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  1. Playing Dilemma

    Your a keeper and you got an offer as a striker??
  2. dive landings

    I was wondering if you guys could give me any tips about landings on my dives, I don't get hurt or anything like that I'm just asking. I have okay form, but i've seen many professional goalkeepers diving and landing on their upper body first. The dive is kind of in an "n" shape, if that makes any sense, they take off and land upper body first,does anyone know why this is done and also can you guys give me tips on this? like how to do it.
  3. high/extension dives.

    Zaff is exactly right, you gotta just go with it as natural as possible. You can get to this by always having great form, and soon enough it'll be like second nature, but as for now just have your form as good as you can(can probably find techniques you need help with on the internet somewhere.) So for the diving part, just watch a few vids on diving techniques just to learn about them ,and then use this form in all of your (trainings, practices, and games) and then it will be natural much sooner than you think, but you NEED to ALWAYS use proper form until you feel like it's second nature. good luck
  4. Help diving to my left...

    I had the SAME EXACT PROBLEM, what you need to do is have someone serve you balls to BOTH your left AND your right, make sure your diving off of your inside foot, but the only way to get this is with repetition, on your left have the balls served a bit slower, and easier to handle (so you can get the technique down, which is most important) start off with balls on the ground, when you feel comfortable with balls to your left on the ground, have them up just a little bit and a little bit faster, and when you are comfortable with this to your left, have them played a bit higher and a bit faster, so pretty much what I am saying is take it easy, until you get the technique down, then take 1 step up every time, and in no time (if you commit to training) it will be almost as good as your right side (your weak side will never be as strong as your strong side, hence the name "strong" side, lol) maybe even just as good as your right if your committed enough. Goodluck man
  5. Recently, I have noticed my game getting better, but what I have noticed isn't getting better is my handling of the ball. Does anyone know of any certain trainings I could do to get my hands better? How can I get them better for low balls, how can I get them better for high balls? How can I get them better for diving saves? Ie. Deflections and catches. and also how can I prepare them pre-shot?? Can anyone please help!! Thanks
  6. Kit advise

    Honestly, you should go with black socks and shorts, that would look best in my opinion.
  7. Tryout soon, any advice?

    Thank you very much for your input! I will do all of these, but my main focus will be being loud and keeping everyone in check! thanks a lot!
  8. Tryout soon, any advice?

    Thanks a lot, ill keep this in mind
  9. Tryout soon, any advice?

    I'm 17 years old and I have a tryout in about 3 days from now with a Semi-Professional team, I will DEFINITELY be on of the the youngest players there, because you have to be 18 to tryout, but I am still getting the opportunity, Does anyone have any advice you can give me because this will be one of the most important tryouts that I have ever attended, I think all that were going to be doing is play a minimum of 2 games (7v7), I don't know too much about the team besides that they are a fairly new team, Is there anything in specific that the coaches will look for? What mindset should I go into the tryout with? and anything else you guys could say to me would help me in a huge way. Thank you for reading this!
  10. Inconsistent Goalkeeping

    I am just wondering why I am inconsistent, sometimes when I am at a match or a practice, I do EXTREMELY well (not to be cocky, just simply saying) and this will go on for about a week or 2 or so, but then I have this one practice where I do very bad, my question is why am I so inconsistent? But the thing is when I do really bad usually the match or practice that is after it I feel like I do really well again. About a few days ago I had a training where I did pretty bad, and yesterday I came into my practice and performed and did VERY well, Does anyone else have this same problem, and can anyone tell me how to become more consistent?
  11. Proper diving technique

    When I dive to my right side, I have a proper diving technique, and i'm am much better on my right than diving to my left. My left side dive used to be pretty bad, but now I dive and make the saves, but the dive isn't the right technique, as I can not really catch it, and i'm diving that way looking like superman (both arms straight out and usually land on my stomach, or land with a roll) but on my right side, I have an extremely strong dive, and the technique just came naturally, and I can catch the ball pretty well while diving (as that is my stronger side, MUCH stronger) can someone please tell me the proper diving technique, so I can slowly make my left dive as strong as my right, and be able to catch the ball too. Should I push off of my inside foot? Should I push off of my outside foot? what should i do? PLEASE HELP, need to get this figured out asap!!
  12. Corner kick and cross judgement help!

    Yeah, I have used these st louis goalkeeping videos a few times but have never seen the one on corners and crosses before! Thanks a lot man, I feel like this really helped me and answered about every question I had to ask! Thankyou!!
  13. Corner kick and cross judgement help!

    To Andy collier I understand that I need to be positioned correctly but how, should I be on the line facing the attackers or like facing the corner
  14. Corner kick and cross judgement help!

    To mokrie dela: sorry that recent post is all messed up cause I'm on my phOne but: Thanks for your input today I will have a practice and I'll ask one of my attackers to send crosses in so I could have more practice on it and what it seems to me that you are saying is that repitition is key and I think so too, thanks man !!
  15. Corner kick and cross judgement help!

    Thankyou for the help guys!