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  1. New Year's challenge ideas

    How about we have a clean sheet challenge.... Starting the New Year, we post how many consecutive clean sheets we have kept. Whoever has the longest streak wins! I know this is all very relative but jst thought i wld suggest something :)
  2. Season Starts On Friday! Away Match....PUMPED!!

  3. Left Thigh Pain

    Thanks Alot Mate!
  4. Hello All, Around 2 weeks ago i landed akwardly on my left thigh a little towards the back and felt a stinging pain directly just as if my muscle was smashed against the bone. I rested and applied ice directly after and felt much better and was able to get back to training. However this past tuesday i dived to my left and felt that stinging pain again but this time stretching(when i stretch if feels better its like a stretchy pain) ice and resting so far hasnt helped me. I still feel alot of pain, cannot sleep on my left side, walking hurts and i really need to get back to training(i train daily) Anyone got any past experiences or tips? Would really appreciate the help! P.S: I play on 3g artificial turf, and the day i hurt it again i wasnt properly padded, i was wearing Nike Pro Padded Compressions(theyre good for matches but in intense training they dont do so much)
  5. Manager incompetance

    I dont think the ball is in ur court mate..... Regarding the manager, the best you can do is approach him privately and ask for an explanation however do not tell him what to do..... Just tell him that you are working real hard in training and fighting for the #1 jersey, and him bringing in a fourth keeper was kind of shocking to you. And see what he tells u. Cheers!
  6. Skipping for goalkeepers

    I trained Mixed Martial Arts for 2 years and so skipping became embedded in my training. I must say it is an amazing way to improve your footwork, speed, agility, and hand foot coordination. Not a training goes by without skipping for me, also its a great training for cardio and fitness. I usually do around 2000 skips a training session, Feels Amazing must say!!
  7. Goalkeeper pre-game/training warmups

    Here's mine mate: - I start jogging across my box alternating hand swings back and forth leg movements(as in knees up, knees back, side to side etc..) and i also strafe from side to side. - After i feel 'warmer' i do a set of stretches from head to toe. - Get in goal and have someone stand at the edge of the small box(5.5 meter box or 6 yard box) and have them throw the ball at you and to your immediate sides(meaning u have to extend to grab the ball) - After a good round of that have the person move further out just abit(to your preference) and have them drop kick the ball to you in the same manner as before but now making you move more side to side. - After thats done get some high balls in, have the person throw the ball up for you while you time your run and jump to grab it. - Have the person stand at the right and left and have them throw 'corner-kick' like balls to you while you shout and claim them. - Now get another set of stretches in. - After all this is done get some dives in but dont go overboard. Personally i just to light dives to my side while the person is standing close in front of me lightly throwing the ball to each of my sides. Hope it all works out for you. Cheers!!
  8. Hows everyone doing on here... So this past summer, i was approached by a successfull club and will soon sign for them(jst working out the papers with my old club). Anyway, the goalkeeper coached asked me to get more in shape and trim down. Im considered to be a big goalkeeper as i have been working out for a while and stand at 6 feet, at the start of summer when i met with him i was at 102 kilograms... Long story short at the moment im at 88 kilograms. So just wanted to share that and say that i cant wait till goalkeeper training starts and i can 'test' out my new body :P. Should be a big advantage to me being that much lighter, i would imagine im faster on the break, getting to high balls easier, and having an easier time getting those fingertip saves! Not to mention less prone to injury as i have that much pressure off my knees and joints! What do you guys think? Cheers!
  9. why does stretching make me play bad

    Its all in the head mate. Stretching is an essential part of any sport and more importantly for us goalkeepers as we have extensive movement and collisions during the game(diving and all that). Personally i always stretch prior to and after any training session. As for your problem, as the lads have said its all psychological! Some people under-estimate how much the person's mental state can affect them. Especially as goalkeepers our concentration levels have to be at their best. So don't let the stretching part affect ur mental state which is probably affecting ur game, make sure your head is 100 percent in the game and not have the "stretching fear" in the back of your head distracting you! Best of Luck Mate, Hope I helped! Cheers!
  10. Hello Everyone, Does anyone know any good goalkeeper academies that have good club connections in Europe. Ive got the beginning of September for a chance to travel... Any Ideas? Cheers!!
  11. Another training video up -

    Please check it out!
  12. Scouts

    sounds great boys thank you!
  13. Scouts

    In the UK, League 1/League 2
  14. Scouts

    Hows everyone doing? I just wanted to ask if anyone on here knows how to contact a scout? Obviously the best way to get a trial is through a scout, i live in Lebanon its hard to be spotted by a scout here! But im willing to travel to Europe for a trial!
  15. Trials?

    Thanks mate.... Im hoping for some more goalkeeper focus, because with what uve described it really doesnt bring the best out of a keeper! Youve gotta put ur keeper through training drills and see how he copes with those!