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  1. Post a Picture of Your Gloves.

    Yeah its a nice touch :D
  2. Post a Picture of Your Gloves.

    These are the 2 pairs I currently use. Great gloves in every condition. And cheap to buy too, much better than paying 80 or 90 bills for sells or one of the well known makes.
  3. The visuilisation thing is good. If you can see yourself coming and catching crosses or whatever, you will come and catch them in a match. Sports psychologists get paid a bundle to get top athletes to visualise! Also as was said before just believe in yourself, believe you are the best player on the pitch and can save anything and do anything. dont worry if you make a mistake, it happens, you learn from it! If you're playing for a team thats winning promotion you are obviously a good player and good enough to be in the team. Your manager and teammates must believe in you, so just believe in yourself. You are good enough!!
  4. Underarmour is probably the easiest way of doing it. Those pads are good though, you can also get the equivilant of underarmour with those pads in them anyways, gives a bit of extra protection if you feel you need it. Hope you work it out anyways!
  5. http://www.prodirectsoccer.com/Products/McDavid-Hexpad-Forearm-Pad-Black-Padded-Football-Support-Accessories-23317.aspx Probably what you're looking for? Personally I just wear underarmour under my jersey. I do however have a pair of these pads for my knees which I wear when training on astroturf. Only cost me about 20 or 25 and they have saved my knees some awful damage. Bit tough to move in at the start but you get used to them. I dont even notice i'm wearing them anymore!
  6. Hey everyone.

    Will be going to Montana. Turned down a scholarship last year so cannot wait to go this year. Will keep you all posted on what the states is like for "soccer"!
  7. Reusch Keon Deluxe G1 Ortho-tec

    Great post. I was on the verge of buying these to see what all the hype is about as i have come into a bit of money recently and figured i may aswell splash on expensive gloves. Needless to say after reading this i dont think i'll risk it. Think ill stick with my reliable Talinz and Zapkams!!
  8. College Application

    I did my SATs in January of this year, as this was the only time I could sit them in Ireland. Not sure about when you would have to do them. National letter of intent is basically a contract between you and the university if you are getting a scholarship. Sort of an insurance policy. By signing it it means that the university are legally obligated to provide you with financial aid, and it means that you must attend that university. If you sign a letter of intent with one college and then decide to go to another college to play you are banned from playing for one year. So think carefully before signing it.
  9. Any superstitions you have?

    I tend to sidestep the whole goalline, then come back half of it and mark the centre spot of the goalline. Not sure if this counts as a superstition but it sure helps with positioning :D
  10. Once thought a shot was going wide and pulled my hands out of the way.... :P. was terrible at the time but it taught me well!! learn from mistakes :D!
  11. Boots

    There are some boots that are marketed at keepers, Uhlsport boots being the main ones, but i think this is simply beacuse uhlsport are a goalkeeping brand as against adidas/nike. AT the end of the day no boots will make you a better goalkeeper/improve your performance. It is all about individual preference and what you're comfortable using. If you're comfortable in your equipment you'll feel a lot more confident :D
  12. Kicking from the floor (Goal Kicks)

    Great post joe. I used to have a problem with my goal kicks. Technique is very important in them, my goalkeeper coach used to have me practice without a ball and when I was about to strike the "ball" he would get me to stop in the position "leg behind me, poised to strike etc. and he would then position my legs/arms in the positions they should be in. This took a lot of time and patience but the technique was eventually drilled into my brain :D. He also had me practicing kicks with a medicine ball (obviously not a heavy one as there would be a risk of injury) but one that was a good bit heavier then a football, cant reember the exact weight) this was great for developing the power needed for kicks. As i got older then and stared going to the gym and such leg exercises came in very handy for the strength needed. But i wouldnt suggest this for young keepers as it could lead to injury. Practice makes perfect, and as everyone is slightly different you need to practice what works for you. Maybe video yourself taking kicks and try to notice where you are going wrong and try to correct this!
  13. USA

    The US football association employ this system to try not lose to many players to foreign clubs as they are trying to improve the standard of US football. I'm going on a scholarship to USa this summer and from what i've seen of the team their previous goalkeepers have been very good. Some of my friends from Ireland also went over on scholarships last year and were all surprised at the high level. Said it was as good as anything they have ever played before. I will keep you posted abou the standard once i get there though, hopefully they're worse than me anyways :D
  14. Most goals conceded?

    Lost my first ever 11 a side match 14-0. Needless to say i wasnt a fan of the "big goals" back then!!
  15. nerves

    Confidence is key. even in the dressing room dont come across as nervous, try and talk to the lads. hopefully they will know you will be nervous and put you at ease. Also before the game or at the first training session be sure to learn all your defenders names and make sure they know your name. Calling them by name and showing confidence behind them will make them more confident in you and make things easier. Aside from this just play your normal game and treat the players like you know them all. once again learning at least the defenders names straight away makes this easier I always found this to be the case anyways!