 11-a-side: 8. We lost 8-1. Twice. That's just this season. (We're bottom of our league and my contribution to this state of affairs has been considerable.) I'm surprised the 5-a-side scores reported here are so low. In a 60 minute 5-a-side game we would regularly score and/or concede 15. I can't remember my highest conceded but it would definitely be more than 20 over the ten years I played 5-a-side. I would keep one clean sheet per season if I was lucky. And in 5-a-side I was actually pretty good! I also scored two goals in 5-a-side. One was a save by feet which belted in at the other end, taking the keeper completely by surprise. The other was a roll-out to a striker who with his back to goal dummied a turn to strike and let the ball run through his legs into the goal. Trip
  7. Walby Superior Pro Guardian Giga

    As a quick addendum I took a photo of three spines from the same finger from different gloves. On the left is the Warby spine. In the middle, the Puma V-Konstruct I've used for years. On the right, a spine from the Reusch Keon G1s. I think it speaks for itself. In all other respects the Warby is actually a better glove than it's more expensive rivals, particulary with regard to fit, which is just perfect. Trip
  8. Warby Negative Cut gloves

    I've never used them. At a guess I would say they are a great glove, based purely on the fact that the superior pro are superb with the exception of the protection system which the patriot pro does not have. But that's just a guess. Trip
  9. Best Save?

    Do you ever get this: a striker is clearly cueing up a shot and you can predict from his body shape which side of you it's going. You dive as hard as you can in the appropriate direction but when the shot arrives it's not as far wide as you thought. Somehow you land on the ground with the ball wrapped in your arms, your team mates are congratulating you on great hands, and you have no recollection of gathering the ball and no idea how you've ended up holding it. Ok, maybe it's just me then. It's happened to me a few times in 5-a-side but only once in 11-a-side. It was a milestone moment in my short 11-a-side career. Trip
  10. These arrived today and they are going straight back to just-keepers. This is a top-end glove from a top brand. They cost £110. Despite this I think they have the worst fit of any glove I've ever bought. I emailed Reusch a few weeks ago to ask for a list of stockists in the UK. The response was that while there were a few places that had one or two Reusch products the only way to see the whole range is to buy online. I went to one of the shops anyway (Soccer Something in Carnaby St) and they were right - a very poor range. So after having bought a pair of Warbys (reviewed here) which I wasn't totally happy with I thought sod it I'll buy a pair I know will be good while I search around. The problem with these gloves is this: the index finger is too short and the ring and pinky fingers are way too long. How can a goalkeeping glove manufacturer get the shape of a hand wrong? I would have thought was the sort of thing they would have figured out first. After wearing them for three minutes I have no blood left in the last joint of my index finger as the pressure of the ortho-tec spines squashes it. My ring and little fingers are wallowing around like bananas in the Dartford tunnel. By comparison the Warbys (without spines) fit absolutely perfectly. Here's a picture of my hand laid against the Reusch gloves: See what I mean? I'm pretty confident my hands are more or less hand-shaped. My ring finger is actually slightly longer than my index finger. Leaving the fit aside for the moment, the latex feels fantastic and the ortho-tec protection system is very, very effective. I wouldn't say it's impossible to bend the fingers back but it's miles ahead of the silly bits of cardboard in the Warby gloves. If you happen to be a mutant with a little finger like a cucumber these gloves may well be for you. But for normal people, with normal hands I wouldn't risk the £110 it will cost you to find out they only fit one finger. My advice to Reusch is to get a crayon and sheet of paper and draw round their hands. Trip
  11. Nervousness

    I did exactly the same thing at the start of this season (ie. move from 5-a-side to 11-a-side). I was a pretty competent 5-a-side keeper. I regularly had opposition teams ask me to play for them. 11-a-side is a totally different ballgame. If you're like me your first few games included classic goalkeeping howlers that do your confidence no good at all. I was a total wreck before my first few 11-a-side games and it got worse before it got better. I let pass-backs bounce over my head into the goal, got tackled by my own left knee, picked the ball up from pass-backs, 'cleared' the ball off a defender into the goal, watched high shots fly in because I forgot the bar isn't waist height, and accidentally punched a team mate so hard in the head I broke my hand. I am not making any of this up. Finally, fifteen games in, my brain is adjusting to 11-a-side. I've had four consecutive games with no serious errors and am pulling off some decent saves. I am slowly gaining the confidence of my team-mates. I got my first MOTM this week. The goalkeeper position is by a mile the toughest on the pitch in terms of the pressure not to let your team mates down. If the striker misses a sitter the score doesn't change, if the keeper makes a blooper you're a goal down. It's a stressful business. It's totally normal to be nervous playing in goal. I'm 39 years old, I'm a pilot, I'm a rescue diver, I run a £40M business managing 300+ staff in my day job, and yet I still get nervous before totally meaningless sunday-league football games. My advice is to hang on in there. If you were a decent shot-stopper in 5-a-side you'll be a decent 11-a-side keeper with practice. And it does feel good when you here "Save keeper!" from your defenders :) Trip PS. you can read every painful detail of my conversion to 11-a-side here: http://unsafehands.com
  12. Warby Negative Cut gloves

    I just posted a review of those gloves. In short, the protection spines are useless and make the glove very uncomfortable, but without the spines they are great. If you want good finger protection look elsewhere. If you don't, buy a different Warby glove. Trip
  13. I have only worn these gloves for one game and will not be wearing them again so I'm posting this review after only one game's use. A couple of years ago I started wearing gloves with finger protection following a series of finger injuries. I have not had a finger injury since and now won't wear any gloves that do not have spines. For years I've been using the Puma V-Konstruct finger protection and loved it. Unfortunately they are now end of line. Despite living in London I have found it impossible to find an actual shop that has a decent range of gloves to try on (the sport shop I used to go to has shut down) and so resorted to buying online. I picked the Warby Superior Pro Guardian Giga. Unfortunately the gloves are very uncomfortable with the spines in. The fingers are the right length but they are squeezed by the spines. The spines are also nearly useless in actually offering any protection. I could bend my little finger back to the point of being quite painful with very little effort. I bought an 8.5 and it's possible that the size 9 would alleviate the fit problem, but with the spines removed the fit is perfect so I suspect it would be too big. I really like a snug fit. For the match yesterday I had no other gloves so I wore the Warbys without the spines. I've got to say that they are a great glove. The grip is fantastic. You need to keep the palms very damp despite being an all-weather glove - the grip fades markedly as they dry out, but while damp they are real confidence-boosters. The fit, grip and cushioning are the equal of gloves three times the price. If you're looking for a great glove at a very reasonable price I would not hesitate to recommend a Warby provided you do not want finger protection. I've worn at least a dozen top-end gloves from the big brands and these are as good as any of them. But the finger protection on these gloves is clearly an afterthought. It's a standard cut glove with spines shoved ineffectually into a pocket on the back, and the spines themselves are cheap and nasty bits of plastic that do not offer enough protection because they move within the pocket too much. Pros: Great fit, grip, cushioning. I kept a clean sheet in my only game using them ;) Cons: Useless protection which destroys the comfort and fit. I got my first finger injury in two years while wearing them (without the protection). I can't really comment on the durability. After one game on hard ground they have a couple of tiny nicks, no more than you would expect. Trip