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  1. Goalkeeper/ GK Coach Survey

    All done, That is the survey going to be used for?
  2. What got you into goalkeeping?

    Used to be a defender and had very good players getting more game time. Put the gloves on and loved it!
  3. Hello it Greeney

    Hello Guys, Got on the forum in 2011 but had a long rest now back at it. Gonna find me talking in the training section and kit on equipment. Also run complete keeper if you want to have a look at some coaching sessions. Speak soon Greeney
  4. Get some of the medical style gloves that physio's wear. This should do the trick. Greeney
  5. Key aspects of goalkeeping

    I would like to add the following. 1. Concentration – Need to keep focused and switched on even if things are not going your way. 2. Fitness. Need to have the ability to perform at any moment without tiring out.
  6. Corner starting position

    Same as above with being 2-3 yards off the line for an in swinger and 4 on out swinger. I will stand just off centre of the goal away from the ball. for example if a corner from the right i will stand half a step closer to my left post. I will have a nice open body position with my body facing the corner flag at the far end of the pitch. (the side the corner is taken from) I will stand ready to go and attack the ball so one foot slightly in front of the other. But i am read to react should a header come my way. hope this helps Greeney
  7. Need some Drills

    Something i am working on take a look but very much work in progress and in the very early stages complete keeper
  8. Dear Oh Dear!

    What about this England GK top just as bad if you ask me!
  9. I play in the same league mate Div 1. I didnt play much last year as i completed my Uefa B. But will be back on form this season. :)
  10. Judging by some of the players you have followed and like on the pitch i can see why you have the mentality of your quote above. Where abouts do you play in Oxford? its near by? You an Oxford Fan?
  11. HELP !!! complete loss of confidence

    i like the quote play as if its 0-0 we used to use that as our team moto!

    Sometimes you play well and sometimes your train well. Dont beat yourself up. I used to regulary have a shocking training session but have a great game at the weekend. Chin up as said im sure its a one off!
  13. HELP !!! complete loss of confidence

    Rex i think all keepers will go though this stage at sometime in life. The best thing too do is not dwell on this too much. i suggest a number of things you can do. 1. Highlight the particular area of weakness. so why / how have you conceeded so many goals? Were they mistakes or were they class goals? 2. As suggested before add an extra training session if you can or go back to working on the basics. Some times when i coach you need to give the keeper alot of contact time with the ball within a session just to build there confidence. 3. Do you have a goalkeeping coach? might be worth talking to them about this. 4. Be positive if you are negitive about everything then you will play that way. Every game get ready and perform. 5. Goalkeepers always conceed. Sometimes you just have to accept it was a great goal or great move and not think about letting the goal in. It is good that you are thinking about improving and with whats been said about your team looks like you will be very busy which is never a bad thing. Remember enjoy it. Dont beat yourself up!
  14. Hello Fellow Keepers

    Hey guys. I just though i better introduce myself as i have been posting but not said much about me. Im 23 year old goalkeeper and Goalkeeping coach. Interested in a loads of goalkeeping but just dont have time to cover all of it. Always looking for ways to improve weather it is playing wise or coaching. Open to ideas and hope to get on smoothly on the forum. Cheers Greeney
  15. GK Kicking Issues

    I would also like to know more about this! Do you have any info or are you remaining tight lipped?