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  1. any ideas howto play outfield

    Put the ball in the net and stop the ball getting to the net.
  2. Leaving

    Make us proud fella......
  3. One on One's

    I had a one on one at the weekend... I think it varies on where the striker is coming from and what speed really....I was just off my line he was coming straight down middle but his starting position was just outside my box, i stayed on my feet aslong as i could and was able to dive the right way and get my hand to it and push it to safety
  4. Sells Wrap Elite Terrain

    Ahh the towel seems to have done the trick....cheers pal.
  5. Hello

    I'm just down the road in Preston. Go on watching Lancaster though few times a season.
  6. Hello

    Where abouts in lancashire mate ?
  7. Sells Wrap Elite Terrain

    Gave them a good going over but only once...took ages to dry....struggling for a quick place for them to dry ? Any tips ?
  8. Sells Wrap Elite Terrain

    Thought i would let you know my thoughts on my new gloves........Cannot speak highly enough of them wore them for the first time tonight and i dont think i have ever played with so much confidence,soon as i made my first warm up save i knew the ball was not getting away from me and i was right made numerous saves and didnt spill anything stuck to the ball like glue.. Roll on Sunday.
  9. start of season

    1st game of the season tonight for us (Central United)....Started with a 2-0 win think i played the best 11 a side game i have for this Sunday team tonight was really impressed with myself and thats saying something.
  10. ahhh sorry went abit off topic then
  11. What about Jaskelianan ? Ok time isn't on his side anymore but has been very consistant for Bolscum and always stepped up to the mark....Big shoes to fill them.
  12. Neil Alexander's Gloves!

    I have the exact same gloves (minus the name) in my glove bag (well currently hanging up drying) which came to me via Russell Hoult.....
  13. Don't you just love it when..........

    Bloody kids..... ;)
  14. Televised Matches.

    He probably threatened to tarmac Defoe's drive.....
  15. Televised Matches.

    Hasn't put a foot wrong, great hands and confident when under pressure.... Thoughts on 40 year old Friedel ?