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  1. Keeping fit over the winter

    Swimming's great, it's good cardio, and it doesn't let your muscles go to mush! I havn't' been swimming for years! haha
  2. Keeping fit over the winter

    If you're lucky enough to have a grassy back garden, and a light, use that for some drills, with a rebound net or something. But in the more likely event, maybe look into a gym - the right kind of set of exercises there will help (moderate weights, plyometrics) and there's plenty (myself included) here who'll give advice on what to do. Apart from that, maybe see if a mate plays on floodlit astro, play with them (i trained with my gf's dad once), or jst go for a jog! It is tempting to lounge around this christmas, But let me ask you something: Do you have a routine you stick do day in day out? If so give yourself a break over christmas - spend time with the family, friends etc. But your best bet is probably going for a little jog - no one in the world who is mobile can have any excuses against that (i just cba lol - i go to the gym, that does me). Hope i helped

    My matches are usually morning so on the rare occaision where the managers fair and lets me play (or has no one else :( ): Light cereal - weetabix, shreddies, shredded wheat, meusli, and not too much of it, A banana Maybe a small bit of chocolate or something for a bit of quick burst "wake up" energy. Cranberry juice then Orange juice for breakfast and water (used to use lucozade hydro energy (the transparent one) but they stopped selling that) during the match Training is in eve so at lunch i have a footlong Subway - I've always done it, it's become a tradition, even to the point where i think if i have the "spicy Italian" (which i used to have) that i'd play better! Bananas are great btw - you see tennis players muching them in between sets, because they give energy. Limit sugar though, and STAY AWAY from Energy drink like Red Bull etc.
  4. Best save

    I concur.
  5. training at home

    Im gonna try that with the wooden board :P
  6. Cold weather = cold hands, any solutions?

    do finger excersizes. play air-piano sorta thing, kee your fingers moving. I do this when i'm playing and i'm cold.
  7. Finger Protection

    You talking to me man? I'll assume so! :D Im not sure what cut they were! There's a pic of them in the "post a pic of your glove" topic - i suck at "cuts"!! I wouldnt recomend going a size lower - i wish the gloves WERE 10 - making a fist has caused some strain on the glove. I'd say just order your size :)
  8. Finger Protection

    Not sure if i ever did a review of them but: The grip i found great. Their debut was at a 5aside tourny, and i had to deal with a blaster of a shot from 5 yards out - straight catch, not even a wobble. They may not be as great as the top gloves, like reusch, or £80+ gloves but for about £20, i found them fantastic. They handle wet weather ok too, and in dry seem to respond with a little added moisture. Durability is so so. Signs of wear are visible after half a dozen uses - in one case the stitching came undone in the thumb webbing, but that could be down to them actually being a size 9 (I'm a size 10/10.5 and the packet said "size 10" - some muppet had obviously packed them wrong or put them back in the wrong pack in the shop). The fit was snug - but as said, they're a size too small. A size 10 would fit nicely on me i think. I have the fingersave variety and it LOOKS as if Shav Given* wears these too (his looked identical to mine, but im guessing he doesnt use fingersaves). If you can get them (someone said you can get them for 7 quid on some website (can't rememebre which) then i'd say go for it. Ultimately we never know how good a glove is till we use them, and some people find some better then others, but imo they're very good gloves. I'd get them again :) [/review essay]
  9. the monk

    Haha yeah - and the "fantasy" where he ends up punching his own player. In fact the entire match is awesome! but WHAT THE HELL is up with the wardon's eyebrows!?!
  10. Finger Protection

    I use them pretty much exlusively, and i've never had a problem with them. As far as catching and things - in my eyes, if you have the proper technique it's not too much of an issue (not saying that non finger saves arent better though). I have used the Nike T90s (cant remember what i used before then) and now i have the Puma Powercats (3.10) for match/grass play - no problem with them tbh (apart from them actually being a size too small :( ) Currently using the Uhlsport Ergonomic HardGround Supportframe Goalkeeper Gloves and they're good but they're only for hard ground (so not a match glove). I've yet to have a"bad" fingersave glove, but i tried on a pair of addidas ones on holiday in oct, and they felt flimsy and crap, werent that confortable, both loose and too tight somehow. Everyone makes a bad product though so im not saying theyre crap. Havn't looked into the foam ones though - but Pumas new glove (or new to me, it was on the just keepers catalogue i got 2 weeks ago) look nice - they apparently have thumb protection, i'm interested to see how that works...
  11. the monk

    LOVE the monk. At training once our other keeper did the little knee drop dance thing - i was the only one who got the joke! fantastic film, monk helping the saying that all keepers are crazy Especially the bit where he runs up for a corner, diving header... misses the ball, then vinnie jones says "he's got to get back in goal" and everyone's like "well i aint telling him" lol
  12. One on One's

    spreading your legs asks for trouble but some keepers have a presence, where they intimidate the striker - the trick is i believe to "guide" or "force" the striker to go one way or another so YOU're dictating where the ball will go. Footy training thurs, i did a few successful 1v1s - and i firgure out the trick was speed. Come out fast, hard, and know what you're gonna do. I even won a goal kick by punting the ball against the striker at one point, and another heard people go "No don't!" but i think i surprised them with my pace :)
  13. Don't you just hate it when..............

    Don't you just hate it when your outfield players think they know better then you, and TELL you how to save etc. Newsflash feller, we're in 5 a side goals - the quickest way to save is often with out feet! Funnily enough, a player was berating me tonight, then he suddenly changed his tune and was singing my praises! Awesome training session though!
  14. Best save

    G'd old barthez! The pen was a good save though - the hardest to make probably, hats off to him. Also i think joe hart's done a couple this week end that qualify but if i had a clip ready i'd show you tim Krul for newcastle. He sucked when his team visited my town last year but this weekend he played fantastic :) I can't remember exactly the save but anyone who saw the match will know i think
  15. Best save

    that second save looks textbook.